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Friday, 17 July 2015

The Universes Reality, A River of Motion

Written by Mathew Naismith

Expressing humanism: I recently started up another blog titled, The Greek Crises, A New Revolution. Yes, it’s all about motion, a reaction that causes even more motion not less, this seems to be going against what spirituality is about,  a state of consciousness that is less about thought and more about existing with little motion. This new blog of mine is all about motion therefore  thought, it seems to have nothing to do with spirituality and more to do with humanism. Humanism relates to doctrines that emphasise a person's capacity for self-realization through reason thus rejecting spiritual and religious ideological views and beliefs.

In this new blog of mine, you could say I am being highly judgmental of other people, judgment is very humanistic, it also  has very little to do with spirituality. To be in judgment, one has to judge a worthy or an unworthy, a bad or good, negative of positive, to me this blog doesn’t express such traits. Yes, it is obvious that Greece is in trouble brought about by various circumstances, circumstances that shouldn’t have happened if the country was run a little more efficiently by certain people in power.  People in power need to have the love of the people, not the love of power and money  above and beyond the good of the people.

The universes reality; we presently exist in is all about motion, a motion brought about by cycles within the universe itself, for example,  the suns within each solar system are influenced by a cycle, these suns are all about motion not motionless like we experience through spirituality. This universe is all about motion that creates realities of motion, basically, by going along with motion, all you are doing is going with the flow of  influence from the universe itself, in other words, motion is a natural process of this universe we exist in. Spirituality is about the opposite, it’s about being aware of our motionless self as well, it’s like yin a yang, once these two come together, they start creating, our motion and motionless self is the same.

What happens when there is no balance between a married couple for example? You get conflicts, now what happens when there is perfect balance between couples? This is obvious. This doesn’t mean motionlessness or motion on it’s own creates an imbalance therefore conflict, it means when motion and motionless come together, there has to be balance between the two for their to be harmony. This takes both of them not to judge the other but be the observer of the other without judging an unworthy or worthy. When there is no balance, there is always a worthy and an unworthy but when there is balance, worthy or unworthy doesn’t play a part, it actually doesn’t exist due to this balance.

Finding true balance: Now man, as a whole, has fully taken on the influences of the universe, he has expressed motion to it’s fullest extent, the degradation of this planet, for example,  shows this quite plainly. Like the Sun, man too has a cycle, once this cycles runs it’s course, that will be the end of the cycle and man himself. Universes motions are all about cycles and so are we, however, like other universes that aren’t about cycles of motion, we too are not just about cycles of motion but motionlessness. As you could imagine, it is not easy bringing this balance between motion and motionless into a reality that is all about motion. Spiritual awareness however is all about bringing in this balance, it’s not an easy road to tread but well worth the effort when we do find this balance individually or collectively. 

We shouldn’t judge motion as being unworthy or worthy to express as we shouldn’t  judge motionless worthy or unworthy to express, it is however totally spectacular when we  find true balance between motion and motionlessness individually within ourselves, this reality, as a whole, has yet to be created collectively like this. If an individual can find balance, why can’t the collective, it’s all consciousnesses no matter how you look at it?

The size of the consciousness means nothing, is the collective consciousness larger than the individual consciousness? Not when you see consciousness for what it is, it’s one consciousness not many consciousness’s making up an even bigger consciousness than consciousness itself. To find balance, man will have to start thinking differently like this, once this occurs, balance for the collective will become a realisation, not a fantasy.          

Monday, 24 February 2014

A Mystery of Spirituality and light

Written by Mathew Naismith

Dreams: It is said by many, we live within a dream so does this make our actual dreams something else and are our actual dreams we have when we fall asleep more to do with reality than our awaken state? This of course couldn’t be because a lot of our dreams are too farfetched to be real. What if I still said they are just as real as our awaken state, you would think I would have to be loony to believe this or at least delusional.

In my last post I wrote about light, everything is of the light no matter how dark or destructive it seems to us and what makes it dark and destructive is time which fragments consciousness into different vibratory frequencies which give us different forms of darkness and/or light.  Unlike our awoken state we are capable of anything within our dreams like breathing while under water or walking through fire without getting burnt; surly I couldn’t be saying these things are real because they too are of the light!!

Let’s look at something else. A lot of people today are also saying nothing is actually physical, there is no physicality but they also say it’s all an illusion which I don’t agree on. All it is to me is a different reality. Why do all realties have to assimilate with our perception of reality and if it doesn’t it has to be an illusion? Disregarding if it’s an illusion or not, the physical world we know to be real might not seem to be all it seems to us. If we take into consideration that nothing is actually what it seems either it be in our dreams or physical reality, what is more real and physical, dreams or what we call reality? 

At the moment we have looked at everything being of light and physical realties like this reality are not as physical as first thought, both concepts seem to coincide which each other’s, now let’s look at dreams again. Dreams don’t seem to be as unreal or imaginary as first thought nor do they seem that different to our awaken state of consciousness but are they real? We can’t breathe underwater nor can we walk through fire without being burnt in our awoken state without assistance so it stands to reason we shouldn’t be able to do this in any real reality so dreams have to be noted as being unreal or imaginative!!

What if I now said walking through fire without assistance and not being burnt in any way is as real as walking through the fire and being burnt? Both realities are true only because both take a different perception in what we are aware of at any given time. Do I believe Jesus walked on water and turned water into wine? Yes, for the main reason that everything is created from a light energy source, consciousness itself. We look at fire being what it is because that is what we have been taught to expect of fire, we soon learnt it burns while growing up. Fire, like everything else around us, is created from minute light particles (consciousness) which are very much alive. Fire is produced by the particles of light changing vibratory rate so it will seem hot and burn us if we get too close to the flames. The burning effect of fire is expected so of course it’s going to burn us.  Because we expect this are we just manifesting the effects of the fire and everything else of this reality and if this reality is just a manifestation of our thoughts it must be all an illusion!!

Well it might seem that way. We are talking about an intelligent living conscious source here in these minute particles of light, it’s not something that is in itself delusional, everything it creates is real in one sense or another.  We must remember here, we are also made up of numerous light particles which react to other forms of light particles vibrating at different frequencies. When we walk through a fire in an awaken state we are one form of light particles vibrating at a different frequency to the fire which is made up of different light particles vibrating at different frequencies. This is just one lot of light particles, being us, reacting to another lot of light particles, being the fire. Dreams on the other hand don’t have to be influenced by the same laws of time, the only reason they are is because we imagine ourselves in an awoken state of consciousness while dreaming.  

In our awaken state of consciousness, we see fire instead of light particles but what if we truly believed that fire and everything else was made up of an infinite amount of light particles? We would find ourselves in a matrix of just light particles with no difference in vibratory rate. It’s the vibratory rate of light particles that give it it’s form like with fire & water for instance. Fire would no longer burn and water would no longer drown us because everything would all be within the same matrix. 

These living intelligent light particles want to take form of some kind, they don’t want to just see themselves as one thing but everything they are of which is everything we/they could imagine, this is true awareness and oneness.  This is the main reason I don’t desire to ascend to my original state of being, being just light particles. The more we imagine the more we are at one so in actual fact there is no illusion but the illusion of illusions!!    

Try walking through fire or breathing in water in a dream knowing it doesn’t have to be what it seems, this will reprogram your mind to be more accepting of what everything around us is made of,  minute living intelligent light particles!!