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Friday, 16 January 2015

Knowing Presence-Pure Awareness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I find this bloke called Tony quite interesting, we do tend to play the same tune but using different notes but at the same time we somehow keep in tune with each other, like good musicians do I suppose, in other words we give a slightly different perspective to a particular topic.  I always find other people’s perspective interesting so I inserted a portion of his reply to me in this post.

Pure Awareness (Knowing Presence) is the basis of Consciousness (Knowing Presence with objects). Consciousness exists because of this presence, which has the potential to know. When there is knowing of an object it becomes consciousness. Consciousness is of objects. This knowing presence has no qualities of its own (from our limited perspective); there is no volition there. There is some organizing force there but not organizing as in the human definition of intelligence. We are this organizing force and that which results from it.

It contains no objects. It simply has potential. In the same way as a stationary object has potential energy. It requires an outside force to organize it in the appropriate conditions so that this potential can be utilized. In this case, the outside force would be the apparent external world reflected through the body's sensory apparatus. Think of a mirror. Consciousness is like a mirror. The sole purpose of mirrors is as a reflector of light. Light hits an object; the light from that object is reflected onto the mirror and the mirror because of its reflective nature displays a very close representation of the object. Awareness is the glass; our sensory apparatus is the reflective surface; the external world is the light; and the resulting reflection is consciousness.

My Reply
The way I see it is everything is one thing, one consciousness or one presence.

When this one presence or consciousness is expressed, this is when we perceive it as a different consciousness or a separate item.

The funny thing is this presence is consciousness and of emotion, motion and everything else that is being expressed even though this presence is motionless.

The reason for this is to do with timelessness; this presence is of this timelessness therefore everything that is expressed from this timelessness has always existed.

The reason for this is nothing has a starting or ending point, it has always existed, this includes everything expressed in time.      

There is no true separation between this presence and consciousness or even human emotions. 

However, I feel when we are the ones expressing this presence, we need to believe it's all separate to be able to express such presence or what I deemed as pure awareness.

The reason I called this presence pure awareness or consciousness, is to do with when you are in this state of timelessness, you do indeed become aware but in a motionless state.

Nothing is truly separate; however, this is where a lot of people get the idea that realities like this one and time are illusions when it's not. If everything is one with this presence, then all else is an illusion but that's not true, that's just a human perception.

The reason for this is everything has always existed, we are neither just of time (expressive) or timelessness (presence), we are all of what is in the present.  

I suppose the question is did we and everything else come from this presence, this pure awareness?

At times I have said so myself for very good reasons, everything was created from this presence (pure awareness), this one thing, this is brought about by perceiving through human perceptions while using spiritual concepts of oneness.  

However when you consider that this presence (pure awareness) is of timelessness, you become aware that everything has always existed including time itself and all it represents. This means everything was created from everything, from the whole of consciousness not just from this presence (pure awareness).  

What’s above is also below, how do we human come into being? Through the interaction of at least two energy sources, our parents, this is the same with everything else, it takes two energy sources to create, in this case instead of parents we have states of time and timelessness or presence (pure awareness) and ignorance.  Don’t judge ignorance badly, if it wasn’t for ignorance, I perceive as one of the parents, I don’t think we could express this pure awareness.

So where does this leave us with oneness?  Are not both our parents human, one kind of energy source, this is the same with time and timelessness or awareness and ignorance; they are the same kind of energy sources creating whatever.  However, awareness and ignorance in a human perspective are quite the opposite, there not one of the same source or are they? Take our parents, are they not yin a yang but of the same human energy source.  I really do think we look at ignorance in a too shallow judgmental way.

What’s above is also below; it takes two seemingly different energy sources to create, if ignorance allows for this pure awareness to be expressive of itself in time, I can’t truly see anything wrong with ignorance. When we become too destructive, all we have to do is become aware and utilise both ignorance and this pure awareness in unison to find balance again. Actually I’m not sure if that is not what we are doing right now!!   

The best way for me to look at this is by looking at everything as just energy, either this energy is stationary in timelessness or actively interacting in time with itself, it’s still just energy which gives us this oneness. I think it’s also good to be aware that while expressing intentions in time, we will have to separate this energy into categories for our grey matter (brains) to decipher, so for example calling anything in time ignorant and anything of timeless aware helps this grey matter to understand ourselves and the environment a lot better.               

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Pure Awareness-The Only Solution

Written by Mathew Naismith

I love people pointing out my shortfalls within my posts as it’s the only way I’m going to become aware of my own shortfalls at times. The following response by Kitty was in relation to my last post titled, The Collective Mind and Immunisation, this reply showed me where I wasn’t being specific enough within this post and numerous other posts of mine; hopefully my reply back to Kitty will specify exactly where I am coming from in all my posts which I have also inserted.  

I have always thought that meditation was necessary only to clear ones head for the time being, meaning ; if a person is stressed out and has a lot on their mind and are in need of a "wipe the thoughts clean and start over moment" or to just clear the mind / head because they have overwhelmed themselves by over-thinking.

Still, I did wonder what the point was when you just draw a blank for however long.

I would think to myself about others who did meditate "What good is that doing, you aren't thinking about the solution or the next step to progress, you’re just in a dead zone"

I have a new take on it altogether now.

Yes, I believe once in the state of "mind emptiness" the soul/ spirit is then on a new level outside of this realm - a higher place that perhaps we originated from but have no remembrance of.

I can't even imagine what it would feel like ...... just being one with source.

We all truly belong in that space but many of us have no idea how to get back there even for a moment. (especially me)

Definitely opened my mind to a broader perspective.

Great Read!

Yes I suppose it would seem that way, basically leaving a problem without a solution. To me not everything needs a solution, for to have a solution one would also need a problem to solve, is there a problem in the first place to be solved?  

Making people aware of egotism being an illness is a solution without actually taking any action towards a problem; all what one really needs to do is be aware.  

I try and stay away from the push and pull effect, seeing a problem as a problem is the push effect, seeing a solution as a solution is the pull effect, we are pushing away one to pull in another and on and on it goes. However on the other hand if we only became aware without taking action, we neither have a push nor pull effect; the cycle of chaos is broken.

You could say meditation is an action, pulling in whatever solution we think we need giving us a pull effect!! Yes it is if we are using meditation to solve a problem, in this case the disease egotism, many people use meditation in this way.  What other way is there to use meditation and avoid the push and pull effect? Using meditation to just become aware and aware of neither a problem nor a solution but just be in pure awareness while meditating. When you sit within pure awareness, there are neither problems nor solutions just pure awareness.

The only way meditation can help us with diseases like egotism is if we meditate less on solving a problem. Is egotism a problem?  At the human level of awareness it most definitely is so we react by pushing and pulling, creating a continuous chaotic existence. This is why most of the times in my posts I’m only writing about awareness instead of a solution because awareness is the solution without taking action other than being aware.  Just being aware is actually not an action, it’s just being who we are, pure awareness/consciousness.

While we are meditating in pure awareness, we do come up with solutions to our human problems; does this mean we can’t pull in a solution while meditating as this will only add to the chaos? Yes but only if we react as if there is a problem in the first place.

In my post titled, The Collective Mind and Immunisation, I didn’t have a solution other than being aware of a disease like egotism through meditation which allows us to become aware of our higher conscious selves without action.  The only solution we need is awareness; I feel no other action needs to take place that is why most of my posts are just about awareness and of course acceptance.  

Thanks for pointing this out Kitty; I do come up short within my posts at times.

I should elaborate that Kitty made me more aware through her encouraging response towards my post which allowed me to be more specific in where I am usually coming from within my posts, I just took this for granted. 

Most people expect to hear a solution which I don't normally give except just to be aware, I honestly was not aware of this shortfall until Kitty's response, so thank you Kitty.