Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Love Brings Peace to the World??

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was recently invited to join a Google community titled, "The Peace Makers", I immediately posted the following. Before I get into this, ask yourself, can you bring the love back within a family in discord before creating peace first?  The world in discord around us is no different.  


I'm not sure what anyone else thinks on here but I think we need to focus more on peace than love. 

Love is too ambiguous because it could also mean the love of greed, love of killing, love of abuse, love of pain. Love, for a lot of people, relates to pain where's peace relates to what it directly states.

Isn't peace the result of love?

My Reply
Not at all, the need for peace automatically creates love within the action of peace, however, love does not automatically bring peace within itself.

Let's say I love to dominate my wife, where is the peace in that?

Let's say I love being a warrior? Where is the peace in that?

Now, if a husband who loves to dominate, dominate when in peace?

Can a warrior still love being a warrior when in peace?

There are many people in the world who love raping children, what kind of peace has this created?

How many people love the feel of power and controlling others, is this automatically creating peace? Quite the opposite of course.

Don't make the mistake and think this kind of love isn't as passionate as a truer sense of love, in actuality it's more potent and life changing mainly because we exist in a 3rd dimension. This kind of passionate love is about a huge amount of motion, the 3rd dimension is primarily of motion, this is why this kind of passionate love has always dominated us in the 3rd dimension.

Can we sit and just pray for love and peace within a 3rd dimension primarily of motion? The answer to this question is obvious.

To bring peace to the world, we need to stop thinking love will bring peace to the world when only a true sense of peace will bring love to the world.

Please don't be offended by my way of perceiving, it's too obvious to me that love does not automatically bring peace but peace automatically brings love. In all, we need to focus more on peace than love, especially considering love will come automatically in the
expression of the motion of peace.

The essence of love is peace in it's purest form. Thanks for this thought provoking post.+Mathew Naismith
My Reply
Very well stated, too many people think the other way around, "the essence of peace is love in it's purest form". There is a huge different especially considering that love within it's motion is ambiguous to say the least. Peace automatically creates love, love does not automatically create peace.                 

Thank you for the invitation! I am at peace with all things around me through my acceptance of those things around me! 

My Reply
Indeed , it's all about peace bringing love to the world, not love bringing peace to the world especially when we consider that many people have a passionate love of power and money over peace.

I also posted the following on this community

What brought around the protesting of the Vietnam war? Most people would state love and then peace when it was the other way around. War brought a need for peace that then created a sense of love, it was a need of peace that automatically created love, not the other way around.

What occurred when the soldiers came home from the Vietnam war, the people who put love before peace abused these soldiers, however, the people who put peace before love, didn't abuse these soldiers, the reason lies in that peace before love, this allows peace to automatically create love. Within this motion, the sense of love is more sincere. These so called loving peaceful people who attacked these soldiers, loved hating war/conflict, of course this love created conflict not peace and love. We are once again making the same old mistakes, how many times have I been attacked by these so called loving people?


We exist within a dimension that is primarily about motion, this means for any true and real change to take effect, a lot of motion needs to be expressed. We are not going to make any real changes while sitting around praying, chanting, meditating, for love and peace. This would be fine if we existed in a dimension that is far less about motion but we don't.  Consider this, how long would have the Vietnam war continued for if we all just sat around praying for peace? The Vietnam war ended when it did because people of peace and love took action, they expressed a surmountable amount of motion. I used the word surmountable here for a very good reason.

We also have the idea that the one hundred (100) monkey theory will work as well, peace and love starts from one and eventually a hundred, it will then overcome all other motions and expressions. If we were all monkeys this would fine as it did for one monkey starting off cleaning sweet potatoes, but were not, we have a huge amount of controlling egos to contend with. You might have a hundred monkeys that are of peace and love, but in opposition, you also have another thousand monkeys for every hundred monkeys.

Consider this, if all these monkey's did was sit and think/pray of cleaning these potatoes, would have the chain reaction of cleaning these potatoes started? For some reason a self-proclaimed intelligent consciousness thinks it would have!!

However in saying all this, motion creates more motion but it's all to do in how we express motion that makes the difference. Could you imagine if the people protesting about the Vietnam war tried to create peace from love, no amount of this kind of motion would have worked. If it wouldn't have worked then, why would it work now, considering we are still existing in a 3rd dimension that is highly motional?

It's obvious it's not working, how many people are in protest about what is occurring in Palestine at this very moment? Where is the true sense of love here? It just doesn't exist because love is primarily put before peace, basically, love is meant to create peace, it is quite obvious this isn't or going to occur for reasons already mentioned in this post.

How many people in the world were deplored over the Chinese running over their own people in tanks? Basically the whole world, now how many people are deplored about far more horrific events occurring in Palestine but by another conquering race of people? So where is this peace that was created from love, it just doesn't exist because peace naturally creates love, not the other way around.

There is supposed to be all these people talking and expressing unconditional love, it's really a huge laugh and totally fake/false when you consider the outrage of the Chinese incident, that lasted a very short time, compared the what is and has been occurring in Palestine for some years now. How many conditions are put on this so called unconditional love? Insurmountable, this is proven within it's own actions and responses.

Now consider this, would this unconditional love be obvious within it's falseness if this love was created from peace in the first place? It's very unlikely because peace isn't ambiguous like love is. Peace has no boundaries or biases but love obviously does, it's peace that creates unconditional love, not love that creates unconditional love, this is very obvious within it's present expressions.

The discussion on this community is continuing, the following is in response from me to further replies from other people.  


So what you are saying that someone who is not peaceful within, can express a true sense of love to create peace within, very unlikely.

A true sense of love can only be felt when in peace in some sense, it's this peace within that determines the love we express, not the other way around as you are clearly stating.

This is exactly why we see people chopping off heads who have a love of their beliefs, this is a true sense of love if you like to believe it or not. Are you going to judge otherwise? Good luck with this because all this kind of judgement will do is cause more conflict, not less.

Get rid of the peace within side you and see how much love you have left......I worked in the welfare arena twice over in my life, once you bring peace back within a family unit, love usually automatically is recreated but you think otherwise. Try bringing love within a family of discord before creating peace.

Love clearly does not come before peace, this is evident but so many people think otherwise and we wonder why the world is getting worse!!.


For anyone interested, here is the address for the peace makers Google community. 

Monday, 29 August 2016

It's an Amazing World/Existence

Written By Mathew Naismith

Looking upon my physical transformation at 52 years of age, all I can feel is total amazement, in actuality, I look upon my whole body and mind and I am totally amazed at my own transition as a whole. You might think I am over stating this but it's one huge WOW factor. My own transition in a reality based on time, is utterly amazing, this is because I am aware that most realities don't consist of experiences of massive transitions like this.

You look upon the Earth and the universe itself, it's amazing how the natural environment goes from one transitional stage to another, the cycles that everything goes through within a universe based on time, is, yes, amazing to say the least. In stating this, human consciousness, after how many centuries, still has very little idea how amazing our environment based on time is. This comprehension of course takes one to realise who they truly are as a whole. OK, time might be an illusion but this doesn't take away how amazing  a reality based on time is, the natural environment that time has created is beyond words.

Have I gone totally loony? It would seem so to a lot of people in even suggesting an assumed illusion is amazing beyond words, it's as if my ego controls me to stay within the illusion created by the ego!!

Firstly, only a controlling ego judges what is and isn't an illusion, a controlling ego doesn't want anything controlling it especially an assumed illusion. Even if the ego created the illusion, it doesn't want to be controlled by this illusion so it creates states of  non-illusion as opposed to states of illusion such a time itself. However, a non-controlling ego reacts differently, this kind of ego is not fearful of being controlled by an illusion or a non-illusion, this kind of ego will naturally react to life, as a whole, as amazing.

We might think what is so amazing about human consciousness being so chaotic and destructive, especially unto itself?

It's amazing that such a self-proclaimed intelligent life form has the belief it's intelligent in accordance with it's technological advancements. It's also amazing that such a self-proclaimed intelligent form believes it can express high intelligence void of wisdom. Take the yin out of the yang, what is naturally created? Destruction, you can't use high levels of technology void of wisdom, in actuality, the use of high technology has to be balanced out by wisdom to avoid self-destruction. It's amazing that such an intelligent form is trying to use high levels of technology void of wisdom and still think it's intelligent!!

Has human consciousness learnt anything from centuries of destruction?

It's utterly amazing that human consciousness has learnt little if anything from it's own past, how could a remotely intelligent form, that has all this experience before it, can still be as it was centuries gone by? It is obvious that no truly intelligent form tries it's hardest not to evolve but that is exactly what human consciousness has accomplished. In the whole scheme of existence, very few remotely intelligent consciousness has accomplished this, this within itself is amazing. Using high levels of technology void of wisdom isn't evolving, our intelligence in relation to technology has risen but our wisdom has obviously fallen. This has occurred before in Earths history when a conscious forms used high technology void of wisdom.

At present,  it seems that human consciousness is being influenced by external consciousness's that impel power, control and dominance. Of course if a more aware and powerful consciousness than human consciousness impels such actions, these actions must be the way to go. Human consciousness is being conditioned to believe there must be a superpower, or more precisely, a master race that is meant to dominate all other races. How often is this exact belief been expressed throughout human or Earths history? It's utterly amazing that a remotely intelligent form can think like this.

The question is now, is there a more dominant consciousness within the universe?

To me, Gaia is consciousness but this kind of consciousness is not actually dominant, it is however about cycles that allow everything within Gaia to evolve. There are however conscious forms that are dominant within the universe, human consciousness certainly hasn't got this on it's own, it would be a bit naive to think this in my mind.

The difference between human consciousness and these other forms of dominating consciousness's, is that these other dominating forms have used wisdom in conjunction with intelligence. It's wise to realise that intelligence doesn't mean intelligence is wisdom.

You could say that wisdom is yin and intelligence is yang, however, as yin and yang, each displays the same attributes as the other. What human consciousness seems to have tried to do, is extract wisdom (yin) from intelligence (yang), of course as of before in Earths history, extracting the yin from the yang or the yang from the yin, naturally and automatically causes a consciousness to destroy itself and it's environment. 

We might then think that this more intelligent dominating external consciousness, from human consciousness, hasn't destroyed itself. Once any consciousness destroys other consciousness's through dominance, it will eventually inadvertently destroy (extract) it's own balance within existence as a whole. It all comes down to dominance and non-dominance, control and non-control, yin and yang. Once one tries to dominate to extract (destroy) the other, all this creates is destruction of the dominant.

What is also amazing is that these deemed negatives, bad, evils, basically in all, pain, when gathered up as a whole, is but a grain of sand on a beach. In all of existence as a whole, pain has the relevance of a grain of sand on a beach, only an imbalanced consciousness believes it to be otherwise.

I came across an insightful poem just recently, the poem is in relation to loving/appreciating the present via the following link.                     

My Reply
Indeed Nicoleta, appreciate the present, this is inline to observing or participating. The participator participates on the past and future where's the observer is observant of the present only. The past and future are always observed as being of the present negating a past and future, strangely enough, the participator negates the present!!

It's interesting to realise that the observer is of timelessness and the participator is of time which gives us a perception of a past and future. It's good to be a participator (time) but utilised without the balance of the observer (timelessness), the participator will always express destruction. Indeed, a worthwhile poem.

The point is to the grain of sand is, the participator will only perceive what they participate in, the participator will primarily perceive the grain of sand or primarily perceive any other grain of sand but the grain of sand representing pain. The observer however will perceive the whole truth in that the observer will perceive all grains of sand void of bias/judgment.

I will put this in another way. I've had an interesting life to say the least, only once in my life can I remember not being in physical pain, this was for a brief part of one day. Of course this pain being created from a chronic injury from the age of six years old, has caused a lot of mental pain as well. The point is, a lot of people trying to avoid the negatives/pain in life, would not have been able to utilise this pain to benefit others who are far more disabled as I have done. Also, would a person who perceives pain as just being negative, desist in taking pain killers like people like myself? I should also state that healing is likened to taking pain killers, however, when healing is exercised in a balanced way, healing most often helps us to become more balanced from an imbalanced state.

Even though pain in the whole of existence is but a grain of sand on a beach, doesn't make this grain of sand irrelevant to the beach itself. Basically, pain helps give our truer self balance, it's a necessity as yang is to yin and yin is to yang, however, the participator within this reality has either primarily perceived this grain of sand of pain or tries to ignore this grain of sand of pain, either way of perceiving creates an imbalance therefore destruction.

I know a lot of Western minded people think I have no idea what I am talking about but I can't emphasise enough on learning to become an observer, especially at present. The observer will give us back balance from an obvious imbalanced state of existence, this existence is of course primarily dominated by being a participator. Continuing to primarily participate to either perceive the pain or anything but the pain, will only create more destruction as any imbalance within a consciousness naturally does. I'm not stating this from some kind of human ideology, this is coming through me, and yes, I am supposed to share what is coming through me but of course not everything that comes through me. It is difficult to know what I am supposed to share or not at times, learning to be an observer is one of the things I need to share, this is made very clear. 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

3rd Dimension And It's Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I created the following image format just recently, this format of course makes it difficult for my  readers from various other countries to translate, I have therefore decided to share this image in a written document format. I am also going to elaborate on what is stated here.

The lab or laboratory refers to the 3rd dimension, this universe, and the experiment itself refers to the consciousness used within the lab. This however isn't referring that we are being experimented on by a so called higher consciousness, it means we have become apart of the experiment itself to the extent of becoming primarily of 3rd dimensional consciousness. All this means is we have become so involved and attached to the 3rd dimension, that we have forgotten the consciousness that created the lab in the first place.             

Nothing within a 3rd dimension has been created from a 3rd dimensional consciousness. All of what is of the 3rd dimension, was created from other dimension, this is because the 3rd dimension is limited to a certain consciousness.

The 3rd dimension is like a science experiment conducted in a lab, the 3rd dimension is the lab while the experiment itself represents the consciousness used in relation to the lab.

The 3rd dimensional lab determines what is discovered and created from these discoveries but the consciousness used is of other dimensions, albeit in a limited way in accordance with the 3rd dimensional lab.

This is not easy to properly comprehend for various reasons, one being the primary use of 3rd dimensional consciousness. The lab might be 3rd dimensional but the consciousness isn't, not unless the consciousness used is limited to the lab itself.

~Mathew G~


This is certainly a different way to look at our existence, there is however no right or wrong way of perceiving our existence for consciousness itself is unlimited, only created consciousness's like 3rd dimensional consciousness is limited. This limitation of course gives us a different perception of an existence as each limitation does, however, because we are conditioned to a consciousness of the 3rd dimension, that is how we perceive, any other perception beyond these limitations is usually incomprehensible to us.

The following is a good thing to be aware of. I'm usually accused of being argumentative in dissuasions, the reason lies entirely on how many ways I can perceive one perspective, basically people like me tend to have a reasonable answer for almost anything, this infuriates people who are unable to perceive in the same way. A good example of this is, anyone who can only primarily perceive through 3rd dimensional consciousness, will of course perceive discussions as an arguments when in discussion with a person who can perceive beyond 3rd dimensional consciousness. Arguments of course being primarily of 3rd dimensional perspectives. If you are able to perceive beyond 3rd dimensional consciousness, you will most likely find it difficult to discus anything remotely insightful and in-depth with anyone who primarily perceives in 3rd dimensional perspectives. It's wise to keep the discussion content to a 3rd dimensional aspect. I'm obviously not very wise, this is obvious!! :)

There is also a reversal or a calibration when conducting in a discussion with people who can perceive beyond 3rd dimensional limitations as yourself, each giving a different view/perception of a singular perspective. Now this is interesting, I have had numerous discussions with Eastern minded people, only on one occasion did the discussion, to some extent, get to an argumentative stage. At no times was I personally attacked or called names when in total disagreement. I however have personally experienced that Western minded people are the opposite, even when the discussion isn't an argument, they call the discussion an argument or cause it to be an argument.

The question is, are Eastern minded people conditioned to think beyond 3rd dimensional consciousness more than Western minded people? It would seem that Eastern teachings teach about a consciousness beyond 3rd dimensional consciousness, where's western thinking seems to be based more on 3rd dimensional consciousness.  This assumption isn't just based on Western minded people turning a discussion into an argument, even when their is no argument to begin with, this assumption is also based on various spiritual teachings of Eastern cultures. There is also a very good reason why so many Western spiritually aware people most often turn to Eastern philosophy and spiritual practices, yoga is a  good example and so is meditation to start with.

You will also find a lot of the ancient Western philosophies and practises were more based on other dimensional consciousness's than the 3rd dimension, this is by no mistake. The laboratory (3rd dimension) didn't dictate the consciousness being used within this 3rd dimensional laboratory in ancient times, consciousness's from various dimension were utilised. In the West, we now primarily use 3rd dimensional consciousness within this laboratory, this of course limits our perspectives and the various perceptions of these perspectives to 3rd dimensional aspects. Sadly, the East is also being influenced by 3rd dimensional consciousness which is primarily of the finite, not the infinite.

This way of looking at our existence has nothing to do with absolute truths, it does however have something to do with perceiving beyond 3rd dimensional aspects and perceptions, this is all. To me, it's wise to be aware of the consciousness we use in our experimentations in a 3rd dimensional laboratory/reality.      

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Implications of Illusions

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post isn't for the faint hearted, basically meaning, anyone desiring to stay unaware of our true nature, won't want to comprehend of what their true nature is in fear of losing their identity. Human consciousness of course being based on identity, to intensify oneself as something and anything from perceiving being of nothing. In actuality, we are everything but nothing, of course human consciousness only desires to be of everything that is appealing to it and nothing that isn't appealing to it. Not sure where a true sense of oneness is in this concept/perception though!!

Now I was given a link to a video in response to a reply I gave in reply to a reply in regards to my last post, We Are Not The Soul. I don't comply to everything that is stated in this video but I did relate to certain parts of the content of this video as my following reply to the sender of this video will show. The video in question often refers to Earth being a prison and hell and that everything created is an illusion, I of course don't comply to this as a whole but I do in parts. You see to comply to the existence of an illusion, is being apart of the illusion to begin with, it's basically complying to an illusion of an illusion of an illusion but are we entrapped/imprisoned within illusions?  

Are we imprisoned by a higher consciousness as the video states? No, not by a higher consciousness than ourselves because there isn't one but yes, if we think there is a higher consciousness than ourselves. This clearly implies that we have indeed imprisoned ourselves, the illusion being created by us. The illusion and imprisonment is only real because it's been created by us. The question now is, is there a higher power? Yes, a created one when all we think all we are is human consciousness.

Before I go on, I will insert the video in question and the subsequent replies.        


How curious. Look at this segment of a video. Where an immortal spirit describes motionless state of consciousness. It's very similar. The Original MMORPG

My Reply
Well my friend, thank you for sharing this with me, insightful. I don't usually respond to human perceptions and knowing, it's too much a part of the illusion for me. This is why I am not well liked on the net in regards to spiritually aware people, they want to continue in their ignorance, basically, they are entrapped within their own ignorance.

Illusion; it's only an illusion if we desire to stay ignorant to everything being created otherwise everything created isn't an illusion, it's real because of what it's created from and through. The illusion is believing in the illusion  itself, even stating it's all an illusion is being apart of the illusion, this is one of the created traps.

The reason I like Eastern perceptions, is a lot of it is based on the perception and perspective of balance, balance allowing one to exist within an illusion without becoming the illusion itself.

Boredom; this hits the nail right on the head, anything pertaining to the soul in some way, becomes bored. Boredom again is an illusion because of what it creates and what it creates is illusions, any kind of consciousness that can become bored, has become apart of the illusion, this motion of boredom however is deliberate as well.


We couldn't exist or experience certain conscious realities without being in ignorance, the human experience takes a lot of ignorance to experience such a consciousness. We however need to be aware that only in ignorance can a consciousness destroy, no truly aware consciousness is able to be destructive in any sense. In this case, all it takes to become less destructive is awareness, the awareness that we are deliberately expressing ignorance to have a human experience.       

Before I go on, it's often said that many of my perceptions are based on Buddhism, in actuality, a lot of my perceptions mimic Hinduism and Taoism as well. Being that Buddhism and Taoism can coexist under Hinduism, it's understandable why my perceptions are so vast and varied, in actuality, I have never studied in Buddhism, Hinduism or Taoism.

The video often refers to many God's/Goddess's while refuting the claim of one God, are there many God's and Goddess's or is there one God?

Lets look at the perception of oneness to answer this, oneness refers to one as in one consciousness, one God, however, what is created from this consciousness is only expressed as parts of this one consciousness. Some of these parts do have a better comprehension of their truer being than other parts of this consciousness. Any consciousness that is less aware of this, will often perceive a consciousness that is more aware (powerful) as a God or Goddess. These God's and Goddess's are creator in their own right but so are human being albeit to a far lesser extent.

What creates a God or Goddess is a lesser aware consciousness and quite understandably so. Now the perception of oneness tells us there is only one true God, one consciousness, however,  if consciousness as a whole was aware of it's true self, what then would define a God? In actuality, the question for or against there being a God or God's and Goddess's is irrelevant, all we need to understand is that all consciousness is creative in it's own right. Once again this all comes down to perceiving in levels or not, the question is now, is perceiving in levels the creator of illusions?                        

The video often referred to a higher consciousness, meaning, a higher level of consciousness. This basically refers to the concept of God's and Goddess's, they do exist only because of a consciousness only being able to perceive in levels, being that there has to be a higher consciousness. The existence of a higher and lower consciousness indeed exists as of anything created from this one consciousness, however, this one consciousness can be or not be perceived as a God, either perception is correct and incorrect at the same time. This perception is based on what kind of consciousness one is experiencing at any given time. It's wise to be aware that when perceiving by levels, everything created from this one consciousness is going to be perceived as a higher consciousness in some way, this isn't the only perception one can take. This one consciousness is unable to see itself as a God when it's of everything. If you were everything, including the illusions, what then would define a God?

One creative consciousness exists as does many creative consciousness's, it matters not what level a consciousness creates from until a consciousness perceives in levels. The perception of a God or God's and Goddess's, is purely based on the perception of levels of what a consciousness creates. A creative consciousness exists as does many consciousness's, what then defines on what level these consciousness's are on? The perception of levels of course. Don't get me wrong here though, these levels exist because they have been created to create in their own right.

I will put it this way, this one creative consciousness has created numerous creative consciousness as these numerous creative consciousness have created this one consciousness. This is also the case of illusion and non-illusions!!

Can yin exist without the yang, can the yang exist without the yin?

Sunday, 21 August 2016

We Are Not The Soul

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's incredible becoming aware of the difference between each person or groups of people, not just at the human level but at the soul level as well, in actuality, there is more of a difference between consciousness's at the soul level than at the human level. Yes, to certain groups of souls, levels exist within human consciousness and soul consciousness, however, to certain groups of souls who are aware they are not the soul, levels can only exist within consciousness's that believe they are the soul consciousness or even human consciousness. This means these souls can comprehend vast amounts of perceptions because there consciousness is not limited to levels.

Levels and Ego: How many people believe that souls and humans, have to go through various conscious levels to become aware, it's like we start off at the first level infancy, then go onto childhood and then adolescence and finally adulthood. Each stage is awareness building. Souls to a lot of people work in a simular fashion, what is above is also below, however the concept of what is above is also below isn't the case when a soul is able to perceive beyond these levels.

The reason for this entirely lies in how the soul perceives. Imagine for one moment if we are aware of being aware that we are, from the start, of this creative consciousness, God's consciousness or of the collective consciousness as a whole or what ever you want to call it. Any soul that can perceive this, will obviously be able to perceive beyond these levels we limit ourselves to. Now imagine how hard it is for certain souls to comprehend this or even want to comprehend this, certain souls just don't want to comprehend perceiving beyond levels for a very good reason.

A point to be made here; how many children today express a more mature wiser expression without going through various level of experience? One reason for this lays in how children today are allowed to freely express themselves without having to go through various levels to do so. Perceiving in levels are obviously limiting, we need to realise this.    

I know there are a lot of people who will totally disagree with me when I say that the soul is ego, there are  people who even believe that the soul doesn't have an ego period. No person who doesn't, in some way, want to comprehend a lot of what I write about, won't like what I write. Once again, this is for a very good reason.

A lot of people also firmly believe that all souls have to go through these levels to evolve and become more aware through each level of experience, it's sort of likened to maturing from a immature unaware state to a more mature aware state. This isn't the case for all souls, some souls choose to go through these levels one by one and other don't. We then might presume that any soul that chooses to go through these levels, is controlled by the ego to do so, being that its the ego that wants to go through these levels when it clearly doesn't have to.

The soul can be controlled by the ego but it's not the controlling ego that chooses to experience existences level by level, could you imagine a controlling ego wanting to go from level to level when it can have it all in an instance void of levels!! The soul chooses to experience this kind of existence or not because one kind of existence isn't more worthy to experience than the another, all experiences are worthy at the soul level for certain souls but not all souls see that all existences are worthy, this too is a part of the experience. However, all existences are worthy at the God like level of consciousness, a state of consciousness where levels just don't exist, basically, the God like consciousness being of the consciousness of collective consciousness as a whole. Imagine a consciousness with no levels to give a consciousness judgment period!!

True Writing: What I mostly write about isn't for the souls who chose to exist by levels, basically, my writings are really only for those souls who are able to comprehend perceptions beyond these levels. At no point do I want to try to convince souls, existing by levels, that they don't have to experience existences through levels, in actuality, no soul that is primarily existing by levels, are able or have the desire to comprehend my writings, they shouldn't even try, especially at the human level of understanding.

However, there is a reason why people like me turn up when the shit hits the fan, meaning, when human consciousness becomes too destructive. Basically, we try to put balance back into a consciousness, a prime example of this was in ancient Egypt. We are not here to force balance, we are here to encourage balance and wisdom, however, if the collective human consciousness chooses otherwise, so be it because as I said, no existence is more worthy than another, just maybe a little wiser way to go at times.

It is important what we reflect especially in how we express ourselves through writing for instance. We must write true to ourselves, meaning, we must write for ourselves, not for other people because being true makes all the difference. We might think how can people like me bring balance when we don't attract the people who need that balance most of all!! If we are true in what we write, our expressions will reflect this trueness onto the collective consciousness bringing it balance, however like I said, if the collective consciousness chooses to ignore this in the end, so be it.

The way we express love is vitally important as well, at the moment love is being over used and abused in a simular fashion to religion at times. So often have I discover that the love that some people express is fake, especially unconditional love. Often this so called unconditional love, has more conditions attached to it, not less. It's vitally important to be true to bring balance into a consciousness, I cannot express this enough.           

So in all, is it important that we become aware we are not the soul but of the soul? Not for everyone, we must go along with what the soul path and journey is but at the same time realising that the soul might need to be balanced as well to create a balanced reality. We are not our soul but we are of the soul, realising this helps bring balance back to the human and soul consciousness. Any true sense of balance and trueness, especially in our own expressions, naturally creates peace and harmony, and yes love, however,  true sense of love only comes from a true sense of expression, this is the same with all of what we express. In the age of false prophets/people. Try to be as true to yourself as possible, this is all you need to do.......    

Friday, 19 August 2016

Their Return - Taking Responsibility

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's occurred before, they returned and found that the children have been very naughty and destructive so they packed up the naughty children's toys and sent the children to a place of self-reproach. When a consciousness becomes overly destructive of their own and everybody else's toys, a more aware and wiser consciousness naturally takes responsible action. These toys are in reference to the universe and Earth itself and human consciousness.

This post is about how human consciousness is seen by a much more aware and wiser consciousness in the same context as we see infant, child and adolescence stages of human existence. Basically, human consciousness is seen as a conscious state that isn't mature. I was going to write about this topic when, synchronistically, I received a response to my last post. The post seemed to reflect on human conscious immaturity, yes, human consciousness is seen as being an immature state of consciousness but how irresponsible can an immature consciousness be at times? I think the present motion of human consciousness answers this question, however, this immaturity is a part of the growing process for humans but as a consciousness, immaturity is a part of the evolution of a consciousness, however...

I will now go to the responses I received in relation to my last post and my follow up replies. I have found it's always wise to include other peoples perceptions to get a better understanding.    


Reply to my last post:
A lot of the basics, the underlying bits, are the same throughout time. As to "people like Matt" doing or not doing wrong, I personally pay no attention. I am not responsible for anyone's journey but my own. At the end of the day I am totally indifferent to such things, it's like I said if you are looking. Me? I'm just not. I'm fine with my many dimensions just the way they are ;)

My Reply:
I'm not sure if you are into the concepts of oneness or not, if your not, consider this, we are all on the same human journey while taking different paths within this (one) journey.

Now, are all humans responsible for each others paths? The answer is of course no, however, should all humans be responsible for the human journey itself? The answer is yes, once a consciousness becomes irresponsible within the journey itself, it becomes chaotic and destructive. We are responsible for the journey itself as a whole, anything else is irresponsible.

Multinationals/politicians and religion have often reflected an irresponsible motion towards the journey itself, there not responsible for others so they use them as sheep. Stating that we are not responsible for the journey itself, is cause for concern.

Matt's path is to market he's kind of path, when does Matt's path stop being an individual path and become the journey that we are all walking? Look at it this way BE, when a politician is noticeably hurting the country he is supped to be responsible for, we are not supposed to be responsible for his actions and vote him out of office!! It would be irresponsible, not just to ourselves, but everybody else if we didn't take responsibility for his path which he has made apart of the collective journey.

Oneness, we are responsible for this oneness for it's a collective. Once an individual path becomes influential upon the collective journey, it's our responsibility to correct this, the present state of human consciousness clearly shows a lack of irresponsibility for the collective journey.

Sorry BE, I'm for being responsible for only in our irresponsibility to each other can we create such a chaotic destructive reality. It's a collective journey BE, not an individual journey that we take no responsibility for.......

I have been on an awakened path since the mid to late 70's. I have seen much, learned much, experienced much and have lifetimes to keep doing so.

You really needn't explain, I understand. If you were to read my writings you would see many references to spirituality not being a thing one can buy and sell....among other topics of a similar nature.

I appreciate your time and your blog, thanks for your insight.

I didn't reply to this reply from BE but I did reply to another reply from BE which gave me a better comprehension of where BE was coming from, from the start. The following exchange took place between BE and myself.


I think it was easier prior to the internet to obtain accurate information. These days there's just too much information and much of it is MISinformation and the really sad part is that so many folks have gotten to the point where they don't care if it is information or misinformation so long as they agree with it.

I feel very blessed to know how to really dig in when doing research, it's like a treasure hunt for information, lol

Agreed, if you are aware of what you are searching for on the net, the nets great, if not, the nets a nightmare to finding the real truth, not just a perceived truth.

In such a chaotic reality, people want to believe what they desire to believe, not what actually is. A lot of science experiments are also conducted like this these days sadly enough, the age of false prophets, what can I say.

Human consciousness is an immature consciousness and always will be an immature consciousness, this is likened to a child's consciousness that is immature and unaware. A child's consciousness will always be immature as of the same of human consciousness, we can't change that but we can evolve from that immaturity I believe.


Human consciousness is seen to be immature by more aware and wise consciousness's than human consciousness, basically, consciousness's that are mature in nature, more developed if you like. This might seem I am talking about levels here, you have infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood, but each state of consciousness stays as it is, only the consciousness having the experience will evolve or not from these states of consciousness, this is of human consciousness as it is of consciousness as a whole. What is above is also below, not in perspectives but in concept/expression/motion. An immature consciousness perceives these as levels, a more mature consciousness perceives these as states of consciousness. Put in a different way, a mature consciousness doesn't see our human growth from infancy to adulthood as levels, they are perceived as states of consciousness.

Now for an explanation of their return. The return is making reference to a more mature consciousness taking responsibility for an obvious irresponsible consciousness, a human consciousness in this case. Mature consciousness's in the past were often deemed something in reference to God's and Goddess's, more aware and wiser consciousness's to human consciousness. Basically in this post, I'm talking about the return of these God's and Goddess's, a mature consciousness as opposed to our obvious immature human consciousness......

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Getting Out There Spiritually

Written by Mathew Naismith

I recently came across a person, of the name of Matt Kahn, that so many people seem to be presently raving about, this person seems to be the flavour of the moment and justifiably so. Matt, within the following video, seems to be speaking of the aspects I have for so long been expressing myself, there is however a fundamental difference between people like Matt and myself, even though I know about marketing, I don't market myself, basically, I tell it how it is without the gloss and glitter. This is one of the traits of a mystic, a true mystic will never market themselves, they can't.

Think on this, did Buddha or Jesus market themselves in this same way? Well, they didn't need to for a very good reason but there is a very good reason, other than financial benefits, why many spiritually ware people need to market themselves to attract a wider audience, unlike people like myself. Because we are used to be entertained so much, highly stimulated, we will often ignore anything that isn't highly stimulating, Matt uses numerous marketing ploys including the correct body language to be noticed by a larger audience. Matt knows to be accepted today, you need to market yourself, it's the sign of the times, this is just the way we are.

The following video by Matt is in relation to feeling good now, it's very effective.        

Matt, in away, mentions about religion and how it should no longer serve a purpose in our lives, religion has played it's part in our 3rd dimensional evolution. Religion certainly served a purpose, it gave a mostly illiterate people a kind of an understanding of a consciousness beyond human conscious comprehension for the most part. Religion today still serves this same purpose for a lot of people even for a more literate society for a number of reasons, one being that human consciousness as a whole seems to have lost faith. Religion today still feels this void.

Matt also mentions about negatives and positives, focusing on the negatives as negatives, reinforces the negative, not the positive. How many of us are trying to avoid being negative or being around negative people? Within this motion, which Matt mentions about early on the video, we are in actuality reinforcing these judged negatives by enacting against these judged negatives with positives. As Matt mentions further on in the video, we will not see these same judged negatives as negatives but positives in the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension being the next conscious evolution from human 3rd dimensional consciousness.

Ego was also mentioned by Matt, never was the ego judged as just being negative by Matt, however, Matt did make reference to a dominating ego as opposed to an ego. I state controlling ego as opposed to Matt's dominating ego, it's basically the same thing.

Matt did use the word love a number of times, this is a very effective marketing ploy in relation to spirituality, this is the glitter where's the humour and appropriate body language is the gloss. The word love is too ambiguous for a mystic to use, especially on a regular basis, too many people relate love to pain for starters, however, because most western people haven't experienced excessive pain created from love, the word love used in the western society works quite well because it's still has a favourable and appealing vibes that indeed works for the benefit of the recipients. However, "Love thy neighbour', a statement by Jesus, how many married partners took this to it's full effect and what degree of emotional pain has this one kind of motion created?   

Matt also mentions about a right direction, to a mystic, there is no right or wrong direction, there are collective journeys taken with many individual paths to follow within a collective journey, that is all. No path or journey is a wrong or right direction to take, however, using the word right is once again very appealing to a lot of people, it's likened to the words positive and love. How often are these words used by spiritually aware people these days? These words used in the correct manner, have there purpose in numerous ways to great effect.

Of course Jesus used the word love but in regards to a 5th dimensional consciousness, within this consciousness, the word love isn't as ambiguous as it is in a 3rd dimensional consciousness and neither are words like positive, negative or right and wrong. In actuality, the word love will actually be used less, not more in a 5th dimensional consciousness, the reason being is that love will be just known without having to be put into motion. Also, a 5th dimensional consciousness won't need to put love into motion as there will be no necessity to do so, this is due to the absence of chaos as we know it in the 3rd dimensional consciousness, there will be nothing to quell.

It's sad we have gotten to a state that we have to use various marketing techniques to attract a larger audience unlike Jesus and Buddha for example. People who are mystic in nature will today still conduct themselves as people like Jesus and Buddha did, however, this sadly excludes the larger audience that people like Matt Kahn attract. People like Matt are a must today, this is very evident.

People like myself are also not attracted, or more precisely, have no need to be stimulated to listen and learn, in actuality, we like it to be expressed in the way it truly is, not in the way we desire it to be expressed, there is a big difference here. Now the reason we don't need to be stimulated, is that we don't judge this reality in being just bad or negative, good or positive, we often avoid these labels as they are again ambiguous at the best of times. What is judged as being positive or negative by one person, can be judged the complete opposite by another persons. This is likened to telling a people of one culture they are wrong within there culture at the same time stating how right their culture is, this is an expression of a extreme ambiguous judgement.
It is natural for a consciousness, existing in a chaotic destructive existence, to be attracted to gloss and glitter, basically, it's natural for a consciousness to try to escape this kind of reality whenever possible in this kind of 3rd dimensional conscious reality. It is also obvious a fifth dimensional consciousness will in actuality deliberately put themselves into a 3rd dimensional consciousness, destructive or not, because this kind of consciousness doesn't judge, to the extremes like a 3rd dimensional consciousness does. Jesus and Buddha are prime examples of this. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not stating that Jesus and Buddha are just of the 5th dimension, it's just they expressed themselves through a 5th dimensional consciousness to probably help condition us to a 5th dimensional existence, an existence void of gloss and glitter.

Does this mean we shouldn't listen to all this gloss and glitter?

Not at all, 3rd dimensional consciousness's needs this gloss and glitter to be able to comprehend 5th dimensional consciousness to start with, especially in a reality that is hell bent on self-destruction. This is likened to religion telling us there is a more aware consciousness than human consciousness, it's part of a natural and necessary process a consciousness takes to evolve. However, like the way we have abused religion, we can also abuse this new age gloss and glitter, "but another new be and end all". How many of us can't get enough of this new age gloss and glitter, especially in western society? How many of these people then judge what is and isn't negative and positive to an extreme at times? Like Matt stated in the video, within this reaction, all we are doing is reinforcing the judged negatives within this motion!!

A good telltale sign to a true comprehension of 5th dimensional consciousness, is once a consciousness is no longer attracted to this gloss and glitter, such a consciousness is well and truly on it's way to truly comprehending 5th dimensional consciousness, after all, 5th dimensional consciousness isn't about gloss and glitter but a truer sense of balance as opposed to extremes.