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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Harmony - The Key to Love

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is indeed ironical. I awoke this morning to the understanding of me writing a post about peace and love, being that peace creates a sense of love, not the other way around. Love is simply a natural process of being harmonious. As we quieten the mind, we quieten the disharmony within our mind while at the same time creating a sense of love. Peace/harmony is the key to love.

I wrote the following in a discussion relating to the topic of; what is your core element that determines your way of thinking and being. I wrote faith, in that I have faith that human consciousness will go along with the natural evolution and evolve from it's present consciousness. A lot of people said love but one person simply said peace, I wrote the following in response to this.

1: Indeed peace because how would one truly be of love if disharmonious? Harmony naturally and automatically brings us a true sense of love, love simply isn't the be and end all as it is treated today.

In the sixties it was peace and love, peace brings love, basically, love is part of the natural process of peace, love is only apart of the process as love derives from peace, not the other way around.

This is like today's perception of light which denotes awareness, as of intelligence, what is awareness void of wisdom; the same is with what is love void of a true sense of peace?

We are today so focused on light and love when light and love are determined by base factors like wisdom and peace. How many people today are focused simply on wisdom and peace? I think the sixties had it more correct than we do today in western spirituality.      

Stating simply peace is perfect, a true sense of spiritual understanding in my mind.

2: Indeed, peace to one person isn't peace to another person. Is a multinational in financial dire-straights at peace? Is a peaceful person at war at peace?

Of course we could say here that a multinational at peace financially isn't very loving but he is, he loves his wealth as much as a spiritual person loves another person. Even a true sense of love is ambiguous it would seem.

We could say that peace is also ambiguous as the peace and love of a multinational and a spiritual person is different. As a multinational is not at peace with being poor, a spiritual person is not at peace in being materialistic or destructive.

Simply, peace, like love, is ambiguous until it becomes true......

3: Of course, peace simply says it all. I go deep so that others have an opportunity to comprehend and understand a true sense of peace and love. Behind love a true sense of peace/harmony resides.

I handle the environment we presently exist in differently, I don't perceive a negative or a positive, it is what it is, as in it just is, void of anything having to be of one thing or another.

My wife and I haven't watched TV for over 9 years now, I do miss the docs though, not the news. The news these days is only of what they want us to be aware of.

It is obvious I needn't have gone deep with you, sorry for that Paul.


As we become more aware, part of the process of becoming aware is disharmony. We are certainly not going to like or feel comfortable with everything we become aware of; this is until we reach the process of being truly harmonious, not just to the things we desire to be of but to everything.

Humans are more intelligent and aware of their environment than ever, how harmonious is the world today? You see part of the process of becoming more aware is being disharmonious, however, no true sense of love will reside within a reality that is disharmonious.

We then get to a point of process were we only become aware of the things that are harmonious, everything we are disharmonious with are discarded or ignored. You see, when we are harmonious love is able to reside; all we desire at this stage of the process is to be of this love. This is of course quite understandable in regards to our present disharmonious reality.

At this stage of the process we are still in disharmony of the things we have rejected or denounced to simply feel some kind of love. At this stage this is not a true sense of love for there is no true sense of harmony, however, we do feel more loving because we are more at harmony. 

The next part of the process entails us to become wiser with our awareness. As of knowledge or intelligence, awareness void of wisdom is only ever going to be half aware for awareness, as of knowledge and intelligence, needs the guidance of wisdom to know how to use and respond to knowledge, intelligence and awareness.

This part of the process then allows us to be in harmony with everything we become aware of, only in this state can a true sense of harmony therefore love reside. I think that harmony and wisdom are the true building blocks to become truly loving, for only in true harmony can a true sense of love reside. Look at it like building a home for love to reside, without a home to reside in, love can never truly be at peace.......    

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A True Expression of Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

We often have a perception of true spirituality being one that sits, eats and exercises in just the right way, according to certain perceptions, which are governed by a certain ideology or ideas of what is and isn't spiritual. I am however going to bring forth a different perception on this which obviously isn't going to go down too well with certain people. I'm going to state that we couldn't be more of a higher expression of connectedness to our truer being if we wanted to within this reality.

Firstly, as of  many people, at the most traumatising times of my life have I experienced a true sense of  enlightenment, my wife has also experienced the same thing when in traction. Trauma of course being the complete opposite to a calm harmonious collective state of being. Now consider our present collective human traumatised is this state at present? We couldn't be more expressive of a higher state of being if we wanted to.

It's important not to look at the human collective consciousness as a separate part of our own collective consciousness either, look at it as one consciousness, this is a truer sense of oneness. Yes, the ego wants to separate one kind of consciousness from another as it often deems one inferior to itself, remembering that the ego is all about creating delusions and illusions.

I'm sitting back and observing the human consciousness and all I can see is an enlightening experience as oneself would personally experience in trauma. We, as a collective, couldn't be going through more of an enlightening experience if we tried.

I think at this point it's wise to know what spirituality actually means. To me, spirituality is in reference to the spirit within all things, it's like in 3rd dimensions carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen are the base elements in all living things. Spirituality is the base element within all things, basically, the sixth sense, a sense that is mostly only felt as a feeling in a 3rd dimensional reality. To me, the spirit within all things is of all senses and at the same time of no senses, this is because once a consciousness becomes aware of all senses being as one, this awareness negates the purpose of senses.

If spirituality is in reference to all things, biologically living or not, everything we do is in accordance with being spiritual, this is why so many in trauma can experience their most awakening times. However in stating this, a lot of people also experience their most awakening/enlightening times while in total harmony, it seems to take extreme disharmony and utter harmony to experience our most awakening times in our life. Are extremes needed to awaken us? It would seem so but why?

I think the more a consciousness is unaware of the spirit with in all things, the more extreme of an experience is needed to awaken itself to the spirit within all things. Are we at present, on a collective scale, that unaware considering the trauma and the extremes that are being expressed in this reality?

Now let's consider a reality void of extremes, basically, a balance between yin and yang for example. We, within our present state of extremes, would think any consciousness within such a balanced reality wouldn't experience any sort of awakening, this couldn't be further from the truth. When you consider that the spirit is within all things, within a balanced reality, all things automatically become one, within this reality, there is no extremes because extremes have no purpose, in actuality, in this kind of balanced reality, it's impossible for any consciousness to express any kind of extreme.          

We so often believe harmony is more spiritual than disharmony, harmony is more conductive to spiritual awareness and wisdom but at the same time being aware of an opposite as in disharmony. How much of a balance do we have when we segregate harmony from disharmony, yin from yang? The more we separate the yin from the yang, the more extreme our experiences have to be to become spiritually aware.

I'm very accepting of my harmony as I am of my disharmony, however, I do often allow extremes to also influence me, this influence is all to do with our conditioning to extremes and an imbalanced reality. I also try not to judge this as being one thing or another either, it just is the way it is within realities like this one.

I wrote a post about flat lining some time ago, flat lining isn't to do with dying but a state of far less motion, therefore extremes, thus the flat line. This flat line indicates perfect balance, and yes, harmony, for once balance is obtained by a consciousness, harmony automatically becomes that realities prime influence, In this case, there is no need for a consciousness to experience extremes to become spiritually aware of the spirit within all things.

A true sense of spirituality isn't experiencing extremes, it's experiencing balance which automatically creates a reality of harmony, in actuality, harmony and disharmony become one thus we feel the feeling of harmony.......perfect balance.

While holidaying in nature recently, there was no need for me to experience an extreme awakening, as I stated in my last post, my home environment is just as awaking and harmonious. You could say my wife and I experience balance between our home environment and nature, there is no separation or segregation between these two realities.     

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Feelings Are Observations!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

Finding Harmony

In the past two weeks my wife and I have been on holiday, in what we call in Australia, a holiday in the sticks or the bush, it’s basically a holiday out in nature. You would think that people who are spiritually aware would be right in their element, in actuality we felt more in tune in our environment at home than in nature.
This is very common, for example, a person from the city can feel less in tune with nature and the reason for this is simple. A reality based on city life is very different to a reality based on a reality more of the natural environment, one environment is natural the other unnatural.  The difference between city and country life is quite apparent here, however, the difference between a spiritually aware person’s home environment (reality) and nature isn’t as apparent; this is because a spiritually aware person’s home is more in tune with nature.
Once we create our own reality in our home environment, either that be in the city or country, all other realities automatically become out of tune with us to one extent or another, in other words, once we create a harmonious reality, all other realities feel out of tune with us to one extent or another. We can however find that the natural environment is just as much in tune with us than our home environment or we can also create a more harmonious environment at home than there is in nature, this sadly enough isn’t as common.

We so often find ourselves looking and taking observation outside our home environment to find harmony, meaning, we often look externally outside our own environment for harmony, this is very common, however, once you create a more harmonious environment/reality at home, no other reality you experience is as harmonious no matter how natural it is.

Don't get me wrong, I was often in tune with the natural environment while on holiday, in my case the natural environment reminded me of my own environment at home, I was sort of like pining, a deep longing, for my home environment.

One thing to be aware of is that our home environment can become a crutch or a fixation to a particular environmental reality, we could within such realities become unaware of other realities. Considering that any reality we create exists within other realities, it's not wise to become too unaware of these other realities.

Sixth Sense Feelings

Are what we feel also what we observe? When you consider an artists, what comes first, observation/imagination or feelings? Does a would be scientist have a feeling for science before learning how to observe through various science techniques?

Now let's also consider an infant, everything an infant detects through the five senses determines how the infant will feel, observation being one of them, how often does an infants eyes express what they are feeling through observation alone?

Believe it or not a good or brilliant artist will have feelings before observing what they are going to create or visualise, the same is with science, could you imagine a scientist not having a feeling for science? Now when we consider an infant, observation seems to determine what their are going to feel.

I'm going to once again go way out on a limb. There are feelings brought on by the five sense which psychologically stimulate our mind, all our five senses stimulate one kind of feeling or another. Let's now consider feelings beyond our five senses, most often artists, and brilliant scientists alike, delve into this realm, this is often called the zone. This zone is often obvious in some of the athletic feats some sports people portray as well. We are of course talking about a sense beyond the five senses, the sixth sense.

Do our sixth sense feelings determine what we are going to observe? Why do certain  people have a more of a feeling for science than artistry for example? Feelings determine what we are going to observe and how we are going to observe. Artistry is just as much about observation than science, be it often in a different perspective and perception to science.

Sixth sense feelings determine how we are going to observe, in actuality, they determine everything we are going to feel through our five senses, of course what we feel also determines what reality we create. From our infancy, we create a reality for ourselves based on our five senses, we are often conditioned to create realities in this way void of any influence from our sixth sense feelings.

I feel that artistry gives us a glimpse of this sixth sense feeling. Artistry often goes beyond the boundaries of the five senses as artistry is often influenced and conditioned by sixth sense feelings, in actuality, artists often express something very private in an open manner. Now consider my last post titled, Openness Leads To Closeness, we often perceive that artists are distant and reclusive but in actuality they are more open and truthful than a lot of us.


We, in a 3rd dimensional reality, perceive to observe we need sight of vision and to visualise we need the physical mind to imagine or perceive. This is correct in a reality based on 3rd dimensional five sense reality but not in a reality based on the sixth sense.

While predominantly using the sixth sense, feelings become observations, they become one of the same thing. As soon as sixth sense feelings create an observation through these feelings, a reality based on feelings is created through a consciousness observing these feelings. In a sense, all of what a 3rd dimension is about is being created from these sixth sense feelings being observed, in other words this reality is purely based on feelings being observed. Of course for this to occur, a consciousness outside of the limitations of the 3rd dimension needs to exist.

An art student is first instructed to use the five senses, basically one at a time, and yes, artists do use the five senses in one sense or another at first, this is a part of the process. I feel an art student is no longer a student when they purely feel what they are creating void of the five senses. Learning artistry conditions us to create what we feel, not what we observe. This 3rd dimensional reality is like an art form still being created, it's an art form created from feelings being observed and like many expressions of art, this 3rd dimensional reality is expressed in many different ways.

How many people are comfortable and in tune with all forms of art? Not many, this reality is no different, this reality is certainly more of a form of abstract art than traditional art where you only express what you observe, not what you feel.....

In 3rd dimensional reality, conditioned by the five senses, we predominantly feel through our observations. This is different when a consciousness is predominantly influenced by sixth sense feelings, these feelings become our observations, meaning, within this state, feelings are what we observe, abstract art is a very good indication of this.      

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Our Involvement in Life

Written by Mathew Naismith

The eternal frame of life mysteriously flounders from one to the other, it's what we make of these mysteries that define our own personal reality.

The wise will smile at these mysteries where the unwise will always frown, always be a smiler, the wise....Mathew G

In recent times I have been accused of being hateful and unforgiving, as we say in Australia, this is water off a ducks back, meaning, these accusers and judgmentally inclined people are unable to hurt people like myself unless we allow them. We must be aware that the unaware will most often lash out at the aware thinking that the aware think like them. A good example is the aware avoiding close contact with people who lash out like this, this is often misjudged as being hateful and unforgiving but this can't be further from the truth.

What the unaware are not aware of is that people like myself no longer wish to become involved in certain expression that are disharmonious, in the meantime not judging that anyone heavily involved in disharmony unworthy. If disharmony of one kind or another makes these people happy, people like myself are happy for them, however, what makes these people happy doesn't mean that is what makes other people like myself happy.               

It would also be very unwise of me to think that a harmonious existence would make everyone happy, some people are just not in tune with such harmonious vibrations, this is purely due to how their own vibrations are disharmonious in the presence of harmonious vibrations. An unaware person will noticeably lash out at any other vibration not in harmony with their own, however, the aware will always be aware that other vibrations will be in disharmony in the presence of vibrations not in tune with their own. We should never expect obvious disharmonious vibrations to feel in harmony with harmonious vibrations. Of course people with disharmonious vibrations should never expect harmonious vibrations to be in harmony with disharmonious vibrations either, most often they do because they are simply unaware that certain vibrations will never be in tune with other vibrations not in tune with their own.

Look at it in this way, could you lock a pedophile in a room full of children and expect a harmonious coexistence? In a reality like this one, this is basically what is happening. Mixing harmonious people with obvious disharmonious people won't create a very  harmonious coexistence, as you can't mix fire and water together in harmony, you can't mix one out of tune vibration with in tune vibrations and expect a harmonious coexistence. The reason for this is simple, just because one vibration is disharmonious or out of tune, doesn't mean it isn't in tune with other disharmonious vibrations, however, a disharmonious vibration will always be out of tune with harmonious vibrations and visa-versa. The same is with aware and unaware people and wise and unwise people, it's wise to be aware that your own vibrations are indeed out of tune with other people's vibrations, it's certainly not all one way. It is obvious that any harmonious vibration will indeed be disharmonious to other vibrations not in tune with their own.

Now should harmonious people become totally un-involved in the disharmony of life because life is mainly influenced by obvious disharmonious vibrations?

I have so often said about avoiding motion as all motion creates even more motion, basically avoiding becoming too involved with all other vibrations not in tune with my own. If we were meant to do this, we wouldn't be in the reality we are in, of course we are supposed to become involved but at the same time realising that all motion creates even more motion. What it basically comes down to is balance, don't become too involved but involved enough to make a difference without creating too much disharmony. Of course any display of trying to harmonise disharmonious vibrations is usually going to be met with a disharmonious reaction, don't try too hard, be a subtle as you can. At times even the most subtle motion will be met with disharmonious vibrations, just expect this as no one likes their own harmonious vibrations change.

It's wise to remember, harmonious vibrations will be in harmony with other harmonious vibrations as will disharmonious vibrations be in harmony with other disharmonious vibrations. Just because a vibration is harmonious doesn't mean it's harmonious with the rest of it's environment, what is harmonious to one vibration isn't necessarily harmonious to all other vibrations. Yes, being in total harmony and constructive, as opposed to destructive, is indeed creating disharmony to those not in tune with such vibrations. Yes, harmonious people can be disharmonious to their environment as well, it's good to be aware of this.

In all, try to find balance by being aware that your own harmonious vibrations can also add to the disharmony in the world, it's not all one way, meaning, what is harmonious to one isn't necessarily harmonious to the other!!    

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A Quietened Mind to Being Enlightened

Written by Mathew Naismith

Three consecutive quotes came to me recently which impact on each other, it's like a three step description on how to become the observer, a more enlightened (awake) consciousness from an unenlightened state of consciousness. The trick is, is not to try to become enlightened but to release yourself from an unenlightened state of consciousness without intentions or taking action.       

Step 1: Obtain a quiet mind through being aware that every time we react to another conscious source, we create more ripples within this consciousness which only feeds the controlling ego to become even more controlling. The ripples within consciousness represent a chaotic effect which the ego feeds from.  

You might think it's not easy to quieten the mind but it is, all you need to do is realise every time you react, you are feeding the ego which causes more ripples within consciousness itself.  It's all about being aware of the effects of what our actions and intentions have on consciousness. All actions and intentions are ego driven, be aware of how controlling the ego is when being expressive of such actions and intentions. 

Step 2: This should be an automatic response from quietening the mind, once we learn to quieten the mind, we automatically express more inactions, this in turn quells the chaos within consciousness. Harmony is an expression of inactions and is counter productive to creating chaos.     

Step 3: Once step 1 and 2 are accomplished, we again automatically become the observer and once we become the observer, we begin to release ourselves quite automatically from an unenlightened state of consciousness. This takes no actions or intentions at all to reach this state. You might think you have intentions of quietening the mind but all you are doing is releasing yourself from an unenlightened state, all this takes is to let go of the controlling factors of the ego. This is being your true self which has always existed, this takes no actions or intentions except just being the truer you.    

To get a better picture of this, look at consciousness as a body of water that is being influenced by chaos, a movement that creates ripples, now stop all movement (actions and reactions of the ego, you will now notice the body of water is calm and tranquil once again, this body of water now represents your truer self. You are not taking actions through intentions but are now being inactive through releasing yourself from the controlling factors of the ego.

If you have intention of quietening the mind, you might experience a bit of step 2 but you won't go on and experience step three. The trick is to just let go of actions and intentions and be your truer self again, a calm tranquil body of water (consciousness).

I should point out that all unenlightened states of consciousness express ego traits, this is perfectly natural, it's even natural to express a totally controlling ego, nothing of consciousness is unnatural even though the controlling ego tries to convince us otherwise. If we truly want, or more precisely need, to change a conscious reality, all we need to do is become aware of how consciousness behaves when stimulated or influenced by movement (actions and intentions). Yes, it is this simple!!        

Monday, 24 June 2013

Learning from & Living within Discord

Written by Mathew Naismith

Some choose to live within discord & others in harmony & of course you have people like me who live within both which denotes full acceptance of what is, it depends upon your will in what reality you want to live in & of course what reality you still probably need to learn from in some cases.  Everyone has a right to live by their own free will however if we like it or not one’s own will will affect others either it be in discord, harmony or both. We have obviously chosen to live within a reality like this where everyone has their own free will to live by which in turn adds to the discord or if you like creates discord because any variant is going to create some sort of discord if we like it or not unless we become accepting of all free will. So does living within discord & harmony give one more balance? It has to because your accepting of all not just what makes one feel good, this is like you have to have the bad to appreciate the good in life type thing, it denotes balance which has very little opposing polarities thus conflict.

I must mention here that what we mistaken for discordant conflict might actually be beneficial as not all of what is negative is just negative, as I have stated in past posts both polarities of neg & pos have their own neg & pos within them, what seems to be just good or bad to one person will seem quite different to others because of their own free will they live by as mentioned earlier in this post.  Using myself as an example; while communicating with someone on a forum site I will at times change tack depending on what the other person I deem needs to learn as we are all indeed each other’s teachers, one minute I will be in harmony with them & then the next I will be in discord & of course they will do the same at times, we are learning from each other’s diversity & yes at time while teaching I too will be the student.  What if we all just lived in love & forgot about discord? Like I said earlier some of us still have lessons to learn that can only be learnt through being discordant plus it all comes down to our own free will which we should all try to be a little more accepting & understanding of, in this comes true acceptance.

If we all chose to live within a reality of love & harmony to escape realities of discord that would have to be a sign of total harmony wouldn’t it? No not at all because we still have an obvious conflict & non-acceptance of what is discordant, in our new reality of love & harmony we are not discordant but we haven’t learnt to be all accepting of all obviously as only through acceptance of all can one truly be at harmony & to do this one must be willing to live out lives of disharmony as well until we become accepting of all not just the things that make us feel good or desire.  The best way to do this is live within both polarities at the same time. I would like to mention here that a person who is truly all loving & in harmony won’t notice discord at all as they will only notice a difference if that!!

True harmonious loving people will smile at these differences & think the said people have a lesson to learn still & leave it at that but on occasions will try to help the said persons however we all have our own road to tread in our own way so no matter what is said we still have to keep to our own road & probably learn the hard way just like humanity as a whole is doing.  

Friday, 24 May 2013

The World of True Spiritual Acceptance pt.6

spirit eveolve
Written by Mathew Naismith

Evolving Through Acceptance: Recently it was pointed out by someone reading my blog that we can’t accept our circumstances in life & evolve at the same time, meaning we are not going to improve if we just accept our lot in life & do nothing to improve it. However the concept of acceptance is about accepting our present condition in life before we improve it instead of trying to change it through non-acceptance which is conflictive, it’s not about sitting on our hands & accepting what comes but accepting it first then changing it in a more peaceful manner instead of in a more conflictive manner.

Most of our advancements have come from conflicts as most of our advancements for starters have arisen from the necessity to out do our opponents through better technology.  What I am saying is how about accepting our circumstances for once without being in conflict with them & then change them in a more peaceful state, at least this way were not taking any leftover portion of these conflicts into the change & messing them up as well.

spirit harmony

Harmoniously Changing One’s Environment: Being in conflict with any part of our environment before or during the process of changing what we don’t like is ephemeral because we are still non-accepting & in conflict with a part of ourselves as our entire environment is very much a part of us if we like it or not & there is nothing you or I can do about it. If we are still in conflict with a part of ourselves we will take this with us through any changes we make which only transform the change into another conflict because the change has only come about because of conflict & not through peaceful means, only through this peaceful process can we obtain true change. We are really chasing our tails around & around when were constantly trying to change our environment through non-acceptance all the time as it doesn’t matter what change we make it’s still conflictive.

You would think humans are naturally conflictive with their environment & at times with themselves but that couldn’t be further from the truth as there was & are times when we were more at peace & accepting of our environment.  As hunter & gatherers we had to rely on our environment for everything & the less we relied on the environment for food & shelter the more conflictive & unaccepting we became over time. Another time when were not in conflict with our environment & ourselves is when were spiritually aware & the more aware we become the less conflictive we are for the main reason we have become more aware through our understanding & acceptance of our environment & realise it’s connection & importance to our wellbeing.

To evolve we must accept changes as well as this is a part of the concept of acceptance, we need to accept these changes that we are going to make or are impelled upon us by other forces as only through these changes can we evolve, to not accept these changes is being conflictive & non-accepting which will cause us further problems, we need to relearn what we once had to accept these changes in a more harmonious & peaceful way but at the same time realise any change that is forcefully applied will only result in more conflict. Any changes that are conflictive with our environment will result in more conflict. The saying,” do to others what you would have them do to you” really goes for our entire environment not just each other as our entire environment is who we are & is very much a part of us all.

science spirit

Similarities:  If one was to read all my posts you will begin to see the similarities of both science & spirituality in many ways not just from where science originated from but in all its action & reactions to the rest of humanity. Where the rest of humanity is at certainly dictates how science & spirituality are going to behave, if you looked at the churches & their reactions in the dark ages you will find they are very simular than how science is acting today & it’s all in the reaction to power & wealth.

One might think that all scientists have sold out their knowing to the highest bidder without remorse of what they are doing but just like the spiritualists of the dark ages not all scientists have sold themselves out to the highest bidder to do their will no matter what the consequences are.  This is how one vibration can effect another vibration in so many ways, you have a vibration called a scientist & then you have another vibration called a multinational which wishes to utilise the science vibration for its own ends in any way it can, if you entice the science vibration with enough materialistic vibrations they will change their vibration to serve the multinational vibration or in some cases the scientist will be ostracised or threatened in some way with yet another vibration.

Science & spirituality are dissimilar within it’s logical structure through how it uses logic but they both use logic, science uses logic within its deductive analysis where’s spirituality uses faith but with modern day science the final logical analysis is illogical because it’s destroying itself & the environment it relies on to survive where’s spirituality in its over all logical deduction always nurtures themselves & the environment, in the final logical analysis one is destructive & the other constructive.

Science & spirituality are dissimilar within its formulated deductive reasoning but at one time or another they are both logical within their reasoning, they are after all not that dissimilar within their effects & this is why spirituality & science belong together, they both enhance & balance each other’s  attributes.