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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Dissolving 3rd Dimensional Thinking

Written by Mathew Naismith

Ridding ourselves of 3rd dimensional thought processes isn’t easy as it’s all learnt from learned behaviour not just from our child hood but from previous behavioural modes of thought & patterns right throughout human history so we are not just struggling with our own learned behavioural patterns but all 3rd dimensional modes of thoughts throughout human history which has cemented in us in the way we think today, 3rd dimensional. In other words we have been brought up as a species, not just individuals, to think in a certain way which we know now is 3rd dimensional.  Now this process of thought isn’t obviously going to be an easy process to go through, every time we seem to be ridding ourselves of fear based ideologies for instance we find ourselves right back from where we started in the first place which is 3rd dimensional thought so what’s the answer in succeeding in allowing ourselves to think in different dimensional modes of thought?

I will try to answer this question a little further on but first I will insert a statement made by a good internet friend of mine & my following reply to such a statement which I hear so often. We are just here as Consciousness, not ego! We don't need to define ourselves as something. We just could enjoy the process of communicating here! LOL

G'day Eric

Eric, you’re not another person who is afraid of expressing the ego are you? We have got to get past any ideology that is fear based.

If we are here just as consciousness & ego is a part of this consciousness like everything thing else, why do we express the ego the way we obviously do? Yes, everything is just consciousness & to label any part of this as ego for instance is of the ego, so what!! Why be afraid of labelling & expressing the ego?

I'm sorry but spirituality seems to be based on fear of one kind or another but it's not supposed to be believe it or not!!

Why would a conscious energy who isn't expressive of the ego in anyway take form to express the ego if all we are supposed to do is be just consciousness without ego tendencies which we were in the first place? Sorry Eric this kind of concept doesn't make sense to me.  Yes we can be in conscious states that we don't have to think or express the ego but we do in the form we are now in for the purpose of expressing the ego not just being consciousness. Expressing the ego helps develop our souls so that the consciousness can be expressive of all it's knowing through actually experiencing it's knowing not just knowing of it's knowing, in fact we are serving the lord/consciousness if you like.

Yes I know this goes against a lot of old 3rd dimensional thinking but were not supposed to be thinking in 3rd dimensional thought anymore & this is why 3rd dimensional isms don't fit in to 4th & 5th dimensional thought processes & reasoning.  Yes a lot of people laugh at my reasoning but at least it has foresight & isn't just reliant on old out dated modes of thought.

All the best
Mathew :-)

How can we be still in fear if we are feeling at one & at peace with ourselves & the world? In certain states of consciousness we can be totally at harmony & feel no ego tendencies towards ourselves & the rest of the world so what’s this got to do with being in fear?  The process of feeling this has no fear unless we fear in some way to be expressive of these ego tendencies again. It is great when we get into certain states of consciousness, we feel totally egoless & feel all of life should be like this for ever however we still have the fear of not wanting to express such tendencies again mainly because we feel we have no more need of such tendencies however not everyone is in the same boat so to speak of or egotistically even wants to be in the same boat. It comes down to do we individually have a right to force our own desires of oneness & egoless states of consciousness onto others who especially don’t want to or are not ready to enter in such states of egoless consciousness?  The consumerist materialistic & political systems we have today does this which again is fear based so how far have we come even when we have experienced egoless conscious states from consumerist materialism, it’s still fear based even if it doesn’t feel so.

Fear is of the ego so how can we be fearful of expressing ego tendencies again when we are in egoless conscious states, this is totally impossible?  The thing is we can’t or shouldn’t be able to express such fears in these states of consciousness but the human form isn’t of these egoless conscious states it’s of the ego consciousness so even when we are in certain states of egoless consciousness  we are still of the ego. What happens when we physically conform totally to egoless conscious states of awareness? We disappear physically just like the Mayans did & many other individuals who crossed this threshold into egoless consciousness. The thing is why would we while in these egoless conscious states in the first place live in these ego consciousness’s time & time again? I already answered this question in my reply to my internet friend which explains why we are the way we are.

While in human form & experiencing egoless conscious states of awareness in this form we still express fear because once we reach these states of egoless consciousness we think this is it but it isn’t. We are expressive of no fear therefore are egoless in these states however we are still in human form which is of the ego consciousness, fear is obviously still prevalent because if it wasn’t we wouldn’t have a problem while in these states of egoless consciousness to express such tendencies again & actually at the soul level that is exactly what we do time & time again because the soul has no fear but humans do.  To answer the original question “so what’s the answer in succeeding in allowing ourselves to think in different dimensional modes of thought?” Fear is human, try to think pass this & be expressive of all that is of consciousness not what we presume is just consciousness, everything is of consciousness so be free within your will to express such consciousness ego & all.