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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Primary Source And The Envelopment

Written by Mathew Naismith

There are numerous people who have had numerous experiences that have gone beyond normal human existence. I've personally experienced very few experiences like this in my life but what I did experienced was quite compelling, the time I was attacked by nine entities was one of the most compelling moments in my spiritual life. At the time I had no idea in how compelling this experience was until latter in life.

Nine Entities: Being attacked by nine entities all at once was compelling within itself, the source behind this attack was very forceful and deliberate. If this wasn't compelling enough, I was protected by benign sources that only allowed one of the entities to face me face to face, one on one. At the point of facing this entity one on one, all I did was laugh and the entity dispersed as if in fear of me, of course their objective was to install fear in me, not the other way around.

What actually occurred at the point of my own laughter, is my primary existence expressed itself, of course the laughter was in relation to the ignorance of these entities. I should point out, I don't look at ignorance as something negative or bad in some way, in actuality ignorance used creatively and constructively, can create entire realities and universes. The reason for this stems from ignorance itself, an ignorance of our primary existence in any sense, causes motion to be observed and it's this observation of motion that creates everything the way it is. What occurs when a consciousness becomes too ignorant, is that this motion will create destructiveness, the more a consciousness becomes or expresses ignorance, the more destruction it naturally creates, and yes, it is natural. Ignorance will naturally and normally create destruction of expressed to an extreme.

You see, these entities wanted to destroy the awareness within me by replacing it with fear, of course in my case the opposite occurred. The reason for this occurrence stems primarily from their own fear within themselves, if they didn't have this fear within themselves to start with, laughing at them wouldn't have had an effect on them. The reason for this is that fear is linked to ignorance or an unawareness of our primary existence. My primary existence or truer self come forth void of fear because it is also  void of ignorance as is the same with all of us, everyone, including these entities, have a primary existence, this was the last thing these entities wanted to become aware of, thsi was obvious.

Their reality was created from the total ignorance of their primary existence, their truer self or being, they don't want their reality or existence threatened in any sense. How many people within this reality are fearful of having this reality threatened in any sense? Now imagine having your own personal reality threatened to the extent of total annulation, it's quite traumatising to say the least to even think of this. As soon as my primary self become known to them through my laughter, this immediately threatened their reality and even their very own existence. You see, ignorance cannot exist within an aware existence, this of course stands to reason, as soon as you become aware, you lesson your own ignorance. Awareness basically destroys ignorance, it's natural and expected that awareness will detract from the influence ignorance has upon us. I basically made these entities powerless towards me through my own lack of ignorance.

Envelopment: Indeed, we have enveloped ourselves in ignorance from our primary existence, this is now very obvious to me in the way my primary existence came forth in the way it did. I was at that time nearly totally enveloped in ignorance. The time of my life I was attacked by these nine entities, was the time I was the most ignorant in my life, this was the time I was the most vulnerable to these kinds of entities. How vulnerable are we to other forces within this reality? Seen as this reality is primarily based on ignorance, it stands to reason that we will be vulnerable to malign forces within this existence, we are even vulnerable to malign forces from other existences/dimensions.

We might then think the more we study and read, the less ignorant we become and the less vulnerable we are to the malign forces. Actually no, in actuality this action can create more ignorance, depending on the source of study. If the study is based on becoming aware of our primary existence, yes, this kind of study will assist us. If the study is primarily based on secondary awareness or knowledge, an awareness and knowledge created within a secondary existence, it's unlikely that this kind of study will help us to expel the malign forces. A lot of knowledge and awareness created in a secondary existence, will most likely add to our ignorance, not deplete it.

A lot of spiritual practices assist us in becoming aware of our primary existence, however, a lot of these practices of today, especially in the west, are influenced by secondary existence thought processes. This is because most of us are, from birth, conditioned to these secondary thought processes. Even if we read or study in spiritual practices that enhance our connection to our primary existence, this secondary existence thought process is predominantly influential detracting, and at times enhancing, our ignorance, not detracting from our ignorance.

How many people today are anti-religion and /or God for instance? Just the thought of God conditions us to our primary existence, religion of course has always made reference to this kind of divine source, which also makes reference to our primary existence. Take away this conditioning, what is left to expel malign forces that exist in ignorance?

When a religion becomes more of the church and it's practicing members, this is when the church becomes Godless because it's no longer primarily of our primary existence. When this occurs, which it has many times over in human history, the church driven religion becomes primarily of secondary existence, not of primary existence.

So called new age or Eastern based religion/philosophies are different, they today still focus on our primary existence in a higher power, God, inner divine self, zero point, oneness, nothingness and so on. Of course in a lot of cases in the west, we have allowed our secondary existence to influence these primary existence teachings, after all in the west in particular, we are primarily conditioned to our secondary existence, lets be honest about this.

Note: If you haven't read my previous post on this topic, you might find this post confusing to read.  

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Implications of Illusions

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post isn't for the faint hearted, basically meaning, anyone desiring to stay unaware of our true nature, won't want to comprehend of what their true nature is in fear of losing their identity. Human consciousness of course being based on identity, to intensify oneself as something and anything from perceiving being of nothing. In actuality, we are everything but nothing, of course human consciousness only desires to be of everything that is appealing to it and nothing that isn't appealing to it. Not sure where a true sense of oneness is in this concept/perception though!!

Now I was given a link to a video in response to a reply I gave in reply to a reply in regards to my last post, We Are Not The Soul. I don't comply to everything that is stated in this video but I did relate to certain parts of the content of this video as my following reply to the sender of this video will show. The video in question often refers to Earth being a prison and hell and that everything created is an illusion, I of course don't comply to this as a whole but I do in parts. You see to comply to the existence of an illusion, is being apart of the illusion to begin with, it's basically complying to an illusion of an illusion of an illusion but are we entrapped/imprisoned within illusions?  

Are we imprisoned by a higher consciousness as the video states? No, not by a higher consciousness than ourselves because there isn't one but yes, if we think there is a higher consciousness than ourselves. This clearly implies that we have indeed imprisoned ourselves, the illusion being created by us. The illusion and imprisonment is only real because it's been created by us. The question now is, is there a higher power? Yes, a created one when all we think all we are is human consciousness.

Before I go on, I will insert the video in question and the subsequent replies.        


How curious. Look at this segment of a video. Where an immortal spirit describes motionless state of consciousness. It's very similar. The Original MMORPG

My Reply
Well my friend, thank you for sharing this with me, insightful. I don't usually respond to human perceptions and knowing, it's too much a part of the illusion for me. This is why I am not well liked on the net in regards to spiritually aware people, they want to continue in their ignorance, basically, they are entrapped within their own ignorance.

Illusion; it's only an illusion if we desire to stay ignorant to everything being created otherwise everything created isn't an illusion, it's real because of what it's created from and through. The illusion is believing in the illusion  itself, even stating it's all an illusion is being apart of the illusion, this is one of the created traps.

The reason I like Eastern perceptions, is a lot of it is based on the perception and perspective of balance, balance allowing one to exist within an illusion without becoming the illusion itself.

Boredom; this hits the nail right on the head, anything pertaining to the soul in some way, becomes bored. Boredom again is an illusion because of what it creates and what it creates is illusions, any kind of consciousness that can become bored, has become apart of the illusion, this motion of boredom however is deliberate as well.


We couldn't exist or experience certain conscious realities without being in ignorance, the human experience takes a lot of ignorance to experience such a consciousness. We however need to be aware that only in ignorance can a consciousness destroy, no truly aware consciousness is able to be destructive in any sense. In this case, all it takes to become less destructive is awareness, the awareness that we are deliberately expressing ignorance to have a human experience.       

Before I go on, it's often said that many of my perceptions are based on Buddhism, in actuality, a lot of my perceptions mimic Hinduism and Taoism as well. Being that Buddhism and Taoism can coexist under Hinduism, it's understandable why my perceptions are so vast and varied, in actuality, I have never studied in Buddhism, Hinduism or Taoism.

The video often refers to many God's/Goddess's while refuting the claim of one God, are there many God's and Goddess's or is there one God?

Lets look at the perception of oneness to answer this, oneness refers to one as in one consciousness, one God, however, what is created from this consciousness is only expressed as parts of this one consciousness. Some of these parts do have a better comprehension of their truer being than other parts of this consciousness. Any consciousness that is less aware of this, will often perceive a consciousness that is more aware (powerful) as a God or Goddess. These God's and Goddess's are creator in their own right but so are human being albeit to a far lesser extent.

What creates a God or Goddess is a lesser aware consciousness and quite understandably so. Now the perception of oneness tells us there is only one true God, one consciousness, however,  if consciousness as a whole was aware of it's true self, what then would define a God? In actuality, the question for or against there being a God or God's and Goddess's is irrelevant, all we need to understand is that all consciousness is creative in it's own right. Once again this all comes down to perceiving in levels or not, the question is now, is perceiving in levels the creator of illusions?                        

The video often referred to a higher consciousness, meaning, a higher level of consciousness. This basically refers to the concept of God's and Goddess's, they do exist only because of a consciousness only being able to perceive in levels, being that there has to be a higher consciousness. The existence of a higher and lower consciousness indeed exists as of anything created from this one consciousness, however, this one consciousness can be or not be perceived as a God, either perception is correct and incorrect at the same time. This perception is based on what kind of consciousness one is experiencing at any given time. It's wise to be aware that when perceiving by levels, everything created from this one consciousness is going to be perceived as a higher consciousness in some way, this isn't the only perception one can take. This one consciousness is unable to see itself as a God when it's of everything. If you were everything, including the illusions, what then would define a God?

One creative consciousness exists as does many creative consciousness's, it matters not what level a consciousness creates from until a consciousness perceives in levels. The perception of a God or God's and Goddess's, is purely based on the perception of levels of what a consciousness creates. A creative consciousness exists as does many consciousness's, what then defines on what level these consciousness's are on? The perception of levels of course. Don't get me wrong here though, these levels exist because they have been created to create in their own right.

I will put it this way, this one creative consciousness has created numerous creative consciousness as these numerous creative consciousness have created this one consciousness. This is also the case of illusion and non-illusions!!

Can yin exist without the yang, can the yang exist without the yin?

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Love-A Sign Of Being Aware

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had absolutely had no intentions of writing today, this is until I walked past a radio with the presenter quoting Thaddeus Golas. I don't resonate with everything Thaddeus expresses but what was being quoted at that time resonated with me. “No matter what your spiritual condition is, no matter where you find yourself in the universe, your choice is always the same: to expand your awareness or contract it.” 
Thaddeus Golas, The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment

Basically, become aware or unaware, or more precisely, we all have a choice  in being unaware (ignorant) or aware (knowing). Being that a consciousness can only express destructive tendencies while in ignorance, wouldn't it be a wise thing to do to become more aware and stop our destructive ways? The trick with this is, one has to be aware to desist in one's own ignorance in the first place, in a sense, to desist in hate so one can love again for only in ignorance can a consciousness hate.    

It's certainly a strange reality we are all experiencing, it's not the wise and aware who are running the world, it's the unwise and unaware who are running the world. These people, think they are aware and intelligent and even wise in what they gain from the exploitation of their environment, this obviously isn't the case for only in ignorance can we exploit our environment to it's utter demise. No true aware and wise consciousness could exploit their environment. The reason for this is simple, they are just incapable of doing so, the perception of creating such a reality just doesn't exist within this kind of consciousness to start with.

Have we, as a collective consciousness, got to the point that we are unable to become aware, to desist in our destructive ways, because of our high level of ignorance? If I was to only take into consideration of the people who are obviously unaware, I would say yes but not everyone is this unaware, remembering, we all make up a collective consciousness. This means the collective consciousness is still able to help itself out of it's ignorant state of consciousness.

Another quote from Thaddeus, “Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it. Whatever you are feeling, love yourself for feeling it.” 
Thaddeus Golas

What can I say, awareness = love and unawareness = hate, the more a consciousness becomes aware, the more love a consciousness will automatically feel. This is the same with a consciousness being unaware, the more unaware a consciousness is, the more likely a consciousness is able to automatically hate, or show a lack of empathy, love and respectfulness for their environment. Once a consciousness is unaware, it's automatic for such a consciousness to express destructive traits, of course it's also automatic for an aware consciousness to express a true form of love. A true form of love being apart from lust and desire for only in ignorance can we be expressive of these traits as well.

So does this mean that we need to desist in our desires and lusts? No, as of anything created by ignorance, an unawareness, it has it's place as I will explain about a little further on in this post.

“When you learn to love hell you will be in heaven.” 
Thaddeus Golas

It's so easy to read this incorrectly, it's as if we need to love hell to create heaven, of course if you love hell this much, you will be in heaven but a hell like heaven. This isn't what this is saying nor is it saying that you must mentally, at the human level of comprehension and understanding, love hell.

I feel it's stating; become aware of hell and be understanding of it's reason and purpose of existing, within this comprehension and understanding, you will love hell for what it is, not for what it isn't. We so often try to find a purpose for hating or showing disdain for anything we deem that isn't a part of ourselves, what so strange with this perception is that everything is of the collective consciousness, meaning, even hell is a part of this consciousness therefore a part of us. The tricky little ego will of course delude us to think otherwise thus the illusion continues, of course illusions can only exist in a consciousness that is unaware.

Oneness: So many perceptions and ideologies point to oneness, one consciousness and one being, the point is, why are there so many different consciousness's doing their own thing? How can there be one consciousness when there is obviously many different conscious forms?

It's a paradox, there is oneness, as in one source of creation in my mind, but for this one consciousness to be truly aware, it needs to express what it is. Some people say this one consciousness needs to be aware of itself through it's expressions, human beings collective consciousness being but one of these infinite expressions of this one consciousness. I don't think this one consciousness needs to be aware of itself, I once thought the same thing, this one consciousness is only being expressive of it's awareness of all of what is, it's basically expanding on it's awareness through it's expressions.

For an aware consciousness, it is normal for this kind of consciousness to expand on it's consciousness, actually, an aware consciousness will expand on it's conscious  quite automatically. On the other hand, an unaware consciousness will contract (constrict) it's consciousness, at times to the point of it's own extinction/destruction.

Yes, there is one consciousness but at the same time separate infinite expressions of this consciousness. These infinite expressions of consciousness denote a consciousness so aware that it is incomprehensible to any other consciousness but itself, remembering, we too are this one consciousness. The more aware we are of this oneness being who we are, the more we will automatically love and desist in our destructive ways.

Everything has it's place including ignorance, "For to be ignorant to ignorance denotes only ignorance void of awareness of ignorance!!"........Mathew G 

Saturday, 5 March 2016

The World Upon Us

Written by Mathew Naismith

It’s difficult to get a grip on life at times, so many influences influencing us to be and act in a certain way in accordance with our environment, remembering, our environment isn’t who we are as a whole, in actuality, it’s only a very minute part of who we are. This very tiny part of us has however become our whole being in certain circumstances thus influencing us to forget who we really are.

The world upon us conditions us to believe that there is nothing else but the immediate environment that is continually conditioning us, is this tiny part of us that powerful that it is able to influence a consciousness to forget what and who it really is?  Why is this tiny part of us so seemingly powerful over and above our truer self?

The first thing to become aware of is that no tiny part or expression of ourselves is powerful, the only power that a fragmented part of any consciousness has is it’s ignorance or unawareness of it’s whole collective self. Once any consciousness becomes unaware of it’s truer being or state, it only becomes receptive to the influences of it’s immediate environment thus taking on the perception this is all I am.    

At the human level of understanding, would we state that being and living in ignorance is powerful in any sense? No, then why perceive that any other kind of ignorance is the same? The thing is, no kind of ignorance is powerful, the only power ignorance has is within it’s own expression of ignorance making such expressions of ignorance powerless.

The following is a good example of why this tiny part of us that lives in ignorance is seemingly so powerful.  Why do so many people perceive they are entrapped within this reality? It’s all to do with an unawareness of who and what they truly are, once a consciousness perceives in accordance with their immediate environment, such consciousness becomes even more unaware of their truer self. Look at it this way, once a consciousness perceives it’s entrapped, such unaware consciousness then perceives, and often thoroughly believes, it’s entrapped thus continuing in the delusion created by ignorance which is only a very tiny part of who we are.

It’s good to remember that any hurtful destructive expression denotes a level of ignorance, no truer state of awareness and wisdom can destroy in any sense. Don’t get the idea that any kind of destruction represents power, this is how our environment has conditioned us to think. It takes very little effort to destroy in comparison to creating anything constructive; it also takes a lot more awareness to be constructively creative. On the other hand, the more ignorant a consciousness becomes of it’s truer self, the more destructive it becomes, in actuality, the more ignorant a consciousness becomes, the harder it is for such consciousness to be truly constructive especially on a collective scale.

I just don’t get how we think that being ignorant or unaware has any power in any sense, the only power or power of entrapment ignorance has, is what we give it. Once we give consciousness awareness, the power of ignorance seems that it never existed, in actuality, it never did!!   

Yes, the world upon us influences us so, only because at the inner level have we given ignorance it’s presumed power, the real power lays in awareness not in being unaware. When I say power I don’t mean control either, only a consciousness existing in ignorance needs to control, a true sense of awareness and wisdom has no purpose or need for control. The reason for this is simple; such consciousness will never find itself within a state that it needs to control anything, it’s actually impossible for such a consciousness to do so in the first place!!  You wonder why I’m not an advocate for being entrapped, powerful or controlling in anyway, the truer self has no need for such expressions; any expression would obviously denote a sense of ignorance which the truer inner self in everyone has no need for therefore doesn’t exist!! 

It’s all so simple, be your truer inner self, not the world that is upon us…….     

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Moving Towards the Light

Written by Mathew Naismith

I did something recently I've  never really done before, I felt I needed to focus more so I asked for guidance, I had no fixated intentions, I just felt I needed to ask for assistance to focus more, I should know better!! What happened was I received visions, dreams and actual life experiences which focused on a particular part of life. What came out of all this was I no longer resonated with certain consciousness's, I shouldn't accept in my life what I no longer resonate with.

While becoming spiritually aware, our vibrations naturally and automatically change as well, we find we no longer resonate or even accept certain vibrations within our lives. I feel this is simply to do with awareness and unawareness or ignorance, the more aware we become the less we are attracted to anything pertaining to ignorance. I think this is because ignorance can and does quite automatically create chaos and destruction where's awareness does the opposite for only in ignorance can we destroy. If you no longer feel comfortable being involved in chaos and destruction, avoid it when possible.

Take a person who is becoming a naturalist, the more aware they become of how destructive consumerist materialism is for example on the environment, the less they resonate with such consciousness's, spiritual awareness is no different.

Let's take a look at how spiritual awareness and unawareness (ignorance) as a whole denote.

Awareness = order + constructiveness + release + wisdom 

Unawareness (ignorance) = chaos + destruction + control + knowledge

You will notice a disparity here between the two, isn't awareness about control and doesn't knowledge lead to wisdom and why isn't knowledge also a part of awareness?

Let's take a look at order and constructiveness as opposed to chaos and destruction first up,  only in ignorance can we destroy and to destroy is to create chaos, you cannot destroy while in awareness therefore you automatically have no chaos. This now brings us to release as opposed to control, only in chaos and destruction do you need to take control, what is there to take control of if you no longer have chaos and destruction within yourself? Let's put this another way, what would there be to control if you existed in a consciousness of pure peace and harmony?  We can now see how why order, constructiveness release are of awareness where's chaos, destructiveness and control are only of ignorance.

I should point out that saying one thing  is ignorant and the other aware is purely based on observations, not judgment especially critical judgment, everything a part of consciousness has it's place, ignorance and awareness are no different. I think it's quite obvious, through simple observation, that ignorance can be quite destructive.

Now let's look at the discrepancy between wisdom, awareness and knowledge, most people would put these three together as one leads to the other, knowledge leads to awareness and awareness leads to wisdom.

In a Human perspective this works, we are educated to become aware and then hopefully wise after many hours of study and actual life experiences in what we have studied, this allows us to take more control of our lives, this makes perfect sense and yes it does work to one extent or another. Spiritual awareness works quite differently I believe mainly because we are not using spiritual awareness to take control in the first place. The reason I separated knowledge from awareness is knowledge is more to do with control where's spiritual awareness is more to do with releasing control not gaining it.

If you look at what is happening today in the world with extremism, you can see how knowledge is used to take control but only a certain knowledge is used which only takes a certain amount of awareness, extremists are certainly not fully aware of what they are doing. Instead of certain religions using awareness to release control, they have used knowledge to gain control.

We should remember here, if we are still trying to gain control, we are not spiritually aware to the extent of not needing control to keep chaos and destruction in order all the times. If we are still using control within spirituality, we are not truly spiritually aware. Anyone truly spiritually aware will not have to use control within their spirituality, this is due to them not being a part of chaos and destruction in the first place because there is nothing to control within themselves.

Let's look at a wise person, how controlling are they of any situation? They will sit back and maybe give advice allowing the controllers to do their bit, this is due to them not needing to no longer take control. A wise person will be an observer instead of a participator unlike a controller, this is why controlling to me doesn't belong in spiritual practices, this same mistake has been made many times over through various religions in the past, it's a bit silly to me to continually repeat this time and time again.

There is also another word I can add in relation to awareness here, humbleness, so what is the antonym of humbleness? Majestic/proud which is expressive of eroticism, how many egotistical wise people do we know and what does egotism denote?  Egotism is all about control so does control really belong in true spiritual practices?

Does all this mean we shouldn't use knowledge in our spiritual practices? No, what we shouldn't do is use knowledge to take control but to use knowledge to become aware and wise. Needing or desiring  to control in spiritual practices is a sign that we are still battling with chaos and destruction, this isn't a very good sign denoting a spiritually wise person. 

It seems once we have order we have control, this is purely a human perceptive which is all based on using knowledge to control instead of using awareness to release control. Once you have order, there is nothing to control, so how do we bring order within outlives in the first place?  It's certainly not done through control of any kind even though when we focus, it seems we are using control to focus, what we are actually doing is releasing ourselves from controlling factors around us, this humanly gives us the feeling of power of control when it's all about releasing ourselves from control. Yes it's certainly tricky, we can indeed be fooled. 

I would advice anyone who is serious about practicing in true spirituality to find someone who is all about releasing control, not gaining control, through spiritual practices. The following is a good start in my mind, try Goggling, you never know what you will find.   

One of the visions I did receive after asking for guidance was to vision yourself while you are thinking about control, you should notice that you are holding something, this can be anything from a lions tail, a rope, something heavy, a person or what ever, now vision yourself stepping back and at the same time visioning yourself letting go of what you have a hold on, do this as many times you like. In a sense this is what we do when we so call die while going into the light, we release ourselves from our attachments, in other words we release ourselves from control.

There is but another word to add to awareness, light as opposed to dark as awareness as opposed to ignorance, it's funny how it all comes together. 

Awareness = order + constructiveness + release + wisdom + humbleness + light

Unawareness (ignorance) = chaos + destruction + control + knowledge + majestic + dark  

Friday, 6 February 2015

True Positive Perspectives-A cure

Written by Mathew Naismith

What does it truly mean to be positive, does it mean we should ignore all the negatives around us and only focus on the positives, or does it mean there are no true negatives in the world?  If we go along with the first question, what’s going to happen with these negatives in the world if we totally ignore them?  They are going to of course manifest but isn’t just positive thinking going to automatically manifest a better existence for everyone negating such negatives?

Knowing my human history, has this ever happened before?  No, for the main reason you can’t just ignore the negatives and expect to manifest a positive existence, any kind of ignorance is destructive for only in ignorance can we destroy and what has being unaware of the negatives got to do with spiritual awareness?   

The following was a reply I received in regards to my last post; it made perfect sense to me.

Very interesting. I would add, that many earnest seeking people have been co-opted into a spiritual delusion, not a reality. There are a lot of teachings that have been mistranslated and interpreted, to mean, be selfish, try and dream a world without actually acting upon that dream.

But the worst aspect, is the belief that you should only focus on the positive, which is complete ignorance. Yes, we should try to have a positive attitude, there is nothing new about this information. But, ignorance does contain the word 'ignore'....and that is child-like thinking.

If I ignore any of the difficult aspects of my life, it won't 'magically' go away. I cannot ignore the dirt on my kitchen floor, I HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT. I can focus on that dirt, and make it go away...through concerted effort, application and action.
When we don't go into the dark abyss....that cauldron life creates to 'form' us....we are robbing ourselves, our soul from transforming inside this human body/vessel.
Attempting to ignore this dark aspect (Kali) it becomes a 'shadow' that ends up controlling us, it adds to the darkness, so happy to become larger and have more power in our world and in our own personal lives.

AS if that was not dangerous enough, the other half of the teaching stresses basic narcissistic principles, and how to get more stuff, which is devoid of any true spiritual evolution or consciousness. the true hallmark of spiritual evolution. Be well. ~ Sangreal

Are there any true negatives in the world?

This is a difficult question to answer; to a true positive person, they can never see a negative in anything therefore would not judge or try to avoid anything remotely destructive, however, it is obvious to us there are indeed negatives in the world. These negatives are easy to identify, they are usually destructive which means anything positive is constructive.  

How much would we have learnt without these so called negatives, what we have judged as being negative? There are no true negatives and these negatives, if we learn from them, can be as if not more constructive than these judged positives, actually, positives can be very destructive!!

I know personally I have learnt a lot through my hardships only because I was aware, aware enough to not just judge these times as being just negative therefore ignore them. How would I become more aware if I ignored these hardships in my life?

Now at the collective human scale this is different, it is obvious we haven’t learnt from our hardships mainly because we judged them as being negative and ignored them instead of learning from them.  Will the human race ever learn? Not if it keeps sticking its head in the sand thus ignoring the negatives that can indeed teach us a more constructive way to exist.

In psychology; does a psychologist only bring forth the positives within a person with serious mental trauma? They usually bring forth these so called negative and then and only then replace these negatives with positives, something more constructive instead of destructive.   

Now look at the human collective who is obviously to me suffering from serious mental traumas, do we treat these traumas by ignoring these negatives by only focusing on the positives?  It just won’t work, yes it’s nice to think that positive thinking on its own is going to manifest a better existence but it won’t, not until we treat the illness first, in other words stop ignoring the symptoms.  What is above is also below!!

I don’t watch TV especially the news; it’s too ambiguous and hell bent on sensationalism which is usually brought about by something that is noticeably destructive, is this ignoring what is going on around me?  

Because the human collective is ignoring the symptoms, it’s the same as it was in the Roman days for example, why keep revising and bringing forth traumas that I am personally cured from? What we have though is a human collective that isn’t obviously cured so it keeps bringing forth these traumas time and time again. You can see why so many spiritually aware people are only focused on positive thinking; they are personally cured however the human collective isn’t. We can’t ignore this; it is obviously not going to go away no matter how much we try to manifest a more positive existence, that is obvious.

So how do we successfully cure the collective of its traumas?  

How did we cure our own traumas? By becoming spiritually aware and not ignoring the obvious like our misjudgements and egotistic straits.  Like we did; the collective needs to become aware of what is continually causing it traumas and then replace these traumas with positives once cured from these traumas.  You can’t cure a trauma without being aware of the trauma; this would be like trying to ignore a broken leg because it’s negative and expect it to heal itself, it just won’t work. Trying to magically manifest a more positive existence by ignoring the symptoms and traumas isn’t obviously going to work so we need to change our way of thinking.  

We might be cured ourselves but the human collective obviously isn’t, we need to all make it aware of this, by ignoring this fact, all we are doing is adding to this trauma of the collective.  Become aware of the symptoms; cure the cause of the symptoms and then move on to a more constructive existence, to me it’s the only way.        

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

I Am All That Is

Written by Mathew Naismith

Is living any kind of ignorance to our true nature an illusion, in other words, is any reality not of our true nature an illusion?

Recently I came across someone who was quite straight forward within her views that anything not of our true nature is an illusion, she can’t believe that so many people believe this reality isn’t an illusion. We are pure awareness; this is our true state which makes our present state an illusion which I concur with. The reason I concur with this is I fairly much know we are living in ignorance to our higher self, our pure awareness state. Everything about this reality denotes ignorance which is quite the opposite to our aware state, this would have to mean anything of ignorance denotes an illusion because it’s not of our true state which is of pure awareness or does it?

So this is saying that anything of ignorance is an illusion, the first problem I find with this is this sounds awfully like absolute truth to me, how would any of us, obviously of ignorance, know anything about absolute truth?

The second problem I have with this is we can’t possibly experience anything that isn’t of the collective consciousness in some way, this means this ignorance we are experiencing is also of this collective consciousness, it has to be real within a sense, maybe not human sense but in a real sense. The ego wants us to be only a part of a pure awareness nothing else, so we separate ourselves from pure ignorance. We do this by judging and labelling that anything of ignorance is an illusion but where is the oneness in this when we are judging, labelling and separating one consciousness from another?

I also thought this pure awareness state was our true nature until recently, instil I realised we are not just of what we have judged as being pure awareness, our true nature, but of pure ignorance as well. What ego wants to be a part of ignorance especially of an ignorance as pure as this pure awareness?  Once we become aware of what we judged as our truer state, we judged anything not of this state as being an illusion, this to me sounds we are once again being controlled by the ego in a very tricky way!! Do not underestimate the controlling ego; it’s indeed a very tricky little devil.

Every time I’m in a quietened state of consciousness I get quite firm and clear messages saying, “We are not just of what we have labelled our true nature but everything consciousness is, this includes any state of ignorance we may experience”. If any state of ignorance is an illusion, why would a pure aware consciousness want to experience, or even know of an ignorant state of consciousness if this ignorant state of consciousness wasn’t also of who we are?  I don’t think a pure awareness state of consciousness can experience anything it’s not a part of, this means any state of ignorance isn’t a true illusion.  It’s an illusion while we are aware of this pure awareness state but it’s not an illusion when we are aware that we are of both states of consciousness’s in the now, in the present moment.

There is an important point that needs to be made here, when in a pure awareness state,  we are also ignorant to an ignorant state of consciousness while in this pure awareness state, we are in fact still of ignorance when we have stated anything of ignorance is an illusion!! This is actually stating, anything just of ignorance or of this pure awareness is an illusion, either it be of this pure awareness or of pure ignorance, they are both an illusion when they disregard the other because the other is an illusion.

To me our true nature is of both pure awareness and pure ignorance and everything else that is of consciousness. When I was in a quietened state of consciousness last night I realised I don’t want to be of either pure awareness or pure ignorance, this means I don’t want to be of the light nor the darkness but in the grey area, an area of awareness that seems quite balanced. However what controlling ego wants to be of the grey area, it either wants to be of the light or the dark because these areas have a feeling of power and control, being in the grey area has no such feelings but it is of true balance I believe?

I certainly understand, to become knowing of awareness we need to experience this awareness, this means we will look upon what we have judged as pure awareness, our true nature, as being our true selves and look upon anything else not of this awareness as being an illusion. Seeing everything else not of this pure awareness as being an illusion is actually a very good sign, it is telling us we are indeed becoming further aware while we experience this pure awareness separate from ignorance. What I am stating is this ignorance isn’t a true illusion, it’s an illusion that it’s not reprehensive of all we are but I’m also saying this pure awareness isn’t either. Everything of consciousness is who we are.

People like Saddam Hussein and Hitler are a part of me as I am part of them, to separate one from the other hasn’t anything to do with oneness, separating conscious states of awareness from ignorance is the same, all we are doing is doing exactly what our egos desire, to separate anything we deem as inferior to ourselves.

To label and judge certain parts of consciousness an illusion is a part of the growing process, we will in the end I feel come to the same conclusion, nothing that is of this consciousness or any consciousness is a true illusion however I could certainly be incorrect in this as always!!

I know I am not just of the light or dark, I am all that is.      

Monday, 22 December 2014

A Merry Christmas to the Whole Collective

Written by Mathew Naismith

I hope everyone of the entire collective has a fantabulous season and new year ahead, wishing peace, love and understanding to all of the collective no matter what we have done throughout the year.  It’s very important for the individual to not judge the collective or individuals of the collective too harshly, it’s not easy living in ignorance so show a little understanding and patience for the whole collective’s sake.  

Our own personal happiness is vital for our wellbeing, sit back and enjoy the season but please consider what other parts of the collective are going through in the now, even if it’s for a brief moment of your time.

Being spiritually aware, we can sit back in our positive thoughts and expressions and just live in the now, if we are lucky that is, lucky enough not to be suffering under the influence of ignorance, so many people of the collective don’t have this much luck in the world so be grateful that you are not influenced by such destructive ignorance.  

It’s also a time to be grateful, to be grateful of all those of the collective who have suffered and are suffering in the now for us to be able to live without such destructive ignorance. We should remember, while living in our awareness in the now, other people of the collective living in the now are not so fortunate, living in the now for them is quite daunting to say the least.  

We need to be aware that living in the now for a lot of peolpe at any time isn’t full of awareness, love and harmony, it’s full of ignorance, hate and discord and we need to remember this is also a part of the collective. None of us can be of total awareness, love and harmony if any part of the collective is still living in ignorance.  

Yes we are indeed lucky to be aware so please give a thought to those of the collective that are not as lucky as we.

I will finish off this post with what is going to seem, to a lot of people, like a strange gesture by me towards another, I gave a gift of my time and certain consumables to a multi-millionaire, the look on his face was quite astounding. I look at it this way, is a person living in opulence ignorance any less needy than anyone living in a poverty influenced ignorance? Not to me, my awareness doesn’t judge who is needier and who isn’t, it just sees a need that needs to be met in the present moment without judgement. We are all living in ignorance of one kind or another. I don’t look at a multi-millionaire any less in need of my awareness than anyone else. I should also state I do indeed also give my time and consumables to less financially influential people of the collective, no one in the collective is judged to be of any less importance than another no matter what their stature is. I realised I gave a lot to this millionaire, more than my time and consumables; it was written all over he’s face.  

Saturday, 8 November 2014

The difficulties of Existing in Time

Written by Mathew Naismith

Time is a fragmented consciousness as opposed to timelessness which is of the whole consciousness, a consciousness not fragmented but whole; at times this timeless consciousness is referred to as God’s consciousness. God’s consciousness to me is however of the whole of what consciousness is including the fragmented consciousness of time, how can a consciousness be whole when we disclaim a part of consciousness as being not of the whole consciousness?  This would have to make God’s consciousness not completely whole if we disregard any consciousness of time.

I think the purpose of time is to allow this whole consciousness to experience and express all parts of itself including the ego, to do this it needs to fragment this whole consciousness into parts so that each part can interact with each other creating various experiences and expressions.  This is able to happen through time. The whole consciousness, God’s consciousness, is then able to be expressive of all it is in every way possible, this however gives this fragmented consciousness within time a dilemma, it can become that separated and ignorant of it’s true nature that all it expresses is destruction.  If a consciousness can only express destruction, this whole consciousness isn’t being experienced because constructiveness is also a part of this whole consciousness. You could say expressing consciousness only in a destructive way is also of expressing and experiencing of this whole consciousness!!

In a way this is true, the Earth is always reforming and to do this it needs to destroy something first to reform it, the point is what is the Earth doing when the Earth reforms itself?  It’s being constructive while it’s reforming but a totally ignorant consciousness within time only destroys for the main reason there is no balance between a constructive consciousness’ and a destructive consciousness. Is this whole consciousness only destructive? This is the point it’s not and neither are we supposed to be especially within our entirety.  

When a consciousness becomes just destructive somewhere within this whole consciousness, there is also a consciousness to balance out such a destructive consciousness. You could say that the human species isn’t altogether destructive; it’s always reforming when it destroys something, sky scrapers and roads are a good example of this reforming. The problem with this kind of reforming is it’s destroying the Earth which will make Earth quite uninhabitable one day, in other words it’s plainly destructive.  This is due to man’s consciousness becoming ignorant to it’s whole conscious self within timelessness and the more ignorant it becomes the more destructive it will become.  So what is balancing this out? People becoming aware, less ignorant of their whole consciousness thus balancing out these destructive consciousness’s.   In time there is always a reaction to an action so if one consciousness is going to be destructive there is also a reaction to this with other consciousness’s becoming more constructive through awareness.  While certain other fragmented consciousness’s become destructive through their ignorance, other consciousness’s become constructive through their awareness, it’s an automatic reaction in time which you only get to experience and express within time.

This however doesn’t mean we are going to be able to save the Earth and ourselves from such destructive ways, all this means is we have a chance to save ourselves. This depends on how many consciousness’s (people) are going to become more aware instead of more ignorant to give us this balance.  

I should point out I love being expressive of all of what this whole consciousness is, to me time is the big deal not timelessness, it is also much harder to be of time than it is to be of timelessness.  In time we can be expressive of all of what this whole consciousness is in any way. That to me is a big deal.

While only aware and living in a consciousness of time, it’s hard to be of this timeless consciousness so that is why this timeless consciousness to us is the big deal not time however, while aware and living within timelessness, time is the big deal mainly because you can be expressive of all of what consciousness is.  In timelessness you can be all of what consciousness is but you can’t be expressive of all of what consciousness is for the main reason there is no fragmentation of consciousness and no ego.  The ego is a part of this whole consciousness otherwise it couldn’t exist; the ego allows us to be expressive of all of what consciousness is. There are a number of people who desire to be just of this higher self; a part of the whole consciousness again, is this not also of the desire of the ego?  

The ego has a very constructive part to play in time unless it becomes too controlling, then it becomes ignorant and destructive. To me we shouldn’t be too ignorant of the importance of time and only desire to be of the whole consciousness again; in this where not serving this whole consciousness but ourselves as separate consciousness’s.   

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Spirituality-The Now within the Present

Written by Mathew Naismith

To me it doesn’t matter if we confuse the present to the now even though there is a difference, you can’t have the now in time without a present moment.  What most of us are doing is focussing on the future and even the past, disregarding the present moment altogether when it’s the present moment that defines our past and future.  When we say the present moment defines our future, this isn’t saying the future is predestined by the present, the present moment will influence the future but it won’t make it predestined. Yes we all individually and collectively have a path to follow but it’s not predestined, we don’t have to destroy or harm ourselves for starters, certainly not any more.

The present doesn’t actually bring on timelessness as I described in an illustration in my last post however, you can’t have the now, which is of true timelessness, without the present in time, this is why I illustrated this as below in my last post.

The present = timelessness + God’s consciousness (pure consciousness)

It’s actually more like this: The now = timelessness + God’s consciousness (pure consciousness)

The present moment leads to timeliness and this God’s consciousness but the present is also representative of the past and the future within time, the present is actually quite more important to us than the past or future or even the now in two ways.

The present moment = now + timelessness + God’s consciousness (pure consciousness)

But the present moment also = time +past + future

Focusing on the now, over and above the present moment, takes us to God’s consciousness but we are missing something here, were does time fit in here?  It doesn’t, even though we are still in time!! We must also remember time is also of this God’s consciousness; this is why when we are in timeliness we have a feeling to again be in time and visa-versa.  It’s all of this God’s consciousness, it’s just one is of time and the other timelessness, one is of ignorance the other awareness. Without the ego does it matter if we live in ignorance? No, so what part of us doesn’t want to live in ignorance? The ego of course!!  

Pure consciousness is in relation to God’s consciousness, an un-fragmented consciousness of timelessness and awareness, and fragmented consciousness relates to realities of time and ignorance.  

Pure consciousness = timelessness + oneness + non-duality + awareness

Fragmented consciousness = time + individuality + duality + ignorance

It matters not if it’s fragmented or un-fragmented consciousness, it’s still God’s consciousness however, fragmented consciousness can become quite destructive mainly because of it’s ignorance for only in ignorance can we be destructive. This sort of doesn’t make sense, we are more aware as a collective than ever but we are more destructive as ever.

It all comes down to how we are becoming aware, some people become aware through ego tendencies, this is obviously quite destructive,  other people become aware through the now disregarding the present moment in time.  How could disregarding the present moment be destructive?  If you think on this, we are ignoring the present for the now and what does ignoring the present represent? Ignorance and what is the only way we can be destructive?  Through ignorance of course and this ignorance is quite destructive to anything of time.

Actually the present moment represents time and timelessness simultaneously; this isn’t the case if we only focus on the past and future as many of us are doing and it’s not the case if we only focus on the now.  This is why I illustrated in my last post as below.

The present = timelessness + God’s consciousness (pure consciousness)

Past and future = time + man’s consciousness

If I illustrated that the present moment is representative of both time and timelessness, I would have confused a lot of people in that particular post.  If we were more collectively aware the below illustrations would be more correct.

Present moment = timelessness + now + God’s consciousness (pure consciousness) + oneness + non-duality + awareness

Present moment = time +past and future + man’s consciousness +individuality + duality + ignorance + ego

What the present moment does, if we are aware, is collates both time and timelessness into a cohesive collective instead of a fragmented collective or a collective without time.  In this we can use the awareness of timelessness to pacify the destructive tendencies of time and it’s ignorance. It’s all God’s consciousness, we should not ignore one over and above the other for only in ignorance can we destroy.  

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Power Doesn’t Really Exist

Written by Mathew Naismith

This might seem strange, power doesn’t exist but it’s obvious to us it does so does power really exist?  Let’s ask another question to help us answer this question, what gives something or someone power? Control, anything we rely on or want is catered for by something or someone who can supply us with our wants and needs, once this is supplied we are controlled, once we are controlled, we ourselves through our wants and needs have created such power but this doesn’t truly answer if power actually exists. 

I asked a question of my inner self as I often do, does the divine have power?  I was promptly answered back no, I wasn’t sure I understood so I asked this question a few more times and the answer was the same, no. This would also mean God’s consciousness or the sources conscious wasn’t of power as well even though to us it would seem that way.  It didn’t make sense until I realised, to have or to be powerful one would have to supply a need or a desire to others to seem powerful, in actual fact it was the needy and the desiring who would give such power, for without the needy or desiring, there is no such power.  Anything or anyone presuming to be powerful needs to supply a want or a need, they are not powerful unless they have control over a need or a want of other things.  It’s actually the act of a need or desire that gives anything or anyone control and power however God’s consciousness isn’t of power, nothing of the divine is of power but it’s supplying a need is it not so it has to be of power? I’m still getting a no…..

The divine isn’t about control, the divine doesn’t control anything unless it comes into the presence of ignorance but even then it’s not the divine taking control, any kind of consciousness in ignorance will deem the divine as being controlling and powerful, this is due to the essence of the divine, it’s of awareness. Anything that is more aware is going to seem powerful and even controlling however that is far from the truth.

A consciousness existing in ignorance will seek out this power to take control; it needs this because it lacks awareness so it makes up this lack of awareness through power and control.  Anyone who believes they are all powerful is living in ignorance so they make up this lack of awareness through this power and control; it’s an ephemeral flame instead of an eternal flame as explained in recent posts.  Are we not taught so often to take control of our lives, to be empowered? We of course only do this when we lack awareness.  Isn’t living in awareness and wisdom about taking control?  No, actually it’s about releasing power and control not gaining it. Think about this for a moment, we are releasing control and this inner power, we are no longer inhibiting this power and control within us through our ignorance, we are setting it free.  In a sense this is more powerful than anything we can do in ignorance however we are not gaining power and control within this but releasing it.  
So if the divine in all of us isn’t controlling and powerful, what is it? Pure natural energy, it’s pure because it’s not living in ignorance, it’s not tainted by ignorance, it’s pure awareness. What would this pure natural awareness want to control and have power over? In a sense it has all the power it wants, it has no need to be all powerful and controlling over anything living in ignorance but on the other hand anything living in ignorance would if it feels inadequate!!

Power and control are non-existing because they are of the ephemeral flame not of the eternal flame, so does this mean everything of this ephemeral flame is also non-existing and that everything in this reality is an illusion? No not exactly, power and control don’t exist because they are only perceptions however is walking a dog an illusion brought about by our perception of a dog and us walking? Consciousness creates dogs and us walking on something solid, they are a perception but not only a perception because they were created by consciousness, this same consciousness didn’t create power and control, it’s wholly a perception that we manifested into a reality.  

When we are looking at a dog we see a dog? Yes but when we look at power and control do we see power and control? We see it all around us but only metaphorically speaking, it’s wholly created through our perceptions. This is saying that a dog isn’t a metaphoric perception but power and control are!!  Because the dog was created directly from consciousness, it’s wholly of pure consciousness but can we say the same for power and control?  It’s representational of our own ignorance not representational of our awareness. The dog was created from awareness however at the human level we are unaware of this, we can’t say the same for power and control for they are wholly created by our ignorance.  The dog is of the eternal flame, even though it’s only consciousness and not an actual dog, but power and control are entirely of the ephemeral flame.  The dog, as we all are, is of the ephemeral flame created by the eternal flame, the eternal flame didn’t create power and control, our own ignorance did.

Why doesn’t this all powerful pure consciousness, Gods’ consciousness, take control of us at this crucial time? It doesn’t because it’s not about taking control, just because we are controlling we presume anything more aware and powerful in our own perception is also controlling. So what’s the good of this pure consciousness to us if it doesn’t take control to help us? As it always has, it gives us guidance which is quite noticeable right throughout human history without this consciousness taking control, it just can’t take control because it doesn’t exist when we are aware, only in ignorance does power and control exist.  This pure consciousness certainly isn’t ignorant.  

This post is going to go against a lot of taught practices of taking control and empowering ourselves, it’s actually about un-empowering  ourselves to release what we deem as power and control from within us.  You might think by meditating, for example, is about taking control but it’s not, it’s about releasing ourselves of our thoughts, our controlling ways.  It seems we are controlling our thoughts by meditating when all we are doing is changing the way we think, changing our mentality to something more constructive.  Spirituality to me should never be about power and control but a guide to a more constructive way to exist and just be.  

Thursday, 4 September 2014

To Love and be Loved

Written by Mathew Naismith

“To love is to not live in the darkness of ignorance but to live without the ego telling us how to love and be loved, awareness is the true essence of being of love.”

Is awareness and wisdom the ability to love and be loved without the ego telling us how? I think wisdom in particular is all about being able to be expressive without having to be told how to be so expressive in such ways.

Is ignorance, as a whole, linked to the controlling factors of the ego? The ego is about the (I) as opposed to the (we), if we are focused on the (I), have we not then become ignorant of the (we)?

We are therefore living in the darkness of ignorance if we allow the ego to show us how to love and be loved, the funny thing is most of us know no other way!!

Awareness gives us the wisdom to look beyond our egos to love and be loved as (we) not as (I). 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Truer Essence of Our Being

Written by Mathew Naismith

Love and light is the true essence of our being where ignorance and chaos are but fleeting moments of our ignorance to our true being. Ignorance is of time and because it’s of time it’s not eternal like our true essence or our inner selves, ignorance is but a fleeting moment within our whole eternal existence but we have allowed it to control the collective.

This post was inspired by a bloke called Roger Hamel as most of my posts are inspired by others.  Roger talks so often of the essence, our truer eternal selves, and how this essence quite automatically transforms anything not of our true essence by simply pacifying all before it. There is absolutely no push and pull effect involved, which of course causes more chaos, but a pacifying effect.  This pacifying effect of our true essence I feel is what gives us love and light, as soon as you feel this love and light you know or should now you are connected to your own true essence.  

Indeed Roger, once we become in touch with the essence of our being, the essence itself pacifies the ego to the extent it is no longer in control. You could humanly say the essence takes control but it doesn’t, it just pacifies all before it.  

Does time have to be of ignorance? If we can only perceive ourselves exiting in time, yes ignorance has to be of time in this case but if we looked beyond existing beyond time, ignorance doesn’t have to be of time as we have become aware of our eternal selves, our truer essence selves. It does take wisdom to acknowledge that we aren’t just of time; we are indeed eternal beings of light and love.

I have stated in replies to others, we first of all need to be taught about wisdom before knowledge; you can know all the knowledge in the world and still not know how to use this knowledge especially constructively.  I feel we can also mistakenly confuse knowledge for awareness as awareness to me is more about wisdom not just knowledge, you can gain knowledge without being wise but can you gain awareness without being wise?  True awareness incorporates wisdom; true wisdom wouldn’t use knowledge destructively as there is no point to destruction, true wisdom is very constructive as it’s of our truer essence self.  The only way we can destroy is within ignorance and the reason ignorance destroys is it has no wisdom.

It takes awareness to realise we need to be taught about wisdom before knowledge as wisdom is of our true essence selves, it’s love and light which is very constructive.  We as a collective race have done quite the opposite, relying on knowledge without wisdom which has created chaos and destruction.  If we bring no light within the shadows of ignorance, we will stay ignorant no matter how much knowledge we obtain however bringing forth our inner wisdom of light and love will change this quite significantly.  Once we start delving into our inner wisdom, we become quite automatically of light and love, our truer essence selves.   

So in all what is the truer essence of our being? It’s being aware and aware that wisdom is only of light and love, it can never be of anything else but light and love and once we bring this wisdom forth, we of course quite automatically bring forth light and love dispelling quite automatically anything pertaining to ignorance.  The passive influence of our essence selves is quite remarkable, without effort, or a push and pull effect, our truer essence selves transforms all before thee, you could quite easily say it’s quite magical and mystical.  Our truer essence selves is awareness and wisdom which can only be of light and love.

Spiritual awareness isn’t just about acceptance but being aware of our inner wisdom of light and love, spiritual awareness is about being aware which helps us break our attachments and fixations to anything pertaining to ignorance like how controlling the ego is for instance under the influence of ignorance.  Our truer essence selves passively negate any controlling factors of the ego changing the ego into something more passive and constructive.  Spiritual awareness in all sense is about our inner wisdom and once we bring this forth, love and light will quite passively negate anything ignorance stands for.