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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Progression, Not Division

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a personal good friend of mine read my latest post on primary existence and envelopment, my friend was confused in exactly what I meant in relation to a primary existence. I will within this post explain what I mean about primary existence in a different format as below.

Primary Existence = God, zero point, nothingness, oneness, truer self, Tao, higher self + egoless + undivided

Secondary Existence = Soul consciousness (reality), human consciousness (reality) + ego + divided

Primary Existence: It would seem strange to a lot of people that I made reference here to a primary existence in relation to, for example, a Christian God and a Buddhist principle of nothingness. It is most likely that people from each of these ideologies, would state there is nothing in common with a God and nothingness. To a Buddhist, the representation of a God is ego, nothingness is egoless, consequently, a Christian might state that God is nothingness, how in this case can the perception of God and nothingness relate to a primary existence but they do?

Primary existence relates to our whole self before it's divided into secondary existences,  each soul has it's own path so therefore is divided by individual paths. This division relates to secondary existences, actually, the motion of dividing automatically creates secondary existences. Basically, a primary existence is an existence that is undivided, it's all of everything or nothing of anything.

The relation to everything, as a perception of God or oneness for example, in a primary existence denotes an undivided existence, a whole or collective that is undivided. God represents everything therefore is undivided within itself. This is the same with nothingness, there is no division in nothingness. The Tao is exactly the same, there is no division, it's all and nothing, not all or nothing.

This is how we perceive, we perceive through the ego so it has to be one or the other. The ego in control can only comprehend anything if it's one or the other, so to the ego, everything can't be the same as nothing, even though everything and nothing represent an undivided existence. Of course to various ideologies, it has to be one or the other, everything being of the ego, nothing being of egoless in some cases.

The division or difference between Christianity and Buddhism for example, is an obvious illusion brought on by perceiving through the ego self for only the ego itself will divide. Christianity makes reference to a God, an undivided existence, Buddhism makes reference to nothingness, again an undivided existence. What about nothingness not even being an existence!! Only an ego in control would argue what is and isn't determined to be an existence or not, so I'm not going down this path to try to find a division for obvious reasons, I will leave this to the secondary existence ego control mind to sort this out. Of course it never truly will because all it would be doing is chasing it own tail to judging what is and isn't real, an illusion.

Being that the secondary existences are ego based, but not  necessarily egotistical based, the secondary perception is focused on division, this of course stands to reason because ego and souls represent division. Basically, anything that is obvious within it's division, is ego based, this in turn creates an ego based perceptions of divisions, not wholeness or oneness unlike a primary existence. The primary existence mind focuses on wholeness and oneness of everything as well as nothing, there are no divisions between one or the other, actually, there is no one or the other, just wholeness, oneness.

Yes, everything and nothing are exactly the same thing, it's just in a secondary existence mind, there has to be division, one or the other...!!

Primary Existence = (and)

Secondary Existence = (or)

Progressions: We might now think that there is a huge difference (division) between primary and secondary existences, they are obvious within their differences as I have clearly pointed out.

There is only a perceived difference, a division, in a secondary existence. When observing from a primary perspective, there are no divisions, only progressions. The secondary existence mind always puts limitations on everything, there has to be a division between one and the other, not a progression void of divisions and this is the point. How often do we focus on division instead of progressions void of actual divisions? There is an endless progression between primary and secondary existences, this motion is infinite. The motion between primary and secondary existences have always existed, what hasn't always existed is what these motion between the two existences create. The universe and human consciousness are prime examples of what this motion physically creates which are of course finite in nature.

Primary Existence= motionlessness + non-creative + infinite

Secondary Existence = motion + creative + finite

The perception of the Tao or the perception of God, actually relate to both the primary and secondary existences as being a whole, basically, the perception of God represents primary and secondary existences. As I have displayed earlier on, that God is of primary existence and not of secondary existence isn't quite correct, the perception of God relates directly to oneness, a whole. This means the perception of God relates to both primary and secondary existences. You can now see how Christians have the idea that God created everything and rightfully so in my mind.

Primary Existence = God + non-creative

Secondary Existence = God + creative

This is how we create in our own right while existing in a secondary existence, only in a secondary existence can creation begin, and yes, end. The strange thing in all this is, neither the secondary or primary is above or higher in stature than other, only an ego in control would be able to perceive this in this way, in other words, divide......!!    

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Various Beliefs of Ego

Written By Mathew Naismith

I've lost count in how many people I have come across that are disillusioned and confused in regards to the ego, this is after these people have followed various spiritual beliefs and practices. In certain cases, these people are now just as much if not more disillusioned and confused, so many beliefs contradict each other on this matter, which one is absolute?        

It's wise to be a aware that a controlling ego (egotism) will state which one is absolute over all other beliefs, any belief that is egotistically free, won't state which one is absolute over another. It's also wise to be aware that there is a big difference between ego and egotism, egotism being an ego in control, ego is just being. Each belief system is of the ego, it was created by ego, this means each and every belief system is of the ego to start with, basically, everything of creation is of the ego, however, not everything is of egotism.

If your not bias (egotistical) within your own beliefs, you will find the following various views from different beliefs quite interesting. They basically say the same thing even though the interpretation of ego varies in regards to certain beliefs. There seems to be a cohesive view that ego can give us the illusion of separation from, nothingness, God, zero point, oneness, inner self, our truer being and so on.

Extract: “The anitya doctrine is, again, not quite the simple assertion that the world is impermanent, but rather that the more one grasps at the world, the more it changes. Reality in itself is neither permanent nor impermanent; it cannot be categorized. But when one tries to hold on to it, change is everywhere apparent, since, like one’s own shadow, the faster one pursues it, the faster it flees. 

Extract: From a spiritual perspective, ego means considering oneself to be distinct from others and God due to identification with the physical body and impressions in various centres of the subtle body. In short ego is leading our life as per the thinking that our existence is limited to our 5 senses, mind, and intellect and identifying with them to various degrees.
As per the science of Spirituality, our true state of existence is identification with the Soul or God-principle within us and living our day to day life with this consciousness. As the one and same God-principle exists within all, from a spiritual perspective there is unity in all Creation.
However, depending on the level of our ego, we identify with the God-principle within us, i.e. the Soul to varying degrees. If our ego is high, we identify less with the Soul or the God-principle within us.

Extract: In Taoist practice, when one “sheds the bones” a Taoist will finally fully wash off all the glue that holds the spirit to the bones of our stories. However, until that point of full release, a Taoist allows ego to play a bit, as it’s part of our very nature. Instead at first a Taoist learns how to live their life without that sheep dog in control of our life.


Extract: [Quran 2:54] Recall that Moses said to his people, "O my people, you have wronged your souls by worshiping the calf. You must repent to your Creator. You shall kill your egos. This is better for you in the sight of your Creator." He did redeem you. He is the Redeemer, Most Merciful.


The following gives a more collective view, it also shows a Christian and Judaist viewpoint on this topic as well. 


Extract: Understanding what we call ‘the ego’ will change how you see yourself and the world around you. Your mind has been programmed to believe that the ego is you, but in reality it is just an illusion that we use to help us function in our world. In a sense, the ego is what makes us feel separate from other people.

Even though we play much of our life through the lens of the ego, we are not the ego. We are sitting outside of the ego; a pure and whole individual. We are the observer. Although the ego is in no way the enemy, the ability to see the ego for what it is gives us a lot of power and enlightenment.


It would seem as soon as a belief system states it's absolutely right over all other beliefs, this belief has become egotistical, considering that ego is a separation from our truer being, how separated is a belief system that believes it's absolutely egotistically right over all other beliefs, it's absolute?

Let's put this in a Godly sense, how much of God is a person who categorically states their belief is absolute over all other beliefs? Considering the main consensuses of each belief states that ego can indeed separate ourselves from God, how truly of God is a person who states absolutes?

Let's put this in another way, how much of the inners self or nothingness is a persons when stating absolutes in relation to their own beliefs? Considering that absolutes within anyone's belief system is egotistical, how virtuous and exact is any absolute view in this case when they are themselves obviously showing no connection  to their truer being?

On numerous occasions I have had discussions with people following various beliefs, most people are open minded to one extent or another, others are absolute within their convictions. Even people who call themselves Buddhist, have spoken about absolutes for example, their is absolutely no God and soul, we are nothingness that is completely void of ego. As soon as you talk about absolutes, you are talking not just about ego but egotism. Is the view that absolutes are egotism? No, because again there are no true absolutes.

I should also state that I have talked to other people of Buddhism about other people who state they are Buddhist, but at the same time talk about absolutes. According to these people I've talked to, they are not true Buddhists. 

Now my view on ego is, all motion is ego, all excessive (extreme) motion is egotism. Oneness, zero point, God, nothingness, inner self and so on, which is in my mind our truer being, are motionless therefore are ego free. The closer we become our truer being, the less motion we express therefore the less of the ego we become.

As I have always said, motion is an expression of our truer being, God if you like. There is nothing wrong or right within this expression, it's how we express our truer being that defines how destructive or constructive we will be. If you wish to judge destruction as being wrong or negative, this is your will but any judgment like this is of the ego, therefore a further separation from our truer being. Is there anything wrong in this separation? No but one should be wised that the further we separate ourselves from this truer being, the more egotistical we become and the more destructive we become, the world around us at present is a good indication of this.

Ego can be a beautiful thing, egotism can be an ugly thing in accordance to it's obvious destructiveness. It's wise not to judge the Ego as you do egotism, this is obvious within it's observation.                          

Friday, 28 October 2016

Living by Truths

Written  by Mathew Naismith

In the last few days, I've been preoccupied with an ascension group, a group of people feeling the affects of their environment around them, be it the physical reality or the conscious reality that is around us all. For these people, the conscious reality is changing, they are literally feeling it, not just consciously but physically as well. This change or conscious ascension isn't easy to navigate or even comprehend at times, a lot of us are indeed faced with reconditioning ourselves to quite a different conditioning than what we were initially conditioned to.
This reconditioning of our consciousness is indeed filled with dilemmas. Being that this reconditioning is less judgmental and less about serving a controlling ego period, we often find ourselves being more judgemental and even more egotistical. This is because any kind of transition will entail a period of inverts (reverses). I think this reason for this lies within the controlling aspects of the ego itself, it just doesn't want to lose control, hay, what controlling aspect would? What controlling human conscious aspect is just going to sit there waiting to have it's control taken away from it? No human conscious controlling aspect is just going to do nothing, it's going to fight back and vigorously.

At times we will feel we are taking one step foreword and two steps back, at other times we will feel we are taking two steps foreword and one step back. Considering we are trying to recondition ourselves form a long term controlling human conscious aspect, we should expect, at times, taking two steps back, after all, it' apart of the reconditioning or ascension process.

In recent days within this ascension group, there has been a number of incidences of instability. A lot of people who are into labels, would just judge this as being negative or bad in some way, within this mentality or approach, these people would miss out on the benefits of such instabilities. For people like myself however,  it's a different  matter, I couldn't think of anything more ascending than to honestly come forth and tell it how it actually is, even be it from or through instability. In my mind, the instability within this group is a sure sign of ascension, as of any instability we learn from, we also come forth with open hearted truths, this is instead of covering up the truth, especially with various labels.

As of a few posts since the instability within this group, the following post surprised me, what a welcome addition, pure utter direct truth. I've participated on numerous discussion boards, some of them I was either kicked off or I left because of the difference in mentality. Very rarely do I actually witness open honesty, not just in regards to other people but oneself as well. I found the following refreshing to say the least. I think it's worthwhile reading the comments in regards to this post.                 

Part of me is really hesitant to say this. I fear I'll be shunned, and pple will... well ya know.. but I'm wanting others to be open and have the courage to speak up about this subject and simply share whatever it is they feel, so I better walk the talk. 

What was the catalyst for my rant here was reading about someone who is going through a rage full angry period, and actually being told that they needed to "get help"! That this was not a normal thing for ascension along with other suggested" fixes" for this awful condition! 

I'm so incredibly worn out with hearing about low vibration and the absolute certainty that there's something to be DONE about so called negative emotions. 

DO whatever it takes to get out of them or else! 

I mean absolutely no disrespect nor to offend anyone, however 
The shaming done in this entire community by SOME, surely not all, is the same as religion, just done in a more sugar coated way. 

I'm an incredibly loving overall positive person who is going through an irritable angry and frustrated time. Along with the anger and frustration is a lot of pain and tears. To some this means that I "need help" 🙈 am in serious shape, and the list of "what to do's,' is endless! It reminds me of old time exorcisms! 
I personally do not one bit like being in this, especially for so long, but there's a reason for it and if more people would allow ALL feelings, have the courage to admit that they have them, and share this openly, there would be much less downward spiraling for some. Maybe If people felt more comfortable talking about it, the crap would probably pass much sooner.

I should say, what we need from these emotions would come quicker. 
Imagine that you are new to all of this. You're vulnerable and lost. 
You find yourself experiencing this rage etc. you come here or elsewhere only to read ALL of the numerous things to do, and do fast to get OUT of the baaad feelings, up to and including.. Seek Help!! Translation... There's something wrong with You!! 

Wow! I shudder to think how that could effect someone! And yes, our actions do effect others, even the most evolved, high vibrating of us has times when we are vulnerable to what others say and do. 
Now if I were spewing hateful hurtful things, by all means tell me to knock it off! I don't, haven't, wouldn't, and I'd bet big money that it's the same case for this person I'm referring to. 
Part of this process, if not THE most important part is to rid ourselves of judgment. Judgment of all kinds. Labeling anger as negative, and happy as positive IS judgment. Judging the emotion and the one feeling it. 
It may be childish of me but the quickest way to push me deeper into a space, feeling whatever, is to tell me I shouldn't be there! 

Many of the people who give suggestions and ideas for "healing" of course mean well, are doing out of the place of Love etc. and there's a need for that at times. There are also times when support, compassion, an "Oh me too" or just an etheric hug is all that's needed or ' asked for!' 
This person didn't say, please tell me what to do about this, or I need to hear all the things that I already know, AND said that I have done. They simply specified how they felt, and asked if anyone else was going through it. This is the case so often. 

I guess I just struggle with the fact that SO many, SO often feel the need to FIX! 

Monday, 29 August 2016

It's an Amazing World/Existence

Written By Mathew Naismith

Looking upon my physical transformation at 52 years of age, all I can feel is total amazement, in actuality, I look upon my whole body and mind and I am totally amazed at my own transition as a whole. You might think I am over stating this but it's one huge WOW factor. My own transition in a reality based on time, is utterly amazing, this is because I am aware that most realities don't consist of experiences of massive transitions like this.

You look upon the Earth and the universe itself, it's amazing how the natural environment goes from one transitional stage to another, the cycles that everything goes through within a universe based on time, is, yes, amazing to say the least. In stating this, human consciousness, after how many centuries, still has very little idea how amazing our environment based on time is. This comprehension of course takes one to realise who they truly are as a whole. OK, time might be an illusion but this doesn't take away how amazing  a reality based on time is, the natural environment that time has created is beyond words.

Have I gone totally loony? It would seem so to a lot of people in even suggesting an assumed illusion is amazing beyond words, it's as if my ego controls me to stay within the illusion created by the ego!!

Firstly, only a controlling ego judges what is and isn't an illusion, a controlling ego doesn't want anything controlling it especially an assumed illusion. Even if the ego created the illusion, it doesn't want to be controlled by this illusion so it creates states of  non-illusion as opposed to states of illusion such a time itself. However, a non-controlling ego reacts differently, this kind of ego is not fearful of being controlled by an illusion or a non-illusion, this kind of ego will naturally react to life, as a whole, as amazing.

We might think what is so amazing about human consciousness being so chaotic and destructive, especially unto itself?

It's amazing that such a self-proclaimed intelligent life form has the belief it's intelligent in accordance with it's technological advancements. It's also amazing that such a self-proclaimed intelligent form believes it can express high intelligence void of wisdom. Take the yin out of the yang, what is naturally created? Destruction, you can't use high levels of technology void of wisdom, in actuality, the use of high technology has to be balanced out by wisdom to avoid self-destruction. It's amazing that such an intelligent form is trying to use high levels of technology void of wisdom and still think it's intelligent!!

Has human consciousness learnt anything from centuries of destruction?

It's utterly amazing that human consciousness has learnt little if anything from it's own past, how could a remotely intelligent form, that has all this experience before it, can still be as it was centuries gone by? It is obvious that no truly intelligent form tries it's hardest not to evolve but that is exactly what human consciousness has accomplished. In the whole scheme of existence, very few remotely intelligent consciousness has accomplished this, this within itself is amazing. Using high levels of technology void of wisdom isn't evolving, our intelligence in relation to technology has risen but our wisdom has obviously fallen. This has occurred before in Earths history when a conscious forms used high technology void of wisdom.

At present,  it seems that human consciousness is being influenced by external consciousness's that impel power, control and dominance. Of course if a more aware and powerful consciousness than human consciousness impels such actions, these actions must be the way to go. Human consciousness is being conditioned to believe there must be a superpower, or more precisely, a master race that is meant to dominate all other races. How often is this exact belief been expressed throughout human or Earths history? It's utterly amazing that a remotely intelligent form can think like this.

The question is now, is there a more dominant consciousness within the universe?

To me, Gaia is consciousness but this kind of consciousness is not actually dominant, it is however about cycles that allow everything within Gaia to evolve. There are however conscious forms that are dominant within the universe, human consciousness certainly hasn't got this on it's own, it would be a bit naive to think this in my mind.

The difference between human consciousness and these other forms of dominating consciousness's, is that these other dominating forms have used wisdom in conjunction with intelligence. It's wise to realise that intelligence doesn't mean intelligence is wisdom.

You could say that wisdom is yin and intelligence is yang, however, as yin and yang, each displays the same attributes as the other. What human consciousness seems to have tried to do, is extract wisdom (yin) from intelligence (yang), of course as of before in Earths history, extracting the yin from the yang or the yang from the yin, naturally and automatically causes a consciousness to destroy itself and it's environment. 

We might then think that this more intelligent dominating external consciousness, from human consciousness, hasn't destroyed itself. Once any consciousness destroys other consciousness's through dominance, it will eventually inadvertently destroy (extract) it's own balance within existence as a whole. It all comes down to dominance and non-dominance, control and non-control, yin and yang. Once one tries to dominate to extract (destroy) the other, all this creates is destruction of the dominant.

What is also amazing is that these deemed negatives, bad, evils, basically in all, pain, when gathered up as a whole, is but a grain of sand on a beach. In all of existence as a whole, pain has the relevance of a grain of sand on a beach, only an imbalanced consciousness believes it to be otherwise.

I came across an insightful poem just recently, the poem is in relation to loving/appreciating the present via the following link.                     

My Reply
Indeed Nicoleta, appreciate the present, this is inline to observing or participating. The participator participates on the past and future where's the observer is observant of the present only. The past and future are always observed as being of the present negating a past and future, strangely enough, the participator negates the present!!

It's interesting to realise that the observer is of timelessness and the participator is of time which gives us a perception of a past and future. It's good to be a participator (time) but utilised without the balance of the observer (timelessness), the participator will always express destruction. Indeed, a worthwhile poem.

The point is to the grain of sand is, the participator will only perceive what they participate in, the participator will primarily perceive the grain of sand or primarily perceive any other grain of sand but the grain of sand representing pain. The observer however will perceive the whole truth in that the observer will perceive all grains of sand void of bias/judgment.

I will put this in another way. I've had an interesting life to say the least, only once in my life can I remember not being in physical pain, this was for a brief part of one day. Of course this pain being created from a chronic injury from the age of six years old, has caused a lot of mental pain as well. The point is, a lot of people trying to avoid the negatives/pain in life, would not have been able to utilise this pain to benefit others who are far more disabled as I have done. Also, would a person who perceives pain as just being negative, desist in taking pain killers like people like myself? I should also state that healing is likened to taking pain killers, however, when healing is exercised in a balanced way, healing most often helps us to become more balanced from an imbalanced state.

Even though pain in the whole of existence is but a grain of sand on a beach, doesn't make this grain of sand irrelevant to the beach itself. Basically, pain helps give our truer self balance, it's a necessity as yang is to yin and yin is to yang, however, the participator within this reality has either primarily perceived this grain of sand of pain or tries to ignore this grain of sand of pain, either way of perceiving creates an imbalance therefore destruction.

I know a lot of Western minded people think I have no idea what I am talking about but I can't emphasise enough on learning to become an observer, especially at present. The observer will give us back balance from an obvious imbalanced state of existence, this existence is of course primarily dominated by being a participator. Continuing to primarily participate to either perceive the pain or anything but the pain, will only create more destruction as any imbalance within a consciousness naturally does. I'm not stating this from some kind of human ideology, this is coming through me, and yes, I am supposed to share what is coming through me but of course not everything that comes through me. It is difficult to know what I am supposed to share or not at times, learning to be an observer is one of the things I need to share, this is made very clear. 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

We Are Not The Soul

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's incredible becoming aware of the difference between each person or groups of people, not just at the human level but at the soul level as well, in actuality, there is more of a difference between consciousness's at the soul level than at the human level. Yes, to certain groups of souls, levels exist within human consciousness and soul consciousness, however, to certain groups of souls who are aware they are not the soul, levels can only exist within consciousness's that believe they are the soul consciousness or even human consciousness. This means these souls can comprehend vast amounts of perceptions because there consciousness is not limited to levels.

Levels and Ego: How many people believe that souls and humans, have to go through various conscious levels to become aware, it's like we start off at the first level infancy, then go onto childhood and then adolescence and finally adulthood. Each stage is awareness building. Souls to a lot of people work in a simular fashion, what is above is also below, however the concept of what is above is also below isn't the case when a soul is able to perceive beyond these levels.

The reason for this entirely lies in how the soul perceives. Imagine for one moment if we are aware of being aware that we are, from the start, of this creative consciousness, God's consciousness or of the collective consciousness as a whole or what ever you want to call it. Any soul that can perceive this, will obviously be able to perceive beyond these levels we limit ourselves to. Now imagine how hard it is for certain souls to comprehend this or even want to comprehend this, certain souls just don't want to comprehend perceiving beyond levels for a very good reason.

A point to be made here; how many children today express a more mature wiser expression without going through various level of experience? One reason for this lays in how children today are allowed to freely express themselves without having to go through various levels to do so. Perceiving in levels are obviously limiting, we need to realise this.    

I know there are a lot of people who will totally disagree with me when I say that the soul is ego, there are  people who even believe that the soul doesn't have an ego period. No person who doesn't, in some way, want to comprehend a lot of what I write about, won't like what I write. Once again, this is for a very good reason.

A lot of people also firmly believe that all souls have to go through these levels to evolve and become more aware through each level of experience, it's sort of likened to maturing from a immature unaware state to a more mature aware state. This isn't the case for all souls, some souls choose to go through these levels one by one and other don't. We then might presume that any soul that chooses to go through these levels, is controlled by the ego to do so, being that its the ego that wants to go through these levels when it clearly doesn't have to.

The soul can be controlled by the ego but it's not the controlling ego that chooses to experience existences level by level, could you imagine a controlling ego wanting to go from level to level when it can have it all in an instance void of levels!! The soul chooses to experience this kind of existence or not because one kind of existence isn't more worthy to experience than the another, all experiences are worthy at the soul level for certain souls but not all souls see that all existences are worthy, this too is a part of the experience. However, all existences are worthy at the God like level of consciousness, a state of consciousness where levels just don't exist, basically, the God like consciousness being of the consciousness of collective consciousness as a whole. Imagine a consciousness with no levels to give a consciousness judgment period!!

True Writing: What I mostly write about isn't for the souls who chose to exist by levels, basically, my writings are really only for those souls who are able to comprehend perceptions beyond these levels. At no point do I want to try to convince souls, existing by levels, that they don't have to experience existences through levels, in actuality, no soul that is primarily existing by levels, are able or have the desire to comprehend my writings, they shouldn't even try, especially at the human level of understanding.

However, there is a reason why people like me turn up when the shit hits the fan, meaning, when human consciousness becomes too destructive. Basically, we try to put balance back into a consciousness, a prime example of this was in ancient Egypt. We are not here to force balance, we are here to encourage balance and wisdom, however, if the collective human consciousness chooses otherwise, so be it because as I said, no existence is more worthy than another, just maybe a little wiser way to go at times.

It is important what we reflect especially in how we express ourselves through writing for instance. We must write true to ourselves, meaning, we must write for ourselves, not for other people because being true makes all the difference. We might think how can people like me bring balance when we don't attract the people who need that balance most of all!! If we are true in what we write, our expressions will reflect this trueness onto the collective consciousness bringing it balance, however like I said, if the collective consciousness chooses to ignore this in the end, so be it.

The way we express love is vitally important as well, at the moment love is being over used and abused in a simular fashion to religion at times. So often have I discover that the love that some people express is fake, especially unconditional love. Often this so called unconditional love, has more conditions attached to it, not less. It's vitally important to be true to bring balance into a consciousness, I cannot express this enough.           

So in all, is it important that we become aware we are not the soul but of the soul? Not for everyone, we must go along with what the soul path and journey is but at the same time realising that the soul might need to be balanced as well to create a balanced reality. We are not our soul but we are of the soul, realising this helps bring balance back to the human and soul consciousness. Any true sense of balance and trueness, especially in our own expressions, naturally creates peace and harmony, and yes love, however,  true sense of love only comes from a true sense of expression, this is the same with all of what we express. In the age of false prophets/people. Try to be as true to yourself as possible, this is all you need to do.......    

Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Age of False Prophets

Written by Mathew Naismith

It was predicted before the age of the false prophets, that human consciousness would enter into a period of false prophecies, this doesn't just mean prophets will be false, it means that this time period will be of falsities period. The controlling ego will lust after anything that sparkles and glows, anything that tantalises the egos five senses, this includes lusting after love, especially in reaction to a reality void of awareness and wisdom.

The universe itself is a creation and every consciousness within this universe is created. Materialism is a  creation as is love, both can be highly destructive especially when expressed to an extreme or in retaliation. Some people have lusted after materialism, others have lusted after a form of love, if it tantalises the ego, it has to be good, of course we know how destructive materialism and love can be. Now, is there anything tantalising for the ego in being in balance, considering there are no extremes within a true balanced state? You take away love and hate, negative and positive, bad and good, demons and angels, what within this balance is tantalising to a controlling ego? There is no sparkles or fussy glow to balance but this also means there is no falsities within a true form of balance either.

Balance isn't something you pursue either, it's a state of being or a state of consciousness especially void of extremes. It's also not a state that can be created for it's always existed, everything else not of balance is a creation which can be expressed to the extreme to create an age of false prophets. There are no boundaries to creation, it's infinite, however, what is created is finite like human consciousness. Human consciousness is primarily created from a creation, this limits human consciousness to what is created, this is why it's unable to perceive beyond what is created. How many people believe love isn't a creation? You see what I mean. God is often perceived as love when this creative source of  consciousness is pure and utter balance. This balance of course is bliss to a consciousness existing in a reality of chaos, bliss is often represented as love, so we perceive this creative source of  consciousness is love. This of course is quite understandable.

The age of false prophets is all about tantalising  the controlling ego, if it sparkles and glows, it can't be false, or so the ego tries to make out no matter what. The ego doesn't want you to realise that all the sparkles and fussy glow is a creation and that a true sense of balance is what we truly are. What the ego wouldn't  want to know is that all we are is this  balance? A controlling ego will influence a consciousness to anything but of being of balance for there is nothing to tantalise the ego within this balance.

Creations = love and hate, negative and positive, bad and good, demons and angels + all of what is created

Balance = God/creative source + void of all creations within itself

However, we exist in a created reality, this means our consciousness is created and will within itself create more creations to what ever extreme. While existing within this created reality, we will of course be expressive of these creations no matter what they are. No consciousness within this kind of existence can be primarily expressive of a true form of balance, we are meant to be expressive of what is created. We of course have a choice in how extreme we express these creations, the age of false prophets however denote extremes expressions of these creations. Do we now keep expressing these creations to the extreme or do we simply express some kind of balance again? This really depends on what we really want to create, or more precisely, need to create for a more blissful existence.

A true sense of bliss within a balanced consciousness,  isn't something that is hard to obtain for we have always been of this balance, what we haven't always been is of these creations, in actuality, it's a lot harder to create than it is to just be. However, because we are controlled by a controlling ego, the illusion of separation from being balanced is extreme, it's this extreme that is making it hard for us to realise we are of this balance no matter what creations we are expressive of.                               

Yes, the age of false prophets is making it more difficult for our consciousness to become aware of how a controlling ego tricks us into what tantalises the ego, we are more than ever being tricked into even more extreme creation in reaction/retaliation to our present chaotic existence. You see, one will naturally create the other, a chaotic existence has naturally created an extreme opposite, this extreme opposite will again in turn create yet another extreme opposite until both extreme become that extreme, that they will cancel out each other, destroy each other. This is how anything created works unless it's brought back into balance. Of course extreme creations are supposed to destroy each other in the end but this can be simply avoided.

In a pass life in ancient Egypt, which was confirmed, a few of us tried to reason with the people of that time in the same way, you can avoid an upcoming catastrophe if you adhere to the laws of consciousness, an extreme will naturally create another extreme. The powers at be of course didn't listen to us and of course Egypt suffered big time when it didn't have to. We where separated from each other and banished to outlying areas of Egypt.

I said to my wife this morning, "At least I'm not being banished this time", my wife stated," Haven't you been banned from other sites that didn't like what you were stating." I have also recently been attacked by so called loving people once again, not much has changed for me since my life in ancient Egypt. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink!! What is supposed to be will be but you do indeed have a choice, that is all I am saying.......Balance is indeed the key to bliss.                    

Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Graceful Swan Within

Written by Mathew Naismith

I awoke this morning to thoughts of us all being graceful swans, the only violence we have is the human in us for only the human knows how to destroy violently without provocation. The human self either bows to being violated and/or being the violator itself, in either case, we are endorsing violence, this is the situation humans have put themselves and everything else around them in.

Are we this human or are we something else?

The graceful swan: Not many of us see ourselves as a graceful swan, this reason for this is simple. The swan is a graceful display of ego without a doubt, the swan has no egoistic tendencies beyond the simple simplicities of ego. Humans are different, the human spirit was once a part of the swan too, until the human ego took control a tricked the swan in us all to display egotistic traits to the extent of becoming egotistical.

In truth, the swan wasn't tricked but flew away from what the human self was doing. In truth, it was the human egoistic self that was tricked in thinking it was in control, when in truth, it is being controlled.

The human self without the swan within is but a puppet on a string, the more egotistic traits the humans self expresses, the more it's like this puppet on a string.

The swan within us all is not like this, it's graceful without being egotistical. We might think this would take a lot of effort for the swan to control it's egoistic tendencies, this isn't so, simply because the swan is just being within it's environment without trying to control it, is the human self able to do this? Once we lose the swan within us individually and collectively, we lose the ability to dispel being controlled and controlling.

The truth of it all, is that the human self is no more in control of itself and it's environment than if the swan within us was still there, in actuality, the swan that isn't trying to control it's environment has more mastery over it's environment than the human self.

No matter how graceful the human self tries to paint itself up to be, it just hasn't got the gracefulness of the swan. If the human self is supposed to be so much in control, why is it still trying to be a swan?

The human without the controlling tendencies of the human is a swan, the human void of the tendencies of the swan is but a puppet of egoistic traits. As of any puppet on a string, it can become quite naturally violent for it's but a puppet on a string.

What else can I say from the poem above, we are all of what it says, we think we are only human when we are also the swan. Once you take the yin from the yang, the swan from the human self, what are you left with? A puppet of it's own devices but at no point is the puppet or the puppeteer in control for they are one of the same once the swan, the yin, is no more within......               

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Crystals-The Purity of Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

As I have pointed out a number of other times in my posts, our physical environment tell us who we are. We often ignore this as our environment isn't altogether harmonious and constructive, in other words pure, of course the ego doesn't want to relate itself to anything it judges unbecoming!! I'm going to state that crystals are an exception to this, crystals don't just show us the purity of consciousness, they are also representative of non-physical energy that is pure in essence.

Basically what I m saying, crystals show us the physical aspects of pure energy, pure energy being of a consciousness untainted and unaffected by any kind of ego, an energy source that represents our truer self, our truer being. It' also of an energy source that is not controlling unless used by a consciousness that is being controlled.

I'm probably going to get myself into trouble here, crystals are an exact aspect of what a lot of people call God, an energy source that is so pure in essence that this energy seems to be the building blocks to the whole of existence. Of course as of any energy that is not controlling, conscious forms controlled by the ego can turn this energy flow into something disharmonious and destructive. Only a conscious form that is controlled by the ego can create such disharmony and destruction. No form, that is in essence of this pure energy, can express itself in this way, it's totally impossible for such forms to do so, only a consciousness being controlled can express itself in this way.  

To create any kind of disharmony and destruction, you need some form of control and the more control a consciousness expresses, the more disharmony and destruction such consciousness's will create. The world at present is a good example of this. The state this world is in is quite natural, it's natural because when a collective consciousness is controlled by a controlling ego, it naturally and normally creates disharmony and destruction.

Now if any form of control is needed to create disharmony and destruction, what would a collective consciousness, not controlled by the controlling ego, need to create a harmonious and constructive existence?  The answer is obvious, if control creates disharmony and destruction, what would a collective consciousness not about control create, remembering any form of pure energy cannot possibly create disharmony and destruction? 

I find this quite amusing, God is representative of this pure energy in religion, in other forms of spirituality, crystals represent the same source of pure energy. When you start to perceive beyond normal human perceptions that are limited by limiting ideological  perception, you begin to piece the puzzle together. 

Ego and a controlling ego; are all about the creation of delusions, ego of course creating less of a delusion than an ego in total control. An ego form or source is able to perceive beyond the delusions but a consciousness totally controlled by the ego will not, it will only perceive what will give it more control. Basically, a controlling ego entraps a consciousness within a certain perception, this is why some people are totally unable to perceive beyond normal conditioned human perceptions, they are really unable to perceive beyond certain fixated perceptions. Within this fixated perception, there are limits, however, a consciousness not being controlled has no limits because it's not being controlled, it is able to perceive beyond ego controlled boundaries and limitations. Basically, the ego not being controlling is able to become aware of it's whole self......this is why so many people with less of a controlling ego turn to spirituality, being that spirituality is all about perceiving beyond the limits of boundaries set up by a controlling ego.

This is where crystals come into it, they are, to me, a physical representative of pure energy that is not limited, an energy that isn't really physical at all, in actuality, just like ourselves. After certain experiences recently, I no longer perceive crystals as a physical form of energy, they now represent the purity of consciousness, or if you like, the purity of God.      

Monday, 4 January 2016

The Big Picture - A Reflection of Perfection

Written by Mathew Naismith

I believe this post is going to be a heavy post to read, it's going to  look into the small and big picture. Small pictures represent realities while the big picture represents these numerous realities as one whole picture. I will also explain why no one can experience a true enlightenment while predominantly experiencing a particular reality.

Also, this posts heading seems to contradict my last post stating that no true state of perfection exists within spirituality, this too will take a bit of explaining, I will however firstly explain what I mean about the small and big picture. 

Small picture = time + controlling ego + separate realities + no actual reflection of perfection, instead, a presumed judged perfection

Big picture = timelessness + ego + linked realities + a reflection of perfection through observing the whole of existence as one

Small Picture

Time: All realities have a sense of time, this however doesn't have to mean a reality is predominantly influenced by time like our own present experienced reality, it means a consciousness within such a reality, can be aware of time within another reality without actually predominately being influenced in a reality of time. In other words, a consciousness can exist within a timeless state and still be aware of realities of time. This is like some people, within this reality, are aware of a timelessness while in a reality predominantly influenced by time.

Controlling Ego: Stating that all realities are of a controlling ego is a big statement to make here, you must realise that not all realities of a controlling ego are like our present reality. You must also realise that not all controlling ego tendencies are destructive, to most spiritually aware people, this seems to be hard to perceive, this is because all we are aware of is the destructive attributes of a controlling ego within this present reality. There are realities of gold and glitter and pure light but for every conscious form to experience and enjoy, this is quite unlike our own reality. The other difference is that this gold and glitter and light didn't take the destruction of a planet and it's living form to produce, it's created from pure energy that had no form in the first place to destroy.

Separate Realities: As I have explained in a previous post, to get a better idea of separate realities, look at these separate realities like a peace of a jig saw that fits within other peaces of the jigsaw puzzle. Each separate part of the jigsaw puzzle represents a reality, they are separate until linked together within the puzzle.

Notice a said linked instead of joined, this is because joined refers to butting one point of reference against another, jigsaws don't work like this, each peace of the jigsaw is linked together, not butted!!

Yes, each and every reality is linked, take notice of where our own reality, our own peace of the jigsaw, is linked within. Our own reality is indeed linked within other realities, this is why we are able to perceive beyond the perceptions of the reality we are presently experiencing. Now imagine expanding out from this one jigsaw peace, in other words becoming aware of other realities, jigsaw peaces, beyond our own. As I often say, this is going beyond normal human perception.      

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the things that explain the existence of everything quite simply for us to understand, as of anything we create, each creation tells us a little more of our whole self. Jigsaw puzzles however, to me, tell us of our whole existence, not just a part of our existence. Jigsaw puzzles quite plainly explain how each reality is linked.  Each peace of the puzzle makes up a big picture that we can become aware of that we are observing. Yes, every form of  consciousness is observing the big picture, we are mostly unaware of this because we are experiencing realities as separate entities, not as one entity!!    

No Perfection: There is no perfection within a singular or multiple realities, only while being aware of observing the big picture can we observe perfection. As a good internet friend of mine stated in reference to my last post, existence itself as a whole is a reflection of perfection. I totally agreed with this even though it seemed to contradict my statement that no true state of perfection exists within spirituality.

One thing to consider here is paradoxes, general thinking and science ignore and disclaim anything to do with paradoxes, however, quantum physics actually incorporates paradoxes within it's evaluations. Quantum physics, to me, is like explaining about a jigsaw puzzles in a more complicated intricate way.

While a consciousness is only aware and accepting of singular or multiple realities, there is no perfection unless a controlling ego states otherwise, for example, my ideology or enlightenment/awakening is the be and end all. This changes when we realise we are also observing the big picture, each reality becomes worthy as they make up the big picture. Could you imagine not placing a peace of the jigsaw puzzle just because we didn't personally like it, in  doing this, you will never observe the big picture in it's whole state. OK, this reality is highly expressive of chaos and destruction but it still makes up the big picture!!

Big Picture

Timelessness and Ego: It is obvious, while observing time therefore realities, there is no true sense of time, only an observed sense of time. You are observing time when observing realities but you are not predominately influenced by time or these numerous realities.

To a number of people, time and these realities are an illusion, only a sense of timelessness exists totally void of ego. In this state you are not even an observer, there is no kind of awareness at all in this state. Look at it in this way, the observer of time and timeliness is the pinnacle, a state of being in time or timelessness is observed from this pinnacle. To me, being in a state of time OR timelessness is in ignorance of the whole state of existence for which we are, of course a controlling ego will state otherwise.        

No matter what awakening and enlightenment you experience in any reality, such experiences will be influenced by the reality or realities we are influenced by, again, only a controlling ego would state otherwise!! Any consciousness that is unaware of being an observer, is unable to experience true enlightenment, also, any true enlightenment will imminently take you out of your present reality, either it be physical or otherwise. Unless we want to be physically and mentally taken our of a reality, the only enlightenment experienced is an awakening, an awareness, to being an observer. To me, this is more of a precious gift than becoming truly enlightened.....

Linked Realities and Reflection of Perfection: As I have explained, linked realities are like a jigsaw puzzle, each reality in interconnected with other peaces of the jigsaw to make up the big picture. There is no sense of separation in this state, there is  but, in a human way, a sense of perfection represented by oneness, this oneness to us becomes a reflection of perfection. See how each reality influences our perceptions!!

Some people try to explain the whole of our existence through quantum physics, I instead use the humble jigsaw puzzle to explain how everything is interconnected and as one, I just hope I explained myself well enough for you to comprehend.     

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Creation of the Mind

Written by Mathew Naismith

Spiritual awareness is about being aware, even of the things around us we don't want to be aware of. Being aware of how the mind was created is certainly a part of this awareness, and in actuality,  it's probably one of the most important things we need to be aware of. We really can't say we are spiritually aware unless we are aware of what  influences us the most, the mind!!

I have never expressed about the perspectives of the mind before, this is quite new to me  but very relevant as our reality is basically purely based on the minds perceptive  perspectives. This is quite peculiar because the mind is purely based on preconceptions, this is due to the mind only being only aware of what it is aware of. It's however quite different  for our truer self as our truer self is aware of everything as there are no barriers brought about by preconceptions.

Yes, the mind is purely based on preconceptions in my mind, however, you could also state this too is a preconceived perception unless one's truer self  has at any time observed the mind, not the mind observing the mind!!

Spirituality is also about our truer self observing the mind, within this, there is no preconceptions unless the ego mind starts to observe and judge itself. I stated ego mind  for a very good reason, the mind is representative of the ego, in other words the mind is ego. Could you expect an unbiased perspective of the ego judging the ego  through observation? This of course isn't going to occur mainly because the ego mind is purely based on preconceptions. Everything the ego mind is aware of predominates every perspective, this means everything the ego mind is aware of influences the perceptive of everything else it becomes aware of, it becomes the basis of all things.

Example: Humans base intelligence on knowledge, the more we know the more intelligent we are, to do this of course takes a large brain making everything else of a small brain inferior. Of course anything that doesn't have a brain is even less inferior and less worthy. It's no wonder the mind is also known as the ego mind, the mind is obviously pure ego when it perceives it's more worthy and above all else. In actuality, a minds intelligence predominately based on knowledge perceived through an ego mind isn't really that intelligent. A truer form of intelligence would create without destruction, this kind of expression is extremely rare in written human history, we are anything but intelligent which is proven within our own actions throughout human history.

A mind only aware of it's immediate surroundings, can only perceive to what it is aware of, for another example, a person who has never been out of their town/village, will perceive that all other towns, villages and cities are likened to theirs. This is the same if a mind isn't aware of the world outside of it's province, state or country. This is also the case if a mind isn't aware of anything beyond it's own planet or planetary system, such minds will have a preconceived perceptions of what is beyond it's own awareness. Such minds will also have a preconceived perception of what is or isn't beyond our own physical state or dimension. What is going to occur in perceiving in this way, is that we will only become aware of what the mind perceives,  a mind that perceives like this will stay ignorant to everything else, the ego mind will of course make sure of this.

When you observe the mind, all you observe is ego and preconceptions, the ego mind is obvious within it's expressions, nothing else can exist unless it's perceived through the mind, within this, everything else becomes unworthy to the ego mind!!

The mind is purely created from preconceptions, the more egotistical we become, the more preconceived perceptions we will obviously have, everything else being unworthy to an egotistically controlled mind is a prime example of preconceptions. Such minds will of course put transitory possessions such as wealth before anything else it perceives as unworthy to itself. When you look around the world today, this is obvious, it's as if the mind is becoming even more preconceived within it's expressions, this of course is going to occur the more controlling the ego becomes.

Our truer self on the other hand is purely based on wisdom and awareness void of any influence of a mind. It's quite understandable how such as state is so pure,  it's not predominantly influenced by preconceptions as there is nothing to preconceive, everything is known.  

The mind also has a preconceived perception that everything of time is larger in mass than anything non-physical and of timeliness, in actuality the truth is quite different. When you observe the mind, anything of time becomes minute, it basically becomes inconsequential/ insignificant to our normal state of being. It actually doesn't become less worthy, it just becomes a very small part of our whole being.

The mind of course doesn't like being insignificant so it will most often preconceive how large and important it is to our whole fact, it has nothing on our truer self.          

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Are We More Worthy Than The Ego?

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was recently asked to participate on an Indigo forum site, I was called all sorts of names and I was just plainly wrong and my posts were often called BS, I certainly wasn't well received mainly because my perceptions weren't of their perceptions. Being asked to participate on this site, I didn't expect this.

What this post is actually about is the difference between Eastern and Western thinking, at times this difference is significant leading to misconceptions and even bad behaviour. I think, "Are we more worthy than the ego", is a good place to start to give you a better understanding of the difference between different perception. I posted the following on this Indigo site        

Are we more worthy than the ego? Most spiritually aware Westerners would answer yes, however, most spiritually aware Easterners would answer this question with a no, this again shows us how different cultures perceive..   

Should we change such a disdainful reality? Again, most spiritually aware Westerners would say yes as they have measured and judged this reality in disdain and this is exactly what they are doing.

What would a truly wise person do in this case? They would first of all stay away from expressing any kind of destruction controlled by the ego through simple observation. This however doesn't change a reality, it creates a reality but not in reaction to any kind of  disdainfulness.

Westerners have obviously lost their wisdom, this wisdom was replaced by a controlling ego, however, this is also occurring in the East, their wisdom is being quite quickly replaced by a controlling ego, China is a prime example of this.

Now there's going to be some Western thinking people who will say I'm full of BS and say I am wrong and probably call me names, this doesn't show me how much they do know, this just shows me how much they don't know.

No doubt some Western thinking people will even say I am above myself or I am talking absolute truths, the big difference is, Easterners don't think in this way, the reason being is simple, egotism. Western people do seem to have a much bigger controlling ego to contend with, probably because they lost their wisdom long ago.

It's really sad to see this occurring in the East, especially India. I should say a lot of what I stated here has been endorsed by a few people from India.

I humble myself to egotism, this means expressing egotism without disdain for egotism, I wonder how many western people will understand this in it's correct form? To have disdain of  expressing the ego in the first place, is of a controlling ego in the first place. Look at yourself as being no less or more worthy to egotism, within this, there is nothing to measure or judge!!  

The following might share a little more light on this subject, the following is a reply I received in regards to this post and my subsequent reply.  

Ego taken to extreme is the personality disorder narcissism. It is pandemic in the west.

My Reply
Yes it is sadly enough and it's spreading to the east it would seem. 

My first response to this post was from a person from India, she simply stated Namaste.

I also received responses from people in the West and all they could say is egotism is negative. the problem with this is any judged disdain also reflects egotism. 

When I humble myself to egotism, I do it without being intentionally destructive. It's actually unwise to express egotism but even the wise humbled themselves to egotism. You don't have to express egotism to be humbled by it, as long as you don't express it in a destructive way, egotism can actually help us evolve. 

The last thing a true spiritually aware person wants to express is egotism, when this occurs, they are truly humbled!! All what one is really doing is learning not to express any disdain or dislike of egotism.  
I hope this makes sense Reenee.