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Monday, 15 February 2016

It's Within The Questions We Ask!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

I should firstly point out that anyone who doesn't like energy, the source or the creator of all things labelled as a God's consciousness, you won't like the following post. A lot more  people relate to this kind of consciousness as being of a God, it simplifies the extent of conciseness my internet friend and I are talking about here.

I hope you find the following exchange between Sal C and I interesting.  

I was just seriously thinking how time and timelessness can exist at the same time and thought of you. I know you write about these topics and thought you might have a satisfying answer. Any help would be great. Your friend, Sal

My Reply
This takes a bit of explaining Sal but here we go. 

Time exists within timelessness, timelessness actually is represented by what a lot of us call God for only through a timeless state can everything be created. The reason for this is simple, timelessness has no starting or ending point of origin, everything has always existed, however!!

Not everything has existed as an expression, time actually allows everything within this timelessness state or God's consciousness to be expressed.  

Now believe it or not, time also has always existed, remembering, there is no starting or ending point of anything, this includes time, however,  within time there is a starting and ending point of expressing this God's consciousness that is not expressed while is a state of motionlessness.

Timelessness = God's consciousness + motionlessness 

Time = Man's consciousness in our case + motion

In this motionless timeless state of God's consciences, there is no expression however this is where time comes into it, time allows God's consciousness to be expressed. Sadly enough, this includes God's consciousness being also expressed in a distorted way.  When we lose faith in God or have an unawareness of this timeless state, consciousness becomes automatically distorted by time. The reason for this distortion is that time represents expression of conscious, any expression of consciousness in any and everyway, man's consciousness is certainly showing us this.  

Basically, time and timelessness represent different perspectives of consciousness for one is measured as a motion and the other isn't.  Time only represents an expression of this consciousness while timelessness represents, at the same time, a non- expressional state of this consciousness. 

I hope this helped Sal. Try to remember, I am no expert on this, it's basically my own perception of what time and timelessness represent.     

So interesting. I have been doing a lot of soul searching in my life. In your opinion where does the eternal present moment fit in? It does feel like underneath everything there is always "the now", maybe there isn't "a now", not sure. Its funny, I can sense "this eternal now" so vividly and yet time seems so real as well.

My Reply
Sal C The eternal present fits within God's consciousness itself, a consciousness not determined or influenced by time, I suppose you could perceive this as being the now, a consciousness of timelessness where there is no ending and starting point which means no past or future, only the now.

A lot of people believe that time is an illusion which means all the expressions of God's consciousness is also an illusion within this time!! I of course don't conform to this perception.

Is time real?

To me, time is an expression of this God's consciousness, yes, it can be distorted but does this distortion of God's consciousness represent an illusion?  This is questionable Sal, when we are no longer expressing God's consciousness as it is in time, is such expressions an illusion?

No, it's only a distortion, how can any consciousnesses expressed in any way be a true illusion when it all is created from this infinite God's consciousness. As you can get distortion in space itself, you can also get distortion in consciousness. Does a distortion within space represent an illusion? The answer is of course no, the same with consciousness. The problem with distortions is it can indeed influence a consciousness to perceive differently to the original source which I call God's consciousness.      

Excellent responses Mathew. We can help each other figure out this paradox we call life. Your friend, Sal

My Reply
Sal C We are certainly here for each other in one sense or another my friend. 

We might think the answer is more important than the question or query, we couldn't be more incorrect. The right questions to the answers actually takes more perception than the correct answers for the questions, this to me is so obvious. The answer actually formulates the questions and queries for the answers have always existed.

Questions = time + movement

Answers = timelessness and motionlessness

Within time, it is obvious we need the correct questions to find the answer as you have done once again my friend, you are indeed quite perceptive. You are basically a reflection of timelessness, God's consciousness, no joke..... 

Mathew Naismith wow, I'm honored. I'm truly trying to find the truth, regardless if I "win" the debate, or whatever that outcome is. I guess I have to keep asking questions.

I guess more questions equals more answers. 

I really see the paradox in everything. Like if I'm afraid of something I agree with it and make it worse in my mind. If I hang in there long enough the fear goes away naturally.

My Reply

It's within the types of questions we ask Sal, often our questions are time based and are limited to time because time is naturally limiting. I see you asking questions based on timelessness as well, a consciousness not limited, basically, a consciousness that is unlimited, infinite if you like. 

I wrote a quote awhile ago, " Try to avoid asking questions before you know the answer, within this state of awareness becomes harmony".

When asking questions based on this timelessness, you are basically doing what this quote is stating. It's as if we know the answer but we need this answer confirmed!! How often do people like you and I do this? We have a feeling what the answer is but time based questions just don't confirm this for us.

Wonderful exchange of conversation between time and timelessness! Thanks Mathew

Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Answer before the Question!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had all intentions of not writing today, but like any intentions we have, they soon go astray when we allow ourselves to be governed by the flow of life. The following was inspired by a person of the name of Kriti, this post is based on answers being always in existence and how intuition, and even synchronicity, is wholly based on answers before questions can be humanly formed.

 I was inspired to write this via +Mathew Naismith's post. I have included a copy of his original post in the blog.

He says a wonderful statement urging us all to seek answers without asking questions, for once. I do understand what he is trying to say here. It doesn't literally mean 'stop asking' but simply tells you to not focus on the question too much. 'Seek correctly'.
It is an overwhelming feeling when you are simply seeking something and a lightbulbs switches on. You feel 'the knowing' and then realise the question. It happens. It is an understanding almost like that received from a guru.

My Reply
True, the only way we can find the truth in duality is to ask questions, however, we must become aware that while in duality, we will also get numerous and varied answers from the same questions, it's a reality of duality after all.

The questions are created from the answers not the other way around; however, we have perceived quite the opposite in duality.

Duality means to divide, separate, so in this we look at the questions forming the answers instead of the answers being of the questions, this is how duality works, it separates and divides. We should also realise the answers don't even form the questions, if the answers have always existed so have the questions.

In duality, we separate the questions from the answers which make finding the truth a lot more difficult. This is where becoming aware of non-duality can help, we realise that the answer and the questions are not separated at all. We also realise the questions don't create the answers, the answers were already there.

Should we be asking so many questions?

The more questions we ask in duality, the more numerous and varied answers we will get, obviously this will only add to the chaos.

How does intuition work? It doesn't work by asking questions, the answers just materialise and only then can we form a question from the answer, for example, how did I know this, only then after receiving the answer do we ask questions, amazing isn't it?

Synchronicity works in a similar way, you intuitively receive the answer but you’re not sure of the answer, what then happens, you get conformation through synchronicity. This is brought about by not asking questions, too many questions keeps the mind ignorant not the other way around.

It's funny in duality how we have turned everything upside down and inside out and we wonder how we created chaos!! 

You are going to find this funny; I’m also into science and philosophy, the brain doing over time to create even more chaos and destruction.  I’m actually into the sciences and the kinds of philosophies that, as Kriti stated, “Seek correctly”, in other words seek for the truth correctly without adding more chaos and destruction to our lives.  

What do questions denote and what are we spiritually supposed to be doing?  Questions of course denote thinking when we are supposed to be thinking less not more.  

Why do they say for us to think less, in other words quieten the mind which also means stop asking so many questions? The more we quieten our minds, the less chaos and destruction we will create.

Hang on a bit, how many questions do I ask in my posts, is this not adding to the chaos and destruction?  As Kriti stated, “Seek correctly”.  I already know the answers before I ask the questions, or so I think!!  The point is I am aware that the answer always exists even before we can humanly perceive a question, do most scientists?  Again the answer is already there before the question, in other words it’s the answer that brings forth the question within a reality of duality, not the question bringing forth the answer. At times we will ask a question and receive an answer but I know the question never actually formulates the answer.

Why is it so important to be aware that all answers have always existed? Once we realise this, we tend to automatically rely more on our intuition than questions to give us answers, we are no longer relying on questions to give us the answers, remembering, too many incorrectly asked questions gives us various and numerous answers even to the same question which only adds to the chaos and destruction. Why are there so many religions and sects within these religions?  As Kriti stated once again, “Seek correctly”, they obviously didn’t seek correctly otherwise they would have come up with the same exact answer.

In all, we should be aware that intuition doesn’t rely on questions to give us answers; you could very well presume that intuition is of non-duality; to me this presumption is awfully close to the truth.  

Try to avoid asking question before you know the answer for within this state of awareness becomes harmony.