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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Balance and Creators of Balance

Written by Mathew Naismith

OK people, please don't take my writings as being gospel or of utter truth, it's plainly not, how could it be when consciousness itself is infinite and varied to the degree it is? Too many people have taken my writing way too seriously, as I have always stipulated, it's only my perception of things, OK , it comes through me a lot of times but it's still comes down to my perception of what is coming through me!!

You must ask of yourselves why of what I write is upsetting you in anyway, is it your fixations to your own ideologies and perceptions that is causing this? All I am stating is sit back and observe yourselves and express a little more balance if you really want to make a difference. Whatever the human collective consciousness desires to do is fine with people like myself, it's just if you really want to make a difference, desist in being so extreme and fixated to your own ideologies and perceptions. Try understanding other perceptions and see where these perspectives are coming from, you will be surprised in what comes out of this. Try dropping some of the self-labels as well!! 

The following post, I think, is an extension of my already extended perceptions and perspectives. If you took offence to my previous writings, you will certainly take offence to the following.      


My topics at the moment seem to be based on balance, only because for change to occur, it is wise that any change made is enacted in a balance way. Of course the reason for this is obvious, any kind of implemented imbalance will only cause destruction and further chaos. We might think a predominant positive approach is the way to go but where is the balance when the positive is predominant? A true positive approach isn't destructive in any sense, this also means it's not destructive towards the negative either. A true positive isn't destructive towards the negatives as  it will see the benefits within the negatives, meaning, it will see the positives within the negatives.

Aware Consciousness: This is the same with consciousness's of light, a consciousness that is observed as being aware. A true consciousness of light is unable to destroy the dark in any sense, any truly aware consciousness is unable to be destructive. What this kind of consciousness will do is balance out the negative with positives while knowing that negatives are as worthy as positives. This however is different with the negatives, the consciousness's that are observed as being unaware will be destructive for only in ignorance can a consciousness destroy. It's important here to realise that only in ignorance can we destroy, or, only in darkness, which denotes an unawareness, can we destroy, now how many positives are trying to destroy the negatives in the world? There is a very good reason for This approach from aware people, people of the light so to speak.

Let's first look at the amount of labels I've used already, we must be aware that the more labels we use, the harder life will be to balance, however, how is an unaware consciousness able to become aware without labels while existing in an unaware conscious state? How is an aware consciousness to know it's aware without the a comparison like an unaware, dark or negative. Consciousness can only become conscious of it's awareness if there is a comparison. You see the negative aren't really as dark as we presume. We label dark as negative, light as positive but that is not entirely correct, the yin needs the yang to exist, It's of course a lot less destructive if the yin and yang coexist in balance, of course any coexistence takes a balanced approach, not an imbalanced approach!!

Human consciousness is primarily naturally destructive, for human consciousness to become more constructive, it needs to be nurtured and reconditioned to exist in a more constructive way, this won't occur if we go out to destroy all judged or observed labelled negatives or dark consciousness's. Once again, a true aware consciousness is unable to destroy anything, including the labelled negatives and this is the point. A truly aware consciousness is also unable to label one one thing and another something else, meaning, just because the yin is judged as being yin, doesn't mean it's not also of yang. Also, what is positive to one person doesn't mean it's positive to another person and visa-versa.

Balance or Balancer!!: It's obvious that a more balanced approach is wiser but are we the balance itself or the creators of this balance?

Now you might notice in the figure above that the word balance is on the shaft and the cross member, this is to depict that we are of the balance itself and the creators of balance, basically, the balancer of yin and yang's labels. Let's now look at this in a different way. 

You will notice I have replaced balance with God's consciousness or creative consciousness. Please do not presume I am talking about a biblical representation of God here, basically, this kind of consciousness is void of labels and is of pure wisdom, awareness and balance. You could say labels un-purify's   consciousness, in other words a controlling ego influences a consciousness to be of what it's not. This pure untainted consciousness is what we often deem a God.     

Looking at the scales above, we have what is called God's consciousness and then we have the soul. We then have the scales themselves which hold the many labels we use and under these labels we have yin and yang. Yin and yang represent the human self, in actuality, yin and yang represent everything that has been created, this means everything that has been created, is influenced by yin and yang.

Now if we were to take away what supports these scales, is the scales any longer scales? No, now take away the scales, the labels and yin and yang, is God's consciousness still God's consciousness? Yes, now take away the soul, is God's consciousness still God's consciousness? I myself find this perception quite interesting, we are the balance but in creation we also become the balancer, the creations being the soul and all the labels we ourselves create.

Counter-reaction: Chaotic existences can only be created by some kind of an imbalance, it's obvious we exist in a chaotic destructive existence. How would a consciousness, that isn't pleased with this kind of existence, going to react? It's going to react with the opposite, an opposing opposite, basically, to an extreme to block out or destroy the perceived darkness of such a reality. Even blocking out this perceived darkness (negative), we are purposely destroying this darkness, and  in actuality, we are still enacting out the darkness because we are still destructive. Any true sense of love and light lives within the dark without destroying it, it will instead find the positives (light) within the dark without becoming the dark itself. This is what a true sense of unconditional love is about, it's not about unconditionally loving what we desire to love but loving everything void of any conditions what so ever.

Because this reality is as chaotic as it is, any love and light void of a true sense of unconditional love existing in this reality, has conditions. This is brought about by existing in such a reality. Only in ignorance can a consciousness destroy, what are so many people of love and light tying to do to an extreme? Basically, they are still enacting out the attributes of darkness, the very thing they are trying to destroy. This reaction however is normal for a still unaware consciousness to do, no truly aware conscious will react in counteraction to any situation, it will instead try to find balance within such a situation/reality without becoming destructive within itself in anyway.

The dark is not just of dark either as the light is just not of light, if everything was of light, the existence of dark would still exist within the darker shades of light. This is because conscious itself is not limited to certain boundaries, only our own consciousness has these boundaries and is limited by these boundaries. We label something dark therefore negative and bad and something else positive therefore positive and good. The reaction between these perceptions/boundaries is going to be opposing until they find common ground, the yin within the yang as in the yang within the yin, in other words balance.......

We are the balance, a conscious void of labels but we are also the balancer, the creator of balance within any reality of labels, the light and dark of life. A truly harmonious existence can only be obtained through balance, not the destruction of the other, it's this simple. Also, a balance between a consciousness void of labels and a consciousness of labels will also help bring harmony into a consciousness, basically, a balance between the spiritual and the physical, not one or the other.        

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Awareness is Illumination

Written by Mathew Naismith

Physical Awareness: This post is going on from the discussions I inserted in my last post which relates to paradoxes, for example, light exists in the same space as dark, time exists in the same space as timelessness and so on. What do we do when we want to become aware of something in a dark space? We switch on a light to become aware of what is in that space, light is all to do with awareness and dark is to do with an unawareness, however , light and dark still exist in the same space. Basically what this is saying is, awareness and an unawareness exists in the same space at the same exact time, even in a physical existence.

Within this reality, is not an unawareness and an awareness existing in the same space in the exact same time? This is all happening in the same exact space as the reality we exist in represents the same space. What this means is paradoxes do indeed exist, however, in other conscious realities that are unaware of the existence of the possibility of paradoxes, they don't. The reason for this is simple, light and darkness conceals the other from itself, in this case, even when a consciousness is predominately influenced or blinded by light illumination, such illumination conceals what is within the dark. Even when a consciousness is illuminated by light, such consciousness is quite unaware of what is in the darkness, in the first place, light makes us unaware of darkness!!

We still might think paradoxes just don't exist, darkness is unable to exist were light is.  When you switch on the light, where does the darkness go? It's gone nowhere because it's still there which is shown when you turn the light off again, the darkness reappears only because the light made you quite unaware of the darkness!!

Let's look at people who have the same number of male and female chromosomes, is not a male and female form existing in the same exact space and time as the other?  Let's look at the planet we are existing on, is there not a light and dark continually coexisting in the same space as on this planet?  Let's look at the universe itself, is not light and dark coexisting in this same space, being that the universe is represented by the space it exits in!!          

Non-Physical Awareness: All I have talked about so far is physical awareness, how physical light and dark determine what we will become aware of, of course the perception of  light and dark is determined by our five senses in this case. Our eyes can't see what they can't see and they can't see the dark while illuminated by light. In a physical state of existence, it is obvious we are always going to be  unaware of something!!  

In actuality, light illumination has nothing to do with becoming aware beyond the five senses. When we go beyond our normal conditioning of predominantly using our five senses, which are of course finite, awareness itself makes us aware of everything, even in the most darkest places. The reason for this is due to there being no true light or dark when in a state of awareness beyond the five senses. In this state, paradoxes don't even exist but they do still exist in other states of awareness that are influenced by the perceptions of  dark and light and time.

Indeed, even in a timeless state, a consciousness could so easily perceive that time doesn't exist therefore everything of time is perceived as an illusion. Being predominantly influenced by, for example,  time or timelessness, dark or light, gives us  preconceptions in that time can't exist in the same space as timelessness, the same of course goes with  light and darkness and anything we perceive that can't possibly exist in the same space at the same exact time.

Physically, when we go into a dark space and switch on a light, we illuminate that space to make us aware of what is in that space, illumination beyond the five senses and human perception doesn't work in this way, it works by being aware of all off what is beyond the perception of light and dark, time and timelessness.   

Basically what I am saying is, light isn't illumination beyond the five senses, in actually, the five senses delude us by making us unaware of perceiving beyond the five senses.  Indeed, it is obvious to how such a created delusional reality is created, the perception of light and darkness deludes us to a perception beyond the five senses. In a sense, such realities become an illusion only because these limited (finite) perceptions make us unaware of anything else beyond the limitation of the five senses. In this case, the five senses become all we are.

Now while in a state of time and dark and light, we can become aware of a timeless state, perceiving from this state, we can perceive that everything of time doesn't truly exist, it's all an illusion. This of course would make dark and light an illusion as well. This perception is of course not wrong but it's not totally right either, this is why right and wrongs, dark and light, don't exist but at the same time they do. This of course depends on the reality we are perceiving  through. While in a state of time, we will be influenced by the perception of time, while in a state of timelessness, the same goes as each state, when separated from the other, will give us a certain fixed perception making us quite unaware of other states. Within this perception, influenced by separation of one state from the other, for example, time and timelessness, dark and light, the perception of a wrong and right exist.

This however changes when we no longer separate ourselves from any state but perceive through the coexistence of all states. In this state, everything becomes an illumination, nothing is concealed for the sole reason this is the state of an observer  rather than a participator. In this state as an observer, light or darkness plays no part of what one can become aware of because all is revealed, nothing is concealed in this state as, the reason for this is again quite simple.

In recent posts, I've state that this timeless egoless state is who we truly are, this is only the case if we can perceive we are also of time and darkness and light. However, if we perceive that all of what times represents is an illusion, therefore isn't a part of who we are, this timeless state becomes anything but who we truly are. We are all of what is, including the illusion and delusions and everything that the darkness and light creates. Once you can perceive that everything you experience and are aware of is a part of you, no matter how delusional it seems, being aware of this illuminates you to everything. In a sense, once you can perceive that paradoxes exist in one state but not in others,  you are starting to become aware of your observing self, a self that illuminates everything without question.

It's handy to realise that a consciousness that is of infinite perceptions, has no boundaries because it's not limited to finite perceptions, a perception that separates itself from all other perceptions, in other words a state of consciousness that separates itself from all other states of consciousness. There are absolutely no boundaries.......this is until we predominately exist in finite realities, realities defined by boundaries, in this state, there is no true illumination as there is no true sense of awareness, only what the light allows us to become aware of in place of the dark. Once you push something away by pulling something in, you have lost all sense of a true illumination, an awareness beyond boundaries and limitations.    

Sunday, 6 September 2015

There is Only Light/Awareness

Written by Mathew Naismith

If your not into believing that life after death exists and that you can communicate with these entities, you probably won't be interested  in the following post. This post was brought about by a communication I had, in my dreams, with an actor of the name of Van Johnson. Van Johnson has appeared in my dreams before, it was good to have a more in-depth chat with him this time.

Van Johnson stated that night and day give us false perceptions, the perception of night and day influences us to believe darkness exists when it doesn't. This to me makes sense, when you go outside of the Earth into space within our solar system, there is no night and day, this is due to their being only light which emanates from the sun.

This isn't exactly what Van Johnson is saying here though but it does give us a perception of there being no true existence of darkness, it's only a delusion brought on by the suns light being obscured by Earth itself in rotation.

What Van Johnson seems to be saying is, a true form of darkness doesn't exist period, even after our demise. Some people experience a bright light at the end of a tunnel surrounded by darkness  after their demise, even this darkness surrounding this tunnel is a delusion.

According to Van Johnson, the perception of darkness represents an unawareness, an obscurity of a natural awareness that we all have from our point of creation. When we exist in realities influenced of night and day, we naturally get the perception of an unknown which is represented by the darkness we experience.

He also stated that birth also gives us this perception of darkness existing, we are in darkness until we come forth into the light, the light of course is represented by us being born. Birth also gives us a perception of light and darkness, birth is represented by light, death is represented by darkness, he stated this is not true, there is no such thing as death.

Sadly enough, this was the end of our in-depth discussion, this however wasn't the end of our interaction. He then mentioned about an uncle or his father being a good shot with a rifle, 303, 308 or something with a 3 in it was mentioned. He was also a good driver even though he was involved in a car smash at one time in his life. There was this old car that was parked in an awkward passion, to me there was no way to get the car out of this position without damaging the car, he did it with ease. That was the end of our interaction.

I'm going to leave the post right here........             

Saturday, 15 June 2013

For the Enjoyment of Life a Spiritual Journey

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post was inspired by a person going by the user name of ShuanM865, the following link is what inspired me to right the following.

Seriousness: I have had many moments when I will smile or laugh at myself & at first I didn’t know why, I soon found out I was taking life way too seriously. We are brought up to take life seriously for if we don’t we will probably end up out on the streets or even worse. This type of existence is very hard to evade unless we live as a recluse or hermit or at least on the streets, we are forced to make money to survive so how is one able to be there true selves in this existence & enjoy life for what it is instead of for what it isn’t?

What it isn’t is serious unless we want to play out a serious dramatic life which is obvious most of us did others wise we wouldn’t be here.  Life is about enjoying ourselves even when going through adversities the only problem is the reason we don’t enjoy ourselves through adversities is we have allowed ourselves to become entrapped by taking life too seriously all the time.  What life is, is a game or a joke which is what I feel when I laugh at myself out of the blue, I know at that point I’m taking life too seriously. Like with everything balance is the key, a balance between taking life too seriously & not seriously enough so how does one accomplish this?

First of all don’t fear fearing, embrace fear but before we do this we must realise who we truly are which is a very powerful being especially when we have our guides by our sides. Many times have I been saved by my guides when asleep & awake, in a conscious & subconscious state so in fact we have nothing to fear but fear itself. 

Learning Through Our Dreams: In my dreams I will go into the dark looking for whatever is in there without fear or little fear & in actual fact I don’t mind fearing because I embrace it & enjoy it for what it is which is nothing serious just a feeling.  We must keep remembering in our dreams we are what makes our dreams if we wish to be frightened that’s what we will be & if we fear fearing we will be frightened of anything within the dark but also the light if it’s something that is unpleasant in some way.  We are so often told to rid ourselves of fear but when fear comes knocking on our door again we fear it again however by embracing fear we actually control fear & whatever is giving us fear.  

In our dreams we need to practice this, go into the darkness realising nothing can hurt you as it’s only the fear itself than can hurt you however don’t go into the dark with an aggressive &/or destructive attitude as this will rebound on you very quickly.  Go into the darkness to enjoy what is in there & after a while of doing this you will find that the darkness won’t be as dark as it was when you feared it, when you embrace the dark you embrace fear & yes conquer it if that is your desire.   

Now for me I have more trouble in the light of my dreams because I’m taking life too seriously still by exacerbating my daily traumas, I don’t fear fear or the dark anymore but I do take my daily traumas too seriously which is a part of a game I’m playing in other words I’m acting out my chosen role in life.  This is a different fear which is of the light & yes in my dreams I have feared the light for the main reason I usually hide in the dark away from people of the light which is represented by my daily traumas, I’m in fact hiding from my known visible traumas however this is what I have chosen to do to date. So how do we get rid of our daily traumas? Do exactly the same as we did with the dark & related fear, embrace it or accept it for what it truly is a joke, something that we don’t have to take seriously because we are all very powerful beings as we are the ones in control not anything else especially fear unless we desire it so.  

We can have a lot of fun in our dreams once we embrace fear, the dark, light & our daily traumas instead of looking at them in distain because distain breeds more fear.  Another way of breaking down fear is approaching fearful animals in our dreams like sharks & snakes for instance, look at them not as a dangerous animal in fear but as just another spiritual energy form & realise  we are the ones who have the power. Dreams are a very good way to break down any fears we might have through life. One other thing with dreams is if we don’t like an outcome of a said dream change the outcome after awakening to a more favourable outcome, this works all the time, you can even do the same through everyday life, imagine a different outcome.

Once we embrace & take control of fear in our dreams the skies the limit even to the extent of astral traveling all we need to remember is we are very powerful beings in our own right & with our guides by our sides, which everyone has, we are invincible & eventually this will filter out into our daily lives which will help us conquer our daily traumas.  The biggest trick is don’t take life overly seriously in this lies fear, we are all meant to be enjoying life believe it or not, not just fear it!!

Shades of Grey:  Earlier on in the year I experienced a state of consciousness that I saw everything as shades of grey with no form this also included dead space as it too was represented by shades of grey so what is this conscious state of shades of grey?   I’m only presuming it was a reality not just of no time& space but from wince everything was created from as the shades of grey represented no opposing polarities thus no conflicts of any sort & no ego tendencies. Not noticing any form within this state because of everything was as one as it was all somehow integrated as one also gave me the idea this is where everything evolved from, nothing at all was opposing anything else as it was all moulded as one which I refer to as pure consciousness.

So is this pure consciousness truly shades of grey? No, the shades of grey we identify with while in this state of consciousness are there just for us to identify with otherwise, especially as humans, we wouldn’t comprehend the existence of such consciousness as we needed something to relate too but something that wasn’t one nor the other or opposing but as one with a slight difference however none the less as one in unison. This brings up something I read about some years ago about a man who was propelled into a reality to be told certain things about life itself. He was on a beach with the surf rolling back & forth under a sun lit sky, he was told this isn’t where you are but we needed you to be in a place you relate too otherwise you wouldn’t comprehend what is happening & miss the messages we are about to tell you. I can’t remember the messages he was told to relay back to us but to comprehend anything he needed a place he could relate too which is similar to being in a conscious state of just shades of grey as it’s still something we relate too.  Why the difference to a beach & just seeing shades of grey? Conscious awareness, the more aware one becomes the less definition everything one has or opposing polarities one will see, this is brought on by seeing everything as one.

In this reality we see so much opposing forms like black & white yin & yang/male & female & so forth, they are all opposing because that is the way we like it or wanted it to be otherwise it would be as it’s all a part of the game/joke that we have all created for ourselves to experience different holistic & individual realities & what a game/joke it is. This is funny, we shouldn’t take games or jokes seriously but we take life seriously, you have just got to wonder!!