Monday, 26 June 2017

Diminishing the Egos Control

Written by Mathew Naismith

The egos control over us is evident. The present environment in the world reflects this in more ways than one, extreme expressions in religion and materialism are but two examples of the control the ego has over us. Within this control, we can see how destructive a controlling the ego can be, in actuality, we are privileged to witness this event in human history.

Awareness comes in many forms and has no limitations to it's expressions, only can the ego limit awareness to certain set boundaries......Mathew G

Within the whisperings, an ego that is wised up only needs to be whispered to, not shouted at. Simply, expressions of extremism denote shouting while whisperings denote an awareness and wisdom. Some of us have listened to the whisperings, a lot of us will only listen when shouted at, this is simply shown within the extreme expressions being expressed today. In the end, the shouting will get that loud, and of course destructive, to the point most people will be unable to ignore the shouting, they will be given no choice at this point.

Where indeed has the wisdom gone when a consciousness needs to be shouted at to become aware?

We are privileged to be shouted at in this way, imagine not being able to hear a whisper or a shout to awaken the ego to itself, is it possible that the ego can actually get to this point? Honestly observing our environment today, it is obvious certain people will never listen no matter how loud the shouting becomes, and yes, the ego has this extent of control over them.

A controlling ego gives us a sense of control over our environment, even though this control is always fleeting. How many empires of the past still dominate us today? Yes, the controlling factors of the ego are still around today but the empires themselves aren't. Nothing that the ego creates lasts for long; the only reason the controlling factors of the ego are still around today, is because we have not yet learnt how to release ourselves from this control.      

Wisdom; simply does not come from knowledge and experience, this is an ego perception. Considering how deceptive the ego can become, it's amazing that many of us are still duped (tricked) by the ego in this way.

How many centuries have human consciousness been warring or expressing extremes? Has human consciousness learnt and become wise from these numerous experiences?
Human consciousness is seemingly more intelligent and knowledgeable than ever, how wise has this truly made us?

How many people think wisdom and awareness are about taking control? Probably the same amount of people who think meditation or various other Eastern practices are about taking control. Eastern practices, like mediation, are simply about releasing yourself from the control of the ego mind. As soon as we think these practices are about taking control, we have lost the true benefits of these practices because the ego is just as much if not more in control. All controlling expressions denote an ego in control, especially if we are trying to control the ego. At no point should you try to control the ego to diminish the egos control over us, by doing so, you are doing anything but diminishing the egos control.

Wisdom uses the ego against itself as all motion denotes ego, including practices like meditation. Yes, meditation is a motion that can take away the controlling factors of the ego upon itself, in-effect, using the ego against itself. The only reason this works is that we are using a non-controlling ego to diminish the control of the ego upon itself. It's funny to think this but the ego can only control itself, basically, only of things of motion, sadly for a lot of people in the West; this includes using mediation to take control instead of releasing control.

How many people in the West think that Taoism or Tai Chi is about taking control of our mind and/or body? It's all about releasing our mind and body from the limitations of control that allow you to be more flexible and open in mind and body. In the West, we tend to think everything is about taking control; this is the way Western culture is, it's wise to be aware of this in my mind.

How many people in the West fear expressing the ego or egotism? They fear the ego because they are still trying to take control of the ego having control over them, which is in actuality the ego trying to take control. It is truly wise to be aware that only a controlling ego can take control, being that all motion is of the ego, this makes perfect sense to people like me. Simply, if you are expressing any kind of motion, you are of the ego, however, you don't have to be of the controlling ego.

1/ Become aware that all control denotes a controlling ego in control

2/ Become aware that you can wise the ego up to it's controlling ways, the ego can certainly become conditioned to releasing all control over taking control over all

3/ Wisdom is simply aware of the controlling ways of the ego as only in wisdom can the ego diminish the control of the ego.

4/ Wisdom is simply not obtained through experience and knowledge but an awareness beyond the ego limitations. Yes, you can become aware and wises through experiences and knowledge but only if we stop trying to persistently take control. All control is limiting and of the controlling ego

5/ Simply think about releasing control to taking control

Do we not take control of our breathing while meditating for example? Are we not trained by teachers of the ancient Eastern practices to take control of the mind and body as a whole?  

No, your ego is simply being conditioned to focus on one thing at a time. Your ego is not being controlled to focus but conditioned to focus. Because the ego tries to control everything within it's own environment, it is conditioned to simultaneously focus on many things. Focusing on the breath, to controlling the breath, allows us to take away the control of the ego over itself. Basically what you are doing is setting the ego free of it's limitations by focusing instead of controlling. Never try to control your breath while meditating, simply focus.

Once you have conditioned your ego to focus on one thing while letting go of control of everything else, you will notice that your breathing patterns will change quite naturally. The ego will fight to the bitter end to keep it's control, this is why everything that isn't about control is perceived to be of control by the ego in control.

One more thing, you are releasing the ego of it's own controlling ways by not taking control but releasing control. You are actually doing the ego a favour for within the egos control it is limited, however, no ego desires to become aware of it's own limitations upon itself, so it will do anything to deceive itself of it's own self-created predicament......    

Beyond the Ego-Deeper Reflections

Written by Mathew Naismith

You now and again, through the passage of life, come across people who are deeply reflective, a bloke I have known for some time now of the name of Michael Hopkins is but one of these people. Mike's poems seem to reflect an awareness beyond the control of the controlling ego expressions. To an ego in control, Mike's poems would seem non-sequential rhetoric to the ego mind, very simular to my own reflections. As of any experience in the offering, the ego in control usually misses out in these experiences that are on offer.

This kind of awareness and subsequent experiences that are beyond the expressions of a controlling ego, is often taken to be egotistic by the ego mind. It's amazing how the ego mind stops us from experiencing the true reality of life, in turn, stopping our mind from becoming aware beyond the ego mind. When you go beyond the ego mind, there is simply no misery mainly because there is no separation, only in separation (unawareness) can a consciousness suffer within it's own misery.


"Mind cannot see Love

Which is not within it’s view

Only reflections"

© 2017. M.N. Hopkins

My Reply
Very good point Mike, how could a true sense of love become aware to the ego mind?

It's been there recently for me to write about how the ego mind isn't aware of all it experiences. How often does a child's ego mind, especially in adolescence, refute the full existence of their parents love and affection? They are often quite unaware, especially when the parent/parents are in a teaching mode, in other words preparing the child for adulthood trials and tribulations.

How often is the macho ego mind of an adult not fully aware of their partner's full love, affections and feelings? How aware is an egoistic female?

My wife or I make a mess in the house; it matters not who cleans it up because it's always our mess. A true sense of love is binding, a false sense of love is separating. Love and light is a prime example of this separation from dark, of course the dark is only as negative as the light perceives. In a lot of couple's relationships, a mess made by the other partner is seen as a negative so they don't clean it up or clean it up under protest. My wife and I have a neutral existence/relationship, everything is neutral with no separation of negative or positive, dark and light, within this, we become aware of the experiences beyond the egos control.           

These experiences are there but the ego mind either doesn't become aware of them or turns them it something the ego mind relates to. The ego mind is seemingly unable to comprehend anything it can't relate to so these experiences are either not noticed or they are turned into something the ego relates to. In this sense of turning an experience into something the ego can relate to is of deception.

We all experience so much, especially the experiences that are not picked up through the five senses. People like you and I are very lucky Mike.

Indeed we are Mat. Makes living in the world a bit easy to have some slight distance from the dictates of ego. Happy weekend Mat and same to your dear wife.

My Reply
If you don't mind Mike, I'm going to insert your reflection here on my post. You are a very in-depth and reflective person Mike, I am very lucky to have crossed your path in life. 

"Only can the ego awaken to itself through it's own inner reflections"......Mathew G

Are people like Mike and I egoistic in the way we express ourselves within our writings?

"Only the ego mind can judge what is and isn't of the ego"......Mathew G

To express an awareness is ego but not necessarily of a controlling ego, in actuality, a controlling ego is anything but aware, for all a controlling ego can comprehend is ego. This basically means a controlling ego is only aware of it's own reflections, anything beyond these reflections just simply doesn't exist to the ego. This simply means that anything that the ego is aware of, like what people like Mike and I write about, has to be egoistic. 

"There is a point were the ego is wise or wised up to itself, only then is the ego able to make itself fully aware.....Mathew G

The ego needs ego to make itself aware of itself. Seen as all motion denotes ego, this includes writings based in inner reflections. It's difficult to avoid this and at no time should this be avoided. "A controlling ego desires to stay ignorant, for it is only of itself and about itself, nothing else exists to the ego in control". Used correctly, the ego can be exceptionally enlightening, however, this can only occur if it doesn't judge it's own ego self as something to avoid and detest, basically, have fear upon it's own reflections.

"It is wise to never fear being expressive of the ego for only in this fear is the ego in total control"....Mathew G

Try making the ego aware of itself through non-egoistic reflections; it simply will not occur as the ego is unaware of anything not of itself. The ego needs ego reflections to become aware of itself; it's this simple. Again, the ego used correctly is exceptionally enlightening to the ego mind, only can this occur though when the ego is not in control of the mind.

"The mind is what we make it to be. If it's of ego, ego it will be. If it's of pure awareness, pure awareness it will be"......Mathew G

My wife and I have a female garden nursery owner in awe. I'm usually jovial and I joke around a lot, especially in relation to my wife. This alone has this lady in awe, sadly, it would seem this lady has experienced very little of this from her partner/partners in her life.

When my wife mentioned about how I cook, wash and wipe the dishes, clean the house, this lady was even more in awe. I don't think we will mention about how I iron my own clothes and make the bed every morning, etc. 

To someone who is macho (egocentric), I am completely under the thumb, meaning, being under my wife's control, however, all I am doing is existing in a neutral existence with my wife. The ego in control simply can't comprehend this, there has to be a form of control, not of releasing control.

It's simply amazing how the ego in control stops us from experiencing the things in life that are enlightening and working in harmony together as one, I suppose after all, the ego in control is anything but aware of anything that is not of itself!!    

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Pure Awareness verses Pure Ego

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's all very simple, strip away the controlling ways of the ego and all you are left with is pure awareness and wisdom, a state known by many as oneness, zero point, God or what ever, it's all of the same state void of the influences of a controlling ego.

For numerous people, the ego calls this state God for a very good reason, how else within an ego controlled reality could the ego comprehend this state of pure awareness and wisdom, a state of complete neutrality, without blowing this state out of all proportion?

The ego justifiably and wisely keeps a connection to this state by doing what the ego does best, inflates everything so it is able to comprehend this state of neutrality, the problem with the ego is when it becomes in total control. When this occurs, any connection or awareness to this neutral state becomes obscured or even unknown. This is atheism at its best but it's not Buddhist atheism, to my knowledge anyway.

Buddhist atheism; simply means there is no inflation or pretentiousness in regards to this neutral state, there is no higher or lower state either even of consciousness, there is simply ego and non-ego, aware and not aware. On the other hand, main stream atheism simply refutes anything not of science and/or of the five senses. Giving that science and the five senses are of pure ego, it's understandable why there are fundamental differences between Buddhist atheism and main stream atheism.

I should be honest here, I do not follow or am I well studied in Buddhism, Taoism or any other ism or ideology; all my awareness comes to me through my own experiences. I should also say that not all experiences are detected through the five senses with people like me either; many of our experiences are undetectable by the ego. Experiences come through awareness; you are just simply aware void of any ego expressions. How often do we become aware through no reason? This is pure awareness. A controlling ego on the other hand does quite the opposite; we can feel all the experiences we like and still know little and still be as unwise as ever.

In saying this, it is important that our ego detects and becomes aware of some of these experiences, after all, all experiences are of the ego as well. If our ego is wise, the ego will learn from these experiences, if not wise, the ego simply won't learn, even after many centuries of learning and experiencing.

So how does the ego become wise? It's not through experiences and/or knowledge, it's simply being aware of the controlling ways of the ego, after all, the ego is simply an unaware state of consciousness. A true teacher in my mind will teach awareness, not knowledge.

Awareness; is not knowledge. As I have stated before in my posts, the reason for this is that knowledge is of motion where awareness is is of motionlessness. The ego often makes the mistake in deceiving us to believe awareness and knowledge are the same when their simply not. All motion is of the ego, this pure awareness in this state of neutrality is simply not of motion.

Now, the reason why this state of pure awareness is also known as nothingness, is to do with there being no motion and a state of total neutrality, this means yin and yang, negative and positive, bad and good, love and hate, etc, or neutralised, they become as one and not separated.

Yin and yang are depicted as separate entities, when in their separate states, they are of the ego, however, when as one, they become this pure awareness, and yes, they are of one, this pure awareness, as they are also of two, pure ego.

The ego has always existed, this of course means yin and yang has also always existed. Only the ego (motion) can create an ego, therefore the ego (yin and yang) has always existed. Also, this state of pure awareness couldn't create the ego for it is not of motion. Another thing to consider, all starting and ending points are creations of the ego, of time and space, it's the ego that creates everything as of the universe itself, it's all created by the ego. Everything has always existed, of course an ego in control simply can't comprehend this and understandably so, there has to be a starting point for the ego. 

However in saying all this, it is wise not to separate pure awareness from pure ego for this within itself is of the ego as of all separations are. As this state of pure awareness is of awareness, so is a state of pure ego no matter how limited the awareness might be in this state, it's still a form of awareness, at times usually of a state void of wisdom when the ego is in total control.                                 

It's wise to be aware that, negatives and positives, love and hate, bad and good, dark and light, yin and yang, are all of the ego, the more we separate everything, the more unaware we will become and of course the more destructive we will be......How obviously destructive is the light to the dark? Light should represents awareness but it simply doesn't in a world controlled by the ego, the light (awareness) simply shouldn't to be destructive to anything but it presently is being expressed in this way.

Pure ego is simply destructive to everything, even eventually of itself, this is it's nemesis and it's nature. Pure awareness on the other hand is constructive to everything because everything is of awareness to one degree or another.    

It is also wise to stay away from the perceptions of higher and lower states or of an ultimate state of being, for all this depicts is pure ego as there is again a depiction of separation within these kinds of perceptions. At no point is this state of pure awareness and neutrality depicted, by the people who are truly aware of this state, as being an ultimate higher state of existence, it's just simply neutral, and yes to the ego, pure bliss and understandably so.

 The ego can gain that much control, that judging
what is an expression of ego and what is
an expression of awareness is clouded.
Often the ego will judge an expression of
awareness as of what it is of itself, ego!!

                                               ~Mathew G~     

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Yin and Yang Ego

Written by Mathew Naismith

Buddhism relates all suffering to the ego as all suffering can only be created through the ego mind. Looking around our present environment today, it's difficult to refute this claim, however, this doesn't make the ego bad or negative, just simply unaware especially in regards to a controlling ego. As soon as we see the ego as being bad or negative in some way, this is a good indication of the ego mind in control. Simply look at the ego as an unaware state, state that is unaware of what it is apart of as a whole.

Indeed, ego simply means a state of existence experienced that is unaware of it's own connection to all else, and the more controlling the ego mind is, the less aware a state of consciousness naturally becomes. I say natural because it's quite natural for an ego in control to be unaware, this is it's natural state, the trick is, the ego mind controlled by the ego, not just of the ego mind, won't want to see this state as being natural. What controlling ego desires to be of a natural state of unawareness? An ego in control will often deceive itself; this is why this state is naturally in a state of unawareness.

Yin and yang are good representations of the ego mind or ego self. In balance with each other, they are only of the ego, in imbalance, they are of the a controlling ego, One always trying to control the other while refuting that is it apart of the other or connected to the other in some way. For example, how often do the rich disconnect themselves from the poor? The controlling ego mind always tries to disconnect itself from the other; of course this disconnection naturally makes this kind of conscious state unaware for obvious reasons.

Yin and yang working in perfect balance naturally creates awareness, this is because this balance creates a union of one working as one. Within this union, there is no yang or yin trying to control the other, in turn naturally creating a state of awareness.

How often do we try to separate ourselves from duality and only see our truer being as a non-dual state of existence or being? Even though a non-dual state and a dual state of existence represents yin and yang, our controlling ego mind still only sees our truer being as being non-dualistic thus separation from the other has occurred. How aware is a non-dualistic state of a dualistic state? It's simply not, as soon as a non-dualistic state becomes aware of a dualistic state, it's become dualistic in nature.

Simply, the ego in control deceives us to think we are non-dualistic when all the time we are dualistic in nature. In saying this, I do think we can enter into non-dualistic states which often give us the perception that we are of this non-dualistic state and not truly also of a dualistic state. As of yin and yang, one is of the other; all that the perception of separation creates is an unawareness that naturally creates suffering and destructiveness.

I had an interesting conversation with a lass from Great Britain recently, I will finish off this post with this conversation. 

My Reply
Fear should always be faced face on to see it for what it truly is, a hollow apparition/phantom. Fear to me is simply a consciousness's unawareness of what truly is. Only an unaware consciousness can be and create a reality of fear based perceptions. Sounds awfully familiar sadly enough, we simply don't have to be this way, we certainly have a choice in my mind.

As like not perceiving/judging everything negative that is not of our own beliefs and perceptions, we should also try to see fear in a neutral light as our perceptions of fear being negative gives it it's control over us. This is why some people of love and light have gone way too far with love and light; everything else not of love and light is a negative. A true sense of love and light is to perceive everything as love and light, this simply isn't the case for most people it would seem.

People like me are more for the middle ground with no extremes, a totally neutral reality where all things are truly created and treated as equals, a true sense of balance. No extremes of light and dark, love and hate, will bring balance, there is simply no equilibrium with to and fro actions and counteractions between love and light, hate and dark.

Can love and light create a reality of love and light? For the individual or (a) collective consciousness, yes, most definitely, but it's still not a reality of a true sense of balance as each extreme reality creates it's opposite somewhere in the (whole) collective consciousness.

To a lot of people of love and light, love has no opposite, even when the opposite of hate is love. It's like extracting the yang from the yin and still calling it balance between yin and yang while extracting the yang from the yin altogether, a lot of people are simply fooling themselves here.

The reason for this, to me, is that these people have only gone part way in the awareness process, this one part of the awareness process feels good so this must be the be and end all. When you sit back from everything and observe it without bias, everything is neutral; this is until a consciousness perceives it otherwise, usually in retaliation to something the controlling ego doesn't desire like our present situation in the world for example.

Sorry, you started me off again; some people just have a knack of getting it to flow with me. When I converse with someone else who is also neutral in one sense or another, this brings forth the neutrality within me. Just imagine if everyone was neutral, we just simply wouldn't have a problem in the world, we would reflect off each other beautifully in relative perfect balance.

Everything just is. Duality is in fact the whole.
Recently I have observed others talking about separation and encouraging others not to be divisive, which is a fundamental part of increasing consciousness. 
However, as you have so eloquently articulated, the end point is Love and Light for them. What they don't realise is that by not embracing the whole, the light, the dark, the shadow, the love - as One , then they are living a life of separation on another level.
It is easy to write these words but a whole different matter living by these terms.

My Reply
Indeed, duality actually represents the whole. Imagine being of non-duality, an unawareness of the duality within the whole, how aware and whole are we then? In-effect, a non-dual state is all about separation and unawareness, separating itself from duality, the yang if you like. It's like being just of this light and love, how aware (enlightened) are you truly? You're simply not. It's good to see someone else who tries not to allow the controlling ego to control them; the ego desires one or the other as always.


Monday, 5 June 2017

London Terrorist Attack!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

Are we truly serious about stopping terrorism in the world?

If we had our hands tied and the rest of the world was against us, we wouldn't just sit there and take it, we would lash out and even embrace extremism to fight this kind of tyranny/terrorism.    

In recent times, a US backed coalition force declared war on Iraq under false pretences; of course it didn't take long for the pilfering of oil to occur in Iraq.

At present, oil and gas from the Syrian war is being pilfered.

I'm not sure if this is true. I read that Syria has been bombed more than Iraq and Afghanistan put together by Coalition backed forces.   

What about what is occurring in Palestine, the rest of the world is just sitting back and doing nothing about all this. How would we feel ourselves, as a collective people, being subjected over many centuries to this kind of endless tyranny/terrorism?  

If you know your human history, you would realise how long we have terrorised and pilfered the countries of these people. How many ancient artefacts from the Middle East are owned by the Western world for starters?

Are we serious about stopping terrorism, even the terrorism that we are being subjected to? The answer is too obvious, it's simply no.

If we were serious, would we not at least try to stop the pilfering and terrorising of Middle Eastern countries? We are simply not serious about stopping terrorism, this is too obvious.

What has occurred in England in the past days is simply shocking, what is ironical, is it just simply needn't have happened to begin with.

Now we would no doubt make out that we wouldn't stoop to this kind of terrorism!!

For starters, allowing these countries to be terrorised, especially under false pretences, is a terrorist act itself. Sitting back not doing anything about our own collective people terrorising and pilfering other countries is a terrorist act, it's this simple.

Also, what about the atrocities carried out by our own soldiers on the enemy in the wars in the last hundred years? If you know your history, you would realise how horrific these crimes were and are. We are not talking about people who had their hands tied or were being terrorised and had their countries pilfered over many centuries, we are simply talking about soldiers who have had enough. 

There is no doubt that everyone who doesn't speak out about our own terrorist acts is in fact a terrorist themselves. Middle Eastern people are simply attacking their enemy, an enemy who is simply looking the other way in ignorance of their own terrorist acts. We, the people in the West, have the power to stop terrorism, because we don't, we have all become a terrorist and an enemy of terrorism. We in fact have created the terrorism of today which simply needn't have existed in the first place. 

Saturday, 14 January 2017

My New Main Blog Address

I wish to tell my reader that I have a new main blog address, I will no longer be posting any new posts on this blog, all new posts will be posted on the following link, sorry for the inconvenience.  

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Written by Mathew Naismith

 I've decided to start another blog, mainly because this blog has been hacked into in regards to number of sections of the blog. I've also found out that I unfriended a number of people, this is not the case, the only place I have unfriended people is on Facebook.
I have received a couple of threats from other people outside my circle, I also know that certain family members of mine would also stoop to this kind of behaviour sadly enough.

People like myself wouldn't think of doing this kind of thing, this just shows us how different we are to these people, no wonder we no longer resonate with certain people. It wouldn't worry me if they destroyed my blogs completely, all it would show is how precise a number of my perceptions have been in regards to the different mentalities of this reality. Anyone of a different reality, will be ridiculed and abused from people of a more chaotically destructive reality, this is inevitable when one is still dealing with people of this kind of reality.

These people are hurting themselves, not me, but they obviously have no idea of this and this is sad, not for people like me but for them. I'm cool with these attacks and as I said, these attacks were inevitable. As my dream below shows, these attacks are a sign of change occurring, a change that is going to bring forth our truer being in the end. The end isn't oblivion, as we are fearfully being conditioned to, it's a salvation from a stupefied state of consciousness.

My new main blog is going to titled, " Freedom", this was influenced by the dream I had last night. The blog address is as follow.


I had quite an interesting dream last night.

The world was going to the pack, it was destroying itself from within. The people within my group started panicking, this was the end, there was no way out.

Even though things were getting worse, I stated that things were actually improving, in actuality the state of decay was a sign that things will improve before the end occurs. The end being of fear which the human race was being conditioned to, I knew this wasn't going to occur. Faith can indeed move mountains.  

When approached by these people who were totally conditioned to the end, they spoke of being delivered through the end of the world as we know it. These people to our group seemed stupefied like zombies.

I then looked them straight in the eye and showed them their truer self. It was like switching on  a light switch, all of a sudden they became aware of their truer being, they no longer acted like zombies.

Within this one group of zombie like people, once one changed, they soon all changed their disposition that was no longer based on fear.

At the end of the dream, all I could hear was singing.......

The singing at the end of the dream was incredible, it sounded as if all of mankind came together as one after a tumultuous battle against fear, it was really beautiful.