Monday, 17 October 2016

What's Really Real - Not An Illusion??

Written by Mathew Naismith

Human conscious is all about what is negative and positive, bad and good, real and an illusion, the question is, why does anything have to be one or the other, in the case of this post, real or an illusion?

Human Perception: In regards to human perception, there has to be a perception of one or the other. The reason for this lies within human consciousness's conditioning from birth as human consciousness is conditioned to night and day, hunger or fullness for example, so their of course has to be what is judged as an illusion or what's real. The strange thing is, what is often visually the most beautiful time of day? When the sun is either setting or rising. This time period however makes up only a few minutes of a 24 hour period therefore is often overshadowed by longer periods of light and dark, light and dark therefore becomes more predominant which in turn influences how we perceive. 

How often do we question if God or, as I prefer , God's consciousness exists or not, it's usually either one or the other? Why couldn't this God's consciousness just be without having to exist or not exist? It doesn't and that is exactly what God's consciousness represents, neither one or the other, it just is without definition, it's neither an illusion nor real. In actuality, this God's consciousness represents what is often the most beautiful/stunning part of the day, it's likened to the time period between day and night for me. You can  also relate this God's consciousness to a state of oneness or pure bliss or wisdom.

Illusions: I still find it strange that so called well connected spiritually aware people, talk about oneness on one hand but on the other hand talk about what is real and what isn't. A consciousness in a true oneness state, has no perceptions of what is real and what is an illusion,  there is no perceptions of separation, anything other than this isn't a true sense of oneness. As soon as a consciousness has perceived an illusion, it has become apart of the illusion because it's now created an illusion by it's own human conditioned perceptions. I call this a black and white mentality.

Let's look at time which is supposed to be an illusion. While existing on this planet, which evolves around a sun giving a consciousness a perception of night and day, this consciousness is conditioned to a 24 hour time brought about by periods of nights and days. When we go away from this planet into outer space, there is no night, it's only day as the sun is always visible and shining. If we then go right away from the universe itself, there is then no perception of day, only night because there is no visible sun to give a consciousness a perception of daylight.

Which reality is real and which reality is an illusion? A human consciousness conditioned to a black and white mentality, would judge which one is what, on the other hand, a consciousness not conditioned to this kind of black and white mentality would think otherwise. This reason for this lies within each reality, being that each reality has it's own reality that it is conditioned to, this conditioning however doesn't make everything else apart from this reality an illusion. We might then think, if every reality has it's own separate reality it exists by, this is anything but a depiction of oneness. This is only the case when a consciousness can only think in what is real and what isn't, a consciousness conditioned to a black and white mentality. If you are in a oneness state of consciousness and you have a perception of everything else but this oneness state being an illusion, you are not truly in a oneness state, there is no true states of illusions or states that are real that are separate from these illusions.

Twilight States: What we seem to have negated here is the twilight between day and night, what is real and what is an illusion. As of the twilight hours of each day represents, a mix of day and night, what is real and an illusion is the same. As of twilight hours in a day, what is perceived as real or an illusion are intertwined which negates what is or isn't real. I am certainly an advocate in that our environment around us tells us who we truly are, this twilight is who we are even though within this particular reality of days and nights, days and nights are predominant. Just because a particular aspect of ourselves is predominate over other aspects of ourselves within a particular reality, doesn't make one aspect more real than another just because it's more predominate.

So often spiritually aware people will get into a oneness state and perceive that anything other than this oneness state is an illusion, this perception within itself tells us that this is not a true oneness state that is being experienced. A true oneness state has no perceptions/judgement of what is real and what isn't, there is no true separation but with the perceptions of illusions and even what is real. Yes that's correct, there is no perception of what is real either in a true oneness state, and in actuality, nothing is real as nothing is an illusion either for one needs the other to exist. This is what I call a twilight state of consciousness, neither one or the other. Because we are humanly conditioned from birth to perceive in a black and white mentality, this is how we perceive everything we become aware of, even oneness itself. Yes, amazingly enough, we even separate oneness from other realities and still judge it as oneness!!

As usual for me, this post expresses a strange perception which is difficult to comprehend, there is no question of what is real and what isn't real. This perception within itself to what is real or isn't, is the creation of illusions, as I have always stated, it's an illusion of an illusion created by the perceptions of an illusion and what is even real. I would suggest to my readers to perceive neither and all of the above, why does anything have to be anything, why can't it just be without this kind of perceiving?  Don't separate everything within a certain perception in accordance with a certain reality, it just is what it is within each reality, it's truly this simple.

Note: Please do not take what I have stated in this post a being gospel or of utter truth, it is what it is, but another perception that can often be, as usual in my case, incomprehensible to a lot of people and quite understandable too. 

Friday, 14 October 2016

The Giving of Lotus Flowers

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a part dream part vision of giving lotus flowers to a young girl who seemed to have expressed a true sense of unconditional love. I was in a half stupor when I had this vision, part of the vision seemed to have been part of an actual dream.

A young girl of about 9-10 years old approached me, she expressed a true sense of unconditional love. I then opened up my right palm to her and a pink lotus flower sprang/grew from my palm, I offered this flower to this little girl. I then opened up my left palm and a white lotus flower sprang/grew from my palm, I also offered this flower to the little girl, that was the end of the vision. I've never experienced anything like this before, the lotus flowers were sprouting from my palms as if it was natural to do so. At the point of offering the flowers to the girl, I was awake by then even though I was in a stupor, a half state of consciousness.

I am at present still sprouting the lotus flowers from my palms in offering to the girl. Actually, in offering is interesting because this means giving a gift or contribution which is exactly how I felt when I sprouted these flowers from my palms. It was a gift to the girl for being unconditional in one's love, it was also a contribution to this little girl to further her enlightenment. It's of course to do with furthering my enlightenment/awakening......

My friend and spiritual colleague Glenys, interpreted my dream/vision as follow.

White.....universal knowledge?
Lotus flower....coming out of the mud/chaos....Opening up to what is to come..i.e. colours...the unconditional love.... 

Because I am not well read or educated in this matter, I did a bit of research myself and the following came to being.

Extract: In Buddhism the different colors of the lotus are associated with different stages of the spiritual journey. For instance a Lotus of blue symbolizing someone who has started their spiritual journey behind by leaving the concept of ‘self’ behind. The pink is the one reserved for enlightenment of the highest order and is associated with the highest deity, the Buddha.
The white lotus flower on the other hand sits at a stage between these two and is associated with the state of bodhi; that of becoming awakened to the wonders of it all.

In the religion of Hinduism the white lotus flower is associated with beauty and the state of non-attachment; therefore it is closer related to its meaning in Buddhism as opposed to Egyptology (where the Lotus, usually the blue one, is associated with re-birth and the Sun). Furthermore the white lotus flower symbolism is often associated with the divine Gods and Goddesses of India, and it is often depicted as growing from the naval of Vishnu; Brahma sits on top of the Lotus and from there He carries out the order of Vishnu to create the world.

Extract: One of the reasons that lotus flowers are considered so sacred is due to their daily cycle, they emerge slowly from dirty, muddy ponds over a period of a few days, and open all in the morning, and close their petals in the late afternoon. Despite, emerging from such a muddy and dirty environment, the lotus flower remains clean; and not only this it is beautiful.
Many civilizations have therefore associated the lotus flower with rebirth and especially in Buddhism with purity.
The state that the pink lotus flower is in is also representative of the state that a person is going through and the flower represents ones heart; when the flower is a just a bud it is synonymous with a closed in person who is yet to step up other way of spirituality.

I don't usually get into different interpretations from various ideologies and isms, for me, no ideology or ism truly tells us who we are, actually they can often hinder us to evolve further from these ideologies and isms. We can become too attached to them and stagnate our own consciousness within this attachment, however, as I have expressed here, each ideology and ism is a stepping stone if used correctly void of fixated emotional attachments. Today, I am still using these ideologies and isms as a very useful stepping stone that will, for me, go beyond these humanistic perceptions in the end.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Understanding The Spiritually Aware

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's absolutely mind boggling and daunting to anyone primarily of materialism, scientism  and physicality, that any other reality from this physicality is delusional, especially realities that are non-physical within their representations. The mind for starters cannot exist outside from the human brain, the brain creates the mind, not the mind creates the brain. It's delusional that the mind (consciousness) could create the brain and that the mind (consciousness) can exist outside the physical brain matter however.

Spiritually aware people have a perception of a reality that is not of this physicality, it's the reverse perception of a person who is primarily of the perception of physicality, nothing else could possibly exist but a reality based on physical perceptions. This reverse perception by spiritually aware people is based on the kinds of concepts shown below.   


Extract: A group of international physicists have announced that the concept of a human soul may actually be measurable by quantum physics, and have suggested that the human soul has a quantum state just as real as ‘wave-particle dualism’.    


Extract: This is consistent with a new theory of consciousness being advocated by physicist Sir Roger Penrose and Dr. Stuart Hameroff. Penrose and Hameroff a;sp suggest that consciousness is something applied to the brain, not generated by it.


Extract: Yet whatever ideas are put forward, one thorny question remains: How can something as immaterial as consciousness ever arise from something as unconscious as matter? 


The following has no religious undertones, I feel it's stating that everything has a conscious consciousness behind it.   


Non-physicality: This is but a few examples of why spiritually aware people feel that physicality is not the only reality that exists, in actuality, physicality could be but a by-product of these non-physical realities. Just because we are unable to measure non-physical realities using physical means, doesn't make them non-existence, this is where our own intuition and feelings come into it. It all makes sense, to measure anything of a physical reality, you use physical means, to measure or become aware of non-physical realities, you us non-physical means. To a spiritually aware person, their is no question that non-physical realities do indeed exist.  

Now what about these delusional spiritually aware people creating realities based on non-physical realities, it's all about love, peace, meditating, oneness, tranquillity and so on, it's all delusional is it not as they themselves create these realities?

Did we not create our own modern day reality through conscious thought and reasoning to create the physical reality we have today? Why couldn't a non-physical reasoning process create non-physical realities that are just as real, if not more real, than the creation of physical realities?

To a spiritually aware person of peace and love, the physical world around them is anything but peaceful and loving, so to put balance back into their lives, they create realities that are based on these things lacking in the environment around them. This of course gives them a feeling of balance which helps them better cope with the environment around them. It's also psychologically beneficial to balance out an obvious destructive reality with a constructive reality.

Creation: There is of course a question of creation, to a spiritually aware person, everything was created from this non-physical reality/consciousness that has been proven to exist as shown above. It's the brain that was created from a non-physical entities, not the brain that created these non-physical entities that are usually judged as being delusional.

In actuality, spiritually aware people know that all of what is physical, was created from non-physical entities, a consciousness (mind) that has no physical representation of form except in relation to physical realities. Basically, it's physical realities that prove that  non-physical entities and realities do indeed exist, not the other way around, in the existence of physical realities.

It's funny to think, it certainly looks as though the brains mind was created from non-physical means, a consciousness of creation, this means physical realities prove the existence of non-physical entities and realities, a consciousness void of physical form....          

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Ancient Technologically Advanced Man

Written by Mathew Naismith


Strangely enough, the following came about through a heated discussion I had with two people in regards to my last post, the more I proved my points, with their assistance, the more aggressive they became. They started off with name calling, then blatant abuse, deception and manipulation of facts and evidence an finally continuous trolling of my post. The following post was worth all this, they say no pain, no gain, pretty much right. 

Before I go on with the main topic of the post of ancient technological advanced man, I need to firstly touch on the discussion that incited me to write this post.

I had my beliefs/views questioned on the topic of Atlantis and Lemurian consciousness, in response, I supplied relevant material to support these views. Every time I produced such material, these two people become more and more hostile towards me. The point is, once a person in a discussion calls you names, you know you have them on the back foot in regards to the discussion. Once they stoop to outright abuse, deception and trickery/manipulation, you have won the discussion/debate. Once they then turn to internet trolling, especially on a regular basis, it's time to end the discussion with them.

A lot of people would have ended the discussion when it came to name calling, I certainly understand this from a spiritual perspective, especially if all you want is peace, however, people like myself obviously still have something to learn from these people.

The following is in reaction to these people I had a discussion with, as soon as your emotions influence your intuition and logics, what you often produce from this is rhetoric, half truths mixed with bias opinionating views and gestures. It would have been nice if these people got their facts correct before continually abusing other people of being delusional and liars, amongst other things.


Ancient Technologically Advanced Man


Age of Australian Aboriginal archaeological sites

How old?

SiteLocationEstimated ageGanga Maya CavePilbara, Western Australia45,000 years

MalakunanjaRock shelter, Arnhem Land, NT45,000 years

Devil’s LairLimestone cave, south-west Western Australia41,000 .. 46,000 years

Lake MungoDry lake basin, Willandra Billabong Creek, western NSW43,000 years

NauwalabilaRock shelter, Arnhem Land, NT40,000 years

Professor Rebecca L. Cann, together with her colleague Alan C. Wilson, previously claimed that humanity can be traced to people living “about 200,000 years ago, probably in Africa”. But she later revoked that claim, declaring that “Mitochondrial DNA puts the origin of Homo Sapiens much further back and indicates that the Australian Aborigines arose 400,000 years ago from two distinct lineages, far earlier than any other racial group.” [2]

The following is interesting, there seems to have lived a modern man in Australia before and during the migration of aboriginals to the Australian continent.

Extract: One of these spanners is Mungo Man, who was discovered in 1974 in the dry lake bed of Lake Mungo in west NSW. Mungo Man was a hominin who was estimated to have died 62,000 years ago and was ritually buried with his hands covering his penis. Anatomically, Mungo Man's bones were distinct from other human skeletons being unearthed in Australia. Unlike the younger skeletons that had big-brows and thick-skulls, Mungo Man's skeleton was finer, and more like modern humans. 

In relation to this, the age of the Vedic texts is around 3716-3116 years ago (1700bc -1100bc), we are still talking about ancient civilisations here.

Extract: While the West was still thinking, perhaps, of 6,000 years old universe – India was already envisioning ages and eons and galaxies as numerous as the sands of the Ganges. The Universe so vast that modern astronomy slips into its folds without a ripple.

The movement of stars which was calculated by Hindus 4,500 years ago, does not differ even by a minute from the tables which we are using today. The Hindu systems of astronomy are much more ancient than those of the Egyptians - even the Jews derived from the Hindus their knowledge.


Now let's consider what is called a super-continent.  

Extract:  Pangea was surrounded by a global ocean called Panthalassa, and it was fully assembled by the Early Permian Period (some 299 million to 272 million years ago). The supercontinent began to break apart about 200 million years ago, during the Early Jurassic Period (201 million to 174 million years ago), eventually forming the modern continents and the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Pangea’s existence was first proposed in 1912 by German meteorologist Alfred Wegener as a part of his theory of continental drift. Its name is derived from the Greek pangaia, meaning “all the Earth.”


Considering that Hindu science (physics) was thousands of years old before modern day science, and that modern day human remains where discovered in Australia, it would seem a modern day man could have existed on this super continent, or, on contents of a larger size than today. Now consider that time can indeed erase all traces of man, especially considering the movement of these plates, it's a  wonder we have any evidence left to put these pieces back together. Texts, like Hindu texts, give us a glimpse of ancient man who was more civilized and technologically advanced than what we could have imagined.

I asked a friend of mine from India the following:

My friend, can you supply me links showing how advanced your culture was in the antediluvian period, a period before the great flood.
I know that Hinduism is the oldest surviving religion in the world, is the Vedas even older, by memory, I think they are which I believe Hinduism is based on.
I'm presently in conversation with a Zionist and an extremist atheist about ancient technology and awareness. Going by memory, the Vedas make reference to physics principles, I need confirmation on this.
Thank You

Sreeram Manoj Kumar True Mathew Naismith you are absolutely right.....we all belong to the same saying so our culture was so the same.....what is now the diversification of many religion was once SANATANA DHARMA. This was not a religion it was a way of life. One who is living a life considering the well-being of all automatically belongs to the SANATANA DHARMA. 

Vedas are not only of e particular sect. It is for the whole mankind. I is amazing to read about the thoughts of Aristotle, Pluto, Socrates which resembles the Vedic thought. In recent times to I came to know about Dr. Cherie Carter Scott and her thoughts which were reflecting what my ancestors told. 

If one tries to find their roots then the thought which surface are those which were prevailing thousands of years back.

We all have them in our subconscious mind we just need to tap them. The only way is to fan the fire of Abhipsa. This word "Abhipsa" my friend, cannot be explained in English. Some may say "interest" but that is too meek meaning. It is more than that like one of my scriptures says that the strong desire, same as what grasp for air is to a drowning person.

Nice to know you are seeking that along with many of us.

I will keep posting what I have understood my dear Mathew Naismith. Meanwhile if I come across any link which can polish your memory I will pin you 


Friday, 7 October 2016

Lemurian and Atlantean Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

What can I say about what is going on in the world at present, it's bewildering in that it's perplexing and confusing, the world is overly complicated and it's becoming more complicated, this is too obvious. People like myself are utterly bewildered in what is going on at present, this is all due to being aware to our own past history and lives lived. The same mentality expressed thousands of years ago, is still being expressed today, Atlanta and Lemuria (Mu), in the antediluvian period, is a good example of this. There is a huge difference between these two consciousness's of Atlanta and Lemuria, this difference still exists today. The difference can make a person with a Lemurian consciousness feel awkward and uneasy in our present situation on Earth, this is because the Atlantean consciousness is once again in full swing in taking control of everything.

The difference between the Atlantean and Lemurian consciousness is interesting. Even though Atlanta was a mix of consciousness's, there was always two particular consciousness that dominated all other consciousness under it's control in Atlanta. Basically, all other consciousness's became a slave to these two consciousness's, when you research this, you find this is once again occurring today.

If you are feeling uneasy, frustrated, concerned or bewildered, you have a good reason to as the past is reoccurring. Don't be too concerned about feeling like this, it's actually a good sign that you are not once again apart of a destructive consciousness, actually, the more you feel like this, the bigger the possibility you are not expressive or of an Atlantean consciousness. Don't get me wrong here, Atlantean consciousness wasn't always this destructive but it was always different to Lemurian consciousness.

The difference between these two distinct consciousness's, lies in that Atlantean consciousness is, not was, predominantly influenced by two consciousness's where Lemurian consciousness is influenced by numerous consciousness's, no consciousness being predominantly influential than another over another. Basically, all consciousness, no matter how advanced they were, were accepted as equal to each other, this has never been the case for Atlantean consciousness.

There is also another main difference between these two kinds of consciousness. Atlantean consciousness is wholly based on consciousness's of the universe, however, Lemurian consciousness is also of consciousness's beyond the universe. This is significant because all consciousness's that were created at the time of the universe, also reflect the destructive tendencies of the universe. Liken this to a DNA strand, Atlantean consciousness is predominantly influenced by this destructive DNA strand, however, Lemurian consciousness is predominantly influenced by a constructive DNA strand and yes, this is why some of us feel we no longer belong. So if you feel you no longer belong, there is a good reason for this but this is a good sign, albeit as uncomfortable as it is.

At present in the world, we have two distinct consciousness's taking control of the world, there not trying to take control, they are taking control. Every other consciousness will end up serving these two distinct consciousness's. Once you do a little research, one of these consciousness's is obvious but the other isn't. No, the United States of America isn't one of the consciousness's, as of many countries in the world today, the Unites States is being used and is but a servant to these two consciousness's which are distinctly Atlantean. The United States however seems to be the main source of control for these two Atlantean consciousness's, it was once Great Britain.

The other consciousness is hidden to the masses, as of the Atlanta itself, one consciousness is apparent where the other consciousness is still hidden or obscured by deception. This hidden consciousness isn't of a country of people, it's of an ancient  consciousness that is primarily of secrecy and control. The main goal of this consciousness is to take control to secure this kind of consciousness from another consciousness overseeing it.

Now Atlanta welcomed other influences from other consciousness's, you could relate this to creating multicultural countries as we see today in the world. Atlanta did become a multi-conscious (cultural) state, this however was implemented to primarily serve the purpose of these two consciousness's in numerous ways. We might also say this of Lemuria as Lemuria was also multi-conscious (cultural), however, the Lemurian consciousness was not based on control and destruction, quite the opposite.

You could say that Atlantean consciousness is yin and Lemurian consciousness is yang, one being constructive the other destructive. In one sense this is true, it's quite obvious one kind of consciousness is destructive, even onto itself, and the other isn't, however, Lemurian consciousness was of both destructive and constructive consciousness, basically, Lemurian consciousness was accepting of both yin and yang and equally, Lemurian consciousness in perfect balance. Of course again you have a consciousness of perfect balance and acceptance (yang) and an imbalanced consciousness that isn't accepting (yin), particularly of other consciousness's.

It's also quite apparent that Atlantean consciousness is based on fear, for example, a fear of their own consciousness being overseen by another consciousness. Lemurian consciousness is not based on fear, quite the opposite for an example, Lemurian consciousness is quite accepting of being overseen by Atlantean consciousness, basically, Lemurian consciousness will humble itself even to the point of being a servant to another consciousness such as Atlantean consciousness. This fearlessness can however be Lemurian's consciousness downfall once again. In dealing with a destructive consciousness, you need a balance between fear and fearlessness. As I have written a number of times before, fear can be highly constructive and fearlessness can be highly destructive, this is apparent in regards to Lemuria and Atlantis.

We might think Lemuria (Mu) and Atlantis are fantasies or fallacies of old fables, think again, spectacles lenes were found in an environment carbine dated over 2000 years old. A high tensile steel hammer was also found in a rock carbine dated over 100 million years old.      

There is nothing new including the mentality we are presently expressing, however, the Mayans have predicted a never before experienced conscious change by human consciousness, this possibly means that we will evolve from Atlantean consciousness altogether. You must also be aware that this new conscious change will be very subtle due to the nature of the consciousness. We are conditioned to conscious changes being obvious within it's actions, it usually quite harsh, this isn't going to be the case with this present conscious change. All this means is this conscious change will most likely be unnoticeable for a lot of people, however, anyone of a Lemurian consciousness, will feel the consequences of their own conscious detachment from Atlantean consciousness.


Further reference: 

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The Face of Evil - We No Longer Belong

Written by Mathew Naismith

While talking to various people recently, it is obvious that we are not happy with what is going on in the world at present, we are just not happy being apart of the reality hell bent on anything but peace and acceptance. We feel we no longer belong but this isn't a bad or negative thing. Just imagine accepting what is going on in the world at present and doing nothing, on top of this, feeling there is nothing amiss in the way human consciousness is expressing itself at present, I think feeling we no longer belong is much better motion in my mind.

Feeling we no longer belong, represents that we are not wanting to be apart of the evil in the world. I should state that evil in this case, relates to a consciousness hell bent on self-preservation and expressions of extreme motions, of course extreme motions usually turn out to be destructive, even self-destructive. The face of evil relates to any consciousness that is destructive to an extreme extent, Adolph Hitler is a prime example of this kind of consciousness.

Fight Against Evil: My country Australia, in WWII, fought to help stem Adolph Hitler's Nazi regime and fascism, we fought against the face of evil, a consciousness hell bent on destruction and war and the pilfering of other countries assets. Today, Australia, the United States, Israel and other countries, have continued where fascism left off. We have now sadly become apart of the new face of evil in the world, it takes very little research to find this out, however, you have to want to become aware to realise we are indeed the new face of evil in the world.

There is nothing new in feeling like we no longer belong, thousands of Germans felt the same in post WWII and during WWII, many of these people died believing that their own country was going down the wrong path, Sophie Scholl was a prime example of this during WWII. Many Germans could see Germany destroying itself all over again as WWI was devastating to Germany. Quite often the people who didn't support this fascist regime were murdered, this again is occurring. I understand in recent times, eleven (11) natural therapists of high stature in the US alone have been dealt with because they didn't support the present regime multinationally.

It's quite shocking to me to realise that Australia is right behind this new face of evil in the world today, I now know how certain German people felt prior and during WWII. I'm utterly bewildered that my kin in WWII fought to free us from this evilness and we ourselves are now apart of that same evilness that cost so much in WWII, in actuality in certain circumstances, this evilness is far worse. I'm not sure how nations and the UN can sit back and allow international laws to be broken numerous times over, in fact nations like Australia are in support of such actions. To also allow women and children to be deliberately murdered and the pilfering of other nations assets to go on and on, isn't a sign that a nation/nations are for peace and acceptance, it's actually a clear depiction of the face of evil.

Like pre WWII Germany, many of us in Australia are brainwashed and psychologically conditioned to accept the present regime as being rightful, "We are on the good side for the good of all man kind". Yes, many of the common people were also duped in post WWII Germany as we today are duped in believing in the present regime.

The common German people, post WWII,  were in peril from within, this was evident as a certain class/race of people lived off the squaller and misery of the common people. What's occurring today?

Misery and peril always seems to bring forth the face of evil, don't get me wrong here though, it's not that misery and peril create the face of evil, this face of evil is always present within human consciousness, it's just misery and peril seems to give this face of evil more power and control over the masses. This face of evil is obvious within it's destabilisation of the world today. Like Adolph Hitler destabilised Europe in particular to take control over the masses, today we have the world being purposely destabilised for the exact same reason but on a massive scale. In the end, one race/class of people will dominate the rest of the world on a far more massive scale than it is today.

It's not all doom a gloom; the reason lies in that the face of evil is no longer hidden which means we are now able to recognise it and deal with it accordingly. Yes, as always it's a major battle to deface and expel the face of evil as people like Sophie Scholl found out. People like me are but another Sophie Scholl and in the end will probably end up like Sophie Scholl, this does not phase people like me one bit, in actuality, it impels people like me. The reason for this lies in that if this evilness is able to kill off the people who  speak out against this kind of destructiveness, it shows us how much of the face of evil we have become. People like me would rather die than be a supporting member of this kind of destructiveness, just sitting there in your own quietness is giving support to the face of evil.

In spiritualty, we are conditioned to not judge therefore react to such destructive motions, all I see in this is that we have been conditioned very well, by the face of evil, not to react. We are also conditioned to not express the ego in any sense, this of course also means we are not allowed to react to this face of evil. Sorry, but just sitting there in your own separate peace is fully endorsing destructiveness, I really didn't think spiritualty was still as destructive as always. Spiritualty to me shouldn't be as supportive as it is to any kind of destructiveness period, the face of evil wants you to just sit there praying and meditating for peace while within your own peace.      

Yes, I'm an advocate for non-extreme motions and reactions. As of people like Sophie Scholl in WWII, peace will only be sought through peaceful means, not an all out war which would be exactly what the face of evil wants. What did WWII accomplish in regards to the face of evil? Absolutely nothing accept to give the face of evil more power and control over the masses, you cannot expel such evilness on evils own terms, it like picking a battle field that best supports your foe. No, people like me will fight by not using any kind of extreme motions as all extreme motions cause is more motion, we certainly don't need more motion in the world.

We might ask when has peaceful motions ever expelled the face of evil? Even if one third (33%) of the German people motioned for peace instead of war and destruction, WWII would have still raged on, it's even doubtful if half (50%) of Germany motioned for peace, that the destruction would have ceased. The reason for this is allowing this kind of evilness to take control in the first place, once it has a hold, it needs very little direct support to sustain itself as it relies entirely on fear to quell even a majority people. How many spiritually aware people these days fear expressing any kind of ego? We are conditioned more than ever to serve the face of evil.

In human history, it's not obvious that peacefulness has ever quelled the face of evil, the reason for this lies within it's passiveness of motion. Even though certain peaceful demonstrations turned into riots in regards to the Vietnam war, peace only came because of peaceful motions. How many wars were averted by diplomatic peaceful means in human history? We will never entirely expel the face of evil within human consciousness, after all this is what makes human consciousness what it is, all we can do is expel or quell this evilness that is apart of human consciousness.

Another thing we can do is evolve from human consciousness, this doesn't mean that human consciousness will evolve itself, it means evolving from human consciousness into yet another kind of consciousness that is less made up from the face of evil. Not all consciousness's have the trait of evilness within it, in actuality most of the consciousness's beyond our own universe have no traits of this kind of destructiveness within it. I do however understand that most consciousness's within this universe have this evil  trait within their own consciousness, destructiveness after all is apart of the universe itself.

Alien Influence: This is the strange thing, I have the understanding that a number of nations around the world are listening to aliens that have crashed into our planet, to me, crashing into our planet doesn't sound too intelligent to start with. These aliens seem to be influencing the controllers of these nations to go out and take control of the world no matter what the circumstances are as this worked for them.

We must however consider; what helped create human consciousness is unique, this is because most other consciousness's within this universe evolved from one or two kinds of consciousness, however, human consciousness evolved from various kinds of consciousness's including consciousness's beyond this universe.

I agree with not interfering with other people's paths as each person has their own path to tread, however, we are all on the same human journey which we have a right to influence, this also means influencing human consciousness with consciousness's that are not based on destructiveness, the face of evil. This occurred in the antediluvian age but I won't go into this in this post, however, a consciousness of peace did prevail over a consciousness of war in the end.

It is obvious why so many of us feel we no longer belong, a consciousness based  purely on destructiveness isn't who we truly are, we must also consider that certain other consciousness's are based on destructiveness. I'm all for acceptance but not to the degree in other consciousness's forcing their own path into me. As consciousness's that are based on destruction have a right to influence this human journey, so do the consciousness's that are not based on destructiveness. Human consciousness to me was created from many kinds of consciousness, a perfect balance between these kinds of consciousness's, would be nice for a change, or, evolve completely from human consciousness altogether, this is  our choices I believe.......                                   

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Perceiving Beyond 3rd Dimensional Aspects

Written by Mathew Naismith

Everything we create and experience in a 3rd dimensional reality, is created by 3rd dimensional aspects. 3rd dimensional aspects give us perceptions purely based on a 3rd dimensional views, basically speaking, 3rd dimensional realities only give perceptions that can only be of the small picture as opposed to the bigger picture. The bigger picture being perceptions beyond 3rd dimensional aspects. To get a better perspective of this I will use love as an example.

The small picture of love is to feel love for a person we are emotionally attached to, the bigger picture to this is to feel love for a number of people we are attached to. At this point we are still feeling love in a 3rd dimensional aspect, this is because our love only spans so far, it's limited to the people we are attached to. Now what about unconditional love, is this not of the bigger picture, a perceptions beyond 3rd dimensional aspects?

This is how difficult it is to unconditionally love in a 3rd dimensional reality. Try truly unconditionally loving anyone you deem as unbecoming or has bad vibrations. As soon as you have deemed them as unbecoming in anyway, you have conditions on your love. Try to now unconditionally love the most deemed grotesque person who ever walked this planet. To be honest, no one of 3rd dimensional perceptions can unconditionally love. Yes, we can unconditionally love the people we choose to love but we can't love unconditionally the people we have no attachments to or likeness to, this is because 3rd dimensional perceptions are limited to only being able to observe or become aware of what is of the small picture.

Let's say that a 3rd dimensional being is able to unconditionally love, does this make this love of the bigger picture, perceptions beyond 3rd dimensional aspects?

I will answer this with a simple no. Our usual perception of unconditional love always has some kind of condition to them, for example, they have to be human to start with. Think on this, how many of us has a true sense of unconditional love for this planet and all it's inhabitants? Look at the state of this planet, this isn't unconditional love, humans have utterly abused this planet and all it's life forms, this is because human love is limited to the small picture.

How many people are noticeably upset what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians, what about the pilfering of oil and gas from Syria. I haven't noticed one self-proclaimed unconditionally loving person noticeably speak out about what is occurring to people in the world that are not likened to them. The usual reason for this is to do with distancing themselves from judged negative vibrations. How many spiritually aware people have deliberately distanced themselves from what they have judged as negative? These people are only interested in the small picture, they can only perceive the small picture, basically, perceive love in a small way.

What is the big picture in relation to a true sense of unconditional love?

Put it in your mind to love the most deemed horrid person in the history of mankind, like you would someone you were emotionally attached to, now a thousand times this many times over. While experiencing and participating in a reality based on 3rd dimensional aspects, no human could honestly state they truly unconditionally love. Could you maternally love without conditions? Unconditional love is likened to maternal love but collectively as a whole without conditions or bias what so ever.

The big picture is that unconditional love is not limited to certain aspects because there is no aspects, especially 3rd dimensional aspects that are limited by it's own created aspects        or perspectives. The 3rd dimension is all about aspects, up down, right left, back and forth, which creates a black and white mentality, for example, right = black , left = white.

A true sense of unconditional love isn't determined by a black and white mentality, it's not determined by anything and it's this absence of  a determined aspect, that makes unconditional love what it is, unconditional under all circumstances. Unconditional love in relation to maternal love, isn't determined by a black and white mentality like a mother loving her children that they themselves gave birth to, there is no aspects, this kind of unconditional maternal love isn't determined by birth because their are no conditions, no limitations of love.

I know there is going to be a number of people who will still strongly state they unconditionally love. Imagine that a person you don't know, comes into your home and molests your children that you maternally love, be honest, your love for such a person is obviously going to have it's limitations. A truly unconditionally loving person would truly love without bias (limitations). While still experiencing and participating in a 3rd dimensional reality, no consciousness is able to truly unconditionally love.

Don't get me wrong here, unconditional love can indeed be experienced and even expressed in a 3rd dimensional reality but only as an abstract, basically, existing only in the mind while separated from embodiment. There is no true concrete representation of unconditional love, only an abstract feeling of unconditional love, however, this abstract feeling of unconditional love might not seem to be a big deal but it is, especially when felt in a 3rd dimensional reality. It's a big deal because 3rd dimensional realities are not conducive to a true expression of unconditional love for numerous reason as already stated in this post. If you are able to even glimpse or feel this unconditional love in a true sense, it is a big deal, it means you are connected in some way to your embodiment, our true self.  

The separation from embodiment is in relation to the mind experiencing a sensation of  separation from it's true whole self, anything other than this whole self, is an abstract creation. It's within this separation that a consciousness creates limitations, not just in relation to unconditional love but everything within it's entirety. Being able to perceive this is perceiving beyond 3rd dimensional aspects.......