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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Balance and Creators of Balance

Written by Mathew Naismith

OK people, please don't take my writings as being gospel or of utter truth, it's plainly not, how could it be when consciousness itself is infinite and varied to the degree it is? Too many people have taken my writing way too seriously, as I have always stipulated, it's only my perception of things, OK , it comes through me a lot of times but it's still comes down to my perception of what is coming through me!!

You must ask of yourselves why of what I write is upsetting you in anyway, is it your fixations to your own ideologies and perceptions that is causing this? All I am stating is sit back and observe yourselves and express a little more balance if you really want to make a difference. Whatever the human collective consciousness desires to do is fine with people like myself, it's just if you really want to make a difference, desist in being so extreme and fixated to your own ideologies and perceptions. Try understanding other perceptions and see where these perspectives are coming from, you will be surprised in what comes out of this. Try dropping some of the self-labels as well!! 

The following post, I think, is an extension of my already extended perceptions and perspectives. If you took offence to my previous writings, you will certainly take offence to the following.      


My topics at the moment seem to be based on balance, only because for change to occur, it is wise that any change made is enacted in a balance way. Of course the reason for this is obvious, any kind of implemented imbalance will only cause destruction and further chaos. We might think a predominant positive approach is the way to go but where is the balance when the positive is predominant? A true positive approach isn't destructive in any sense, this also means it's not destructive towards the negative either. A true positive isn't destructive towards the negatives as  it will see the benefits within the negatives, meaning, it will see the positives within the negatives.

Aware Consciousness: This is the same with consciousness's of light, a consciousness that is observed as being aware. A true consciousness of light is unable to destroy the dark in any sense, any truly aware consciousness is unable to be destructive. What this kind of consciousness will do is balance out the negative with positives while knowing that negatives are as worthy as positives. This however is different with the negatives, the consciousness's that are observed as being unaware will be destructive for only in ignorance can a consciousness destroy. It's important here to realise that only in ignorance can we destroy, or, only in darkness, which denotes an unawareness, can we destroy, now how many positives are trying to destroy the negatives in the world? There is a very good reason for This approach from aware people, people of the light so to speak.

Let's first look at the amount of labels I've used already, we must be aware that the more labels we use, the harder life will be to balance, however, how is an unaware consciousness able to become aware without labels while existing in an unaware conscious state? How is an aware consciousness to know it's aware without the a comparison like an unaware, dark or negative. Consciousness can only become conscious of it's awareness if there is a comparison. You see the negative aren't really as dark as we presume. We label dark as negative, light as positive but that is not entirely correct, the yin needs the yang to exist, It's of course a lot less destructive if the yin and yang coexist in balance, of course any coexistence takes a balanced approach, not an imbalanced approach!!

Human consciousness is primarily naturally destructive, for human consciousness to become more constructive, it needs to be nurtured and reconditioned to exist in a more constructive way, this won't occur if we go out to destroy all judged or observed labelled negatives or dark consciousness's. Once again, a true aware consciousness is unable to destroy anything, including the labelled negatives and this is the point. A truly aware consciousness is also unable to label one one thing and another something else, meaning, just because the yin is judged as being yin, doesn't mean it's not also of yang. Also, what is positive to one person doesn't mean it's positive to another person and visa-versa.

Balance or Balancer!!: It's obvious that a more balanced approach is wiser but are we the balance itself or the creators of this balance?

Now you might notice in the figure above that the word balance is on the shaft and the cross member, this is to depict that we are of the balance itself and the creators of balance, basically, the balancer of yin and yang's labels. Let's now look at this in a different way. 

You will notice I have replaced balance with God's consciousness or creative consciousness. Please do not presume I am talking about a biblical representation of God here, basically, this kind of consciousness is void of labels and is of pure wisdom, awareness and balance. You could say labels un-purify's   consciousness, in other words a controlling ego influences a consciousness to be of what it's not. This pure untainted consciousness is what we often deem a God.     

Looking at the scales above, we have what is called God's consciousness and then we have the soul. We then have the scales themselves which hold the many labels we use and under these labels we have yin and yang. Yin and yang represent the human self, in actuality, yin and yang represent everything that has been created, this means everything that has been created, is influenced by yin and yang.

Now if we were to take away what supports these scales, is the scales any longer scales? No, now take away the scales, the labels and yin and yang, is God's consciousness still God's consciousness? Yes, now take away the soul, is God's consciousness still God's consciousness? I myself find this perception quite interesting, we are the balance but in creation we also become the balancer, the creations being the soul and all the labels we ourselves create.

Counter-reaction: Chaotic existences can only be created by some kind of an imbalance, it's obvious we exist in a chaotic destructive existence. How would a consciousness, that isn't pleased with this kind of existence, going to react? It's going to react with the opposite, an opposing opposite, basically, to an extreme to block out or destroy the perceived darkness of such a reality. Even blocking out this perceived darkness (negative), we are purposely destroying this darkness, and  in actuality, we are still enacting out the darkness because we are still destructive. Any true sense of love and light lives within the dark without destroying it, it will instead find the positives (light) within the dark without becoming the dark itself. This is what a true sense of unconditional love is about, it's not about unconditionally loving what we desire to love but loving everything void of any conditions what so ever.

Because this reality is as chaotic as it is, any love and light void of a true sense of unconditional love existing in this reality, has conditions. This is brought about by existing in such a reality. Only in ignorance can a consciousness destroy, what are so many people of love and light tying to do to an extreme? Basically, they are still enacting out the attributes of darkness, the very thing they are trying to destroy. This reaction however is normal for a still unaware consciousness to do, no truly aware conscious will react in counteraction to any situation, it will instead try to find balance within such a situation/reality without becoming destructive within itself in anyway.

The dark is not just of dark either as the light is just not of light, if everything was of light, the existence of dark would still exist within the darker shades of light. This is because conscious itself is not limited to certain boundaries, only our own consciousness has these boundaries and is limited by these boundaries. We label something dark therefore negative and bad and something else positive therefore positive and good. The reaction between these perceptions/boundaries is going to be opposing until they find common ground, the yin within the yang as in the yang within the yin, in other words balance.......

We are the balance, a conscious void of labels but we are also the balancer, the creator of balance within any reality of labels, the light and dark of life. A truly harmonious existence can only be obtained through balance, not the destruction of the other, it's this simple. Also, a balance between a consciousness void of labels and a consciousness of labels will also help bring harmony into a consciousness, basically, a balance between the spiritual and the physical, not one or the other.        

Saturday, 11 October 2014

A Way to Healing -Visualising

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is more about how I heal or more to the point, how I use to heal when I was living a life in ancient Egypt.  In my present life, I don’t heal to any great extent but I can still visualise, to some extent, where the light is in the body, yes I did say light. No matter what it is, I don’t see it as a dark or damaged mass, the area in question just glows with white light.

This has everything to do with our mentality, not if we are positive or not. A positive person can still visualise a dark mass however a person with a constructive mentality will only see a bright white glow.  So what’s the difference between a positive thinking person and a person who is constructive within their mentality?

They are very simular however to be positive there has to be a negative, you can’t have one without the other, so to be positive you would have to judge yourself as not being negative, in doing this you have just judged negativity as being bad in some way.  A constructive mentality doesn’t work this way, it doesn’t need an opposite like destructiveness to exist, constructive thinking is just constructive thinking.  

Let’s take Hitler for example, he was very positive especially at first during his reign, I wouldn’t call Hitler a very constructive person however in his early days of he’s reign, he was very constructive to his people but not to other people he deemed not of his own.  Hitler was a very positive person but very destructive. A person with a constructive mentality wouldn’t have even thought of being this destructively positive.   

Constructiveness is obvious, you are not destroying anything or hurting anyone, positive thinking on the other hand isn’t this obvious as the example above shows.  Positiveness also takes action to formulate where’s constructiveness actually takes less action, the less you act the more constructive you are and the more active you are the more destructive you become.  Because positiveness takes action to formulate, it can be quite destructive as Hitler quite clearly showed.  

This also goes along with the push and pull effect, the more we push away the more we are pulling in, a never ending expression of action reaction, cause and effect. Positive thinking tells us to take action away from anything we judge as being negative, a constructive mentality doesn’t take any action as the less action we take the more constructive we become.  

What happens when we take less action? For one we don’t get a reaction and two we are under far less stress therefore think a lot less which quietens the mind. It’s this quietened mind that helps us to heal.

Anyone with a constructive mentality can heal but not everyone who is positive can heal!!

We have been conditioned to take positive action as opposed to being conditioned to be constructive without action, this kind of conditioning is very hard for us to let go of and this is why we have been so destructive.  Does a constructive mentality mean we don’t take action, so when others are in trouble we don’t do anything to help?  

No, it means we take constructive action in consideration of anything we might destroy within such actions. We need to realise the more action we take the more destructive we can become. Feeding the poor for example isn’t going to help the situation unless we take less action to help them help themselves; they need to learn to help themselves.  

This is all a part of the healing process, there is no negative to heal as there is no dark mass to heal so we take less action to heal not more action. The way we have been conditioned tells us to take more action which is causing even more reaction, more destructiveness.   I find it really funny how we have become conditioned in this way which keeps our mentality ignorant of any other way to exist. 

The best way I know to heal is to visualise people’s light spots not dark spots and the world itself is no different. In relation to the Middle East, a positive person will see dark spots and take positive action but a person with a constructive mentality will only see these, what positive people have judged as dark spots, light spots. These dark spots become balls of bright light. Actually a lot of spiritually aware people who think they are positive thinkers are actually people who have a constructive mentality, they are not true positive thinkers because true positive thinkers can be quite destructive.  A true positive thinker also thinks a lot, usually too much to truly heal anything.  Yes positive thinking can make a constructive difference but it’s usually only a band aide effect, it usually doesn’t last long enough to make a real difference; actually in certain circumstances it can make things worse in the long run.

How can we learn to heal through a constructive mentality?  First of all drop the positive thinking and become purely constructive, feel constructive in every core of your being. Secondly, look at people and visualise their light spots/masses, if you visualise a dark mass you are not quite constructive within your mentality. The same goes with the world around us, visualise the Middle East, if you visualise dark spots you again are not quite constructive within your mentality.  I should point out anyone can become a healer, one just needs to be aware.  

It is easy to get positive thinking mixed up with constructiveness, they at first seem to go hand in hand, the main difference is, one takes action to formulate and the other takes far less action, one takes more thought,  the other far less thought. One should ask, which one is more truly of the spiritual and of the inner self?      

Friday, 15 August 2014

Exorcising Judgement and Empath’s

Written by Mathew Naismith

Exorcising, banishing, expelling judgement isn’t an easy process for most of us to achieve mainly because most of us are brought up to judge.  I was brought up with atheistic racialist influences, this gave me judgement towards anything not of these ideologies, anything not of these ideologies would then have to be wrong.  You could then turn this around and judge such an atheistic racialist negative in some way but we are still in judgement and in negative judgement of something else that is in opposition to our own ideologies, in this case an atheistic racialist view/ideology.

It would seem we are not getting anywhere in exorcising judgement in our lives, we are still judging what is wrong in opposition to our own views, is an atheistic racialist wrong and negative in some way? The ego of course would say yes in protection of it’s own views/ideologies, this happens quite a lot. We have a view that an atheistic racialist has to be wrong in some way especially if these views are in opposition to ours.

How would another person who isn’t controlled by the ego answer this question, is an atheistic racialist wrong or negative in some way within their views?  Without the ego telling us there is a right and wrong, the answer would be of course no, an atheistic racialist isn’t wrong and if there is no wrong how would there be a negative or even a positive if we haven’t judged so?  If we have judged someone else being negative, we must have also have judged ourselves as being positive as opposed to someone else being negative!!

We are still not getting anywhere in exorcising judgement in our lives while under the influence of the controlling ego, only while not controlled by the controlling factors of the ego can we exorcise judgment in our lives.  If we are still judging ourselves as being positive, we are also judging others of being negative because to have a positive you need a negative for a positive to be recognised. This seems awfully chaotic and we wonder why this reality is also chaotic, we created such a reality through our own judgmental attitude towards anything in opposition to our own ego views/ideologies.

So in this case we should be really exorcising the ego as the ego is the basis for judgement existing!!  The funny thing is judgement is a good indication of our ignorance which the ego relies solely on to exist, without judgment the ego can no longer take control, you take judgement away you take ignorance away and in turn exorcise ego from our lives.  I haven’t been an atheistic racialist since my early teens because I exorcised judgement out of my life to a certain extent, I no longer saw one ideological principle being right above all other principles. Exorcising judgment automatically takes the controlling effects of the ego out of our lives to the extent of our judgement of a right or wrong, positive or negative.  The more we exorcise judgment out of our lives, the less we judge a right or wrong, positive or negative and the less the ego is in control of our lives.

So for me is being an atheistic racialist wrong or negative? What’s left of my ego says it is but my inner self says no, it’s just another way of thinking through a particular ideology, yes it can be a destructive ideology but am I now going to judge destruction as a negative or positive thing, wrong or right?  If I did this the ego is obviously still in control……

What happens when we judge ourselves as positive? To judge ourselves as positive there has to be a negative and in turn we judge certain people as negative even though we have judged ourselves as being positive. How many times will a person who has judged themselves as being positive stay away from negative people? Would we stay away from the people we have judge negative if we didn’t judge ourselves as being so positive? The strange thing is in most cases not however, being spiritually aware can make us a little bit of an empath , being able to pick up on other people’s vibrations. So we pick up on other people’s vibrations, how do we usually judge them? We judge them negative which is a good indication the ego is still in control no matter how positive we have judged ourselves to be.  So many times have I heard spiritually aware people say they try to stay away from negative people, this is saying the controlling ego is still very prevalent in these people’s lives.

It’s tricky being an empath, we are picking up on vibrations we no longer resonate with so these people feel inharmonious to ourselves, it’s difficult not judging these people as being negative in some way to our own vibrations.  The ego is going to judge anything inharmonious to itself as being negative however the inner self doesn’t judge certain people as being negative who don’t resonate with itself for the main reason it doesn’t also judge itself as being positive.  Positive thinking is great but it’s always in opposition to anything judged as being negative, positive thinking is still all about a controlling ego being in control and in turn creating more chaos.   

If you truly want to exorcise judgement, ego, from your life, it all comes down to not judging yourself as being positive in the first place but a person of neither negative nor positive.  This all comes back to the push and pull effect, judging oneself as positive (pull) is always in opposition to a negative (push), the push and pull effect is of the controlling ego and of course judgment. This interaction between positive (pull) and negative (push) will always create chaos.  

Do we really want too or are able to exorcise judgement, the controlling factors of the ego, from our lives if we have to sacrifice our own judgement of ourselves as being positive?  Are we willing to sacrifice positive thoughts for neutral thoughts so we are then able to exorcise judgment from our lives for good? That is a question we must each answer ourselves individually even though we are a part of a collective.