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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Finite and Infinite Energy

Written by Mathew Naismith

It would seem, since the dawn of man as a human consciousness/race, we have made a connection to the infinite. The belief in a divine consciousness or the belief in eternal cycles of life is but two of these, so it would certainly seem that we have always made this connection to an infinite existence or being in one sense or another.

In modem times, the division between perceiving infinitely and finitely is apparent, even in modern day science this is apparent between different forms of science, for example, quantum physic concepts are not based on absolutes where in a lot of other sciences there are concepts of absolutes. We are human, this is a fact, so we don't look beyond the human concept. It's like Newtonians didn't accept that Newtonian concepts and principles were limited, the same with Einstein concepts and principles. Albert Einstein's concepts and principles/theories were taken as an absolute, within this perception, there was no room for evolving therefore these kinds of perceptions are limited to certain concepts and principles.

A lot of modern day consciousness is restricted to certain limitations or dogmatic concepts and principles, there are barriers that can't ever be crossed or even questioned. Of course the only reason barriers exist is because we have created them or they have been created in accordance to the perceptions used. If we perceive there are barriers therefore limitations to our conscious existence, we will ourselves create a reality based on these limitations. Of course to do this, a consciousness has to ignore the infinite in preference to the finite.

Finite consciousness is purely based on time, time being the creator of starting and ending points thus creating realities based on limitations rather than realities based on unlimited potentiality. Of course to balance out these kinds of perceptions, we kept our perceptions of the existence of the infinite, perceptions that are not limited but unlimited.

We might then think that time itself is finite in nature when in actuality time is infinite in nature, it's only what is created in time that is finite. Time itself is actually governed by infinite projections, for time has no limitations in how time is perceived or how long time will exist for. The simple reason for this is that time wasn't created, in that the creation of time has no starting or ending point, only of created perceived starting and ending points. For an example of this, there is an end to our nights and days on Earth, however, when you go out into space, there is only daylight, this of course is governed by how long a sun lasts. In saying this, the energy used to create the energy of the sun is endless because, like time, energy has no starting point within itself, only what energy creates.

To perceive this one must simply look at time as being energy, not what this energy creates. An energy that is not limited to certain concepts and principles, time is therefore based on the infinite, not on what the finite creates. We too often only look at what time creates, not on what time is really based on, in actuality, everything is based on the infinite for energy itself is infinite in nature.

Let's now look at how differently finite and infinite consciousness looks at reincarnation for example, the belief in past lives which has been scientifically proven to exist.

The finite consciousness looks at each life as a separate life to other lives lived, each life having a starting or ending point of it's own. The infinite consciousness doesn't look at it this way, it looks at reincarnation as being one life or existence separated by different scenarios. There is no starting or ending point, only an expression of different energies usually separated by our inability to remember our past lives. If we could remember our past lives and our lives between these lives, we would see ourselves as experiencing one life or existence that has no limitations or starting and ending points.

We are simply conditioned to perceive in starting and ending points therefore being of a conscious based on the finite, an existence of limitations therefore barriers, in turn, creating existences purely based on the finite rather than the infinite. Considering that everything in existence is based and created from the infinite, I find basing a reality purely on the finite peculiar, it's simply unnatural, in saying this, we must also remember being limited like this is also apart of being unlimited. Are we really unlimited being limited to the unlimited? Being limited is also apart of being unlimited, think on this, how unlimited are the expressions and motions of being limited? The expressions of being limited is infinite, there is no end to these limited expressions and motions.

We exist in a finite limited reality, how many possibilities can be expressed in such a reality? What if the Roman Empire never existed or Adolf Hitler never came to power, the possibilities of different realities being created within a limited reality are endless, all of existence is simply infinite in nature.

Infinite also pertains to oneness, being that everything is connected, where's finite simply pertains to separation or division of this oneness, of the infinite. The finite is simply a divided infinite, this is why the finite can only exist within time. Considering how time is divided into seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries and so on, it's quite understandable why finite can only exist within the perception of time. Take away how time divides the infinite into numerous and infinite divisions, like with measurements which are infinite, you take away the perception of the finite, all you are then left with is the infinite.

The finite is simply a perception because it can only represent part of the whole at any given time; the whole of course is represented by the infinite. To me, it's not a natural state if we exist within a finite reality while excluding the infinite. Giving that energy itself is infinite in nature, I find this most peculiar. We simply can't exist without the infinite, if we try to do this in my mind, we will simply destroy ourselves; destroy the form and creation of an infinite energy. We are simply going against the natural laws by excluding the infinite in our existence, not a very wise or intelligent thing to do in my mind.           

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Express Being Truly Unlimited

Written by Mathew Naismith

All that truly exists is an unlimited state; anything else from this is an illusion. A perception of a state of being limited.....Mathew G

A state of limited potential and perception simply doesn't exist. While one being, one entity or one energy source is expressing motion, especially to extremes, a state of limitations simply doesn't and can't exist. Even if I was to limit my personal self, consciousness, to certain states void of the ego, motion period, I am still not in a limited state while any other kind of motion is being expressed in and through anything else. Yes, extremes motion also has it's place within an unlimited state, anything else would be limiting.

Consider this, energy itself is unlimited within it's expressions, within it's motion, this means it's also unlimited to what form it takes. Energy itself is infinite in nature, it's not finite. You can't destroy energy, as science has proven, yes, you can transform the form energy takes but you can't destroy the energy that creates form and existence as a whole. I look at it this way, energy is the spirit within all things, it's the life force of all things, of all motion, without this spirit, without energy, all things become limited. Of course this is impossible as there is no such thing as a limited state.

However, we can indeed enter into states of consciousness or non-consciousness where there is a perception of a state of limitations. Within this state, motion seems to not exist therefore energy; it's a state where the spirit within all things simply doesn't exist. Yes, this state also exists because this is how unlimited we are as a whole, there are simply no boundaries, no limitations even within a limited state.

So often I get people stating they are not expressive of the ego or judgment, while at the same time egotism and judgment is expressed to an extreme through certain kinds of other energy sources. If motion is being expressed in any sense from any kind of source, we are ourselves of that motional expression, everything is. Actually, a state void of ego and motion period is as limited as a state can be, also, being expressive of motion to any extreme is limiting. A good example of this is materialism, wealth and power overriding all other motions especially by force and control. Once a motion, an energy source, loses balance between one in favour of the other, a reality of limited potential exists, this of course inturn creates a reality of limitations. Sounds awfully familiar!!

Any energy or non-energy source that is limited in nature will of course be destructive in nature; this includes the so-called ultimate state where there is no ego or motion period. This state is obvious within it's destructiveness to motion period because motion period is unable to exist in this state. We might not think this motionless state isn't destructive when within this state motion is simply non-existent. How many people are trying to say we are only truly of this motionless ultimate state, while within a state of extreme motions? This state is simply destructive in nature to motion even within states of motion by refuting that we are unlimited to all potential, to motion and motionlessness, not just to one potentiality of motionlessness.

This is why I personally love the perception of God, as opposed to a God of man which is limiting and not infinite in nature. The perception of God represents everything without bias or prejudice, within this, there is simply no exclusions based on a particle perception or ideology/philosophy stating we are limited to a certain states of existence. There are simply no limitations to existence or our truer being; it simply doesn't exist as no state of limitations do. Yes, states of limited potential do exist but not really, not when we consider the whole of things, of course to realise this, one must go way outside our own present reality based on it's own limitations. As a whole, states of limitations need to also exist for there to be truly no limitations.

So what does all this mean?

Extremes of any kind are destructive in nature, either it be of motion being destructive to motionless or visa-versa, it's just simply destructive because it's a state that is limited and imbalanced with the rest of what it is. This is why people like me often mention about moderation and balance within all things without any exclusion through bias or prejudice.

Yes, expressing the ego in moderation, expressing motion period in moderation, is actually more spiritual that not tying to be expressive of motion period. The reason for this simply lies within it's own limitedness, also, at no time is anyone just of one state and not of others, this is an impossibility because these limitations simply don't exist overall but they do exist within their own limitations. This is a true state on unlimited potentiality.

Limited perceptions simply denote an imbalance while unlimited perceptions denote balance. One is naturally destructive to all else, the other constructive to all else, it is what it is by nature.....Mathew G   

Monday, 12 September 2016

The Rise of Wisdom

Written by Mathew Naismith

For anyone translating this post, the following quote is as above.

If everyone was of wisdom,
there would no conflict for
only can conflict exist in a
consciousness void of wisdom.

Wisdom is seemingly likened to energy except like energy, wisdom can't even be transformed. All energy can be transformed, however, no energy can be destroyed, it's then funny to think wisdom can't even be transformed, is wisdom as I have always said it be to, of the infinite? Yes, you can misinterpret wisdom but you can't transform wisdom, for once wisdom is expressed like energy, it is unable to be transformed for wisdom is of all ages.

It would seem that wisdom doesn't have the same characteristics to energy, wisdom doesn't even seem to be under the same laws and principles of energy. Being that energy is of all expressions (motion), it's strange to think that wisdom, when expressed, doesn't follow the same principles as energy.

When you think on this, is energy that creates certain forms of all ages? No, for an example, did vehicles or horseless motorised carriages exist a thousand years ago? Did the entire universe exist before the big bang? Now consider this, did wisdom?

Even though human consciousness has tried to destroy wisdom, wisdom always prevails. The resurgence of the teachings of Confucius in China, is a good example of this. The same exact form of energy Confucius expressed, still exists as it did in Confucius's time even after it's presumed destruction. The teachings of Confucius weren't even transformed.

Let's also take a look at Buddha and Socrates, these people, as well as Confucius, weren't just expressing philosophy, they were also expressing wisdom. It's important here not to get confused with thinking all philosophy is of wisdom, philosophy can also be based on knowledge/intelligence void of wisdom. The reason why people like these were noticeable compared to numerous other philosophers and mystics, is that their philosophy became primarily based on wisdom. Jesus is another prime example of this and so was Rumi.

It is quite obvious that wisdom itself can't be transformed or destroyed , the philosophy of wisdom is ageless, but what about wisdom existing before the creation of the universe itself.

The following links indicate wisdom existences before the creation of the universe, basically, before consciousness was even expressed.

Consider this, philosophy is of time, it's of the finite, why does wisdom when expressed in conjunction with wisdom, become indestructible or even transformable? Why also is one philosophy more compelling and memorable than to other forms of philosophy? It seems that one form of philosophy is based on the finite, while other forms are based on the infinite, infinite being of timelessness, a consciousness not of time.

Am I making reference that a philosophy based on wisdom, is beyond a consciousness based on time? Absolutely.....

Take a close look at all these great philosophers, now look at the time they spent in silence. Don't get me wrong here, not everyone who spends time in silence becomes instantly of this infinite wisdom, in actually, people can spend a life time in silence and still not be able to connect with this infinite wisdom. The difference is, once these people dropped pre-perceptions, meaning, detaching themselves from human fixated attachments, they were then able to connect to this infinite wisdom.

No one who is fixated to any kind of  ideology or ism, is truly able to connect to this infinite wisdom, a wisdom that was around before the creation of the universe. Yes, anyone who is knowledgeable is able to recite an already expressed philosophy, but are able to connect to this kind of wisdom. Of course anyone who is fixated to an ideology or ism, will disagree with this as always. The controlling ego just doesn't want to let go of a fixation.

In saying all this, it's wiser to follow an already expressed wisdom than to not express any kind of wisdom at all......Mathew G

Not everyone will be able to connect to this infinite wisdom, motion takes too much of our time to be able to make this kind of connection. Our best bet is to follow an already impressed, established wisdom, in saying this, it's even better when we make our own connection but again, motion often takes up too much of our time to make this connection. In all, we must be appreciative and accepting of the wisdom that has already been expressed as a motion.

It's funny to think that no truly dogmatic forceful ideology or ism likes the presence of a true expression of wisdom, as our past philosophers and mystics have discovered in their own lives. Such an energy force will always try to destroy this kind of wisdom if we don't protect it from such atrocity and lunacy. As I have said for some time now, only in ignorance can a consciousness destroy/destroy itself.

Please once again, do not take anything that I have stated here as gospel or of utter truth. 

Monday, 16 May 2016

The Creation of What Is

Written by Mathew Naismith

Consciousness works like this, what we perceive is what we create, usually a reality we exist with but not necessarily by. Not every perception we perceive with we exist by but every reality we exist by we exist with, meaning, not every perception we have we exist by. Take evil intent, how many of us are aware of the perceptions of evil intent. How many of us have felt or experienced some kind of intent that would be regarded as evil? Now how many of us actually live by such intentions while living with evil intent? Not every perception we experience and /or perceive we live by while living with these intentions.
We are not what we live with until we start to live by what we are living with. As soon as we give time and effort against what is deemed as evil intent, we start to create reality that is based on by what we are living with, in other words we become what we are living with instead of living by what we are. We usually live by other people's perceptions rather than living by our own perceptions.
Now I highlighted against because there is a difference between giving time against something of evil intent to just giving time to become aware of evil intent. Being against anything isn’t about being aware, it’s about shunning or showing disdain, basically being ignorant to these intentions thus unintentionally living by these same intentions yourself. Allowing any kind of disdainful intent to influence us  is living by such intent because it has influenced us to have disdain. This disdain will only encourage and manifest more of the same evil intent, I think what is occurring in the world at present is a good indication of this.
I will now tell you about some of my dreams last night, one of my first dreams having the feeling of evil intent. I should point out here, we might well and good look at extremist groups as being of evil intent but how many of us know about the evil that is allowed to go on behind closed door within our own society? Most people would be utterly horrified to say the least.
One of my first dreams last night started off as usual, nothing significant to mention, I was coordinating for the arrival of some regal people at a venue, this was until tried the lift/elevator to go up to the twelfth floor of the venue. I couldn’t get out on the twelfth floor so I decided to go back down to the ground floor from wince I came. The lift didn’t stop at the ground floor but kept going down to floors that didn’t exist.
As I was going down, the feeling of evil intent got worse but then the lift/elevator doors opened. What greeted me was brightly coloured toy like animals, however, the feeling of evil intent was just as prevalent. In contradiction, my last dream was of me singing in the most beautiful way one could.
My dreams clearly show that I am aware and accepting of a huge variety of perceptions, however, I still allow evil intent to influence me in one way or another. This is shown in the way evil intent influenced my dream.
Intent is only shown as evil if one has disdain towards an intent or perception, the brightly coloured toy like animals show this. If I entered further past the doors of the lift/elevator, only evil intent would have occupied my dream, the toy like animals would have turned out being sinister in nature. You see, once you cross over living by such perceptions and intent, you become or are influenced, to a great degree, by these intentions.
We do live with these deemed evil intentions because we too are of these intentions, it’s all of one consciousness, it’s not one kind of consciousness separate from another, it’s one consciousness that we can live by and/or with within certain conscious perception.  This separation of course takes a consciousness to be unaware of other perceptions. This now brings us to separation in the ideologies we use and/or become fixated to thus negating all other perceptions.
How many of us separate energy, vibrations and God/Gods consciousness from other forms of perception?  Science often separates itself from one source of creativity from another singular source of creativity many people call God, did not one source of creativity called energy create everything? Religion also does the same thing as science due to a certain fixed ideology being followed. Boundaries and limitations come to mind when separating one source of consciousness from another.
One source of creation = energy + God/God’s consciousness + vibrations
Scientifically, we tend to separate energy into it’s labelled slots but it’s still energy, we also do the same religiously as each religion has it’s own set ideological separate standards. Now vibrations are interesting because all energy sources vibrate, meaning, everything is vibration, however, everything also has it’s own vibrational frequencies, it’s these formation and expression of frequencies that make everything in existence different to each other.  However, just because we are separating everything within it’s own form and expression, should this mean that everything is not vibrating?
No matter what frequency everything is vibrating at, it’s still a vibration, you can’t have everything existing as it’s own individual frequencies if these frequencies are not vibrating.  The root source of creation is therefore vibrations, however, it’s also energy and God/God’s consciousness if you like, it’s one of the same thing. I do love how religion defined vibrations and energy as defining the existence of one source way before science. General science today still doesn’t define energy or vibration as one creative source.

So what does all this mean?

Try to live by your own perceptions and intentions thus creating your own reality that is more in tune with you, it's too easy living by other people's perceptions and intentions these days.

Also, try not to express disdain towards other perceptions, intentions  and realities that are not in tune with your own no matter how destructive they are. This however doesn't mean you should have to put up with these influences, at times this takes one to totally disconnect themselves from such influences. If your own perceptions, intentions and reality are constantly being influenced by influences that cause you discord, if possible, try to disconnect yourself from these influences, if unable to do so, try living by your own perceptions while living with perceptions that cause you disdain.

In all, it's wise not to be in disdain of any other perceptions, intentions and realities not of your own, this isn't easy at times but worth following through with. If other people's path is to be destructive, either get out of the way of such destruction or create your own reality while living with these influences of destructive tendencies. Be aware that you can take on the environment you are existing in by living by as opposed to existing with. Just because you are living with these perceptions and tendencies, doesn't mean you have to live by them.                     

Friday, 23 August 2013

Can or Will all Conscious Energy become Measurable?

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is an interesting exchange between three people including myself on the discussion of atheism & spiritualism, it would seem Eric believes we will never be able to measure ethereal consciousness as I believe we will be able to one day because consciousness is energy & Paul, who is an atheists, doesn’t believe in any of it.  

Note: There is a possibility of adding to this post latter on as the discussion continues about atheism & spirituality on LinkedIn.

Eric L Lundgaard • You are not hearing me yet Paul. Consciousness is not available to Science to study! It never will be and there is no role for Science when something can't be measured or find resolution. When you enjoy this understanding, you will see Science is impossible to explain what I am experience. Oh well, sorry you haven't had your own experiences!

G'day Eric
 I'm not so sure science won't be able to measure consciousness itself or certain aspects of it in the future Eric but of course as always I could be wrong.

At present there is no way however science can only evolve through consciousness connectedness & as science evolves further it will & is realising there is more ways to make deductive analysis than through a narrow minded modes of thought such as logic alone.

As science becomes more connected it will changed quite dramatically like it has in the last hundred years & if you look at it so has the awareness in spirituality, it's all connected. Everything is spiritual & therefore will expand in awareness together I believe but maybe I'm just wishful thinking. If we looked at the middle east for example, when spirituality expanded so did science soon after & when science became second fiddle spirituality took a turn towards fanaticism which of course like the dark ages for Europe stifled any scientific progress.

Becoming more connected to the universal consciousness means further developments in all areas of existence as it's all spiritual, well to me anyway. 

Eric L Lundgaard • Etheric Consciousness does not exist Mathew. It can't be measured or understood. It is part of all of us.

G’day Eric
I have an understanding that consciousness is an energy form & that any energy form can be measured, maybe not now but maybe in the far future if the human species is still around of course!!

I believe any thought you perceive can in fact exist however not in the way we perceive existence to be like for example a thousand years ago we perceived existence quite differently than what we do today. Thought is energy so if you thought of etheric consciousness it exists therefore is energy & can be measured I believe. No one thought that enters our mind isn’t of consciousness, every thought is & has always been, there is nothing new except the experiences of such collective thoughts.    

We as humans can’t fathom ethereal consciousness because we lack the conscious awareness to do so, so of course it’s not going to seem to exist but I believe it does because like I said if you thought of it it exists.

So this would mean a pink donkey with a human head exists? Yes but not in the way we perceive existence to be & of course it doesn’t have to be of a physical nature to exist either. There are soul entities that pretty much live as we do who have no physicality but still exist & in actual fact this is more natural & normal as such than physical existence as we know it.  Is our awareness of physical existence really physical to other existences? I’ve got a funny feeling not as the interpretation of physicality is different from different awareness levels & existences.   

I didn’t know exactly what ethereal consciousness was so I read a little about this from the links below.   

My blessing

We could ask here, what makes something in our awareness of what is physical from consciousness, why don’t we all see & hear a pink donkey when everything we imagine exists?  It takes a collective thought or consciousness to create anything in physical form, individually imagining a pink donkey isn’t going to create such a physical animal as it takes a collective thought to do that. For an example, consumerist materialism is real & was created by a collective consciousness, for without the collective consciousness things like consumerist materialism couldn’t have been created as it would still be an imagination. For another example let’s take war, if we didn’t collectively create war within our imagination war would have never existed. As long as we are imagining war, consumerist materialism & anything else as a collective species they will continue to exist that is why so many are trying to change our modes of thought to love & understanding. If this could ever be accomplished this world will change quite dramatically but we must do it collectively.

People like Jesus & Buddha for example tried to do just this, by influencing the mass or the collective to think & imagine differently they were actually trying to get us to create a wholly new physical existence for ourselves that was far better than what we were going through at the time. A good question to ask here is, “can we be influenced by a few to imagine a particular physical outcome thus physical creation?” This is how wars start & systems of living like consumerist material are created, it’s basically brain washing the mass or the collective to create what a few want. We look at everything as being physically created but it take imagination & thought on mass to create anything physical, without imagination & thought of such images it just can’t possibly be created in physical form.

“Imagination is a far greater tool than we could humanly ever possibly imagine!! “….Love Mathew   

Related link on the discussion of atheism & spiritualism below:

Sunday, 7 July 2013

What is High or Low Energy?

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following responses to one of my posts have some very good questions in regards to there being a higher or lower energy form or mass which I didn’t think I had the answers for to any degree until I started replying to them. The strange thing I can’t find the post they are referring too however I will insert the associated link in reference to these posts directly below.

Let me ask you, can you give me the defenition of this high energy? furthermore what even is a higher energy?

Within every system is an order, even when chaotic, they all intersect with eachother, they just don`t all interact with eachother.

If this highness what you mean is a vibration that is very fast, or high then is that the right definition?
Also don`t you think that if you are adept in energy use you could basically achieve the same results regardless of what energy you are using?

Thus is this higher energy really high? and is it only responsive to someone tapping into it, or does it allready interact with the rest?

I`m sorry i have to do this, but some misconceptions of high and low, of right and wrong, of dark and light and the list goes on, there is allways an association to something either negative or something positive, but never do i hear anything about neutral, or non interaction, and why it is that if it doesn`t interact with other stuff, then why does it do so when you tap into it?
And why would it be so much better?

Some food for thought

I'm with Ijinfuhen on this topic. I would like to read a bit more on this higher energy more then just somebody's say so. Energy is just energy, so how do you classify when it is light energy and when its not? And why is light energy so much higher then any other energies? It all seems a bit speculative to me.

The way I see it, darkness should be infinitely more valuable than light because light doesn't teach you anything. If darkness embodies negativity (which I presume most of the people on this forum believe), then isn't it much more beneficial for somebody to learn from a negative experience? Doesn't the pain of knowing what it is to lose a loved one, provide you with a better understanding and ability to comfort somebody else who lost somebody close to him/her? To me, it seems to be a much better stepping stone then most of the things I've read about light properties. But I digress.

G’day Ijinfuhen & Sexyathiest

Very good questions & here are my very good answers.

What I refer to a higher energy is an energy form that is vibrating faster/quicker also an energy mass that is made up of many vibrative frequencies like living matter compared to non-living matter. Humans are made up of many different vibrative frequencies that’s why a hand for instance looks different to a foot or hair on one part of the body is different to another part of the body, the more & varied the frequencies a mass is made up of the higher the energy flow because it’s the different & numerous frequencies that makes a certain mass higher in vibration than another.

Thought is but another vibration & humans to date have far more vibrative frequencies than an ape for instance this is what makes it of higher intelligence, the more frequencies one has the more thought!! 

I know a lot of spiritually aware people don’t believe this but we are always thinking even after death & of course in meditation, how do past loved one’s commune with us? The reason each of us have different variants or levels of vibration is due to our thought. When scientifically measured the frequency brain waves of someone thinking negatively to someone thinking positively is quite astounding, they just don’t use different parts of the brain but one is higher in its frequency rate than the other. [wink]


The fundamental thing to remember here is not to just think of energy as being of one vibration but also can be made up of various & numerous vibrative frequencies that make up a certain vibrative field of effect around a certain mass or form which I have explained about in past posts.  When you think about this, when you reach certain conscious states that you feel all at one & in harmony with all you are in fact connecting yourself with all other vibrative energy either it be of matter, form or whatever, you are connecting or I should say reconnecting with all of what is vibrating & has ever vibrated, no wonder we feel what we feel in these certain conscious states!!

The following links are quite an interesting supplement to this post especially the last one explaining that as quote: Gamma brain waves (39-100 hz) are involved in higher mental activity and consolidation of information. An interesting study has shown that advanced Tibetan meditators produce higher levels of gamma than non-meditators both before and during meditation.