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Monday, 14 November 2016

Our Primary Source of Existence

Written by Mathew Naismith

I have never made reference to primary and secondary existences before, this is certainly a first for me. I suppose this was influenced by a passing away (death) of a good friend of mine just recently. He couldn't believe how more alive he felt, more alive than he ever did in his life on Earth, this is even after making the most of his life. He also wanted me to tell his granddaughter how alive he feels at present and not to worry or think too much about him, he soon realised why I couldn't carry his wishes out. 

What my friend was experiencing was still a secondary existence but an existence that was less dense, the less dense an existence is, the more alive we feel and for a very good reason as I will explain. The next two paragraphs are probably going to be a little too heavy of a read for some people, bare with this, it gets easier.      

A primarily existence; an existence that is usually beyond the perceptions of secondary existences, secondary existences of course being secondary to a primary existence. A primary existence is only primary due to secondary existences existing. The primary role of a primary existence exists to formulate or be expressive of secondary expressions, basically, the more of a secondary existence a consciousness experiences, the more dense the matter becomes. Matter only being an expression or formulation of consciousness, meaning, consciousness creates the denseness of matter. The less aware/wise a consciousness is, the denser the matter becomes, human consciousness is a prime example of this expressiveness.

It's strange to think, the less aware/wise a consciousness becomes, the denser the matter becomes. On the other hand, the more aware/wise a consciousness becomes, the less denser the matter becomes. How much lighter do we feel when we participate less and observe more? Participation (motion) creates a denser existence, an existence limited by it's denseness or ignorance/unawareness. It stands to reason that we feel lighter when we extricate ourselves from a dense form of existence in anyway to any extent.                        

Creation: This doesn't mean that secondary existences are created by a primary existence, for example, God being a representative of a primary existence, didn't create secondary existences like humans or the universe, they always existed but in a less dense form, however as I said, no secondary existence can exist without a primary source of creation. The existence of a primary source instantly creates secondary existences so in a sense, God, zero point, pure wisdom, oneness and so on,  did in a sense create everything of a secondary nature like the universe or human consciousness and even souls for instance.

Yes, even the soul is a secondary existence mainly because it's more dense in relation to the primary source of existence, this is why my passing friend felt more alive than ever while still being in a secondary existence as a soul. The soul existence being less dense than human existence mainly due to the souls reconnection, or more precisely, remembrance of it's own primary existence. We are never not of this primary existence no matter what we want to call it, it's just we perceive that secondary existences are primary to all other existences. This is the illusion, that we exist in a primary existence when we don't which is primarily based on an unawareness of a true primary source of creation. In the case of a souls existence, the soul becomes less dense due to it being more of the spirit within all things, the spirit being of our true primary existence which is in all things.

However, not all souls will experience  a less dense existence when passing on from human form, we can indeed take the ignorance with us from human life when passing away (dying). This action will keep a soul from becoming aware of it's true primary existence, it's truer being. I suppose you could relate this kind of existence to hell, the funny thing is, what are we creating more on Earth at present? A living hell which can only exist through a consciousness existing in ignorance of it's truer being. Could you imagine experiencing a relatively light existence and being impelled into a much denser existence, it would indeed feel like hell!!

No limitations: We might think our primary existence, our truer being, is one level or stage, the soul being the next level or stage and human existence being the next level or stage of existence from the soul. This is often perceived by human consciousness as a declension or decline from the primary source. The more ignorant a consciousness becomes, the denser the matter becomes, as I stated, this is often perceived as levels or stages of decline, in actuality, it's a progression void of limitations or boundaries.

There is no true divide between the primary source of existence to the next secondary source of existence the soul and so on, the reason for this primarily lies within that we never stop being of the primary source, we only perceive we do in certain existences. The denser the existence experienced, the more disconnected we feel from this primary source and understandably so. Ignorance creates denser existences or realities, of course any consciousness that is dense is going to no longer feel they are apart of the true primary source, this stands to reason. Of course the more a consciousness is existing in ignorance, the more destructive a consciousness becomes.

There are many philosophies and religions that have pointed to the actuality of there being a primary source of creation, they have also pointed out that we are never truly not apart of this source at anytime. However, it is also pointed out that we can perceive that we are not of this primary source, this is only a perception, an illusion, that our present dense existence is primary to all other existences.

We are presently experiencing a secondary existence, it's wise to focus on our primary source of existence now and again, within this, we will feel a lot more alive and feel lighter within ourselves and for a very good reason too......                   

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Why We Are Here??

Written by Mathew Naismith

I wasn’t going to turn this post on another spiritual forum site into another post but I have just become aware why we all see our purpose in realities like this one so differently so I feel it’s important for me to relay this on. The following response of mine is in relation to why we are here not saying it answers it but producing yet another possibility of why we are here which a lot of my blog relates too. This post is in reference to my previous post titled Soul connection & religion.

G’day Schwanke

Most people denote religion to being just of faith which is usually connected to church doctrines of one kind or another however religion can also denote to being of logic not just faith as a scientist will have certain theories they will follow which is a religion or creed for them to follow usually right through their lives.

Certain eastern based religions teach free will & I can’t see them dying in the near future however like western based religion it will have to change with the time or new consciousness as everything does in realities of time & space I believe. While living in realities of time & space boundaries are always set to guide us however realities of no time & space have no such set boundaries, there is no need. I think what is happening now is we are trying to replace time & space with no time & space, in my mind that is not what we came here to do.  I think what we are supposed to be doing is assimilating no time & space within time & space only to give it balance again however of course I could be wrong.
By the sounds of it this is where we differ greatly, I feel our souls need time & space to experience our knowing which is infinite because time & space will always renew itself however it would seem you think we are here to just connect with the source ( true love) thus change this reality into another reality of no time & space.  We were all created from light, yes some souls will decide to reunite with the light, the source, after ones soul has a certain understanding & awareness but I think most souls will decide to keep on experiencing the knowing for this expands the sources conscious awareness of itself even further, you could say that all souls are serving God however we too are that God (consciousness).

What I think what has happened here is certain people have experienced certain states of consciousness to a point where they have formulated a conclusion to what is happening without going further thus we only have the understanding of being here to become what we were in the first place light/love, I feel there is much much more to it than that Schwanke.   


Thinking With the Cycle Not Against It: We need to think past the 3rd dimension or previous consciousness as nothing stays the same including knowledge & wisdom in realties of never ending cycles which are realities of no time & space, if we don’t start thinking past this point or last point I should say we are either going to change this reality into a reality of no time & space while becoming one with the source again or we are going to continue on a life of fixated attachments which will end sooner or later in catastrophe. I feel quite strongly we haven’t come to do either but serve thy lord so to speak which is in turn serving ourselves.

I’ve written in previous posts about the soul being of more important than the human vessel self & that we should focus on the soul more to bring balance however the soul has no real precedence on the creative source so what our souls are doing is serving the source (God). The problem with knowing that we are serving the lord (source) we are focusing on the lord primarily not our soul, yes some will say by serving the lord that we are in fact serving our souls but the problem with this is we are putting one above the other by idolising one above the other, where is the oneness in this? We are of the source itself so in fact we are serving ourselves through the soul & human vessel & the reason the soul & human vessel are just as important as the source itself is the human self & the soul are teacher of the source like the human vessel is the teacher of the soul, nothing has less importance or precedence than the other.  

By focusing on the soul we are bringing balance again because the soul is of both realities of time & space & realities of no time & space, if we focus on either the human self or the source we are actually not bringing balance to this reality but unbalancing it even more. The old teaching especially eastern teachings taught us balance for the main reason they had the understanding of balance within this reality, tilting to the extreme either way would give us unbalance & turn this world into something else usually something unbecoming, consumerist materialism is a good example of this & so were the dark ages as both these ideologies gave us an unbalanced world.  So old teachings are still relevant then!!! Yes & no because they too like anything in a cycle of time & space are forever changing so they too must take on change, go with the flow not against it for in this comes true awareness!! 

 “The soul is the key to balance I believe”…Love Mathew