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Friday, 6 February 2015

True Positive Perspectives-A cure

Written by Mathew Naismith

What does it truly mean to be positive, does it mean we should ignore all the negatives around us and only focus on the positives, or does it mean there are no true negatives in the world?  If we go along with the first question, what’s going to happen with these negatives in the world if we totally ignore them?  They are going to of course manifest but isn’t just positive thinking going to automatically manifest a better existence for everyone negating such negatives?

Knowing my human history, has this ever happened before?  No, for the main reason you can’t just ignore the negatives and expect to manifest a positive existence, any kind of ignorance is destructive for only in ignorance can we destroy and what has being unaware of the negatives got to do with spiritual awareness?   

The following was a reply I received in regards to my last post; it made perfect sense to me.

Very interesting. I would add, that many earnest seeking people have been co-opted into a spiritual delusion, not a reality. There are a lot of teachings that have been mistranslated and interpreted, to mean, be selfish, try and dream a world without actually acting upon that dream.

But the worst aspect, is the belief that you should only focus on the positive, which is complete ignorance. Yes, we should try to have a positive attitude, there is nothing new about this information. But, ignorance does contain the word 'ignore'....and that is child-like thinking.

If I ignore any of the difficult aspects of my life, it won't 'magically' go away. I cannot ignore the dirt on my kitchen floor, I HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT. I can focus on that dirt, and make it go away...through concerted effort, application and action.
When we don't go into the dark abyss....that cauldron life creates to 'form' us....we are robbing ourselves, our soul from transforming inside this human body/vessel.
Attempting to ignore this dark aspect (Kali) it becomes a 'shadow' that ends up controlling us, it adds to the darkness, so happy to become larger and have more power in our world and in our own personal lives.

AS if that was not dangerous enough, the other half of the teaching stresses basic narcissistic principles, and how to get more stuff, which is devoid of any true spiritual evolution or consciousness. the true hallmark of spiritual evolution. Be well. ~ Sangreal

Are there any true negatives in the world?

This is a difficult question to answer; to a true positive person, they can never see a negative in anything therefore would not judge or try to avoid anything remotely destructive, however, it is obvious to us there are indeed negatives in the world. These negatives are easy to identify, they are usually destructive which means anything positive is constructive.  

How much would we have learnt without these so called negatives, what we have judged as being negative? There are no true negatives and these negatives, if we learn from them, can be as if not more constructive than these judged positives, actually, positives can be very destructive!!

I know personally I have learnt a lot through my hardships only because I was aware, aware enough to not just judge these times as being just negative therefore ignore them. How would I become more aware if I ignored these hardships in my life?

Now at the collective human scale this is different, it is obvious we haven’t learnt from our hardships mainly because we judged them as being negative and ignored them instead of learning from them.  Will the human race ever learn? Not if it keeps sticking its head in the sand thus ignoring the negatives that can indeed teach us a more constructive way to exist.

In psychology; does a psychologist only bring forth the positives within a person with serious mental trauma? They usually bring forth these so called negative and then and only then replace these negatives with positives, something more constructive instead of destructive.   

Now look at the human collective who is obviously to me suffering from serious mental traumas, do we treat these traumas by ignoring these negatives by only focusing on the positives?  It just won’t work, yes it’s nice to think that positive thinking on its own is going to manifest a better existence but it won’t, not until we treat the illness first, in other words stop ignoring the symptoms.  What is above is also below!!

I don’t watch TV especially the news; it’s too ambiguous and hell bent on sensationalism which is usually brought about by something that is noticeably destructive, is this ignoring what is going on around me?  

Because the human collective is ignoring the symptoms, it’s the same as it was in the Roman days for example, why keep revising and bringing forth traumas that I am personally cured from? What we have though is a human collective that isn’t obviously cured so it keeps bringing forth these traumas time and time again. You can see why so many spiritually aware people are only focused on positive thinking; they are personally cured however the human collective isn’t. We can’t ignore this; it is obviously not going to go away no matter how much we try to manifest a more positive existence, that is obvious.

So how do we successfully cure the collective of its traumas?  

How did we cure our own traumas? By becoming spiritually aware and not ignoring the obvious like our misjudgements and egotistic straits.  Like we did; the collective needs to become aware of what is continually causing it traumas and then replace these traumas with positives once cured from these traumas.  You can’t cure a trauma without being aware of the trauma; this would be like trying to ignore a broken leg because it’s negative and expect it to heal itself, it just won’t work. Trying to magically manifest a more positive existence by ignoring the symptoms and traumas isn’t obviously going to work so we need to change our way of thinking.  

We might be cured ourselves but the human collective obviously isn’t, we need to all make it aware of this, by ignoring this fact, all we are doing is adding to this trauma of the collective.  Become aware of the symptoms; cure the cause of the symptoms and then move on to a more constructive existence, to me it’s the only way.        

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

True Positive Thinking

Written by Mathew Naismith

True positive thinking; the incapability of detecting negativity in all things!! 

Does this mean a positive thinker is ignorant and ignorant of negativity? Yes, this is one way in looking at it; it’s obvious being ignorant of negativity is more constructive than dwelling on the negatives!!

What on the other hand we didn’t perceive negativity and positivity as being bad or good in the first place but just another way to think and be, we wouldn’t have to be ignorant to anything would we!! All it would be is a choice between thinking and being negative or positive without judging negative or positive as bad or good. The ego of course has a hard time not judging negative and positive as either bad or good, it’s the ego that’s forces us to make such judgments.

Ignorance is the act of not being aware; I think we have been unaware way too long now mainly of how to think and be positive, I just don’t think ignorance is the answer!!

The incapability to detect negativity isn’t really true positive thinking, true positive thinking comes from not allowing our ego to control our judgment of a good and bad but just another way to think and be.  What we deem as negatives and positives is but choices we make through life, it’s not bad or good, it’s just choices we make through life.  So in all don’t allow the controlling factors of the ego to tell you otherwise if you truly want to become a true positive thinker. 

The quote,"True positive thinking; the incapability of detecting negativity in all things', is also in reference to not seeing a bad or good in everything but just a choice. This quote is true if we don't look at postivity as being ignorant of negativity but just a choice we make in life.  

Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Never Ending Story of the Ego

Written by Mathew Naismith

Speaking Ill of the Ego: Sorry going on about the ego so much as it keeps coming up so I must have to wright about it again. This was brought up again in discussion on a forum site with others just looking at the ego as something bad/negative, so many well-known spiritually aware people have spoken ill of the ego with no cause because once you become truly connected the ego & related judgment fade away as if by magic, we don’t have to force it’s demise as in this lies conflict it will go on it’s own accord with a little bit of acceptance & positive thinking. The more we speak ill of something the more we manifest it as that is how negative thought works, we must first be aware of our modes of thought before speaking ill of anything.

So why have so many well-known spiritually aware people demonised the ego? They are making us aware of what we are doing wrong if we want to make a better existence for ourselves however they are demising the ego not just egotism which I find strange. Egotism is obviously different within it’s structure to the ego self, ego means being of the ego which we can’t help if we are alive & egotism means acting upon the ego usually negatively but not always as described in previous posts. As I have said, by focusing on the negatives we are in fact manifesting it’s growth as all our focus is on demonising & riding ourselves of the ego but what we should actually be doing is focusing on the positive effects not the negative effects, yes sure we need to know what we are doing wrong but in the same breath we should be talking about how positive the ego can be as well in this lies balance not imbalance.  

Think for a moment about these people who are constantly warning us about the ego, what are they using to relay this message? The ego otherwise you wouldn’t even know they were there like so many who stay out of the limelight.  To them this would be a negative thing if they admitted to it which they won’t however it’s not, what they are doing is unknowingly using the ego positively to reach as many people as possible which is great however it’s the message itself that is negative not the ego. It takes the ego to be noticed in the first place & egotism to stay with it, it’s the mode of thought behind the person who is negative not the ego or even egotism itself.

Manifesting Positives: To manifest a better existence is to firstly notice & accept what is what in it’s black & white format, in this comes an understanding of what you are about to automatically change. Secondly don’t keep focusing on the negatives as just negatives but try to see what positive effects these negatives have had as there is always something positive within a negative & visa-versa of course. Thirdly accept what you are about to accept like accepting a mass murderer as just another you or part of you. In our present holistic mode of thought accepting such heinous people & situations is unspeakable, ask yourself why? You will find out it’s the negative ego that is making you feel & think this way because you can’t be seen accepting these people as being any part of you in front of other people which is natural for us to do in our present mode of thought. Fourthly keep focusing on the positives of everything as everything has it’s place either it be teaching us what not to do or teaching us how ignorant we are & how unaware we are of our environment around us, “know your environment know yourself”, science is helping us with that as it’s just all a part of spirituality as everything is of the spiritual not just the things we desire or seem mystical to us.  

As I have stated in past posts we learn from diversity if we didn’t have that diversity we wouldn’t have evolved as a species or even become spiritually aware & all this comes down to the ego which I call the creative ego, different divers egos have given us diversity to learn from to evolve & become further aware, we must be aware of this. We want to have a better existence or feel better within ourselves so what do we do we turn to spiritualism, doesn’t that sound slightly egotistical?  However if we are aware enough this can be quite a positive use of egotism however if we are not aware we will either conflict with the ego or inflate the ego to negative egotism instead of positive egotism. It is true that when one becomes truly connected the ego & associated judgment play no further major part within ones mode of thoughts but you have to get there first & it’s not by conflicts or demonising but through acceptance  & positive thinking.

Below is a few links I thought you might like to brows relating to this topic of the positive attributes of the ego.  

Sunday, 26 May 2013

True Positive Thinking

Written by Mathew Naismith

What is a true positive thought? A thought without negativity which of course makes sense to us in a human way, this goes along with the concept you are what you think which again makes total sense for if I was to think in a negative way all the time or even partially I will become what I think which of course is negative but what am I doing to become a positive thinker in the first place with this concept? What I am actually doing is throwing away or denouncing any negative humanistic straits I deem negative, this of course is done to improve or manifest a better existence for myself which will give me what I desire through “ I am what I think” which makes perfect sense.

A true positive thinker will seek out what is not serving them well & either denounce them or ignore their existence & of course once this is done we become what we think, a positive thinker in its truest form without a doubt.

Collective Consciousness: I will change the subject here & ask a question, are we consciously here for ourselves or are we consciously here to build up on a collective holistic consciousness for all mankind? It is of course the latter for the main reason we are all very much connected holistically to each other which of course refers to a truer form of oneness.  As I have recently explained in my recent past posts about the creative core or centre point of creative consciousness, we have collectively expanded on the cores consciousness through what I deem as emotionally driven & the further out we go away from the core the more chaotic & conflictive our emotions become mainly because they become extreme unlike the creative core itself which is serine & peaceful.   This expansion of consciousness is done through our souls which were created by the creative cores consciousness as it expanded. What we are continuously forget is we are one collective consciousness, we are not this one person who is only building up on its own consciousness & soul awareness it’s collective & holistic not personal or individual.

I’m going to ask another question here, is it positive to live for one’s own individual conscious awareness or for the collective conscious awareness especially for a spiritually aware person? It is of course the latter as this denotes true oneness & collectiveness. As I have explained in earlier posts the creative core (God) expanded it’s consciousness through experiencing it’s own knowing through our souls which of course where created by the creative cores conscious expansion & I have also explained in previous posts that the creative core is all accepting & why. So is it accepting for us to denounce certain humanistic traits that obviously help in the creative core in experiencing itself & at the same time building up on our own individual soul’s conscious awareness?  Isn’t accepting positive & isn’t non-accepting negative? So what are we doing when we are personally trying to manifest for our own desires instead for the betterment of all mankind through concepts like “we are what we think”?

“We are what we think” works however by looking at this that & the other of being negative therefore we shouldn’t think of these negatives is in fact being negative & judgmental of human traits that have allowed the holistic consciousness to expand. Building up on & expanding consciousness isn’t easy & it’s full of trials & tribulations but it’s through these trials & tribulations we are expanding on the creative cores consciousness through experiencing what it knows, what’s the good of an intelligent consciousness in just knowing what it knows without experiencing it through individual parts of itself through our souls, we are not just here for ourselves & to serve ourselves, we all have a jog to do. However in taking on concepts like “we are what we think” & positive thinking which denounces human traits like the ego & judgment we are in fact still building up & expanding the creative cores consciousness through ourselves negatively & this is where so called human negative traits are actually positive, we only see them as negative because they don’t serve us now personally.

However I have shown that positive thinking is actually negative because it’s not accepting & it does look at certain humanistic traits of being just negative therefore these traits should be avoided which gives us more to conflict with not less. We forget we are human living in a reality of time & space therefore past & present unlike the creative core itself which is of a reality of no time & space & the now as only the now exists in the core centre. We are actually confusing ourselves in living within the core centre when were not.  We don’t as humans need more to conflict with we actually need less.

A Truer Positive Thinking: So what’s true positive thinking then which will allow a better existence for ourselves & at the same time assist in expanding on the creative cores consciousness which we are all a part of?  Before I answer this I will ask another question, if you saw an angry aggressive man hurting someone what would you think & do? Would a positive thinker who follows the concept “you are what you think” do anything? They can’t because they have rid themselves of all negative thought & judgment so if they can’t judge this man negatively even when this man is doing an obvious wrong they can’t by their own principles know a wrong is being committed in the first place.  This to me doesn’t sound too positive or spiritual.
Being a true positive thinker I would think the man is playing out a role in life to assist in the expansion of consciousness in the first place& at the same time realise this man is showing us where we are going wrong within our thoughts & actions holistically. If someone anyone acts out in this way this should tell us something about our holistic consciousness so the positive point in this so called negative man is twofold.  I of course, not being negative & conflictive with my human traits that seem negative but aren’t really like judgment & the ego, I would intervene on both parties behalf saving both of them from our holistic set mode of thought’s at present.  By seeing not ignoring a so called negative I’ve helped in correcting our path to a less conflictive chaotic existence.  What I am doing here is something like the creative cores consciousness would do, accept it for what it is by understanding our holistic existence to the extent of knowing how we have& are expanding on our own & the  holistic consciousness at the same time & not individualistically self-serving our own desires over  the whole collective consciousness of man.

One more thing, I judge others & myself as I have shown right through my blog, this would seem negative to others, I wouldn’t be truly spiritually aware & caring if I didn’t at least try to  point out how I see certain concepts going wrong within the holistic collective consciousness. Judgment can be very positive in showing where we are going wrong in life & has done just that many times over but if we continuously denounce or ignore these signs, just like the angry aggressive man, we will continue on this merry-go-round thus adding little to our own & collective conscious awareness.  Acceptance of everything of what we are is far more positive than denouncing certain parts of our human self, within this concept one will automatically see the positives in everything without trying & conflicting, within this comes true conscious awareness individually & holistically.