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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Moving on - A Resurrection of Awareness

Written by Mathew Naismith  

It's really interesting how the worst of times can either make us more aware or more unaware, in other words less controlling or more controlling. Indeed, the more aware we become the less controlling we are and the less abuse we  express as control is always linked to being abusive. Consider this, how many people want to change this controlling abusive environment? We must remember, a non-controlling abusive consciousness is in an environment of control and abuse, we are the one's in their environment not the other way around, this gives us no right to change their environment, in other words be controlling and abusive over their environment in anyway.

However, we do have a right to influence our immediate environment and to disallow any controlling abusive ways to influence us. This of course is always going to be difficult for us to do at times, after all, we are not existing in a non-abusive non-controlling reality to begin with.

In recent days, my world has been sort of turned up side down emotionally, my siblings are, in my mind, reacting quite badly to my mothers imminent demise, in actuality, they are abusing my mother, my wife and myself.  When I stepped back and observed what is going on, all I could see is an excessive amount of control, such expressions of excess will of course create a very abusive environment.

My siblings and myself were brought up in an abusive controlling family environment, my siblings obviously reacted to this in one way and I the other. They seemed to have allowed themselves to become conditioned to the abuse and control where's I allowed this abuse and control to make me more aware of the destructive attributes of control therefore abuse. Yes, any sense of control is abuse in one way or another, only a controlling ego would say otherwise.

The following exchange between a friend of many years ago and myself on facebook is as follow.   

Gina Hodgkin I have done the same. I also blocked them. I'm so sick of the lies that continues to come out of that person mouth. It is sad when you are left with no choice but cut off other family members because of someone else's bad behaviour. I feel for you

My Reply
I think the thing is, we are past being controlling and abusive but of course being controlling themselves, they want to force their own controlling ways onto us all the times.

We were actually born within their environment, it was controlling so any consciousness that isn't controlling in the same way, will of course feel out of tune with their environment. I don't want to change their environment, all I want to do is be allowed to be within my own environment, this of course is going to be hard to do within such a controlling environment. People like you and I are always going to have to ward off other consciousness's controlling ways, this is their environment after all, we are actually existing within their environment.  

My older brother sees himself as some kind of spiritual guru, he got upset with me because I was expressing personal family experiences, the thing is, we don't even own our own thoughts, therefore, how could we have actual personal experiences. My spiritual guru brother is obviously still into ownership. We don't own anything and that's a huge relief to me but to anyone into control and abuse, the thought of not even owning your own thoughts is psychologically catastrophic to them. It's like a drug addict, any hint of taking their comfort blanket away from them is psychologically catastrophic to them, this is why they so often lash out at anyone threatening their addictions and fixations.

You don't need to feel for me Gina, even though I do appreciate your kind loving thoughts. I've leant so much from my abusive controlling family. Unlike my siblings who are conditioned to abuse, abuse made me aware, I did not allow the abuse I've experienced to condition me to abuse.

Even though my mother was quite abusive in her life, she doesn't deserve being abused. My mother knew no other way to be, I understand that completely. Yes, like myself she could have rectified this but I think the life she chose wasn't conductive to this.

Keep well and Happy Gina, life is full of pitfalls but from this, comes light but only if we keep pulling ourselves out of these pits and don't become a part of the pit.

PS By the way, thanks,  I knew I had to write about my recent occurrences but I didn't know how to write it, our discussion is going to be a part of my post on my blog.  

We might look at my emotional reactions as being expressive of the ego, well of course it is, if I wasn't supposed to react in this way, I wouldn't have the realisation of being human. The realisation of being human goes in hand with being expressive of the ego, I'm not then going to judge this being one thing or another, it is what it is, the human realisation and experiences of ego.

The type and excessiveness of the ego we express, is determined in how we have allowed such a controlling abusive environment to condition ourselves. I was lucky enough to be born in a very controlling family environment, yes, I did say lucky because if it wasn't for this environment, there is no way I would be as aware as I am now of  this collective controlling abusive environment we all exist in.

I think it's important to create your own environment within this controlling abusive collective environment. Within this awareness, it's important to also to try not to control and change this collective environment for all this will do, like a drug addict, cause a reaction!!

Indeed, don't be fooled, control and abuse is addictive therefore it is wise and advisable not to outwardly change their own environment we are presently experiencing. Yes, we know, there is a better more constructive way to exist but they don't want this, they want to stay addicted to control and abuse and yes, they too have a right to do this especially within their own environment!!

We are the foreign matter or aliens within an environment that is alien to non- abusive and non-controlling consciousness's, this is obvious!!                  

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

How Truly Blessed Are We?

Written by Mathew Naismith

In my mind we couldn't be more blessed if we tried, all we need to do to become aware of how blessed we are is to observe how truly blessed we are, this act alone will bring a peace on earth that will be beyond most people's comprehension. I will explain this by firstly sharing a reply I received in regards to my last post.     

It will never cease to amaze me - just how far my ego will go to distract me from my priorities..

My Reply
Utterly, you can't be meek and mild, this however doesn't mean we can't be beautiful and passively peaceful within our mentality and behaviour. 

I think Jesus and Buddha in particular  are very good examples of this, how controlling were they? They weren't controlling therefore of the ego, they were however aware and wise, this is one of the reasons why I advocate awareness and wisdom over and above control. For example, as soon as the churches became controlling, they lost what these people were trying to teach in my mind.

I don't get it, we are only relating our meekness/timidness to a beautiful and passive peaceful existence and mentality, to feel this beauty and a passive peacefulness, we have to be meek/timid, this also means, to create a more harmonious existence, we have to become meek. I'm wondering, how many people think this but also think at the same time we have to take control especially over ourselves which doesn't include a lot of our desires/lusts strangely enough? I've come across this quite a lot.....

Meek but firm: You can be meek/timid at the same time being firm and rigid, especially in relation to the controlling ego. Dispelling the ego takes, at times, a lot of firmness within oneself, this doesn't mean you are no longer meek/timid. It's also interesting why I use the word dispelling, it means to firmly disperse, was Buddha timid when faced with his controlling ego? He was firm within his resolutions but timid within his expressions. Jesus and Buddha are prime examples of expressing a firmness and at the same time being timid within this expression, in other words they had to be very assertive but at the same time being timid within this assertiveness.

How many people who are primarily expressive of love are firm within their assertiveness of this love? Most of these people would advocate that they are not firmly assertive but they would be quite incorrect within this perception, to themselves, they just come across as being timid within their nature. Try talking about hate or a another subject they find distasteful, you won't get to far with this, the reason for this is they are very firm and assertive of their own views and vibrations. It is obvious you can be firmly assertive and at the same moment be meek/timid within our whole being.  

Control: There is however quite a huge difference between people like Jesus and Buddha and people who just want to be meek/timid. People like Jesus, Buddha, Rumi, Confucius, used awareness and wisdom to dispel the controlling ego not control it. You might think it took a huge amount of control for Buddha to become enlightened, he had to dispel he's controlling ego within it's entirety, this is no small feat to anyone fixated to the controlling ego in any sense. Buddha did try at first to control he's controlling ego tendencies, it however wasn't happening for him though. The reason it wasn't happening was due to that  he was trying to control the ego within by taking away all he's Earthly desires and even he's needs, this however all changed when he started to observe himself I believe instead of just being a participator.

Trying to control our egoistic tendencies is being a participator and a participator to the ego.  When Buddha observed himself, he saw this, what he did then was simple, he let go of being a participator to the ego. You see it was the ego still in control as it was the ego in the first place that influenced him to try to control the ego within himself, he observed that he was just as expressive of the ego as ever, this was until he observed himself I believe. Once he observed himself, he became aware and wise within his expressions and being which is all that is needed to dispel the controlling ego. When you are truly aware in how destructive and disruptive a controlling ego can be, you wisely dispel such expressions, you realise all what these expressions will create is chaos, destruction and disharmony. What truly wise person would create such a reality to begin with? To be able to create such a reality takes a lot of controlling ways and very little wisdom and awareness.

Now Jesus was a little different in the way he became enlightened, he didn't start off with trying to control the controlling  ego, this I believe was due to his humble beginnings unlike Buddha who was born into luxury and prestige. Buddha actually had a lot more to contented with in relation to the controlling ego within himself. It's funny to think that Jesus was actually a lot luckier than Buddha, he was already humbled where Buddha still needed to be humbled.  

It's really amazing that these two quite different transformation still ended up at the same point of enlightenment and mentality, within this difference alone we have a lot to learn from, we couldn't be more blessed in my mind.

To be honest, what I have written here came through me, in other words what is primarily written here was just channelled through to me, please don't take it as being gospel in any sense.  

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Existing Without Control

Written by Mathew Naismith

Indigo: How can we exist without some form of control? The answer is simple, observe children that are brought up in an environment void of the conditioning of control. In my case, the children I observed where what is known as indigo children, indigo children being of our more natural abilities void of egotism. When you take egotism out of our conditioning, you will notice our natural abilities will automatically came back, this is to me is what is known as indigo children.

In my observation of these children there was no control, especially between siblings and peers. Yes, parents of these children were seemingly controlling through their protection and teachings but this isn't control, it is however a natural cycle of protection and teachings very much like the rest of the animal kingdom.

In a herd situation, you seemingly have dominant male and female presence, to anyone brought up with controlling conditioning, this dominance is going to be naturally presumed as control when all it is, is an indication of protection and teachings. I think an indigo family unit is a very good indication of a conditioning that is actually void of actual control.

Natural Cycles: Now the difference between the rest of the animal kingdom and man is egotism which brings on an urge to take control, this is instead of existing by natural cycles. Any form of egotism wants to take control, it basically doesn't like being influenced by natural cycles, this is quite different in a true indigo family unit and the rest of the animal kingdom and this is another thing, our egos don't like being connected with the rest of it's natural environment either. This kind of mentality is sadly enough worsening, this is especially apparent in the way we are destroying the rest of the animal kingdom and the environment as a whole, if it can't be used to our advantage, we destroy it, if it can, we destroy it through controlling it to serve our egotism.

What I am saying here is, any form of control indicates egotism, not just the  ego, however, it's important not to confuse this control with our natural abilities of protecting, teaching and nurturing, one is of ego, the other of egotism. This also includes protecting, teaching and nurturing ourselves, I think it's important to understand this.

When we learn from others to better protect, teach and nurture ourselves, we are actually going with the flow of our natural cycles, this however changes if the protection, teachings and nurturing are more about control. In other words, when the protection, teachings and nurturing are more based on egotism than ego, this is a good indication of a conditioning purely based on control.

A Controlling Substance: In actuality, the less control we express, the more harmonious will be the reality we create. In the animal kingdom, when an animal isn't being hunted or hunting or influenced by other natural stressful occurrences, they exist in pure bliss, however, a human being conditioned by control, can never exist in this kind of pure bliss, why? Because the ego has a never ending thirst or desire for more and more, the more it desires, the more it destroys and controls.

Feeding our egotism through control, will only create a very fleeting transitory bliss, mainly because anything usually created through control, is in rejection or opposition to the natural cycles we exist in. One thing to consider here though, it's also natural for egotism to reject an existence controlled by natural cycles, this kind of existence however will create quite a chaotic existence as you could imagine. Any other force in oppositions to these natural cycles, will naturally and automatically create realities of chaos.

But we don't desire this kind of reality, so what do we do, we still use control to create a better existence, it's however quite obvious this isn't working because we are still using the very same thing that created the chaotic reality we are trying to change, control. This was going to naturally occur because we are conditioned from birth to control and be controlled.

It's strange to think that the people who desire to change this reality into something more constructive, haven't learnt from their environment, it's control that has caused us to create a chaotic environment in the first place, you can't use the same thing that created a chaotic reality to create a more harmonious reality. We might think here it's all to do with the way we use control, the thing with control is it has nothing to do with protecting, teaching and nurturing, yes, the ego will tell us otherwise but our environment, when observed void of controlling conditioning, tells us something quite different, usually the truth that the ego doesn't like and will most likely refute.  

Now we might also think the weather, like the animal kingdom, is all about control and controlling us but it's not. The weather is all about a natural cycle, this is until man influences this cycle through his controlling conditioning that is. Yes, the weather is influential but it's not influentially controlling, the weather isn't trying to influence us for it's own means, it's just going through it's natural cycles without any intentions. This is another big difference between man's controlling conditioning and the rest of creation, no other part of existence exists purely based on intentions. I think it's worth being aware, even when we have intentions to create a better existence, we are still trying to control a chaotic existence to suite our own desires.

I look at control as a controlling substance like alcohol, illicit drugs or smoking, they are all based on control, the funny thing is, we haven't got control, the substance we are feeding our desires with has. In our case, it's egotism that has got control as soon as we use control to control ourselves and the rest of our environment.

Yes, I look at control as a intoxicating substance because it's just as highly intoxicating as alcohol, illicit drugs or smoking, especially when used excessively, which is usually brought about by our reaction to something in life. Basically, as we use alcohol, illicit drugs or smoking in reaction, we also use control in the same way and  the more we react, the more intoxicated and  drug-addicted we become to control, it of course makes us feel so good!! It's really advisable to stay well and truly clear of control to create a more harmonious reality in my mind, just go with the natural flow and forget about what egotism is trying to sucker you into is my advise but as usual, I could be quite incorrect here.

If our controlling conditioning instantly disappeared, this reality would turn into a reality quite unimaginable to a lot of people, it would feel like pure bliss. This reality for some people already exists, it's not a fallacy or wishful thinking, it's a reality based not on more control but less control. You take away our controlling conditioning, you take away the chaos in our lives, it's as simple as that.    

Monday, 14 September 2015

Gaia's Enlightened Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Gaia's Lack of Ego: Gaia is in relation to mother Earth and is known to be a living breathing entity that is conscious, in other words aware and even wised up to it's environment Gaia exists in. Man's consciousness itself has evolved from Gaia's consciousness, this doesn't mean however man has taken on Gaia's consciousness, it's evolved from Gaia's consciousness to form it's own consciousness which is mainly influenced by ego.

The following was a response I gave to a group of people who wanted to retaliate against the judged evil in the world. It's interesting to know how Gaia would react in our circumstance.          

Gaia's Consciousness: It is the acknowledgement that Gaia is a conscious and sentient being of which we are all active cells with specific functions as parts of her body.

Gaia's consciousness is obviously much wiser than man's consciousness even collectively, man's consciousness after all is of  Gaia's consciousness, not Gaia's consciousness is of man's consciousness.

Going by man's perception, man would seem to be evil collectively to Gaia, does Gaia then react by counteracting man's evilness with extreme motions of love? Remember, Gaia's consciousness is far wiser than man's consciousness. I should also mention, man also uses the environment to destroy or harm himself, this action isn't Gaia's.

Gaia just sits there taking it because Gaia hasn't got an ego to contend with within itself, in the end, man will destroy himself by his own hands through his misuse of the ego.

You cannot give love to evil in retaliation, the reason is simple, evil thrives on love because it turns this retaliative love into lust and desire, Gaia is wised to this so it sits very patiently within it's stillness. Give love to what we have judged to be evil but do it with very little motion as Gaia does.

If we gave our love to Gaia, we would live within a heaven on Earth, this takes balance. Any extreme reactions to another motion we judge as evil isn't balance. If we allowed it, Gaia would still today embrace us with her love and affection, please do as what Gaia would to onto us, embrace what you have judged as evil, don't keep feeding it. 

Any extreme action, especially if it's driven by retaliation, is an expression of egotism, in other words extremes can't exist unless driven/influenced by egotism and of course the more extreme our reactions are, the more expressive we are of egotism. You cannot fight egotism with egotism though, these people  were talking about fighting the evil in the world but all they are doing is feeding the evil in the world within their reaction.  Fighting evil with love will only feed this evil with what it desires and even needs to exist.  

Any judged evilness will of course thrive on any retaliation that is extreme, especially if the retaliation is in extreme opposite to itself, this is wholly due to this kind of consciousness thriving on the love of conflicts. Conflicts are of course but another trait that can only exist through expressions of egotism. Fighting extremes with extremes is exactly the same as fighting egotistical expressions with egotistical expression, all this will do is feed the egotism in the world.  Love might not be conflictive to someone who loves but it is to someone who only lusts.

Gaia Consciousness: When we think of Gaia, we usually only think of in terms of mother Earth, in actuality, Gaia refers to nature period which means all of what the universe itself is, Gaia is the universe itself. This isn't just a living breathing entity but a living breathing consciousness as well. This doesn't mean our moon is conscious of Saturn's  moons or our planet Earth is conscious of another galaxy, this means Gaia herself is conscious of all of what it is. How aware are we of even the person next door or a person in another town that we have never conversed with or even seen? We know there are people there but we are not aware of the people themselves, Gaia is, this is why Gaia is way beyond human perception. How many of us know or even want to know Gaia exists?  

Human consciousness is far more unaware than that of Gaia, this is a strange perspective because even though Gaia's consciousness is far more aware than human consciousness, Gaia isn't controlling but man's consciousness is. In actuality, the more aware man becomes, the more controlling he tries to be, Gaia is by no way controlling. Gaia allows the cycles to run their course, for example, if a sun has finished it's cycle, Gaia allows this cycle to run it's natural course without trying to control the sun. If man had control of the universe, would he allow the sun to continue it's natural cycle, especially if it benefited him if the sun didn't finish it's natural cycle? The answer is obvious......

I've also noticed new age spirituality is more about control and it is new age, this is wholly due to old age spirituality being about releasing control, not gaining it. We have applied the basic principles of old age spirituality but with new concepts based on control. My recent conversations, with new age spiritually aware people, certainly supports that we are more about control than ever, control of course being all about egotism strangely enough.  

The more aware humans become, the more controlling they become either it be through science or spirituality, Gaia, if you noticed, didn't and doesn't do this, so what's the main difference between Gaia's consciousness and human consciousness? Ego, which gives us control, the funny thing is, if we didn't have an ego, we wouldn't want to control anything, this however doesn't mean we wouldn't be able to control anything though if we had the will to do so. Ego actually gives us this will to control so we act it out, we basically give in to the will of the ego.  The reason Gaia doesn't give into this will is wholly due to, not awareness, but wisdom, Gaia is wised up to the will of the ego and how controlling giving into this will can be. In actuality, Gaia is wised up to how destructive control can become.   

Gaia isn't egotistical, this is obvious through the lack of control Gaia acts out, but Gaia does express the ego without allowing the will of the ego to take control of Gaia's consciousness, this is quite the opposite of man's consciousness mainly because man allows the will of the ego to control him. In a real sense, man isn't being controlling but controlled through the will of the ego to be controlling.

I find it strange that we haven't learnt from Gaia, one of the most enlightened teachers a species could ever have as a mentor. Become aware of Gaia's consciousness and how it allows the natural cycles within nature to run it's own course, yes by all means express the ego but don't give into the ego's will. We might think by not giving into the will of the ego is taking control, it's not, by just being wised up to how destructive the ego can become naturally automatically disallows the will of the ego to influence such a consciousness. There is also no reaction in this, when a consciousness is wised up to the ego, it is able to use the ego constructively with very little effort and motion.

A consciousness fixated to control and the will of the ego, will never become wise, this is wholly due to a consciousness being controlled and trying to be controlling. Observe Gaia as Gaia is observing, in other words become the observer and become wise through observing Gaia.

Being only a participator through control will only teach us knowledge and awareness, it won't teach us to become wise, this can only be reacquired through letting go of control as Gaia quiet plainly shows us in my mind.  

Friday, 14 August 2015

The Truth of What Is

Written by Mathew Naismith

"Being aware of the truth of what is, not what our ego's desire it to be,  is balance, a balance not governed by control".....Mathew

How many of us would love to take control of our chaotic destructive reality? This is actually a strange reaction, it's control that created such a reality in the first place. Is it likely that more control will create a more constructive reality?  Very unlikely, control isn't of balance, it's of one or the other over another.  

Any control is of the desires of the ego, control can only be expressed through the ego and a controlling ego at that!!

What would occur if everyone stopped trying to take control? Pure and utter balance within the present reality,  this of course would dramatically change this reality from what it is. The truth of the matter is, we don't exist in a perfect reality, this is why the ego tries to always take control, it wants a reality that it desires, it doesn't want a balanced reality for in this balance there is no control. A controlling ego fears balance, it fears the universe it exists in because it has no control over it. The reason a controlling ego has no control over this universe is due to the universes reality being of balance.

"A controlling ego will always fear acceptance of what is, this is because it fears sitting in the quietness of what is, this is why the ego will always try to control the truth of what is".......Mathew  

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Moving Towards the Light

Written by Mathew Naismith

I did something recently I've  never really done before, I felt I needed to focus more so I asked for guidance, I had no fixated intentions, I just felt I needed to ask for assistance to focus more, I should know better!! What happened was I received visions, dreams and actual life experiences which focused on a particular part of life. What came out of all this was I no longer resonated with certain consciousness's, I shouldn't accept in my life what I no longer resonate with.

While becoming spiritually aware, our vibrations naturally and automatically change as well, we find we no longer resonate or even accept certain vibrations within our lives. I feel this is simply to do with awareness and unawareness or ignorance, the more aware we become the less we are attracted to anything pertaining to ignorance. I think this is because ignorance can and does quite automatically create chaos and destruction where's awareness does the opposite for only in ignorance can we destroy. If you no longer feel comfortable being involved in chaos and destruction, avoid it when possible.

Take a person who is becoming a naturalist, the more aware they become of how destructive consumerist materialism is for example on the environment, the less they resonate with such consciousness's, spiritual awareness is no different.

Let's take a look at how spiritual awareness and unawareness (ignorance) as a whole denote.

Awareness = order + constructiveness + release + wisdom 

Unawareness (ignorance) = chaos + destruction + control + knowledge

You will notice a disparity here between the two, isn't awareness about control and doesn't knowledge lead to wisdom and why isn't knowledge also a part of awareness?

Let's take a look at order and constructiveness as opposed to chaos and destruction first up,  only in ignorance can we destroy and to destroy is to create chaos, you cannot destroy while in awareness therefore you automatically have no chaos. This now brings us to release as opposed to control, only in chaos and destruction do you need to take control, what is there to take control of if you no longer have chaos and destruction within yourself? Let's put this another way, what would there be to control if you existed in a consciousness of pure peace and harmony?  We can now see how why order, constructiveness release are of awareness where's chaos, destructiveness and control are only of ignorance.

I should point out that saying one thing  is ignorant and the other aware is purely based on observations, not judgment especially critical judgment, everything a part of consciousness has it's place, ignorance and awareness are no different. I think it's quite obvious, through simple observation, that ignorance can be quite destructive.

Now let's look at the discrepancy between wisdom, awareness and knowledge, most people would put these three together as one leads to the other, knowledge leads to awareness and awareness leads to wisdom.

In a Human perspective this works, we are educated to become aware and then hopefully wise after many hours of study and actual life experiences in what we have studied, this allows us to take more control of our lives, this makes perfect sense and yes it does work to one extent or another. Spiritual awareness works quite differently I believe mainly because we are not using spiritual awareness to take control in the first place. The reason I separated knowledge from awareness is knowledge is more to do with control where's spiritual awareness is more to do with releasing control not gaining it.

If you look at what is happening today in the world with extremism, you can see how knowledge is used to take control but only a certain knowledge is used which only takes a certain amount of awareness, extremists are certainly not fully aware of what they are doing. Instead of certain religions using awareness to release control, they have used knowledge to gain control.

We should remember here, if we are still trying to gain control, we are not spiritually aware to the extent of not needing control to keep chaos and destruction in order all the times. If we are still using control within spirituality, we are not truly spiritually aware. Anyone truly spiritually aware will not have to use control within their spirituality, this is due to them not being a part of chaos and destruction in the first place because there is nothing to control within themselves.

Let's look at a wise person, how controlling are they of any situation? They will sit back and maybe give advice allowing the controllers to do their bit, this is due to them not needing to no longer take control. A wise person will be an observer instead of a participator unlike a controller, this is why controlling to me doesn't belong in spiritual practices, this same mistake has been made many times over through various religions in the past, it's a bit silly to me to continually repeat this time and time again.

There is also another word I can add in relation to awareness here, humbleness, so what is the antonym of humbleness? Majestic/proud which is expressive of eroticism, how many egotistical wise people do we know and what does egotism denote?  Egotism is all about control so does control really belong in true spiritual practices?

Does all this mean we shouldn't use knowledge in our spiritual practices? No, what we shouldn't do is use knowledge to take control but to use knowledge to become aware and wise. Needing or desiring  to control in spiritual practices is a sign that we are still battling with chaos and destruction, this isn't a very good sign denoting a spiritually wise person. 

It seems once we have order we have control, this is purely a human perceptive which is all based on using knowledge to control instead of using awareness to release control. Once you have order, there is nothing to control, so how do we bring order within outlives in the first place?  It's certainly not done through control of any kind even though when we focus, it seems we are using control to focus, what we are actually doing is releasing ourselves from controlling factors around us, this humanly gives us the feeling of power of control when it's all about releasing ourselves from control. Yes it's certainly tricky, we can indeed be fooled. 

I would advice anyone who is serious about practicing in true spirituality to find someone who is all about releasing control, not gaining control, through spiritual practices. The following is a good start in my mind, try Goggling, you never know what you will find.   

One of the visions I did receive after asking for guidance was to vision yourself while you are thinking about control, you should notice that you are holding something, this can be anything from a lions tail, a rope, something heavy, a person or what ever, now vision yourself stepping back and at the same time visioning yourself letting go of what you have a hold on, do this as many times you like. In a sense this is what we do when we so call die while going into the light, we release ourselves from our attachments, in other words we release ourselves from control.

There is but another word to add to awareness, light as opposed to dark as awareness as opposed to ignorance, it's funny how it all comes together. 

Awareness = order + constructiveness + release + wisdom + humbleness + light

Unawareness (ignorance) = chaos + destruction + control + knowledge + majestic + dark  

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Learning to be Unintentionally Humble

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had an interesting request recently from a very good internet friend of mine:  Hi Matthew,
I was wondering if you had any posts about Intention, something that would answer questions for beginners. Like, what is it and how can one use it to better one’s life. Is there a prerequisite concept needed before one can understand Intention?
If you can, can you share with me and ThunderBearVoice via a post?
Thank you.

Any explanation about intentions is going to be a little complicated especially when we take in spirituality into the equation; this is mainly due to various practices used within spirituality, some use intentions other don’t.  In the main however most spiritual practices, especially eastern practices, take us to think less, meditation is but one of these practices and so is chanting as they both make you mentally focus on one factor. This allows the mind to stop thinking about everything else by focusing on one factor only, in this case our breathing or our focus on certain words spoken.

Intentions = thinking process + planed goals + future and past + purpose +control + empowerment

Intentions take a thinking process to bring to fruition, intentions cannot exist without thinking, in other words we cannot think without having intentions, this is due to the thinking process being all about intentions.  If we are all about intentions within our spiritual practices, we are not into practices that try to get us to think less, intentions are also all about a past and future so practicing in intentions also discounts spiritual practices like living in the now.

Intentions however have their places within spirituality, usually to do with the psychological issues, for example, if one finds this reality to be unsavoury in some way, they will need to first use intentions to meditate or chant more often, “I have all intentions to meditate more often every day to dispel any unsavouriness in my life”. Intentions are about us taking control of our psyche so we can seriously begin to meditate or chant, it’s basically to do with empowering ourselves.    

Un-intentions = thoughtlessness + goalless + only the now + purposeless + humbleness   

Spiritual practices like being only in the now and thinking less are without intentions, you can’t have intentions and seriously practice in these spiritual practices, the less intentions you have in life, the better you can seriously live just in the now. However, the more intentions we have, the less likely we will be able to live in the now and of course intentions mean thinking more and the more intentions we have, the more we are thinking. Obviously intentions totally negate spiritual practices that teach us to think less and live in the now. I do feel a  life of un-intentions can only be spiritually practiced successfully if one doesn’t have a problem with the world or life itself or whatever, in other words one needs to have a psyche that is well balanced that allows one to focus better.

Let’s us now use examples of how we all use un-intentions and intentions in our lives. Let’s use going to bed for an example, we are tired so we go to bed, this action is quite unintentional because our tiredness automatically says to us we need to go to bed, this is done without thought. Now what if we need to be somewhere early the next day, we then have an intention to go to bed to get up early the next day.  

The interesting point in this example of going to bed is, one is controlled by a thinking process and the other isn’t.  What is making us go to bed when we have an early start in the morning?  It’s all to do with thinking processes and a future event because the future event that we need to go to bed for was firstly created by a thinking process.    

Let’s say the future event was a job interview,  this job interview is all about thinking processes, so from the start we are being controlled by thinking processes that is making us think of going to bed instead of waiting for us to get tired and go to bed.  You could say one is a natural process and the other isn’t as it’s controlled by a thinking process from the start.

Now if we look at what intentions represents, (Intentions = thinking process + planed goals + future and past + purpose +control + empowerment), we can see it’s all about control either being controlling or controlled, this is the same with being empowered within oneself or other people being empowering over us.   

Now let’s look at un-intentions, (Un-intentions = thoughtlessness + goalless + only the now + purposeless + humbleness), humbleness replaces both control and empowerment in regards to intentions.  What have we done by replacing control and empowerment with humbleness?  We have taken away any control that control and empowerment has over us, we are actually in a sense more in control in being humble than being in control and empowered.  This is mainly due to being controlled by controlling factors and empowerment, and most importantly, various thinking processes in the first place, humbleness actually takes away controlling factors within our lives.        

You might think by being humble we are being more controlled because we are not being controlling and empowering within ourselves, this isn’t true, for the main reason it takes far more control to be humble than to be dominating through controlling factors. Try just sitting there while someone is being empowering and controlling over you, it can take a huge amount of self-control and empowerment to not react. Yes we are still talking about control and empowerment but quite un-intentionally through just being humble, in this case humbleness really replaces being controlling and empowering.   

Intentional control and empowerment has a different effect upon us and everyone else, it’s still about control where humbleness is about releasing control even though it can at times take more control to be humble than to be controlling. This is all due to being un-intentionally controlling through simple humbleness. Through learning to be humble, we are also thinking less as well also through this humbleness we are focused on ourselves through self-control, not focused on what is trying to control us, this actually takes a lot less thought.

Learning to be humble automatically teaches us to be more in control, we don’t have to have intentions to be in control mainly because we know we should never be controlling of any situation.  This is where intentional control and un-intentional control differ the greatest, intentional control wants to be controlling of situations where’s un-intentional control doesn’t have a need to be in control of a situation mainly due to being humble.

If everyone was empowered and tried to take control of a situation, what would occur? Total chaos, what is our reality dominated by? Total chaos, would this be the same if everyone was humble? I feel we would all work together for the betterment of all, there is a huge deference in the outcome of being intentionally controlling and empowering to just being un-intentionally humble. To be humble doesn’t take intentions, being humble actually takes away our intentions of reacting either to ourselves or the rest of the world because it’s unsavoury to us in some way.  Just be accepting and humbleness will come ever so easily as the following will further explain.                 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Being One with the Divine Self

Written by Mathew Naismith

I would first like to mention that the following discussion wasn’t altogether friendly, sadly enough, but it did bring forth a few views that I think should be noted. 

This discussion is about power and control but it’s also about how two different perspectives can come up with two totally different answers, how we live is certainly all to do with the way we perceive.  Now a lot of us are becoming spiritually aware, we are using different perspectives, instead of just using a human perspective we are now also using a spiritual perceptive, this at times can give us opposing views to others and even ourselves,  I think we all need to be aware of this. Another thing I think we need to be aware of is, the more aware we become the more we are changing, this can make it quite difficult in relating to others who aren’t changing.  Try to be patient with these people who are obviously finding it hard to change, we must remember, we are the one’s changing and they are the ones who are truly having a hard time of it with the changes and with us changing.  

Mathew - again we will, I suppose, have to agree to disagree. You make many judgments about power. I understand your disagreement with how many use it; but that does not make power itself evil. I understand that you do not like control; however, as Sunil also stated power and control are different things. By your standards the Divine is evil and wrong and controlling - which I do not find to be true; this being because the divine is powerful - by what you are saying then the Divine is controlling and evil because of being powerful. Seeking power is also different than being powerful - most that are seeking power are also not actually seeking power, but they are seeking control. You mention Hitler - he was not powerful; but he was very controlling. He was controlling because he was not powerful. The same with the Middle East - as a matter of fact where we see control there is not power; but the opposite a sense of being powerless. By your definition then I would say most spiritual teachings are also wrong? Repeatedly we find the Divine and Spiritual teachings ask us to stand in true power of the Divine and be powerful Divine beings - be as the Divine which is powerful. However, they also mention that we are not to seek power for the sake of controlling others. Here again it is not the power but the control that would be sought; which again control comes from where people are powerless.

You also mention about chaos not being spiritual; and yet that is exactly how the universe was created, out of chaos. Chaos does have many aspects to it that you associate with power; however, it is different from power. The divine does not see all of these things as "right" or "wrong" but each with it's own value. This is also how I choose to see things. Yes, there are people that use them for things that are not pleasant; but that does not make the particular thing that way. I have not changed things around to "fit" anything.

Sunil - thank you for re-stating my point and expanding on it, that these are different things.

G'day Jesse
I'm not sure why you are putting words in my mouth; I didn't say power was just plain evil. In regards to judging power, I don't have to judge, it's a clear observation that power can be extremely destructive, and as I also said, it can be constructive, power is very ambiguous, for me too ambiguous to be used in conjunction with spirituality, there was no mention of evil.

So I'm saying, within your own personal perception, that the divine has to be evil, again were did I mention that power is plain evil, please point it out. You are using the word evil way too much; I think you better look within and not externally.

Why does the divine have to be powerful or empowered? In a human sense this consciousness is powerful but in a spiritualist sense it's not, the reason for this is simple, once you begin to perceive in a spiritual sense as well, all notions of power and control no longer come into thought, this is due to becoming aware that you are one with the divine rather than being humanly separate to the divine.

The biggest problem between you and I is, you seem to be looking at power in a human sense and I’m looking at power in a spiritual sense. Of cause the human self will perceive that a higher consciousness is all powerful, the reason for this is that humans keep themselves separated from this higher self by thinking this exact way, all other higher consciousness has to be all powerful when in fact we are all a part of that higher self. Because humans find it hard to perceive they are of this divineness, a lower form of consciousness, they perceive this divineness has to be all powerful only because this divine consciousness is more aware. Can you see how it’s only a perception that we are not of this divine nature and by thinking this way we are keeping ourselves ignorant and permanently in chaos?

Jesus never wanted to be idolized, you know why? He saw no separation between himself and the rest of the people of the world, what was in him was also in all of us, he wanted us to stop idolising and see ourselves in our true nature, the divine nature. Idolising any power in any higher consciousness is going to keep us right where we are, ignorant to our true nature and in chaos. How many people who have been all about power and control created even more chaos? Jesus was obviously not about power but about oneness, about the oneness of the divine in all of us.

Yes the universe was created out of chaos but it wasn’t just destructive within this chaos was it?

It is quite clear you don’t want to see where I am coming from, I can see where you are coming from but it is obvious you don’t want to see where I am coming from.

One more thing, I also could use other people on here to prove my point but what would be the point unless I wanted to give the ego even more control over my truer self, seriously think on what you have written here!! Don’t worry, I still at times react in the exact same way which of course only creates even more chaos in our lives.

Peace Jesse…..

PS In a human sense power and control are different things but in a spiritual sense there not, there is no separation of anything within the divine, this is why the divine consciousness doesn't judge. You are humanly separating everything which in a human perspective is quite normal; this is why humans judge so much, they are into separation not oneness with the divine.

There is quite a big difference between a human perspective and a spiritual perspective, the spiritual perspective can’t see power within itself or anything else because it sees no separation but humans do, this is the human perspective which I think keeps us from our connectedness to the divine within. We are indeed going to go through some rough times while becoming spiritually aware, the main reason for this is we are mixing the human perspective with the spiritual perspective, this can be quite daunting to us but it can be even more daunting for others around us, I think this is worth being aware of.  Becoming aware of the differences between humans perspectives and spiritual perspectives will help with the process of becoming spiritually aware I believe, it’s really all to do with becoming awareness itself and this to the human self is quite daunting.  Just be caring and patient with the human self and all will be fine in the long run.  

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Is Power Constructive Within Spirituality?

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is an interesting conversation that has gone off on a slightly different tangent, it started off with the question, “Are You Standing In Your Authentic Power and Grace?’, and is at present on the topic of power.  My stand is that power is about control when in spirituality we should be releasing control not gaining thus lessening the effects of chaos upon us which is brought about through a continues action reaction process.  The opposite stand is that feeling and being powerful in oneself is good and positive.  

Sunil’s Reply
I believe 'power' is all about soul-strength-its a vitality of the soul -our inner strength.

G'day sunil
Feeling powerful is in reaction to when we are not feeling powerful, it's an action reaction, cause and effect, push and pull effect, if we were always powerful, we wouldn't know if we were powerful or not without a difference telling us that we are powerful.  This means we always need something less powerful to make us feel powerful which brings in judgment to what is or isn't less or more powerful.

This is actually saying, when we are feeling power and control over what we are interacting with, we are not truly powerful at this point, it's only because of our continuous reactions to other things around us that make us feel powerful when actually were obviously not. If one needs to react to actions to actually be powerful, it's obviously were not powerful at all, yes it feels that way only because of the influences of the ego.

A continuous action reaction only causes chaos and gives a feeling of being powerful because we feel we have more control. Power is all about control, to me a true spiritualist would not be controlling in any sense. You could say when a spiritualist focuses, that is them trying to take control when in fact they are trying to release control not become more controlling or even powerful. 

A lot of people in my mind make this mistake when they are trying to focus while meditating, praying, chanting or whatever, they think they are trying to become more controlling not less. When we focus in any spiritual practice, it should always be about releasing control not gaining it. Gaining control and power is all about the ego, we don’t want power and control over the ego, we want to release the ego of it’s controlling effects, that is all. In other words stop or ease the action reaction within our lives and in turn releasing the effects of chaos upon us individually and collectively.

GramaKeshava Reply
Thank you very much Mr Mathew Naismith !
I agree War Lords use " Power " to acquire ,require , usurp , devoid of any concerns of their action ! Their intention is not sober, but gobbler ! In spiriritual philosophy , POWER is considered , as endowed by God, just to help all needy ! Here this Power works as a postman to deliver the money orders, parcels etc intended to the addresee , The Power , though has the desire to to misappropriate , dares not do it for fear, whereas War Lords do not have any such qualms, like wild hungry beasts let loose in the crowded market ! Can we condone it as it is the power; just we cannot help !
Thank you for raising new arena for discussion !

G'day GramaKeshava
An interesting way in putting it, I love your collation here.

Do we condone all sense of power because power in certain circumstances can produce a destructive mentality thus creating even more chaos?  We certainly can’t just say power is just negative or positive, this is why I try to avoid such words however at times that can’t be avoided when appropriate to the meaning of a discussion like this one. 

Is feeling powerful authentic to actually being powerful within oneself?   I don’t think so, if I was truly powerful I wouldn’t need anything less powerful to compare myself with to feel powerful, I would just be powerful within myself however, I wouldn’t know of myself being this powerful because I am no longer needing to compare and judged what is or isn’t more or less powerful to feel powerful in the first place. 

I don’t look at anything being any less important or worthy than anything else therefore how would I feel powerful in the first place. To me when the ego is controlling, this has no less value or importance than if I was totally and wholly spiritual within my whole being, to do this I would have to be in judgment thus of the controlling ego . 

Are humans more powerful than an ant? It is obvious we are within our physical stature alone so we have judged we have more value, this in my mind gives us a false impression we are more powerful than an ant, this is all about human mentality not spiritual mentality. Spiritual mentality to me is about one having no less value than another no matter what it is. Yes it’s very hard to think this way because we are conditioned to only perceive through human mentalities not spiritual mentalities.   We are obviously more powerful than an ant because we have humanly judged so, now use a spiritual mentality, we will find this isn’t the case at all, we truly have no more value than an ant. 

The word power to me just doesn’t belong in spirituality but that’s just my opinion.       

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Power Doesn’t Really Exist

Written by Mathew Naismith

This might seem strange, power doesn’t exist but it’s obvious to us it does so does power really exist?  Let’s ask another question to help us answer this question, what gives something or someone power? Control, anything we rely on or want is catered for by something or someone who can supply us with our wants and needs, once this is supplied we are controlled, once we are controlled, we ourselves through our wants and needs have created such power but this doesn’t truly answer if power actually exists. 

I asked a question of my inner self as I often do, does the divine have power?  I was promptly answered back no, I wasn’t sure I understood so I asked this question a few more times and the answer was the same, no. This would also mean God’s consciousness or the sources conscious wasn’t of power as well even though to us it would seem that way.  It didn’t make sense until I realised, to have or to be powerful one would have to supply a need or a desire to others to seem powerful, in actual fact it was the needy and the desiring who would give such power, for without the needy or desiring, there is no such power.  Anything or anyone presuming to be powerful needs to supply a want or a need, they are not powerful unless they have control over a need or a want of other things.  It’s actually the act of a need or desire that gives anything or anyone control and power however God’s consciousness isn’t of power, nothing of the divine is of power but it’s supplying a need is it not so it has to be of power? I’m still getting a no…..

The divine isn’t about control, the divine doesn’t control anything unless it comes into the presence of ignorance but even then it’s not the divine taking control, any kind of consciousness in ignorance will deem the divine as being controlling and powerful, this is due to the essence of the divine, it’s of awareness. Anything that is more aware is going to seem powerful and even controlling however that is far from the truth.

A consciousness existing in ignorance will seek out this power to take control; it needs this because it lacks awareness so it makes up this lack of awareness through power and control.  Anyone who believes they are all powerful is living in ignorance so they make up this lack of awareness through this power and control; it’s an ephemeral flame instead of an eternal flame as explained in recent posts.  Are we not taught so often to take control of our lives, to be empowered? We of course only do this when we lack awareness.  Isn’t living in awareness and wisdom about taking control?  No, actually it’s about releasing power and control not gaining it. Think about this for a moment, we are releasing control and this inner power, we are no longer inhibiting this power and control within us through our ignorance, we are setting it free.  In a sense this is more powerful than anything we can do in ignorance however we are not gaining power and control within this but releasing it.  
So if the divine in all of us isn’t controlling and powerful, what is it? Pure natural energy, it’s pure because it’s not living in ignorance, it’s not tainted by ignorance, it’s pure awareness. What would this pure natural awareness want to control and have power over? In a sense it has all the power it wants, it has no need to be all powerful and controlling over anything living in ignorance but on the other hand anything living in ignorance would if it feels inadequate!!

Power and control are non-existing because they are of the ephemeral flame not of the eternal flame, so does this mean everything of this ephemeral flame is also non-existing and that everything in this reality is an illusion? No not exactly, power and control don’t exist because they are only perceptions however is walking a dog an illusion brought about by our perception of a dog and us walking? Consciousness creates dogs and us walking on something solid, they are a perception but not only a perception because they were created by consciousness, this same consciousness didn’t create power and control, it’s wholly a perception that we manifested into a reality.  

When we are looking at a dog we see a dog? Yes but when we look at power and control do we see power and control? We see it all around us but only metaphorically speaking, it’s wholly created through our perceptions. This is saying that a dog isn’t a metaphoric perception but power and control are!!  Because the dog was created directly from consciousness, it’s wholly of pure consciousness but can we say the same for power and control?  It’s representational of our own ignorance not representational of our awareness. The dog was created from awareness however at the human level we are unaware of this, we can’t say the same for power and control for they are wholly created by our ignorance.  The dog is of the eternal flame, even though it’s only consciousness and not an actual dog, but power and control are entirely of the ephemeral flame.  The dog, as we all are, is of the ephemeral flame created by the eternal flame, the eternal flame didn’t create power and control, our own ignorance did.

Why doesn’t this all powerful pure consciousness, Gods’ consciousness, take control of us at this crucial time? It doesn’t because it’s not about taking control, just because we are controlling we presume anything more aware and powerful in our own perception is also controlling. So what’s the good of this pure consciousness to us if it doesn’t take control to help us? As it always has, it gives us guidance which is quite noticeable right throughout human history without this consciousness taking control, it just can’t take control because it doesn’t exist when we are aware, only in ignorance does power and control exist.  This pure consciousness certainly isn’t ignorant.  

This post is going to go against a lot of taught practices of taking control and empowering ourselves, it’s actually about un-empowering  ourselves to release what we deem as power and control from within us.  You might think by meditating, for example, is about taking control but it’s not, it’s about releasing ourselves of our thoughts, our controlling ways.  It seems we are controlling our thoughts by meditating when all we are doing is changing the way we think, changing our mentality to something more constructive.  Spirituality to me should never be about power and control but a guide to a more constructive way to exist and just be.  

Friday, 4 April 2014

Learning to Live With Plenty

Written by Mathew Naismith

A fundamental question I think spiritually aware people who desire possessions or betterment in anyway should ask themselves , “can I have possessions and better myself and  have a non-controlling ego at the same time? “ This seems like a dilemma but it’s not.

Like the American Indians and other ancient people, knowing you don’t personally own anything especially the ground we walk on is the key.  Most of us work hard for what we get and the harder we work the more we take ownership of what we worked hard for.  This is a good indication that the ego is in control I feel however to rid ourselves or soften the controlling factors of the ego try thinking like the following; you never personally own anything no matter how hard we worked for it.

This is so easily said but not so easy to exercise mainly because the harder we are forced to work for what we obtain the more possessive we become, it’s a snow balling effect of the controlling ego.  Compared to even fifty years ago, we have become a lot more egotistical collectively, the ego just keeps on accumulating as it goes on just like a snow ball running loose down a hill!!

It’s obvious the ego is out of control to the detriment to the very thing we rely on for our very existence, Earth itself. What kind of being would do this, an aware being or an unaware being and what seems to be causing this unawareness in such beings?

A being with an out of control controlling ego would destroy anything not serving the ego immediately; this is accomplished through an out of control ego making us very unaware of anything outside of what feeds our immediate desires. It’s absolutely incredible how powerful and destructive an out of control ego can be.  When you become the observer you can see so many simular traits of an out of control ego to what we deem as the devil/demon.  The big difference is we are controlled by yet bigger egos so there is little chance of most of us becoming more devilish like, which of course is a blessing.  

The controlling factors of the ego are all about possessions, possessions of material & mental gain. Power over others mentally is just as much about possessions than material possessions because once you are in this power playing position you do feel you own these people under you, if not the people themselves at least their minds.  

So in all it’s noticeably not easy to just say I don’t own anything no matter how hard I worked for it mainly because of the snow balling effect of the ego.  Once you get caught up in the snow balls path it’s very hard to dislodge from however it of course isn’t impossible and actually it’s easier than what it seems.  It of course all comes down to how aware you want to be which is like how much do you want to be free of this snow balling effect!!  We can have our possessions and a non-controlling ego however we must always realise we truly never really own anything personally, it’s all on loan to us including what we think!!

The ego self is a must within realities like this one however life turns chaotic when we think we possess what we dominate or acquire the use of, to release ourselves of this chaos all we need to do is stop being so possessive of  mind body and yes even soul.  After this, everything you accumulate you realise you never really own, now that’s freedom!!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Learning from the Past

Written by Mathew Naismith

While in discussion with another person about my last post mythology, biblical prophecies & the antediluvian period came into the discussion mainly because it relates to the way a lot of spiritually aware people are feeling today.  How would past human history reflect on the way we feel? In timelessness there is no past or future obviously so everything that seemed to be in the past is still very much of the now, also the past in time didn’t occur by accident I believe, it was for us to learn from.  Let me put it this way, do most of us learn from our mistakes in our lives? Human history is no different from living a normal human life accept in time it’s much longer however if we think beyond time we see the whole of human history likened to one human life lived, now look at human history again.

Yes of course if we look at human history as a lesson to be learnt, just like we do in everyday life, we can see it occurred to give us guidance in time however what has happened is our egos have taken the past as just being of the past & is seen to be antiquated even though a lot of the technology in the past has been shown to be quite advanced. The ego doesn’t want to know that in certain points in the Earth’s history we were more advanced than we are now in a lot of ways especially in awareness, this brings us to the antediluvian period of time in Earth’s history.

The following link has a problem with the home page but in my mind is still worth a read.

Most people don’t know or don’t want to know about the antediluvian period of time in Earth’s history mainly because of the ego is telling us how could there be anything else than what our belief system is telling us, there can’t be anything more grandeur than what my belief system is all about surly.  This brings us back to the antediluvian period of time before the great flood, did there ego cause their demise? I’m going to theorise it did mainly because we are doing the same thing today.

I believe in the antediluvian period of time they acquired knowing we are still on the brink of knowing & most importantly understanding so how did they cause their own demise? To answer this we should ask another question, if we look at our own period of time what is going to cause our demise bar a natural disaster?  It all comes down to the controlling factors of the ego & always has right throughout human history. How many different cultured people have been wiped off the face of the Earth in human history because of ego? We couldn’t have wars if we didn’t allow the ego to take control of us, that would be an impossibility.

In the antediluvian period they were quite advanced mainly because of their awareness beyond knowledge, knowledge didn’t hinder their advancements because of their awareness beyond their current knowledge at any given time. And no I don’t believe knowledge & awareness are the exact same thing as knowledge is more controlling than awareness as explained in past posts of mine, knowledge denotes control & control of any kind can hinder one’s awareness beyond our knowing. However this didn’t seem to occur in the antediluvian period mainly because of influences from other sources to begin with.  What I think happened is they were so aware of advanced technology they became unaware of the self especially of the ego self & how it can be quite controlling & noticeably destructive. The ego self is quite constructive until it becomes controlling. I believe the ego self, through it’s constructiveness, was why the people of the antediluvian period became so aware & knowledgeable however the knowing of so much high tech knowledge overwhelmed their egos turning their ego self’s into controlling egos. If you look through the known & accepted part of human history this kind of occurrence is quite prevalent, the Roman Empire is a good example.  

I think this is why we are so aware of the controlling factors of the ego today especially in relation to spiritual awareness so we don’t make the same mistakes of the past however just because the controlling ego is noticeably destructive doesn’t men the ego self is. Demonising the ego all together isn’t the way to go I believe, understand the controlling factor of the ego is. Any extreme action is only going to bring more extreme living conditions like the controlling ego has done however complete awareness can only bring us balance. Will we learn from our past? That is a question yet to be answered in time but is already known out of time!!