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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Does Consciousness Exist Outside the Brain?

written by Mathew Naismith

The following discussion is long and tedious and at times bitter but what the outcome of this discussion produces, is amazing to say the least. The discussion is based on my last post, "Putting Consciousness Into Perspective", but is primarily to do with consciousness being able to exist outside of the human brain. Also, some of the links I supplied might be of interest to some people.

Please bare with me, I have to prompt some people in opposition to my ideas at times to get the truth out in the open, I'm not interested in untruths. Prompting means to incite a discussion that tells of the opposing parties true intentions. I'm very good at this and it does take me to be tough on a person at times, basically, tough love. I wouldn't call this a pleasant discussion by far but at times we need to put up with the unpleasantries to get to what is pleasant for us, the world the way it is, is a good indication of this.            

Consciousness is not "the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge", though knowledge may be acquired while conscious.

There is no "physical consciousness". Consciousness is a pattern within, or functioning of, a physical brain.

Consciousness is not "the act of acquiring awareness". That is the act of becoming conscious itself.

"The mental aspect is the same in the physical as it is of the non-physical, the only difference is, the physical existence needs a brain to process these mental actions and processes, the non-physical doesn't need a brain, it works with the mind"
No, consciousness is the functioning of a physical brain. There is no "non-physical" consciousness that does not need a brain.

A brain is still a brain without a mind. It just isn't functioning. But a mind is not a mind without a brain.

Consciousness is not a "non-physical entity". It is not an entity at all. it is a state of a mind.

Let's put this simply, without any "woo"...
The mind is the functioning of a brain.
Consciousness is an emergent property of a complex brain.
Easy-peasy. Nothing mysterious about it.

My Reply
There are a number of dictionary interpretations that say otherwise Bruce, but all these kinds of interpretation denote is a physical perspective over and above a non-physical perspective. 

"A brain is still a brain without a mind. It just isn't functioning. But a mind is not a mind without a brain."

So how do ghosts/spirits interact in a physical existence when they don't themselves have a physical brain? The only way you could answer this is state that ghosts don't exist when they obviously do. Science studies have proven that the mind exists outside the body. 

You put the physical before the non-physical therefore you will never be able to comprehend what I am talking about, you have proven the points I made in the post Bruce. 

Your in a box and this box is labeled physical, that is all you can perceive because you are in this box, easy-peasy, nothing complicated about this. 

People like myself are out of that box you labeled physical, therefore, we our perspectives and perception are much broader than the box labeled physical.

Bruce, in a million years you will never WANT to see this will you? If you are happy existing in your box, that's good as I am happy existing outside your box labeled physical.

What, stating facts instead of fiction Bruce. It is well known in psychology that we do indeed put ourselves within a box and this is where we perceive from, of course the box gives us a bias perspective as you have quite clearly displayed here Bruce. There is a much bigger world outside the box Bruce.......

You stated fiction, not facts. Fantasy, not reality.
I stated facts. I described both mind and consciousness in simple terms. Both of my descriptions are empirically supported. Yours are not.

It is well known in psychology that we do indeed put ourselves within a box and this is where we perceive from
So what?

of course the box gives us a bias perspective as you have quite clearly displayed here Bruce
You've yet to demonstrate that. All you've demonstrated is that you can't defend your ideas.

There is a much bigger world outside the box Bruce.
I'm glad you've noticed. Why don't you come out and play with all the rational intelligent people?

My Reply
The dictionary interpretations I read contradict your own for starters. So according to you, dictionaries are fictional......!!! 

Through a number of science experiments conducted, they have concluded that the mind does indeed exist outside of the body but there is no way you will comprehend this Bruce, this is inevitable as no doubt you will prove. Can you now see the box you are trying to perceive the rest of existence through? 

Anyone for starters who clearly states that dictionary's are fictional, are certainly existing in a box Bruce.

Please provide a link to the "dictionary definitions" you used.
I just think your dictionaries are fictional.

Through a number of science experiments conducted, they have concluded that the mind does indeed exist outside of the body
No, they have not. Now you are just flat-out lying.

Are you ever going to get around to defending your ideas? I'm getting tired of waiting. One might almost conclude that you cannot....

...and I see you've spammed this to a dozen different communities. What a dick move.

My Reply
Word web, consciousness: An alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation

Being that consciousness is obviously cognitive, cognitive interpretation is as follow, " The mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses."

Now I know for a fact you will screw this around but consciousness is being cognitive, this is a fact Bruce.

"The state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surroundings: " 

I think a cognition relates to being aware would you not? You made the mistake in not thinking in terms of cognitive did you not Bruce? Big mistake.......Consciousness, an alert cognitive state, so what you are saying is consciousness isn't a cognitive state, obviously? 

Now for my evidence of the mind being able to exist outside of the physical brain.

So if I'm lying and unintelligent, unlike yourself of course, all these far more intelligent people than you are also lying according to your obvious bias perception? You have once again proven that you do indeed exist in a box labelled physical. 

In a million years my friend, you will not concede you are wrong in any sense, this will be obvious in your replies. Get out of your box Bruce, it's making you look awfully stupid my friend.

By the way, I can, in time, produce future links to state how much of a liar I'm not and how ignorant you are if you like.

Further proof that souls exist which means so does the mind outside of the body.

Extract: A PAIR of world-renowned quantum scientists say they can prove the existence of the soul.

Of course all these people are far more unintelligent than Bruce, he will obviously tell us so. I think these people are no doubt far better educated than Bruce but Bruce is still more intelligent according to Bruce. That bias perception giving a bias perspective again caused by existing in a box, will these people ever wake up from out of the illusion? We better hope they do one day.... 

I will in time produce more info and links to many more people who are liars and far less intelligent than Bruce even though Bruce isn't even a scientist, it would seem, or quantum physicist. The box can certainly delude us.

"Word web, consciousness: An alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation"
...which is not how you defined it in your post. As I pointed out in my first reply.

"Now I know for a fact you will screw this around but consciousness is being cognitive"
Consciousness is cognitive.
Learning is cognitive.
That does not mean that Consciousness is learning. That's a logical fallacy.

Consciousness is the state of being aware.
Cognition is the state of learning.
Learn the definitions of the words you use.

"Now for my evidence of the mind being able to exist outside of the physical brain."
Peer-reviewed research, please. And present your argument. I don't debate with links. Demonstrate you understand what they are saying.

"So if I'm lying and unintelligent, unlike yourself of course"
I'm more honest than you, and far smarter.

I await your peer-reviewed research demonstrating mind/body dualism...

My Reply
It would seem we are going to continue is this charade.

Try to be conscious without being cognitive, you're actually saying a consciousness can. Consciousness is being cognitive. It is also obvious you didn't know this because you should have mentioned it earlier but you didn't. 

What I explained what consciousness is, is correct because I didn't say the definition of consciousness did I, I only stated consciousness did I not? Your not very observant Bruce, that bloody box again!! 

By the way, there is a big difference between definition and interpretation but of course you don't know this either it would seem. Get out of that box Bruce...

So being aware through being conscious isn't learning through being aware!! 

"I'm more honest than you, and far smarter'.

So calling people names is a sign of intelligence Bruce, I don't think so especially when that name calling isn't backed up with evidence as I have produced. 

"I await your peer-reviewed research demonstrating mind/body dualism..."

So on all the info I supplied from far more intelligent people than you or I, even if you don't think so, this is your reply, your kidding me aren't you.......!! 

Because you are far smarter than I, you demonstrate that you know what they are stating. I think my post certainly demonstrates that I know what they are stating but you won't ever have this will you?

Bruce, give us sound evidence that I lied, good luck on this because I have already proven otherwise haven't I? But not to anyone in a box.... 

Bruce, it's not a good idea confronting people like myself like you have here, all you have proven is how bias and unobservant you are as of anyone stuck in a box would be. 

You absolutely have no idea what I am talking about Bruce which again proves my point about the box. You have proven how unobservant you are as you have proven how observant I am and that my friend is a fact. You of course won't see this either sadly enough

Interpretation: A mental representation of the meaning or significance of something 

Definition: A concise explanation of the meaning of a word, phrase or symbol 

There is a huge difference in their meaning. I stand by my explanation, cognitive represents consciousness as consciousness is represented by a cognitive factor. 

Once again, give us evidence I lied Bruce, at least give us this.....

Reply from another member

Play nice everyone ;)
I personally find your different perspectives very interesting and thank you both for engaging.

My Reply
 Everyone's perspectives are interesting but I don't think Bruce thinks this, I suppose that's why he stooped to name calling. 

What's interesting is that one of us is calling the other person names when replying to them, while the other person has always used the persons actual name when in reply. 

I think my physical pain is getting to me, too much typing in a short time space which makes the discussion even more interesting.

I might have to apologise to Bruce, I have been a little rough on him but it has been interesting, it confirms my perceptions and perspectives in a number of different ways unbeknownst to Bruce.

It's very interesting what that box has created, this is the illusion being that all we are is this box.

Reply from another member
I'm really just learning about all this, but I'm always ready to hear arguments on any side. 

I will reiterate to you both, though, to please be civil where you attack the contention, not the person.

My Reply
You and me both otherwise I wouldn't bother acknowledging Bruce. 

I should ease up on Bruce, I've prompted him way too many times but it's been interesting all the same.

My follow up reply
The following is an interesting read on why attributing consciousness to the physical brain is absurd.

Extract: Consider this an open letter to philosophers, brain researchers, physicists, technocrats, Ray Kurzweil, and TED executives who censored lectures on consciousness by Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake.

Conventional science readily admits (insists) that the brain is made of the same particles that constitute everything else in the universe: rocks, chairs, comets, meteors, galaxies. According to conventional physicists, these particles are not conscious. Therefore, there is no reason to conclude the brain is conscious. The brain has no more ability to spawn consciousness than a rock does. End of story. End of proof. You’re welcome. Of course, a few scientists will argue (and many more will privately believe) that, since we humans ARE conscious, this proves the brain is producing consciousness—because, where else could we look for an explanation? Which is called circular reasoning. Meaning: you already assume what you’re trying to prove. Any first-semester logic student would mark that argument INVALID. Some scientists, suddenly invoking a brand of mysticism they otherwise deplore, claim the unique complex configuration of particles called the brain somehow—in this one case—has a capacity to break every rule in the book and deliver consciousness. But no proof, just faith. Supposition.

To me, to take a solid unwithering stand that consciousness can't possibility ever exist outside the brain, is an indication of utter blind faith, a consciousness entrapped in a box of dogmatic beliefs and concepts based purely on bias. Consider this, how would a consciousness entrapped in a box behave otherwise but bias and bias to the extreme. This sounds awfully like I'm talking about an extremist religious ideology but I'm not, I'm speaking of the bias and extremism of science........

I however don't exactly agree in the statement that certain physicists state that consciousness is in rocks, trees and so forth, I once read that these physicists state that everything has a form or kind of consciousness, meaning, not everything has a consciousness like humans for example but I could be incorrect in this. Basically, this article supports my scientifically supported suppositions and conjectures in regards to my post.

The discussion is continuing which in my mind isn't worth mentioning, the following is my last sensible reply in regards to this discussion.


This is interesting, our discussion has been primarily on the physical aspects of consciousness, basically, a consciousness that is cognitive, cognition being "The psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning" (Word Web).

In my post, I had a different interpretation of non-physical consciousness than of cognition for a very good reason, that reason being that not all non-physical consciousness is cognitive for the pure fact such consciousness isn't psychologically represented. I'm not about to go into this to why this is so on here.

What I am stating also is that awareness, which obviously takes a consciousness of some kind, is of learning, even when the physical conscious mind is unaware, the physical, and most likely non-physical, unconsciousness is aware. So while we are asleep, unconscious, we are not suppose to be aware and learning? This seems to be what is being stated by certain people here, even when we are physically unconscious, we are still learning because we are still aware be it in a different format. Has anyone heard of sleep learning to begin with?

Another point to make here is the way we analyse, if I was to totally pull apart a human body and totally segregate each part from the other, would we still call these segregated parts a human as opposed of being of a human. It's no longer a human especially when we segregate it, it's of parts of a human.

What some people are doing here in this discussion is the same, segregate everything and only mention what they want to acknowledge and still call it a holistic analysis. Not once has anyone of the opposing view to mine analysed the info I have given holistically. Certain people within science and spiritualty do the same if they want or desire a certain outcome other than what the holistic approach will produce/create. This is well known in the circles of psychology and quantum physics to occur. 

I could pull apart any fact and turn it into fiction, this is fact, the question is, would I be deceptive in doing so? Obviously......How often is factual life turned into fiction and of course visa-versa? This is one reason people like me can see through blatant deception  which is usually created by a consciousness being bias while stuck in a box.

My box analogy is certainly being proven here.

 Extract:Aspect and his team discovered that under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. It doesn't matter whether they are 10 feet or 10 billion miles apart. 

Where is the physical brain when two subatomic particles can communicate with each other over a long distance? Communication takes consciousness because one consciousness has to be aware of another consciousness to be able to communicate, in other words, self-awareness. This of course won't make any difference to a bias consciousness, this is going to be evident.  

Human consciousness has always evolved, just because we think we have found the right box, were not allowing human consciousness to evolve any further!! As human history quite plainly shows, there is no right box, only evolution......we are meant to evolve even if that means evolving into an entirely different species or entities.

I again apologise for the length and disposition displayed in this post.......      

Friday, 17 June 2016

Putting Consciousness Into Perspective

Written by Mathew Naismith

Consciousness; the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. This interpretation refers more to the physical consciousness than non-physical. The non-physical interpretation would be something more like the following, " The mental (mind) action or process of acquiring awareness through comprehension, observation and all the senses".

The mental aspect is the same in the physical as it is of the non-physical, the only difference is, the physical existence needs a brain to process these mental actions and processes,  the non-physical doesn't need a brain, it works with the mind. Being aware that the brain is nothing without the mind, the minds actions and processes are non-physical until the brain expresses the minds actions and processes, this has given us the perception that the mind is also physical but it's not. Everything we create comes from a non-physical source of energy, the mind is a non-physical entity even though we use a physical form, the brain, to process the mind. Only through a physical form are we able to measure the mind and know of it's existence within a physical existence, this is quite different in a non-physical existence where there is no need to measure anything to know of it's existence, consciousness in a non-physical entity and is automatically aware of the minds existence.

Now we might also think that the mind dies with the brain when the physical self dies, once the physical brain is dead, so is the mind. Being that the mind isn't physical to start with until expressed through a physical brain, it's very unlikely that the mind dies with the brain. There are of course various science experiments that support this analogy. The mind existed before and after brains are formed, reincarnation is good example of this. Science once again has proven, to some extent, that reincarnation could possibly be a real phenomena. So it's obvious that the mind, therefore consciousness, exists as a non-physical entity, in actuality, consciousness, therefore the mind, is probably more of a non-physical entity than a physical one. Basically, consciousness is non-physical until it's expressed through a physical brain, however, not all that is expressed physically is expressed through a physical brain. This of course further refers that the mind doesn't need the brain to express itself in a physical way. 

It would seem that consciousness can exist without a physical form to process and inturn turn these processes into actions, physical form, in actuality, it's not the non-physical that is alien to consciousness, the mind, it's physical form that is alien to consciousness (the mind). This infers that consciousness natural state is non-physical, not physical as we perceive, this is the illusion that physical existence has given us I feel.

True Meaning of Old Texts: Our perception, within a physical existence, has given us the perception that the mind can't possibly exists without the brain, this of course is untrue. Many of the old texts are written by people that are aware of this, however, so that people of the perception that the mind is the brain perception, meaning, that these people are predominantly of the physical perception, these old texts had to be written so that the average person could comprehend what is being stated. This meant that the writer had to express himself in a physical way, everything written had to be put into a physical perspective.

A good example of this is God, God's and Goddesses and demons, devils and angels to name a few. We often put these entities into form because that is the only way we can comprehend and perceive their being, otherwise they couldn't exist for us. In actuality this is how these old text writers had to write, most of the times, they had to put a physical figure or representations to something that was and is of a non-physical consciousness entity. For example, is God a white bearded man in a white robe? No, but God's consciousness had to be presented like this so that the average person could comprehend what was being portrayed within these texts, we are also talking about a people who were  predominantly illiterate as well when these texts were written. Could you imagine telling people of God's consciousness as being just a consciousness and expect the populous to comprehend where you were coming from? It just wouldn't have happened so the old texts had to be written so that the average person could comprehend them, this meant that when it came to explaining consciousness,  these texts where encoded into symbols to hide the real meanings of the texts.

Devils and angels are the same, devils haven't got horns and angels haven't got wings, this is our perception of these kinds of consciousnesses so we can relate to them to acknowledge them. This kind of acknowledgment is needed in a consciousness that is predominantly of the mind of physical existence, meaning, the physical is acknowledge before the non-physical. Any consciousness that perceives the physical before the non-physical, needs physical acknowledgment, this means putting each consciousness, like God, angles and demons, into a physical representation for acknowledgment. Often old texts will present themselves inline with the physical when their own acknowledgment is of the non-physical.

So what is all this saying?

It's saying that there is only consciousness until consciousness is expressed or recreated into physical form. The devil is a representation of a conscious way of existing as is Jesus or Buddha for example. They are not a representation of a being or beings, they are a representation of a consciousness, a non-physical consciousness. Now not many of us can comprehend this or even want to comprehend this but some of us can, and yes, we are at that stage of human consciousness where a certain number of people are able to comprehend beyond physicality.

We can indeed create or summon a being or beings that look like devils and angels for example, within a physical existence, this is a good thing to occur though because it gives us a comprehension of something we might not otherwise become aware of.

We do indeed have a choice, either to live by a Jesus/Buddha consciousness or by a devils consciousness for example, remembering though, Jesus/Buddha consciousness is of awareness, wisdom and harmony where's the devils consciousness is of ignorance, folly disharmony, the choice is indeed ours to make. I know what kind of consciousness wisdom would choose to exist by......!!  

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Creation of the Mind

Written by Mathew Naismith

Spiritual awareness is about being aware, even of the things around us we don't want to be aware of. Being aware of how the mind was created is certainly a part of this awareness, and in actuality,  it's probably one of the most important things we need to be aware of. We really can't say we are spiritually aware unless we are aware of what  influences us the most, the mind!!

I have never expressed about the perspectives of the mind before, this is quite new to me  but very relevant as our reality is basically purely based on the minds perceptive  perspectives. This is quite peculiar because the mind is purely based on preconceptions, this is due to the mind only being only aware of what it is aware of. It's however quite different  for our truer self as our truer self is aware of everything as there are no barriers brought about by preconceptions.

Yes, the mind is purely based on preconceptions in my mind, however, you could also state this too is a preconceived perception unless one's truer self  has at any time observed the mind, not the mind observing the mind!!

Spirituality is also about our truer self observing the mind, within this, there is no preconceptions unless the ego mind starts to observe and judge itself. I stated ego mind  for a very good reason, the mind is representative of the ego, in other words the mind is ego. Could you expect an unbiased perspective of the ego judging the ego  through observation? This of course isn't going to occur mainly because the ego mind is purely based on preconceptions. Everything the ego mind is aware of predominates every perspective, this means everything the ego mind is aware of influences the perceptive of everything else it becomes aware of, it becomes the basis of all things.

Example: Humans base intelligence on knowledge, the more we know the more intelligent we are, to do this of course takes a large brain making everything else of a small brain inferior. Of course anything that doesn't have a brain is even less inferior and less worthy. It's no wonder the mind is also known as the ego mind, the mind is obviously pure ego when it perceives it's more worthy and above all else. In actuality, a minds intelligence predominately based on knowledge perceived through an ego mind isn't really that intelligent. A truer form of intelligence would create without destruction, this kind of expression is extremely rare in written human history, we are anything but intelligent which is proven within our own actions throughout human history.

A mind only aware of it's immediate surroundings, can only perceive to what it is aware of, for another example, a person who has never been out of their town/village, will perceive that all other towns, villages and cities are likened to theirs. This is the same if a mind isn't aware of the world outside of it's province, state or country. This is also the case if a mind isn't aware of anything beyond it's own planet or planetary system, such minds will have a preconceived perceptions of what is beyond it's own awareness. Such minds will also have a preconceived perception of what is or isn't beyond our own physical state or dimension. What is going to occur in perceiving in this way, is that we will only become aware of what the mind perceives,  a mind that perceives like this will stay ignorant to everything else, the ego mind will of course make sure of this.

When you observe the mind, all you observe is ego and preconceptions, the ego mind is obvious within it's expressions, nothing else can exist unless it's perceived through the mind, within this, everything else becomes unworthy to the ego mind!!

The mind is purely created from preconceptions, the more egotistical we become, the more preconceived perceptions we will obviously have, everything else being unworthy to an egotistically controlled mind is a prime example of preconceptions. Such minds will of course put transitory possessions such as wealth before anything else it perceives as unworthy to itself. When you look around the world today, this is obvious, it's as if the mind is becoming even more preconceived within it's expressions, this of course is going to occur the more controlling the ego becomes.

Our truer self on the other hand is purely based on wisdom and awareness void of any influence of a mind. It's quite understandable how such as state is so pure,  it's not predominantly influenced by preconceptions as there is nothing to preconceive, everything is known.  

The mind also has a preconceived perception that everything of time is larger in mass than anything non-physical and of timeliness, in actuality the truth is quite different. When you observe the mind, anything of time becomes minute, it basically becomes inconsequential/ insignificant to our normal state of being. It actually doesn't become less worthy, it just becomes a very small part of our whole being.

The mind of course doesn't like being insignificant so it will most often preconceive how large and important it is to our whole fact, it has nothing on our truer self.          

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Eternal Energy

Written by Mathew Naismith

I should point out, this post has nothing to do with Eternal Energy shots and it’s not necessarily about inner energy either, it’s to do with eternal energy as a whole. Yes all energy is eternal, this is because you cannot destroy energy but you can change it’s structure, it’s vibrations, which allow this energy to be used to enhance one’s own energy without actually destroying another energy form and this is the trick.

Humans destroy (transforms) other transient energy forms to gain and/or sustain energy themselves, this is typical of all biological creatures; within this all we are doing is changing what an eternal energy has created, we are not destroying an actual energy source just it’s form.

A lot of people have now come to a stage that they don’t want to even change or destroy another energy form to gain energy and/or sustain an energy flow within themselves, within this thinking, we are changing the way we use and abuse other energy forms. Because all energy to me is consciousness, all we are doing is changing the way we utilise consciousness, we are no longer wanting to use and abuse other energy forms created from consciousness.  

Recently I was in communication with a lass who could recharge her phone, to some extent, by just holding it, this could only be accomplished when she was in a certain conscious state.  Recharging her phone by just holding it didn’t occur if she was upset, the right kind of consciousness was needed to do this. I think this is accomplished because the phone device was created from an eternal energy, consciousness.  This makes sense why consciousness can change conscious forms; all forms in my mind were created from consciousness anyway so it makes perfect sense why consciousness can change what consciousness has created in the first place.  

Human consciousness, biological consciousness, works in a different way to just plain consciousness, this is due to its ignorance to what it actually is, pure consciousness. Human consciousness is also fixated to physicality which includes the brain rather than the mind, the mind is of this pure consciousness but the physical brain tricks the mind to just believing that the mind is of the brain and not of this pure consciousness, in other words the brain created the mind not the mind (consciousness) creating the brain. This is done through the brain being ignorant to its true self, pure consciousness, however, once the mind becomes aware of its true nature; the brain has no chance in keeping the mind ignorant to its truer self any longer, this allows the mind to make corrections to the way it uses energy.

Take a look at everyone who uses the brain rather than the mind like scientist and multinationals, they use and abuse energy without thought, this is because the mind is kept ignorant to its truer nature; it’s truer self which is pure consciousness.  

Now take a look at people who use the mind, as opposed to the brain, like spiritually aware people and naturalists, they try to use this eternal energy quite differently avoiding destroying anything created from consciousness. This I feel is brought about by becoming more aware of who we truly are for only in ignorance can we destroy.

When we are born, the brain is ignorant until it is taught by other brains (people) to think in certain ways, it’s a continuation of the brain teaching the mind from generation to generation instead of the mind teaching the brain, within this teaching the mind is obviously going to stay ignorant to its truer nature, it’s truer self. Naturalists and spiritually aware people are changing this flow of teaching from generation to generation; we are breaking the chains that the brain has chained us too for so long especially in the west.  This is automatically going to change the way we use eternal energy which is quite different to what the brain has been teaching us for so long, this will of course eventually lead to a much better existence and quite automatically without intentions.  

You could say it’s an intention to release ourselves of the brain but all you are doing is releasing ourselves of the intentions of the brain, your just letting go of these intentions brought about by the manipulation and ignorance of the brain. The mind isn’t about intentions but the brain is, the mind is pure consciousness until the brain gives the mind intentions giving the mind ignorance of its truer nature.

The brain is again created from consciousness giving the brain its form. The mind, which is pure consciousness, should be the one teaching the brain how to use this eternal energy (consciousness), not the other way around. It’s funny using something so ignorant as the brain to teach and manipulate the mind when we should be using the mind to teach the brain. So how do we do this?  All we need to do is break these chains of the brain upon the mind by releasing ourselves of the brains intentions and yes it is that easy, this is accomplished through becoming aware of how the brain has chained the mind to the brains intentions for many generations.     

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Consciousness Outside the Human Mind

Written by Mathew Naismith

Does a consciousness exist outside of the mind, the physical brain? To some people, like myself who have had unquestionable experiences, believe there is without a doubt a consciousness beyond the physical mind,  others however who have had no or very little experiences of this can quite strongly doubt such a thing exists outside the human mind (physical brain). 

Science decrees nothing can exist unless proven through science but should this stop us from discussing such possible occurrences? In my mind no but other people think yes, why discuss something that can’t be proved to exist or not like with God for example!!

I would like to ask a question here, how many non-proven scientific theories have been discussed without being able to prove such theories are actually plausible?  How many years have scientists been discussing how the universe was created without knowing exactly how?

If we could go back just a hundred years ago, how many discoveries of today could we tell the scientists back then about, they would think you were ludicrous because we couldn’t scientifically prove what we were saying just a hundred years ago? What we can or can’t prove scientifically solely depends on scientific capabilities, so if science was incapable to prove or disprove anything, would this mean it couldn’t exist or it wasn’t plausible period?  Actually logics says no, if you can’t prove or disprove something it just means it can’t be proved or disproved at that point in time.

Some people have the understanding if someone said they saw a flying pink elephant that would still have to be plausible using this type of logics. This is a ridiculous evaluation for the main reason common sense tells us a flying pink elephant can’t exist unless physically proven to be so.  Where does this leave us with the belief in a God or a higher consciousness outside the human mind?  In this case common sense tells me it’s quite plausible that a God could exist for the main reason I have myself experience ghostly experiences as has other members of my family. When two people, at the exact time, notice draws opening and shutting on their own, this has got to make you wonder and more inquisitive to what kind of energy from is doing this.

Another thing to take into consideration here is, how come so many different ideological principles believe in the existence of God or of a higher consciousness if there is no chance of this kind of consciousness existing? This shows me, without relating to my personal experiences, that the possibility of a higher consciousness could exist, this is common sense logics but it’s not common sense logics to believe in a flying pink elephant.  Inductive reasoning tells me there is a possibility of a God existing but not a flying pink elephant for various reasons as explained.

Now let's look at the possibility of delusional episodes, can a rather large number of people become delusional at the same time? The answer is yes to a point, they can't have an exact same delusion but can two people who physically witness an occurrence, at the same exact time, experience the exact same delusional episode? It’s possible as anything is a possibility, like a flying pink elephant for example, but common sense logics tell me it is less likely to be a delusional episode than an actual occurrence.  Anyone who believes in the possibility of a flying pink elephant existing would also concur that these two people could have only experienced a delusional episode; they are using a non-common sense logics to evaluate by to start with.  It is obvious that common sense logics tell us that a higher consciousness could exist however, there is no common sense logic in regards to a flying pink elephant actually exists.  This sort of retort is obviously quite unreasonable to actually take seriously, comparing a pink elephant to God or an external consciousness is quite illogical. The existence of God is defined by common sense logics but a pink elephant doesn’t make sense to start with so you can’t logically and sensibly compare these two scenarios with each other.

So does a higher consciousness, or any consciousness, outside the human mind exist?  Because science can’t prove thoroughly enough it does exist, to a scientist it can’t exist at this point in time however, to a believer and/or to a person who has experienced such actual occurrences, it certainly does exist.  Yes this is without a scientific decree but we are only talking about a scientific decree here which certainly doesn’t overrule other decrees from other ideological principles, or it shouldn’t in my mind. It comes down to this; the existence of a consciousness outside the human mind is really left up to the individual and the ideologies that believe that a consciousness does indeed exist outside of the human mind.  

Monday, 19 May 2014

Awareness of Mental Suppression

Written by Mathew Naismith

Being involved with a number of forum sites & Google communities, allows me to experience a huge cross flow of people and their views. At times these people influence me bringing forth more of what’s in me as I do with them. Recently I came across a lass of the name of Mimi who has once again inspired me.

Mimi Lam
Wow thank you for explaining, for me it was a process of becoming freer and becoming more childlike and spontaneous . I guess we all have different lessons. Have a good day

This is interesting mimi.

In the west women aren't as dominated, they are allowed to be a little more expressive. Freeing yourself from this mentality would bring forth more expressionism; this would have been a huge wow for you.

Freeing ourselves from any suppressive mentality connects us.

Both my parents were highly aggressive, I could write a book titled Guns, knives, brass buckles & soap. The soap seems lame but is was just as deadly.

Once I freed myself from this suppressive mentality I became noticeable connected. Sadly enough not all my siblings became freed from this mentality, one of my brothers is still heavily addicted to drugs to no doubt drown out this suppressive mentality.

Any mental suppression takes us away from being connected; churches & their religions can do this that is why so many people are leaving the church. New age churches are becoming more popular because they are less suppressive.

Spiritually aware people are naturally reacting to mental suppression.

I might write a post about mental suppression.

This is of course why meditation, praying, chanting & so forth work, they release us from various & numerous mental suppressions, no wonder we feel better for this.  Yes we could use drugs, and indeed we do use prescription and illicit drugs to release ourselves from mental suppression, however these have a short term effect plus they also have harmful side effects. The only long term side effect from meditation, praying, chanting & so forth is happiness, contentment & a re-connectedness to our inner selves.  

Without practicing in these or any other spiritual practice, becoming spiritually aware is also of releasing this mental suppression. Going to church, mosques, temples and so forth also work in a similar way so no wonder we turn to spirituality, it’s a suppressant easing the effects of mental suppression.

Thank you Mimi for inspiring me in writing this post, I’ve never directly written about mental suppression & suppressants before, much blessings Mimi.   

Monday, 28 April 2014

The Key is Wisdom

Written by Mathew Naismith

Note: There is a little confusion in what I call programs.  I refer to programs as being of belief system, ideological views and concepts that we use to train/program our minds turning what I deem as universal awareness into knowledge, giving our mind a better understanding of this universal awareness/consciousness. Religion and scientific studies are but an example of these programs we use to make ourselves more aware.

I had an interesting reply to my last post titled A Positive Reaction; there is no need for programs in a oneness state because the mind is completely still. I couldn’t agree more, any true oneness state denotes complete thoughtlessness therefore there is no need for programs or reprogramming in this state. There is one problem however, if we were meant to be thoughtless why would we have a brain that needs programming, we would actually be brainless if that was the case but where not?

The brain is programed through us becoming aware and the more aware we are the more this awareness denotes our brain being programed. The brain is as dumb as a door nail without awareness which the brain turns into knowledge but once we turn this awareness into knowledge that is where I feel we go off course.    

To me all awareness comes from the same source either it be scientifically aware, spiritually aware, medically aware or whatever, all awareness comes from the same source which makes it universal.  What changes this awareness within our brains is the program we use to turn this awareness into knowledge.  

Once you become at one in certain states of consciousness you are aware of everything there is to be aware of, at this stage, believe it or not, this awareness isn’t knowledge, it’s our ideological programs that turn this awareness into knowledge. For example, religion is a program and so is any scientific studies, these are all ideological views programing our minds to decipher this universal awareness  to what we have been culturally brought up to believe.  For an example; my wife and I went on a cruise to some of the Coral Sea islands recently, on some of these islands cannibalism was practiced until these people where reprogrammed by religion, they of course no longer practice cannibalism.  

Science endeavours are no different, once we knew the world was flat now it’s not through furthering our awareness which increased our knowledge that the world was no longer known to be flat.

Our awareness and consequence knowledge has furthered our awareness and knowledge and the more aware we become the more knowledgeable our minds are becoming, this all takes programming our minds in certain ways.  There are two main problems in programming our minds however, one is there are numerous programs out there that program our minds differently to other programs. For example, the multitude of different and sometimes opposing religions shows this.   This denotes a fragmented consciousness which is what gives us the chaos we have today, different cultures and social status are also of this fragmentation.   

The second problem is the lack of wisdom.  You can obtain all the knowledge in the world and still have no idea in how to use this knowledge wisely, the way we live today is a prime example of this.

This brings us to why so many spiritually aware people defuse the effects of such programming through going straight to the source of all knowledge and awareness without seemingly using any program to do so.  This program, and yes it’s still a program, takes us directly to oneness states of consciousness. The reason this is still a program is we are aware and knowing that we are in this oneness state of this consciousness.  If our minds knew nothing of this oneness state we wouldn’t know we were experiencing this oneness state, we just wouldn’t be aware of it.

In this awareness state of oneness there I no programs because there is no knowledge to build such a program because again there is no need of such programs in this oneness state, awareness is all there is.  While in this oneness state wouldn’t we be aware of this oneness state without actually having to know it? Yes but to get to this state of oneness in the first place we still need a program to inform our minds about this oneness state, the mind still needs to become further aware through a program.   Once you are there you realise you no longer need a program however if you are still finding it difficult to reach this oneness state this still takes a program to do so.  Yes I know our egos want us to believe we never needed a program to reach this state but my egoless self says otherwise.  

We have a brain which needs programming no matter what we become aware of, that is unavoidable unless we become detached from our minds but even then to become detached it still takes a program to do this in the first place.  

The key is balance between our mind and mindlessness and what gives us this key is wisdom. Believe it or not wisdom doesn’t even exist outside of the mind but it is the key to mindlessness or thoughtlessness/stillness.  All that reside in this universal awareness is pure awareness; wisdom isn’t even present however wisdom is the key to this universal awareness for beings in a state of mindfulness.   Again our egos want us to believe that wisdom resides outside of the conscious mind but to me it doesn’t because all what wisdom is, is the key between the mind and this universal awareness and to use this wisdom correctly the mind needs to be programmed to do so.  

It all comes down to a program but to program our minds wisely. 

Friday, 4 April 2014

Spirituality and Manifestations

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is more to do with an observation than an actual insight or channelling in regards to manifesting however I do get feelings of alarm bells going off when mixing manifested desires with spirituality. At best spirituality is about living for our needs as opposed to desire, there are many actual spiritualists who have very few needs and the less needs they need to live by the less controlling the ego is.

I’m coming across time and time again spiritually aware people or self-proclaimed spiritualists coxing others to manifest for their own desires as opposed to needs.   It is actually surprising how little one needs in life to be happy, it would also seem the less needs you live your life by the happier you are especially for a spiritually aware person.  However we are not just talking about living our lives by our needs but desires here and of course the more you need and desire the more controlling the ego is.

Now all this self-manifesting is supposed to help the collective, by feeding our own desires we are changing our vibrations to something more positive which in turn is supposed to help the collective, this to me sounds awfully egoist. What is the mentality of a multinationals? It works by the exact same principles, by building up my own empire I am creating jobs thus assisting the collective but of course our spiritually aware egos just don’t want to see the similarities here between multinational desire and spiritual desire.

It all comes down to one’s own perception, a spiritually aware person can’t or won’t see the similarities between  one desire to another, however the funny thing is, multinationals can see these similarities.  You just wonder sometimes who is more aware!!  

So we are conning ourselves that, if we manifest for our own desires we are serving the collective, this is supposed to positively change the collective vibration to something less chaotic. Why is piracy, greed, slavery, promiscuity and so on becoming a lot more prevalent?  It is obvious the more we feed the self-serving egos desires the more chaotic life will become.  

What if we decided not to feed our own desires under false pretences as mentioned above, what would happen to the collective vibration? For starters you wouldn’t have people manifesting for their own desires thus feeding their own egos, the controlling factors of the ego would diminish somewhat. This in turn would create a collective vibration of living for a need instead of desire.

If we all lived for our needs, as opposed to desires, you could say this is going to cost people’s their jobs and financial security thus adding to the misery. Yes that is what we presume however I believe we will be happier mainly because we need less to live by.  Once you stop feeding the ego it’s desires the less chaotic life will become quite automatically without effort. Ask yourself, why is it so hard to be spiritually content and happy? The harder it is to be spiritually content and happy the more I feel we are feeding the ego it’s desires, I believe manifesting for our own desires is falling into the self-serving egotist trap.

Once I sit within my own quietness I’m aware that I have no desires, absolutely no desires what so ever, now you can’t get more at peace and content than that however when I allow myself to desire again I am no longer content , funny that isn’t it!!  

Self-manifesting for one’s own desires makes one feel good only because of the effect it has on our brain chemistry, when we are talking about the brain we are talking about the mind being the master again. As mentioned in previous posts, the mind is ego so of course it’s going to want to feel good however this kind of pleasure is transitory mainly because we need to keep feeding the ego it’s desires.

I personally know a few millionaires; to feel good they need to keep accumulating wealth and once that wealth diminishes, even slightly, they become depressed again. This is exactly like being addicted to drugs, once the endorphins within the brain diminish so does our happiness but only if we allow the ego mind to be the master.  

Sitting in one’s own quietness, you don’t rely on the mind to keep you happy and content, yes what you feel within this quietness does produce happy endorphins however the ego mind isn’t in control and the master here, you are!!    

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Feeling the Rush II

Written by Mathew Naismith

I ended up with some interesting reactions in regards to my last post, the contrasting reactions surprised me somewhat. I’ve inserted one of the replies in this post from a Warren Sutherland as I found it quite interesting and compelling, I hope you will too.

Our True Identity is what's called a paradox: the physical self, and the reflected self.

Zero(reflection) One(physical) separating the understanding of our identity is the start of an amazing journey, leading to the center of who you are individually and the same truth all life shares.

The truth of your identity if realized, will put your ego in it's proper place.

The ego has its function, and is necessary in order to grow, improve the understanding of ourselves, otherwise we just grow complacent.

The mind is always comparing good and evil, rich and poor, past and future, greater than or less then and never equal to.

The mind is an excellent servant but a terrible master.

Most think the mind is the most important organ in our body because of its contained wisdom.

However the heart has a more ancient wisdom and knowing that the whole body stems from the heart, contains a deeper more ancient wisdom.

The heart, that is where our true identity is known and it lives in the now or present moment.

Feelings are the true universal language, since we are always feeling something every moment of our lives it speaks truth more than our voice.

When someone is filled with emotion like sadness or anger they don't need to speak or say the issue, because the feelings are speaking loud enough.

Everyone can sense it, and know it without verbal confirmation because we pick up the vibrations that they send out and we interpret them to the best of our ability, that we can identify with.

Feeling who you are is the truth flooding through you, that rush feeling you were talking about is more pure light flowing in than we have ever allowed before.  

Mind: To me the mind is ego which is human consciousness however our feelings are more to do with universal coscnioiuness, if the ego mind is in control, (the master), it can turn these universal conscious feelings/messages into lusts/desires I believe. You can see now how the mind, while being the master/controller, is able to manipulate and screw up a perfect message turning it into what I call fragmented consciousness which is what human consciousness is, in my mind and everybody else’s mind I feel.

Heart: The heart or heart centre of ourselves, once brought forward, can quite automatically, like Warren stated, “will put your ego in it's proper place.” This means if you haven’t found your heart you will always struggle to tame the ego, in other words, stop it being the master. Meditation and other spiritual practices certainly help with this however you will always have to struggle with it to one extent or another.  

I would advise here that no one look at struggling with the ego as a bad thing; this will only bolster the ego to become even more controlling unless you want it to be more controlling that is!!  

I have on many occasions come across people who said they have no or little ego however when pressed you, and sometimes they, find out they really didn’t have the ego controlling factors under the master of the heart but the mind. Believe it or not, the heart centre of oneself never lusts but the mind consistently lusts this is why it’s a good idea to quieten the mind through various practices.

This is funny stating the heart never lusts but when you think on this when we feel love, love only becomes lust when we think not when we only feel.  It’s the mind playing it’s usual tricks on us.  However the ego isn’t bad just because it plays these tricks on us, we make it seem bad when we allow it to be the master rather than the slave to the heart and our feelings.

Emotions: Warren is quite correct again in mind when he mentioned about how we should be able to pick up on other people’s emotions, empaths of course are good at this. The problem with most of us is we allow the ego mind to master it over our heart centre and feelings, once we learn to allow the heart and the massages from our heart, (our feelings), to become master over the ego mind we will become empathic quite automatically I believe.

The rush: It’s amazing when we become more aware and knowing of this rush how it can and does transform our lives but only if we want the heart to master over the ego controlling ways. The heart never really becomes master/controller but a pacifier to the ego, in other words the ego becomes slave through pacification of the ego passively. It’s truly beautiful and electrifying only because we still have an ego but an ego that is pacified and not dominant for once.  

Again don’t take anything written here as the utter truth, it’s only an expression of feelings!!