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Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Demise of a Mother

Written by Mathew Naismith

The topic for this post is in relation to my mother who has recently passed on, what was most interesting is the way my mother past on and my involvement in her passing. Don't get the wrong idea, I didn't physically or even mentally help my mother pass on or over, you could say I spiritually helped my mother pass on.

You could also say this is a personal matter, I shouldn't be writing about this especially so soon. In no way is anything we do personal, yes, any consciousness that is unaware will presume we have a personal life, this is mainly due to such consciousness not being aware of any other life existence to any great extent but what influences them personally. Our own personal existence deludes us to think we have a personal life, a separate life that is unknown to all other life existences, however, people like myself know better. There is no such thing as separatism, meaning, everything of consciousness is connected. It's funny how realities of time can delude us to think we have separate personal lives.   

If I was to think that I have a personal life, everything that has gone on prior to my mum's demise would traumatise me, probably for the rest of my life. It's been a very rocky road, meaning, life has been anything but pleasant within my immediate family, this was mostly due to a singular person having destructive influences over a number of my family members. To make things worse, this destructive mentality assisted in my mum's demise in a grueling way, it was by no way easy sitting back only being able to observe what was going on. However, in the end I stood directly behind my uncle who died at 13 years of age waiting for my mother to cross over, basically, enticing my mother to ignore her fears and grievances so my mother can make the final journey and pass on/over.

What I didn't realise, until that point, is that my mother never really experienced any extended period of contentment and a truer form of love in her life. If you are unable to find contentment in life, it is unlikely you will experience a true form of love in your life. My mother was utterly surprised after her demise, so much contentment and love filled her whole being, a contentment and love she herself didn't know existed within her all her physical life.

What happens to this love and contentment is that we allow life experiences and circumstance to condition us to life, this is instead of learning from these experiences and circumstances in life. We tend to, at times, take life experiences as a trauma instead of just learning from these experiences. In this case, we often create life regrets and grievances when these regrets and grievances never had to exist in our lives to start with.

My mother had a tunnel in front of her that was blocked by a roaring train that then turned into a large snake. My mother was extensively influenced by a person who instilled fear in my mother for a great number of years of her life. This instilled fear in the end made my mum's final day quite harrowing, it's wise to be aware of this. Just be aware of how your own environment is influencing you.

My mother in her final days also pictured me floating about in thin air, she asked me what I was doing floating about like that. It wasn't what my mother said, it's how she said it, it was like she had already crossed over with no regrets or trauma of any kind at that exact point.

We of course could say, neurologically, that my mother was having delusional episodes due to the lack of blood to the brain cells for example. Indeed this would be correct if our minds were only our physical brains but there not. When the physical brain dies, the mind no longer thinks in terms of physicality, it basically goes back to the way the mind was before it became the physical brain. We can however experience delusional episodes while the mind changes from a physical state back to a non-physical state, this is due to the transitional experience from one kind of thinking to another. Not every consciousness completes this transition either, ghosts are a good example of the mind wanting to stay with the thinking modes of the physical brain. However, don't think that everything a dying person says is just ramblings brought on by delusional episodes, it's all to do with the way they express themselves.   

All I am saying is be aware of how your environment is conditioning you, this in the end will help your transition to run a lot more smoothly and peacefully. If you learn from your environment, instead of allowing your environment to condition you, your own transition should be smooth and peaceful. One more thing, let the mind transition into a non-physical existence, just let go of all that is of physicality, this is unless you have a preoccupation with all that is physical, it's really up to you in the end......               

Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Other You - Our Environment

Written by Mathew Naismith

In my last post, I explained how we don't own our own thoughts and feelings as everything we think and feel comes from the environment we are aware of. Once any consciousness becomes aware, it is instantly influenced in everyway by this awareness. Let's consider this awareness, what is it? It's of course our environment, the very structure that influences us in everyway in how we think and feel.

Now what is this environment that influences us in everyway?

For such an environment to influence us in such a strong way, this environment must be more than just an environment we exist in, considering this environment creates everything we are in every sense. It's obvious that our environment determines our every thought and actions, basically, we become our environment, this why it's so important to be aware of what environment you are presently existing in.

Another thing to consider here is the environment you are aware of is another you, in actuality, the environment you are not aware of is still another, however, the environment you are not aware of is less influential upon you than the environment you are aware of. 

Look at it this way, can any person you are not aware of influence you? No, once a person is influential upon you, you are aware of them in some way, no person you are unaware of in anyway can influence you.

Another way to look at this is like living in an area were it rarely rains, you might have become aware of rain through various other means but you haven't yourself experienced rain. In this case, you are only partially aware of rain, this partiality determines the way you think and feel in relation to rain, this is until you actually yourself experience rain. Once rain is experienced, your perspectives change which determines how your going to perceive, this new perception has in fact changed the way you think and feel in relation to rain.

It's important not to underestimate the influential forces of your environment, to me, if this environment is so influential that it determines our every thought and feelings, there is a lot more to our environment than we know. Basically, our environment is a reflection of ourselves, it doesn't matter if you are aware of some part of this environment or not, it's still a part of you no matter how unaware of this environment you are. For example, rain is still a fundamental part of us even if you have never actually experienced rain yourself and so is everything else in existence.

In all, our environment is our building blocks for us to build upon what ever we want to build or create, if we want to create a reality on discord, we use the right blocks for the job. Basically, the building blocks that determine our every thought and feelings, represent our environment, the reality we exist in.

Now the best way, in my mind, to get a better handle on this is to actually see that everyone you see and meet is another you no matter how loving or detestable they might seem to you. If you wish to be influenced by their environment, you invite them in to your own environment to influence your own environment, this in turn will determine the way you will think and feel to one extent or another. This influence upon you is of course determined by the influence of the other person. Basically, look at everyone around you as being a part of the environment like an ocean view or a snow covered mountain, each and every part of this environment will determine in how you think and feel.

Lets look at this in another way to get a better feel in how our environment is a reflection of ourselves, thus in turn determining our every thought and feelings.

Perceive everything in creation being of a singular mind, in other words perceive everything as being of one consciousness, as of our own individual thought and feeling. This one mind, one consciousness, is created from many different parts of itself, some parts of this consciousness being more influence than other parts of this consciousness upon our existence. The more aware we become of different parts of our own consciousness, the more influential these parts of our consciousness  become. To me, our whole environment is also a reflection of this one mind, this one consciousness,  just on a more massive scale than our own mind, our own consciousness.

No matter what a controlling ego says, the whole environment is another you, you do however have a choice of how your own environment or reality is influenced by the environment around you. The controlling ego doesn't want you to know this because through this awareness, the controlling ego losses control. 

Indeed, everyone I meet, I certainly see as another me, the choice is, do we wish to be influenced by that part of ourselves, our environment,  that no longer serves a constructive purpose in our lives!!

Supplement:  I should point out here, there are human perceptions that are governed by certain fixated perceptions and there are our inner perceptions that go way beyond any fixated human perception. This means anything that your inner self is aware of, will influence you, even if you are unaware of them on a human level of awareness. However in this case such inner awareness will most likely be less influential until we become aware of our inner self, a perception that goes way beyond normal human perception of awareness. 


Sunday, 24 January 2016

Moving on - A Resurrection of Awareness

Written by Mathew Naismith  

It's really interesting how the worst of times can either make us more aware or more unaware, in other words less controlling or more controlling. Indeed, the more aware we become the less controlling we are and the less abuse we  express as control is always linked to being abusive. Consider this, how many people want to change this controlling abusive environment? We must remember, a non-controlling abusive consciousness is in an environment of control and abuse, we are the one's in their environment not the other way around, this gives us no right to change their environment, in other words be controlling and abusive over their environment in anyway.

However, we do have a right to influence our immediate environment and to disallow any controlling abusive ways to influence us. This of course is always going to be difficult for us to do at times, after all, we are not existing in a non-abusive non-controlling reality to begin with.

In recent days, my world has been sort of turned up side down emotionally, my siblings are, in my mind, reacting quite badly to my mothers imminent demise, in actuality, they are abusing my mother, my wife and myself.  When I stepped back and observed what is going on, all I could see is an excessive amount of control, such expressions of excess will of course create a very abusive environment.

My siblings and myself were brought up in an abusive controlling family environment, my siblings obviously reacted to this in one way and I the other. They seemed to have allowed themselves to become conditioned to the abuse and control where's I allowed this abuse and control to make me more aware of the destructive attributes of control therefore abuse. Yes, any sense of control is abuse in one way or another, only a controlling ego would say otherwise.

The following exchange between a friend of many years ago and myself on facebook is as follow.   

Gina Hodgkin I have done the same. I also blocked them. I'm so sick of the lies that continues to come out of that person mouth. It is sad when you are left with no choice but cut off other family members because of someone else's bad behaviour. I feel for you

My Reply
I think the thing is, we are past being controlling and abusive but of course being controlling themselves, they want to force their own controlling ways onto us all the times.

We were actually born within their environment, it was controlling so any consciousness that isn't controlling in the same way, will of course feel out of tune with their environment. I don't want to change their environment, all I want to do is be allowed to be within my own environment, this of course is going to be hard to do within such a controlling environment. People like you and I are always going to have to ward off other consciousness's controlling ways, this is their environment after all, we are actually existing within their environment.  

My older brother sees himself as some kind of spiritual guru, he got upset with me because I was expressing personal family experiences, the thing is, we don't even own our own thoughts, therefore, how could we have actual personal experiences. My spiritual guru brother is obviously still into ownership. We don't own anything and that's a huge relief to me but to anyone into control and abuse, the thought of not even owning your own thoughts is psychologically catastrophic to them. It's like a drug addict, any hint of taking their comfort blanket away from them is psychologically catastrophic to them, this is why they so often lash out at anyone threatening their addictions and fixations.

You don't need to feel for me Gina, even though I do appreciate your kind loving thoughts. I've leant so much from my abusive controlling family. Unlike my siblings who are conditioned to abuse, abuse made me aware, I did not allow the abuse I've experienced to condition me to abuse.

Even though my mother was quite abusive in her life, she doesn't deserve being abused. My mother knew no other way to be, I understand that completely. Yes, like myself she could have rectified this but I think the life she chose wasn't conductive to this.

Keep well and Happy Gina, life is full of pitfalls but from this, comes light but only if we keep pulling ourselves out of these pits and don't become a part of the pit.

PS By the way, thanks,  I knew I had to write about my recent occurrences but I didn't know how to write it, our discussion is going to be a part of my post on my blog.  

We might look at my emotional reactions as being expressive of the ego, well of course it is, if I wasn't supposed to react in this way, I wouldn't have the realisation of being human. The realisation of being human goes in hand with being expressive of the ego, I'm not then going to judge this being one thing or another, it is what it is, the human realisation and experiences of ego.

The type and excessiveness of the ego we express, is determined in how we have allowed such a controlling abusive environment to condition ourselves. I was lucky enough to be born in a very controlling family environment, yes, I did say lucky because if it wasn't for this environment, there is no way I would be as aware as I am now of  this collective controlling abusive environment we all exist in.

I think it's important to create your own environment within this controlling abusive collective environment. Within this awareness, it's important to also to try not to control and change this collective environment for all this will do, like a drug addict, cause a reaction!!

Indeed, don't be fooled, control and abuse is addictive therefore it is wise and advisable not to outwardly change their own environment we are presently experiencing. Yes, we know, there is a better more constructive way to exist but they don't want this, they want to stay addicted to control and abuse and yes, they too have a right to do this especially within their own environment!!

We are the foreign matter or aliens within an environment that is alien to non- abusive and non-controlling consciousness's, this is obvious!!