Saturday, 1 October 2016

Perceiving Beyond 3rd Dimensional Aspects

Written by Mathew Naismith

Everything we create and experience in a 3rd dimensional reality, is created by 3rd dimensional aspects. 3rd dimensional aspects give us perceptions purely based on a 3rd dimensional views, basically speaking, 3rd dimensional realities only give perceptions that can only be of the small picture as opposed to the bigger picture. The bigger picture being perceptions beyond 3rd dimensional aspects. To get a better perspective of this I will use love as an example.

The small picture of love is to feel love for a person we are emotionally attached to, the bigger picture to this is to feel love for a number of people we are attached to. At this point we are still feeling love in a 3rd dimensional aspect, this is because our love only spans so far, it's limited to the people we are attached to. Now what about unconditional love, is this not of the bigger picture, a perceptions beyond 3rd dimensional aspects?

This is how difficult it is to unconditionally love in a 3rd dimensional reality. Try truly unconditionally loving anyone you deem as unbecoming or has bad vibrations. As soon as you have deemed them as unbecoming in anyway, you have conditions on your love. Try to now unconditionally love the most deemed grotesque person who ever walked this planet. To be honest, no one of 3rd dimensional perceptions can unconditionally love. Yes, we can unconditionally love the people we choose to love but we can't love unconditionally the people we have no attachments to or likeness to, this is because 3rd dimensional perceptions are limited to only being able to observe or become aware of what is of the small picture.

Let's say that a 3rd dimensional being is able to unconditionally love, does this make this love of the bigger picture, perceptions beyond 3rd dimensional aspects?

I will answer this with a simple no. Our usual perception of unconditional love always has some kind of condition to them, for example, they have to be human to start with. Think on this, how many of us has a true sense of unconditional love for this planet and all it's inhabitants? Look at the state of this planet, this isn't unconditional love, humans have utterly abused this planet and all it's life forms, this is because human love is limited to the small picture.

How many people are noticeably upset what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians, what about the pilfering of oil and gas from Syria. I haven't noticed one self-proclaimed unconditionally loving person noticeably speak out about what is occurring to people in the world that are not likened to them. The usual reason for this is to do with distancing themselves from judged negative vibrations. How many spiritually aware people have deliberately distanced themselves from what they have judged as negative? These people are only interested in the small picture, they can only perceive the small picture, basically, perceive love in a small way.

What is the big picture in relation to a true sense of unconditional love?

Put it in your mind to love the most deemed horrid person in the history of mankind, like you would someone you were emotionally attached to, now a thousand times this many times over. While experiencing and participating in a reality based on 3rd dimensional aspects, no human could honestly state they truly unconditionally love. Could you maternally love without conditions? Unconditional love is likened to maternal love but collectively as a whole without conditions or bias what so ever.

The big picture is that unconditional love is not limited to certain aspects because there is no aspects, especially 3rd dimensional aspects that are limited by it's own created aspects        or perspectives. The 3rd dimension is all about aspects, up down, right left, back and forth, which creates a black and white mentality, for example, right = black , left = white.

A true sense of unconditional love isn't determined by a black and white mentality, it's not determined by anything and it's this absence of  a determined aspect, that makes unconditional love what it is, unconditional under all circumstances. Unconditional love in relation to maternal love, isn't determined by a black and white mentality like a mother loving her children that they themselves gave birth to, there is no aspects, this kind of unconditional maternal love isn't determined by birth because their are no conditions, no limitations of love.

I know there is going to be a number of people who will still strongly state they unconditionally love. Imagine that a person you don't know, comes into your home and molests your children that you maternally love, be honest, your love for such a person is obviously going to have it's limitations. A truly unconditionally loving person would truly love without bias (limitations). While still experiencing and participating in a 3rd dimensional reality, no consciousness is able to truly unconditionally love.

Don't get me wrong here, unconditional love can indeed be experienced and even expressed in a 3rd dimensional reality but only as an abstract, basically, existing only in the mind while separated from embodiment. There is no true concrete representation of unconditional love, only an abstract feeling of unconditional love, however, this abstract feeling of unconditional love might not seem to be a big deal but it is, especially when felt in a 3rd dimensional reality. It's a big deal because 3rd dimensional realities are not conducive to a true expression of unconditional love for numerous reason as already stated in this post. If you are able to even glimpse or feel this unconditional love in a true sense, it is a big deal, it means you are connected in some way to your embodiment, our true self.  

The separation from embodiment is in relation to the mind experiencing a sensation of  separation from it's true whole self, anything other than this whole self, is an abstract creation. It's within this separation that a consciousness creates limitations, not just in relation to unconditional love but everything within it's entirety. Being able to perceive this is perceiving beyond 3rd dimensional aspects.......                 

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Immunising Yourself Spiritually

Written by Mathew Naismith

I should firstly point out that this post isn't about the clinical representation of immunising but a spiritual one and yes, without us even knowing it, we do indeed immunise ourselves. So what are we unknowingly immunising ourselves against?

We, as humans, clinically immunise ourselves against the effects of viruses that affect us, spiritual immunising is the same, any excessive motion creates destruction, just like a virus. Spiritually aware people basically immunise themselves against excessive motion that is obvious within it's destructiveness. Just like a virus, excessive extreme motion often inundates less motionless motions, this is because this kind of motion is more active. It's like our own immune system, if our immune system is less active than a virus, the virus will most likely inundate the immune system and everything else attached to the immune system. In extreme circumstances, this can indeed cause the demise of a person or a motion. Excessive motion can indeed destroy everything human.

Basically, any excessive motion, especially if it's extreme within it's motion, is a virus or acts just like a virus.

Excessive motion = virus

Don't prejudge me as being negative here, viruses have been around since micro-organisms, they are a natural part of creation, I therefore don't judge viruses as being negative. Yes, as any excessive motion can become, active viruses can indeed be highly destructive. Liken this to Syria at present, the multinationals, with the aid of Israel, is pilfering Syria's oil and gas reserves, this action is highly motional and will only create destruction instead of peace. Like a virus, it's main concern is what it can get out of it's environment for itself. Highly active viruses are anything but peaceful, does this non-peacefulness make these people negative? Not at all  because they are a natural part of creation, this would be like going up to a volcano and stating to the volcano, it's bad and negative because it's highly destructive within it's motion.

We are now coming to the main point of the post. There are people who are still immunising themselves against excessive motion and there are people who have already immunised themselves against excessive motion. There are also people who are of this excessive motion that spiritually aware people often immunise themselves against the infection of excessive motions. Also, as of clinical immunising, spiritual immunisation doesn't always work, in serious circumstances, the immunisation can be as deadly or harmful as the viruses, human history reflects this quite well.

The question is, how do you know if you are truly immunised or not  infected by excessive motion?

Firstly, you try not to judge through a black and white mentality, meaning, you don't judge what is or isn't negative or positive for an example, you instead observe what is and isn't destructive while remembering not everything that is destructive is negative or bad.

Secondly, you immerse yourself in a true sense of love, this means loving and accepting what is and isn't destructive. Basically, you don't ignore everything you have judged as being negative or bad. Spiritual awareness is about being aware even of excessive extreme motions that are often highly destructive.

Thirdly, you don't participate in extremes, especially when in retaliation to another opposing extreme. This kind of action denotes a virus mentality, a mentality of black and white. It's natural for a truly immunised person to not express this kind of mentality, in actually it's impossible for them to do so.  

Now how do you now you are still in the immunisation process, meaning, you are still being immunised against excessive motion/virus?  

Point one, you will judge what is and isn't positive even though you are of a self-judged positive person. Even judging yourself positive, especially on a regular basis, denotes a black and white mentality.

Point two, you will most often stay away from what you have judged as negative vibrations. Anyone immune to these highly motional motions, won't be affected by the feelings of excessive motion. Anyone who is truly immunised, will feel a difference but won't judge a difference as negative or positive, this is all due to being immunised against excessive motion because they are seen to be no threat to them. We usually judge a negative or a positive in fear for example. A person in the process of being immunised, will often refer to themselves, and others like themselves, as being positive, being truthful here, this is in fear of being negative.

What about the people who are of excessive motion, how do you know you are of this excessive motion?

Any excessive motion, especially extreme motions, denote a person who is of excessive motion, for example, a person who is predominant within their materialistic motions/expressions void of any attribute that balances out materialism, is obvious within their own motions of being excessive. Spiritually aware people can also be caught up in expressing excessiveness, especially when in counteraction to something opposing them like any judged negative for example.

The question is, are people like me fully immunised?

Absolutely not as people like myself are obvious within their participation in motion. There might not be any expression of excessive motion or counteractive motion, but  a high degree of motion is till being expressed.

In all, try to realise that there is nothing wrong in being expressive of a virus, it's a natural part of creation, there is also nothing wrong or right in being immunised against excessive motions either. Yes, we are aware of how excessive motion (virus) can destroy for it's own purpose, there is a better more constructive way to exist, but this doesn't make excessive motions negative or bad in some way. I do know one of these multinationals was a pauper in his previous life, all he is doing now is experiencing the opposite, all be it to an extreme. Before judging, try to look at the big picture.

Don't get me wrong here, I  am by no way for excessive motion in any sense, be it spiritually or materialistically, but what is meant to be will be while knowing we do indeed have a choice in the way we exist. 

Until human consciousness can evolve from excessive motions, he will keep on experiencing a virus like reality, this is inevitable.........                    

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Consciousness -Endless Potential

Written by Mathew Naismith

People like myself never fixate ourselves to ideologies, concepts or isms, as we know consciousness itself is infinite. Basically, consciousness itself is endless, there is no starting or ending points to consciousness, only what consciousness creates, the universe and everything within the universe is a good example of this. However, ideologies, concepts and isms are a stepping stone but only to a consciousness that is existing in an unaware state of consciousness, no truly aware consciousness needs these kinds of stepping stones.

Human consciousness has evolved from micro-organisms, the beginning of biological life almost always starts from micro-organisms (viruses). The natural course of evolution, has always stemmed on consciousness evolving from one conscious state to another much more evolved state of consciousness, human consciousness is but one of these states of evolution, a stepping stone. Yes, like our ideologies, concepts and isms, human consciousness as a whole is but another stepping stone into the endless vastness of consciousness itself.

I find it strange today that we have yet another elite people who want to take control of the world, don't think too negative of me but I call this a virus mentality. This virus mentality is as natural as they come, it's natural for any consciousness with a mentality of a virus to take control, and yes, even kill it's host off just like a real virus, the state of our planet is a prime example of this. Viruses only think of one thing, gorging themselves, even to the extent of their own annihilation. As of any actual virus, this kind of mentality has absolute blind faith within it's own abilities, of course only in ignorance can a consciousness become destructive.    

We are once again faced with a master race of people taking over the world to primarily serve  their own ends, this is very natural action for a consciousness that is unwilling or unable to evolve. As man himself is apart of nature, no matter how destructive he becomes, so is a virus mentality. It is obvious that human consciousness is primarily influenced by this very natural phenomena, however, no matter how destructive and antiquated this kind of mentality is, man seems to want to keep on living in this way instead of evolving further in evolution.

I find it quite amusing that human consciousness has not yet evolved from this antiquated state of existing, sure this virus mentality is a natural state of existence, but how far are we willing to stay fixated to this kind of existence, maybe till the host itself (Earth)is destroyed? To someone like me, this is quite a bewildering way to continually exist, especially purposely. It would seem we just don't want to evolve any further in the natural course of evolution, sure this virus mentality is a part of our natural evolution but is it natural to stop evolving further in the natural course of evolution? We are suppose to naturally evolve as we have always done.

Sure there are micro-organisms that didn't evolve, this too is natural but is human consciousness suppose to be the end of our evolution as well? As we have naturally evolved from micro-organisms, we are also suppose to naturally evolve from being human in my mind. We have started on a journey as a species in a consciousness that never has an end to it, it's endless, why go against the natural course of evolution and stay within a certain sphere of existence, especially an existence that has a mentality of a virus. Don't' get me wrong here, there is nothing wrong in acting like a virus, there is also nothing wrong in not evolving further either, the choice is indeed ours to make, I just believe we are suppose to evolve from this kind of state of existence, especially before we kill off the host.

The potentiality of consciousness goes way beyond the mentality of a virus, in all however, if we choose to stay within the sphere of a virus, so be it as a virus is also apart of this vast never ending consciousness with endless potential. The question really comes down to, is this virus mentality the last point of human consciousness or are we suppose to evolve from this kind of sphere of activity and motion?      

Friday, 16 September 2016

Alien Projection

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is quite interesting, never have I written about this kind of topic before, it must be the right time to do so. I'm into just letting things flow, this of course doesn't always occur, at times I try to go against the flow like anyone, I suppose it's the way of the wind that goes against the flow of water. It's wise to be aware that, "As of the flow of water is natural, so is the wind"....Mathew G. It seems I am going off tangent once again, off topic, "Go with the flow of water Mathew, not the wind".

The flow of water is about alien projection, aliens being that advanced that they need no transportation vessel to transport them from one point to another, no matter how far away these points are from each other. We so often hear about stories of aliens crashing into our planet, we often look upon these far more technological beings as being way above our own technological advancements. We also presume that these aliens are advanced beyond all our abilities when in actuality their not.

Astral Projection: I know of a number of people who can astral project themselves at will, there is no need of a transport vessel to observe other  parts of this planet, the universe and even other dimensions. I mentioned observe but at times an astral projectionist can also participate to the environment they project themselves into.

Another way to astral projection is through  dream states, it is said that we all astral travel in this state, it's just that we don't remember doing so. One of the reasons we don't remember, is due to being unable to perceive of other existences and environments out from our own , this is because our consciousness is only conditioned to a particular environment. You also might have experienced dreams that are not of form or the form is unrecognisable to you, the possibility of this kind of experience being an astral projection is pretty good.

If human consciousness is able to astral project itself either at will or in our dream state, I think any alien that is supposed to be far more advanced than ourselves, should be able to do the same without using a transport vessel of a kind. However, just because a conscious species is advanced technologically, doesn't mean they are also advanced in other areas, in actuality, they may have no way to astral project themselves. The conscious make up makes us who we are, anything beyond this is usually incomprehensible.

Imagine a conscious species that is wholly of the five senses, there are no other senses beyond these five senses, the occurrence of consciousness's like Jesus or Buddha for example, would not occur within their own history. Think of a consciousness based on the perceptions of extreme atheism, there is only the five senses and no consciousness can exist beyond the physical brain. This same exact mentality can be experienced and observed in human consciousness today.

Alien projection isn't referring to a mentality of little green men from Mars either, we call these aliens, especially the non-3rd dimensional aliens/beings, different names like pixies, angels, God's and Goddesses and so forth. Because everything is created from consciousness and is therefore of a conscious entity, certain aliens can shape shift into what ever they like, this even includes a rock. I at times myself become a cloud, a cloud that is able to consciously observe. You don't imagine yourself being a cloud, you actually become a cloud. Believe it or not, human consciousness has no boundaries, detach your own consciousness from our present created limited conditions, the sky is no longer the limit, meaning, human consciousness has no boundaries of what it can experience.

Limitless Consciousness: I have stated many times before in my posts that human consciousness is limited, how then could human consciousness have no boundaries, meaning human consciousness is limitless?

Human consciousness is limited by it's own perceptions, it's unable to perceive beyond these perceptions, this is what basically limits human consciousness. If we weren't limited within our own consciousness, we would remember every dream and astral projection we ever had to start with.

Another thing to consider is, once human consciousness is able to perceive beyond it's own conditionings, it's no longer human. Once a human consciousness has evolved from human consciousness, it's no longer of human consciousness because it's naturally evolved through projecting itself beyond  fixated conditioned limitations. You cannot change human consciousness but you can evolve from human consciousness. Consider this, this would be like changing 3rd dimensional aspects to a 5th dimensional aspect and still calling it 3rd dimensional. Human consciousness is what it is which is what makes human consciousness what it is, a consciousness primarily fixated to the five senses and 3rd dimensional aspects.

Indeed, projecting ourselves beyond human consciousness is going to be alien to us, however, once a consciousness adapts to this, our limitations fade away as if they never existed in the first place. It is also wise to be aware that aliens can and do often make out they are supreme to us, be wary of this.    

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Wisdom and Philosophy

Written by Mathew Naismith

My wife and I were having breakfast out on our front porch this morning, as usual, and as usual we had birds of various varieties flying about in our garden. I  at one time noticed a fig bird just sitting there as if in contemplation, I then thought how many people actually sit within this same quietness as this fig bird. The fig bird has obviously had it's fill, feeding is motion, and now it's motionless, it's a life of perfect balance and harmony within an environment of motion. However, humans often don't balance out their life of motion with motionlessness, like the fig bird, who lives within it's natural environment not against it.

Motion: What human consciousness seems to have done, is the more motion it's expressive of, the less of this quietness and subsequent wisdom human consciousness became. It's strange, this is sound evidence within our own actions that wisdom is no longer a vital part of our being. While becoming more of motion through knowledge and intelligence, we at the same time destroyed any wisdom that we could find. This knowledgeable intelligent consciousness went out and deliberately destroyed any kind of wisdom that would question it's actions of degradation. Excessive motion on it's own can erode any wisdom a consciousness has, human consciousness went beyond this and deliberately tried to destroy wisdom and any related philosophy/philosopher who actually questions their own actions and beliefs.

It's as if we have gotten to a point in human consciousness, that we no longer question our own actions and beliefs from materialism to spirituality, we will however question other people's actions and beliefs but not our own.

A good example of this is what Kundalni energy experiences can create. We so often perceive that what Kundalini energy flows create, are the be and end all,  huge amount of motional and emotional love being one of these creations. I say creations because love is a motion, it's not motionless, anything of motion is created from another source. It's this source that created this love that is more of a be and end all, not what this energy creates. Materialism is exactly the same, what creates materialism? Degradation, a destruction or transformation of one energy to another form of energy creating a possession.

Before I go on I better put things in a more comprehensible perspective.

Wisdom and philosophy = timelessness + infinite + motionless + peace

Knowledge and intelligence = time + finite + motion + chaos

I should make it clear here that philosophy is a motion, it creates motion, this is how we are able to express this motionless wisdom into a motion thus assisting us to balance out excessive expressions of motion. However, philosophy used and obtained entirely through knowledge and intelligence, would put philosophy under the heading of motion, time, finite and a possible creator of chaos. It's wise to be aware that all motion is a creator of chaos in one way or another, maybe not to you or even someone else, but it's likely to create chaos/destruction to the environment around you in some way. It's wise to be aware that all motion creates a form of chaos in some sense.

It's actually natural for motion to create chaos, it' also natural for motionlessness to create peace. We might think that love, even when created through a Kundalini experience, isn't of this chaos. ask yourself honestly, what is this kind of love doing to people who don't love in the same way? It's causing them chaos and of course they will react or counter-react in accordance to this created chaos. All motion creates a form of chaos within the environment in some way, no matter how much of a be and end all it is, again, it's wise to be aware of this if we truly want to create peace on  Earth.

Foundation of Peace: Human consciousness has also created a most unusual reality, it's probably why so many souls have chosen to experience this kind of reality. We have a consciousness that assumes it's intelligent because of it's own knowledge and technological advancements. We also have this same exact self-deemed intelligent consciousness, expressing more motion than ever, while killing off anything else that would give this consciousness  balance and a  more peaceful existence. If you look back to any created golden age in human history, you will find that wisdom was the primary creator of such an age. Don't get me wrong here, knowledge and intelligence certainly played it's part but it was wisdom that was the foundations of these golden ages.

I am going to make a prophecy here, any nation of people, countrymen or otherwise, that bases their existence on wisdom, will be given an awareness that will protect them from any kind of ignorance. We so often do this on a personal level ourselves, however, what I am talking about here comes deep within the infinite itself. This especially includes protection from aliens who have crashed there transport on Earth. Think on this, how would a truly highly intelligent and spiritually connected being, crash their transport in any circumstances? It just couldn't occur.

Being wise doesn't mean we should just sit within our natural environment and do nothing else either, we are in a reality of motion and emotions, we are supposed to create motion, for an example, accumulating wealth. Accumulating wealth takes excessive amounts of motion, this amount of motion will often deplete or erode our own wisdom, there is nothing wrong or right in this. What we often don't do in this case is balance out this excessive motion with motionlessness, wisdom in other words. Everything within our environment is of motion, motion is naturally part of this kind of existence, what human consciousness is to ignorant of, is creating balance within he's own expressions of motion.

Final Thought: What do families, who are highly motional, try to aspire their children to be? Become a doctor or a lawyer for example. In ancient times of golden ages, it was better to aspire one of your chosen children to follow a path of wisdom, how many families do this these days, especially in Western minded countries? For such an intelligent consciousness, it still hasn't worked out why it's still in conflict!! The wealth of a family was measured in the wisdom it beheld, how do we measure wealth today?......

One thing to consider here, a good philosopher will look upon the self as the collective, this means it will in-turn question this collective as it has a right to question itself!!   

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Connection - Peace and Philosophy

Written by Mathew Naismith

Not many people can relate peace to philosophy, what is so peaceful with philosophical debates and seemingly endless questioning?

Self-Discovery: First of all, we know that philosophers like Socrates, Rumi, Confucius, Buddha, were constructive towards peace through better understanding of their environment and self-discovery, but do we also know that Jesus was also a philosopher, actually, everyone is a philosopher in their own right. In saying this, not all philosophers are constructive towards peace and better understanding, only philosophers who use wisdom as a base to their philosophy, rather than just knowledge/intelligence, are constructive towards peace.

I don't know of any philosopher who immediately used wisdom as their base for their philosophical views to start with, this only occurred when in self-discovery through interaction within their environment which gave them a better understanding of their environment. Is it wise not to try to understand your environment and other peoples environment? This is why many of these great philosophers, went out into their own and other people's environment, it's this interaction that seems to have given them wisdom.

This interaction with the environment as a whole, wasn't what actually in the end gave them a true sense of wisdom, it gave them a better insight to the external environment which gave them a sense of wisdom but not true wisdom. As of always, it was their inner self-discovery that gave them a true sense of wisdom, as soon as these people went inward into oneself, it was within this that gave them a true sense of wisdom. Basically as always, the answers are within, the external world is only a guide but it's a guide if used correctly. Incorrectly used, it's a deterrent and a creator of anything but peace.

Inner Peace: No philosopher who is onto self-discovery, fixates themself to a certain philosophical view or a certain type of philosophy being the be an end all. Any true philosopher will instruct you to find your own self-discovery, only in this will you find lasting inner peace.

In regards to Confucius and Socrates, these philosophers didn't truly find this inner peace in the end, this was due to failing to influence their environment enough to make any great difference within their own lifetime, only in the years following their demise did this occur. Finding this inner peace isn't the be and end all, if the environment you are in is in chaos, inner peace becomes but an ephemeral pleasure to be experienced, nothing more. As of any great philosopher, they want to encourage the world towards a better way of existing, sadly enough this isn't always accomplished within one lifetime.

I have the understanding that Jesus died in inner peace, knowing that he will make a difference in people's lives in a huge way for a lot of people, sadly, his teachings were corrupted and misused in various ways. Jesus for starters never wanted to be worshiped!!

Infinite Consciousness: No true philosopher will fixate themselves to any kind of ideological view or philosophical practice, this is because wisdom is infinite therefore so is consciousness as it's forever evolving. You see, philosophy isn't an exact science because, as any true philosopher knows, nothing stays the same and that not everything seems as it is even when proven to be so. Strangely, general science, like many religious practices, is fixated to certain perceptions and perspective, in saying this, other forms of science today seem to be breaking down these limitations.  

The main difference between general science and philosophy, is science is based on finite concepts of knowledge and intelligence, however, true philosophy is based on infinite concepts of wisdom. Knowledge gives us the intelligence to perceive their is nothing but a physical reality, wisdom on the other hand tells us there is more than physical realities, this is because wisdom is infinite, there are no limitations with the expressions of wisdom.  Knowledge relies on the five sense, wisdom relies on all senses, used in balance, each will enhance the other. You can see why human consciousness void of wisdom is limited and is limiting it's own consciousness. A limited consciousness is a consciousness of  ignorance, of cause as always, only in ignorance can a consciousness destroy itself, there is no peace to be found in this.

As of always, any true philosopher will attract a huge amount of ridicule, of course such expressions of ridicule states one is on the right path to a true sense of peace. You see, it's not the philosophy that upsets people, it's people's own reaction to philosophy that upsets themselves. Very few people on Earth like to truly look within themselves, this is exactly what philosophy does, within this, we will find true inner peace, remembering, all the answers are within as always.   

Monday, 12 September 2016

The Rise of Wisdom

Written by Mathew Naismith

For anyone translating this post, the following quote is as above.

If everyone was of wisdom,
there would no conflict for
only can conflict exist in a
consciousness void of wisdom.

Wisdom is seemingly likened to energy except like energy, wisdom can't even be transformed. All energy can be transformed, however, no energy can be destroyed, it's then funny to think wisdom can't even be transformed, is wisdom as I have always said it be to, of the infinite? Yes, you can misinterpret wisdom but you can't transform wisdom, for once wisdom is expressed like energy, it is unable to be transformed for wisdom is of all ages.

It would seem that wisdom doesn't have the same characteristics to energy, wisdom doesn't even seem to be under the same laws and principles of energy. Being that energy is of all expressions (motion), it's strange to think that wisdom, when expressed, doesn't follow the same principles as energy.

When you think on this, is energy that creates certain forms of all ages? No, for an example, did vehicles or horseless motorised carriages exist a thousand years ago? Did the entire universe exist before the big bang? Now consider this, did wisdom?

Even though human consciousness has tried to destroy wisdom, wisdom always prevails. The resurgence of the teachings of Confucius in China, is a good example of this. The same exact form of energy Confucius expressed, still exists as it did in Confucius's time even after it's presumed destruction. The teachings of Confucius weren't even transformed.

Let's also take a look at Buddha and Socrates, these people, as well as Confucius, weren't just expressing philosophy, they were also expressing wisdom. It's important here not to get confused with thinking all philosophy is of wisdom, philosophy can also be based on knowledge/intelligence void of wisdom. The reason why people like these were noticeable compared to numerous other philosophers and mystics, is that their philosophy became primarily based on wisdom. Jesus is another prime example of this and so was Rumi.

It is quite obvious that wisdom itself can't be transformed or destroyed , the philosophy of wisdom is ageless, but what about wisdom existing before the creation of the universe itself.

The following links indicate wisdom existences before the creation of the universe, basically, before consciousness was even expressed.

Consider this, philosophy is of time, it's of the finite, why does wisdom when expressed in conjunction with wisdom, become indestructible or even transformable? Why also is one philosophy more compelling and memorable than to other forms of philosophy? It seems that one form of philosophy is based on the finite, while other forms are based on the infinite, infinite being of timelessness, a consciousness not of time.

Am I making reference that a philosophy based on wisdom, is beyond a consciousness based on time? Absolutely.....

Take a close look at all these great philosophers, now look at the time they spent in silence. Don't get me wrong here, not everyone who spends time in silence becomes instantly of this infinite wisdom, in actually, people can spend a life time in silence and still not be able to connect with this infinite wisdom. The difference is, once these people dropped pre-perceptions, meaning, detaching themselves from human fixated attachments, they were then able to connect to this infinite wisdom.

No one who is fixated to any kind of  ideology or ism, is truly able to connect to this infinite wisdom, a wisdom that was around before the creation of the universe. Yes, anyone who is knowledgeable is able to recite an already expressed philosophy, but are able to connect to this kind of wisdom. Of course anyone who is fixated to an ideology or ism, will disagree with this as always. The controlling ego just doesn't want to let go of a fixation.

In saying all this, it's wiser to follow an already expressed wisdom than to not express any kind of wisdom at all......Mathew G

Not everyone will be able to connect to this infinite wisdom, motion takes too much of our time to be able to make this kind of connection. Our best bet is to follow an already impressed, established wisdom, in saying this, it's even better when we make our own connection but again, motion often takes up too much of our time to make this connection. In all, we must be appreciative and accepting of the wisdom that has already been expressed as a motion.

It's funny to think that no truly dogmatic forceful ideology or ism likes the presence of a true expression of wisdom, as our past philosophers and mystics have discovered in their own lives. Such an energy force will always try to destroy this kind of wisdom if we don't protect it from such atrocity and lunacy. As I have said for some time now, only in ignorance can a consciousness destroy/destroy itself.

Please once again, do not take anything that I have stated here as gospel or of utter truth.