Saturday, 12 November 2016

Where Are We Going Now?

Mathew G Naismith

So where are we going from here? Considering the recent events that occurred and that are still occurring in the US, you have got to wonder where this peace and love is supposed to be coming from. There is no nation as a whole that is leading the way in this area. The hate between democrats and the republicans in the US is bad enough, what is occurring at present is even worse, the hate being expressed towards an obvious flawed man as Trump is astonishing.

We have a saying in Australia, "Never try to judge a book by it's cover, especially before it's had a chance to prove itself true". There is not one person who couldn't honestly say they are not flawed in some way, no one is perfect therefore they are flawed in some way. Also,  human consciousness and form is based on imperfections, it's these imperfections that gives human consciousness it's form and expressions. No imperfections, no human.

We might now think that we need to get right away from these imperfections, basically from being human because of it's destructive ways. However, what better way to be in total harmony at the soul level when existing in the thick of imperfections? We have a true chance here to learn to be in total harmony beyond human consciousness, we instead hate anything that is flawed beyond our own imperfections. Trump is obvious within his imperfections, Obama wasn't and look at what Obama has done, supporting a nation, in a huge way, that is deliberately killing off unarmed women and children. Syria's oil and gas is now being pilfered under Obama, also, what about the treatment of native Americans, is any of this of  peace or going to lead to peace? I suppose if you enslave or kill off an entire race of people, this could lead to peace!! 

We have another saying in Australia, "Be aware of the fox/wolf wearing sheep's clothing", this means not to be fooled by a person who seems righteous but is anything but righteous underneath the fake persona. Trump in my mind has shown us he is anything but a fox in sheep's clothing, however, I don't think he is as crazy as he makes himself out to be either. It's the age of the false prophets, Trump is anything but a false prophet.

Trump is a prime example of the reflection of human imperfections. Some people who are anti-Trump, would say he is the reflection of the worse of human imperfections. I think the present regime we are living under, is at this stage worse than Trumps imperfections, why aren't the people in the US demonstrating and hating the present regime? This action is very questionable in my mind.....!!

I suppose the outcome of the election was a demonstration, it was an expression of a dislike to the present regime which Hillary was obviously going to continue with. Paying out billions of dollars to Israel to kill unarmed women and children, while US citizens are unemployed and without a roof over their heads, is going to lead to some a kind of demonstration, as peaceful as it was. Of course this peace is now being shattered by hateful demonstrations. Don't get me wrong with this, I am not a Trump supporter, actually not long a go I wrote a post stating anything but being a supporter of Trump for various reasons.

I'm for love and peace, very much like any true spiritually aware person, Trump doesn't reflect this, actually anything but, however, he is not a fox in sheep's clothing for starters, this is obvious within his own actions. In an age of false prophets/people's, this is significant. Also, if a true spiritually aware person can't stand or even hates what Trumps stands for, human imperfections, how truly spiritually connected and aware are these people? You see Trump is a prime example of the reflection of human imperfections, we often don't like being reminded of what we too are apart of or connected to. We of course want to separate ourselves from this which has nothing to do with oneness, anything but.

We have a nation that is divided by republican and democratic ideologies at the best of times, at times hatefully so. At present this hate has escalated to the point of bitter hatefulness for a man who is obvious within his imperfections, however, a man that hasn't had a chance to prove himself yet. This isn't just a clear display of judgement but prejudgment or even misjudgement based on a persons imperfections. Don't get me wrong here, I don't think I would like a leader to represent me that is as obvious within his imperfections as Trump, however, once again he is not a fox dressed in sheep's clothing to start with, this is quite significant especially in the age we are in.

It's also an age of awareness which represents a consciousness becoming aware of itself. You could say it's a conscious ascension beyond the boundaries and limitations of human consciousness, this means we will be confronted with the truth of the imperfections and perfections of human consciousness, Trump is a prime example of human imperfections in my mind. It's quite desperate times when a consciousness is faced with it's own imperfections, it's even more desperate when these exact same imperfections are represented by our leaders who are suppose to represent us. What ego would want this and this is the point?

The ego can only exist in ignorance to it's truer being, any kind of awareness displaying this imperfection, will of course be repulsed or rejected by the ego. I look at Trump and all  I see is my own imperfections that I don't often express myself, the ego will do anything to refute this kind of awakening and yes, Trump in my mind is very much apart of the awakening. The reason for this lies in his outwardly expression of his own imperfections, I think it's refreshing to see a leader who is very open with his own imperfections even though, like any imperfections, can be very destructive. It's trumps harkening destructive expressions that irks me, but again, this too is but a reflection of my own imperfections.

We should never expect a leader or nation to only express perfections, within this expectation, all we are going to create is more imperfections. When we expect too much of a leader and then are let down by this leader, all we then focus on is the imperfections thus inadvertently creating more imperfections. Of course in relation to Trump, even before he becomes the US leader, he is hated by many because of his own imperfections. As I said, I wouldn't like a leader with so many known imperfections representing me nationally, however, I would try not to create or heighten known human imperfections by expressing hate or even dislike.

It's amazing, the US is supposed to be a representation of a free world based on democracy, a nation that is at the best of times dived by it's politics, religions and races. Is a nation that is so obviously divided and hateful of it's own, going to be a true representation of a free world? To answer this you must consider that the wakening will incur one to awaken to itself, this sadly means in our case, that we need to express these imperfections to become aware of them. Of course spiritually we know we don't have to express these imperfections to become aware of them, however, it would seem human consciousness as a collective needs to do just that.

Yes, more of our human imperfections are becoming more apparent today, this is a good thing even though it's a hard and difficult way for a consciousness to become awakened!!  

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Being Your True Being

Written by Mathew Naismith

I wrote the following to try to help other people understand why they feel so miserable at times. We seem to have become aware that the present environment isn't who we are, in actuality, our present environment reflects anything other than who we truly are. The reason for this lies in what created this reality in the first place, lies, deception and manipulation/backstabbing.

We cannot truly be what lies have created in the first place, of course lies create deception and manipulation, basically, a true depiction of an illusion. We of course can't be an illusion but many of us today are very much apart of this illusion, otherwise the world would be a very different place to what it is today. Many of us have become aware of this illusion and beckon to become expressive of our truer being again.

For starters, we have been made to believe that time and space is all we are, it's a part of who we are but it's not all of what we are, in actuality, time and space is but a tiny portion of our whole being. Within the limitations of time and space, we have created lies upon lies upon lies. It's like a snowball rolling down a snowy hill, it accumulates more of what has initially created it. The further the snowball goes on, the larger the snowball becomes. Our present reality was created from lies, this has accumulated even more of the same as it's allowed to continue. The lies, deception and manipulation isn't lessening, it's growing, however, once you become an observer instead of a participator of the snowball effect, it becomes apparent to the observer it's not of the snowball, it's but an observer of the snowball.

Once you start to become the observer rather than a participator, you become more aware of your truer being, this is quite a natural phenomena to occur when a participant  becomes an observer. Some people are having a hard time of this only because they are between being an observer and a participator, no transition period is easy to circumnavigate when in this transition period. It's like circumnavigating the globe void of instrumentation or mapping of any kind, it would be daunting to say the least to do this.

When you have no mapping or instrumentation to guide you from a participator to an observer, basically meaning no sound and true guidance, it's obvious that such a voyage will we harrowing at times. Try to remember that there is a huge difference between a participator and an observer. A participator is usually apart of the lies and deception, where's the observer is no longer of this kind of reality being that the observer is our truer being, not the participator.                   

I hope the following puts a better perspective on this.


I've become a grumpy old man

The reason lies within my unacceptance

An unacceptance of deceit, lies and backstabbing

Life is too short and precious I feel

I no longer choose to live and accept this kind of environment

For this, I have become a grumpy old man to others

And so be it

Better this than the alternative

An alternative too accepted by too many in my mind

I am not this kind of environment

I am something quite different

A difference that is known to some to be grumpy

And again so be it as the alternative isn't who I truly am  

I will never go back this kind of environment

Life is too precious to do so

In actuality

My own true being is precious

More precious than this kind of environment is by far

Indeed, our environment dictates who we are

We are our environment

But our environment isn't necessarily who we are

Wisdom learnt through life teaches us this

It's obvious

Once you become grumpy towards this kind of environment

You then realise you are indeed apart of a different environment

An environment a lot more constructive towards being your true being

An environment of deceit, lies and backstabbing isn't who anyone is

This isn't our truer being

This however only becomes apparent when you extricate yourself

An extrication from a created environment to your true environment

An environment conductive to being your true being


~Mathew G~ 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Various Beliefs of Ego

Written By Mathew Naismith

I've lost count in how many people I have come across that are disillusioned and confused in regards to the ego, this is after these people have followed various spiritual beliefs and practices. In certain cases, these people are now just as much if not more disillusioned and confused, so many beliefs contradict each other on this matter, which one is absolute?        

It's wise to be a aware that a controlling ego (egotism) will state which one is absolute over all other beliefs, any belief that is egotistically free, won't state which one is absolute over another. It's also wise to be aware that there is a big difference between ego and egotism, egotism being an ego in control, ego is just being. Each belief system is of the ego, it was created by ego, this means each and every belief system is of the ego to start with, basically, everything of creation is of the ego, however, not everything is of egotism.

If your not bias (egotistical) within your own beliefs, you will find the following various views from different beliefs quite interesting. They basically say the same thing even though the interpretation of ego varies in regards to certain beliefs. There seems to be a cohesive view that ego can give us the illusion of separation from, nothingness, God, zero point, oneness, inner self, our truer being and so on.

Extract: “The anitya doctrine is, again, not quite the simple assertion that the world is impermanent, but rather that the more one grasps at the world, the more it changes. Reality in itself is neither permanent nor impermanent; it cannot be categorized. But when one tries to hold on to it, change is everywhere apparent, since, like one’s own shadow, the faster one pursues it, the faster it flees. 

Extract: From a spiritual perspective, ego means considering oneself to be distinct from others and God due to identification with the physical body and impressions in various centres of the subtle body. In short ego is leading our life as per the thinking that our existence is limited to our 5 senses, mind, and intellect and identifying with them to various degrees.
As per the science of Spirituality, our true state of existence is identification with the Soul or God-principle within us and living our day to day life with this consciousness. As the one and same God-principle exists within all, from a spiritual perspective there is unity in all Creation.
However, depending on the level of our ego, we identify with the God-principle within us, i.e. the Soul to varying degrees. If our ego is high, we identify less with the Soul or the God-principle within us.

Extract: In Taoist practice, when one “sheds the bones” a Taoist will finally fully wash off all the glue that holds the spirit to the bones of our stories. However, until that point of full release, a Taoist allows ego to play a bit, as it’s part of our very nature. Instead at first a Taoist learns how to live their life without that sheep dog in control of our life.


Extract: [Quran 2:54] Recall that Moses said to his people, "O my people, you have wronged your souls by worshiping the calf. You must repent to your Creator. You shall kill your egos. This is better for you in the sight of your Creator." He did redeem you. He is the Redeemer, Most Merciful.


The following gives a more collective view, it also shows a Christian and Judaist viewpoint on this topic as well. 


Extract: Understanding what we call ‘the ego’ will change how you see yourself and the world around you. Your mind has been programmed to believe that the ego is you, but in reality it is just an illusion that we use to help us function in our world. In a sense, the ego is what makes us feel separate from other people.

Even though we play much of our life through the lens of the ego, we are not the ego. We are sitting outside of the ego; a pure and whole individual. We are the observer. Although the ego is in no way the enemy, the ability to see the ego for what it is gives us a lot of power and enlightenment.


It would seem as soon as a belief system states it's absolutely right over all other beliefs, this belief has become egotistical, considering that ego is a separation from our truer being, how separated is a belief system that believes it's absolutely egotistically right over all other beliefs, it's absolute?

Let's put this in a Godly sense, how much of God is a person who categorically states their belief is absolute over all other beliefs? Considering the main consensuses of each belief states that ego can indeed separate ourselves from God, how truly of God is a person who states absolutes?

Let's put this in another way, how much of the inners self or nothingness is a persons when stating absolutes in relation to their own beliefs? Considering that absolutes within anyone's belief system is egotistical, how virtuous and exact is any absolute view in this case when they are themselves obviously showing no connection  to their truer being?

On numerous occasions I have had discussions with people following various beliefs, most people are open minded to one extent or another, others are absolute within their convictions. Even people who call themselves Buddhist, have spoken about absolutes for example, their is absolutely no God and soul, we are nothingness that is completely void of ego. As soon as you talk about absolutes, you are talking not just about ego but egotism. Is the view that absolutes are egotism? No, because again there are no true absolutes.

I should also state that I have talked to other people of Buddhism about other people who state they are Buddhist, but at the same time talk about absolutes. According to these people I've talked to, they are not true Buddhists. 

Now my view on ego is, all motion is ego, all excessive (extreme) motion is egotism. Oneness, zero point, God, nothingness, inner self and so on, which is in my mind our truer being, are motionless therefore are ego free. The closer we become our truer being, the less motion we express therefore the less of the ego we become.

As I have always said, motion is an expression of our truer being, God if you like. There is nothing wrong or right within this expression, it's how we express our truer being that defines how destructive or constructive we will be. If you wish to judge destruction as being wrong or negative, this is your will but any judgment like this is of the ego, therefore a further separation from our truer being. Is there anything wrong in this separation? No but one should be wised that the further we separate ourselves from this truer being, the more egotistical we become and the more destructive we become, the world around us at present is a good indication of this.

Ego can be a beautiful thing, egotism can be an ugly thing in accordance to it's obvious destructiveness. It's wise not to judge the Ego as you do egotism, this is obvious within it's observation.                          

Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Reluctant Teacher

Written by Mathew Naismith 

A student of wisdom was curious to know who was his teacher of wisdom and asked, "Who are you?" In reply the teacher of wisdom said," Ask yourself this question and you should receive the same answer. A true answer can only be obtained if one is void of judging a wrong or right, good or bad, negative or positive. There is no separation, only a perception of separation between the teacher and student of wisdom. It's this perception and separation between teacher and student that asks who is the teacher."......Mathew G.

Who are we really, are we the student or are we the teacher? Human consciousness is the student because it's still in a sense asking who the teacher is, on the other hand the teacher knows who he is, the teacher but also the student.

So if the student is represented by human consciousness, what consciousness is represented by the teacher?

The various traits of the ego, makes human consciousness what it is, human. As of any consciousness like a fish, donkeys, monkeys, plants and so on, it's the consciousness that forms it's form.  Basically, each form has it's own consciousness that has created a particular form, physical form is attributed to the consciousness behind each created form. Human consciousness form is also attributed to the kind of consciousness that has formed it, as of any conscious form, human consciousness is limited, this is evident in the form it creates.

In a real sense, physical form denotes limitations within the said consciousness, this is shown in the physical form the consciousness creates, in other words, all physical creations and existences seem to denote a consciousness that is limited.

How limited is a students consciousness, especially when it asks questions like who are you or even I?

The teacher doesn't ask such questions, not just because the teacher is aware, it's because the teacher is wised to the difference between the teacher and the student when one only perceives as a student, or in our case, human conscious state.

The student = human consciousness but the teacher = something beyond human consciousness. It's basically a consciousness that is beyond the perceptions of student consciousness, the reason for this lies in the teachers unlimited potential. This unlimited potential consciousness can be known as oneness, divine energy, God's consciousness, pure wisdom and so on.

We might think the teacher can never take form as form denotes limitations which the teacher is not of. Basically it's an impossibility for the teacher to take form because once form is created, this instantly denotes that the said consciousness is limited. You can't be of limited and unlimited consciousness at the same time, it has to be one or the other.

This is student thinking, teacher thinking knows that one is always of the student no matter how unlimited the teachers consciousness is. This sounds like separation but it's not, not when knowing that the teacher can never exist without the student and visa-versa, they are one of the same. The only separation expressed, is through student (human) consciousness, even then there is no true separation, only a perceived separation by the student (human) consciousness.

If at this stage you got the idea that the student has always existed and will always stay as the student, this would be correct. It basically states that human consciousness will always be the student, anything beyond this isn't of human consciousness but of a less limited consciousness. The student consciousness is supposed to be limited within it's own consciousness, as the teacher consciousness is supposed to be unlimited. It's wise to be aware than no consciousness, no matter how limited it is within it's own consciousness, is just the student or the teacher for each is of the other. No amount of separation through judgment of wrongs and right, negative and positives, bad and good, will change this, all what judgment can do is keep a consciousness ignorant to it not also being of the teacher.

Now is judgment (ego) all this bad as it's all about separating ourselves from the teacher?

Judgment (ego) gives us the student, the lack of judgment (ego) gives us the teacher, knowing that teacher and student are as of one and never without the other, judgment (ego) and the lack of judgment (ego) is the same, there is no true separation, only an ego in control would think this!!

What would the ego in control want you to fear the most when the ego sees itself being threatened? It would want you to be fearful of expressing judgment, ego period, within this very expression, you are controlled by the ego. It's wise to be aware that the ego in control is very tricky.

The student judges that judgment is of separation, therefore judgment is separating itself from being of the teacher, this is to be avoided at all costs to become a teacher. The teacher however observes that judgment is needed for one to be a student, only as a student is the teacher a teacher, judgment becomes a necessity and at no time avoided when expressive of being a student.

Judgment within itself isn't the problem in keeping us separated from the teacher within, it's the way we judge that keeps the teacher from within being known to the student self. Yes, the teacher is reluctant to come forth as the student (human) consciousness has not yet learnt it too is of the teacher. 

Friday, 28 October 2016

Living by Truths

Written  by Mathew Naismith

In the last few days, I've been preoccupied with an ascension group, a group of people feeling the affects of their environment around them, be it the physical reality or the conscious reality that is around us all. For these people, the conscious reality is changing, they are literally feeling it, not just consciously but physically as well. This change or conscious ascension isn't easy to navigate or even comprehend at times, a lot of us are indeed faced with reconditioning ourselves to quite a different conditioning than what we were initially conditioned to.
This reconditioning of our consciousness is indeed filled with dilemmas. Being that this reconditioning is less judgmental and less about serving a controlling ego period, we often find ourselves being more judgemental and even more egotistical. This is because any kind of transition will entail a period of inverts (reverses). I think this reason for this lies within the controlling aspects of the ego itself, it just doesn't want to lose control, hay, what controlling aspect would? What controlling human conscious aspect is just going to sit there waiting to have it's control taken away from it? No human conscious controlling aspect is just going to do nothing, it's going to fight back and vigorously.

At times we will feel we are taking one step foreword and two steps back, at other times we will feel we are taking two steps foreword and one step back. Considering we are trying to recondition ourselves form a long term controlling human conscious aspect, we should expect, at times, taking two steps back, after all, it' apart of the reconditioning or ascension process.

In recent days within this ascension group, there has been a number of incidences of instability. A lot of people who are into labels, would just judge this as being negative or bad in some way, within this mentality or approach, these people would miss out on the benefits of such instabilities. For people like myself however,  it's a different  matter, I couldn't think of anything more ascending than to honestly come forth and tell it how it actually is, even be it from or through instability. In my mind, the instability within this group is a sure sign of ascension, as of any instability we learn from, we also come forth with open hearted truths, this is instead of covering up the truth, especially with various labels.

As of a few posts since the instability within this group, the following post surprised me, what a welcome addition, pure utter direct truth. I've participated on numerous discussion boards, some of them I was either kicked off or I left because of the difference in mentality. Very rarely do I actually witness open honesty, not just in regards to other people but oneself as well. I found the following refreshing to say the least. I think it's worthwhile reading the comments in regards to this post.                 

Part of me is really hesitant to say this. I fear I'll be shunned, and pple will... well ya know.. but I'm wanting others to be open and have the courage to speak up about this subject and simply share whatever it is they feel, so I better walk the talk. 

What was the catalyst for my rant here was reading about someone who is going through a rage full angry period, and actually being told that they needed to "get help"! That this was not a normal thing for ascension along with other suggested" fixes" for this awful condition! 

I'm so incredibly worn out with hearing about low vibration and the absolute certainty that there's something to be DONE about so called negative emotions. 

DO whatever it takes to get out of them or else! 

I mean absolutely no disrespect nor to offend anyone, however 
The shaming done in this entire community by SOME, surely not all, is the same as religion, just done in a more sugar coated way. 

I'm an incredibly loving overall positive person who is going through an irritable angry and frustrated time. Along with the anger and frustration is a lot of pain and tears. To some this means that I "need help" 🙈 am in serious shape, and the list of "what to do's,' is endless! It reminds me of old time exorcisms! 
I personally do not one bit like being in this, especially for so long, but there's a reason for it and if more people would allow ALL feelings, have the courage to admit that they have them, and share this openly, there would be much less downward spiraling for some. Maybe If people felt more comfortable talking about it, the crap would probably pass much sooner.

I should say, what we need from these emotions would come quicker. 
Imagine that you are new to all of this. You're vulnerable and lost. 
You find yourself experiencing this rage etc. you come here or elsewhere only to read ALL of the numerous things to do, and do fast to get OUT of the baaad feelings, up to and including.. Seek Help!! Translation... There's something wrong with You!! 

Wow! I shudder to think how that could effect someone! And yes, our actions do effect others, even the most evolved, high vibrating of us has times when we are vulnerable to what others say and do. 
Now if I were spewing hateful hurtful things, by all means tell me to knock it off! I don't, haven't, wouldn't, and I'd bet big money that it's the same case for this person I'm referring to. 
Part of this process, if not THE most important part is to rid ourselves of judgment. Judgment of all kinds. Labeling anger as negative, and happy as positive IS judgment. Judging the emotion and the one feeling it. 
It may be childish of me but the quickest way to push me deeper into a space, feeling whatever, is to tell me I shouldn't be there! 

Many of the people who give suggestions and ideas for "healing" of course mean well, are doing out of the place of Love etc. and there's a need for that at times. There are also times when support, compassion, an "Oh me too" or just an etheric hug is all that's needed or ' asked for!' 
This person didn't say, please tell me what to do about this, or I need to hear all the things that I already know, AND said that I have done. They simply specified how they felt, and asked if anyone else was going through it. This is the case so often. 

I guess I just struggle with the fact that SO many, SO often feel the need to FIX! 

Monday, 17 October 2016

What's Really Real - Not An Illusion??

Written by Mathew Naismith

Human conscious is all about what is negative and positive, bad and good, real and an illusion, the question is, why does anything have to be one or the other, in the case of this post, real or an illusion?

Human Perception: In regards to human perception, there has to be a perception of one or the other. The reason for this lies within human consciousness's conditioning from birth as human consciousness is conditioned to night and day, hunger or fullness for example, so their of course has to be what is judged as an illusion or what's real. The strange thing is, what is often visually the most beautiful time of day? When the sun is either setting or rising. This time period however makes up only a few minutes of a 24 hour period therefore is often overshadowed by longer periods of light and dark, light and dark therefore becomes more predominant which in turn influences how we perceive. 

How often do we question if God or, as I prefer , God's consciousness exists or not, it's usually either one or the other? Why couldn't this God's consciousness just be without having to exist or not exist? It doesn't and that is exactly what God's consciousness represents, neither one or the other, it just is without definition, it's neither an illusion nor real. In actuality, this God's consciousness represents what is often the most beautiful/stunning part of the day, it's likened to the time period between day and night for me. You can  also relate this God's consciousness to a state of oneness or pure bliss or wisdom.

Illusions: I still find it strange that so called well connected spiritually aware people, talk about oneness on one hand but on the other hand talk about what is real and what isn't. A consciousness in a true oneness state, has no perceptions of what is real and what is an illusion,  there is no perceptions of separation, anything other than this isn't a true sense of oneness. As soon as a consciousness has perceived an illusion, it has become apart of the illusion because it's now created an illusion by it's own human conditioned perceptions. I call this a black and white mentality.

Let's look at time which is supposed to be an illusion. While existing on this planet, which evolves around a sun giving a consciousness a perception of night and day, this consciousness is conditioned to a 24 hour time brought about by periods of nights and days. When we go away from this planet into outer space, there is no night, it's only day as the sun is always visible and shining. If we then go right away from the universe itself, there is then no perception of day, only night because there is no visible sun to give a consciousness a perception of daylight.

Which reality is real and which reality is an illusion? A human consciousness conditioned to a black and white mentality, would judge which one is what, on the other hand, a consciousness not conditioned to this kind of black and white mentality would think otherwise. This reason for this lies within each reality, being that each reality has it's own reality that it is conditioned to, this conditioning however doesn't make everything else apart from this reality an illusion. We might then think, if every reality has it's own separate reality it exists by, this is anything but a depiction of oneness. This is only the case when a consciousness can only think in what is real and what isn't, a consciousness conditioned to a black and white mentality. If you are in a oneness state of consciousness and you have a perception of everything else but this oneness state being an illusion, you are not truly in a oneness state, there is no true states of illusions or states that are real that are separate from these illusions.

Twilight States: What we seem to have negated here is the twilight between day and night, what is real and what is an illusion. As of the twilight hours of each day represents, a mix of day and night, what is real and an illusion is the same. As of twilight hours in a day, what is perceived as real or an illusion are intertwined which negates what is or isn't real. I am certainly an advocate in that our environment around us tells us who we truly are, this twilight is who we are even though within this particular reality of days and nights, days and nights are predominant. Just because a particular aspect of ourselves is predominate over other aspects of ourselves within a particular reality, doesn't make one aspect more real than another just because it's more predominate.

So often spiritually aware people will get into a oneness state and perceive that anything other than this oneness state is an illusion, this perception within itself tells us that this is not a true oneness state that is being experienced. A true oneness state has no perceptions/judgement of what is real and what isn't, there is no true separation but with the perceptions of illusions and even what is real. Yes that's correct, there is no perception of what is real either in a true oneness state, and in actuality, nothing is real as nothing is an illusion either for one needs the other to exist. This is what I call a twilight state of consciousness, neither one or the other. Because we are humanly conditioned from birth to perceive in a black and white mentality, this is how we perceive everything we become aware of, even oneness itself. Yes, amazingly enough, we even separate oneness from other realities and still judge it as oneness!!

As usual for me, this post expresses a strange perception which is difficult to comprehend, there is no question of what is real and what isn't real. This perception within itself to what is real or isn't, is the creation of illusions, as I have always stated, it's an illusion of an illusion created by the perceptions of an illusion and what is even real. I would suggest to my readers to perceive neither and all of the above, why does anything have to be anything, why can't it just be without this kind of perceiving?  Don't separate everything within a certain perception in accordance with a certain reality, it just is what it is within each reality, it's truly this simple.

Note: Please do not take what I have stated in this post a being gospel or of utter truth, it is what it is, but another perception that can often be, as usual in my case, incomprehensible to a lot of people and quite understandable too. 

Friday, 14 October 2016

The Giving of Lotus Flowers

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a part dream part vision of giving lotus flowers to a young girl who seemed to have expressed a true sense of unconditional love. I was in a half stupor when I had this vision, part of the vision seemed to have been part of an actual dream.

A young girl of about 9-10 years old approached me, she expressed a true sense of unconditional love. I then opened up my right palm to her and a pink lotus flower sprang/grew from my palm, I offered this flower to this little girl. I then opened up my left palm and a white lotus flower sprang/grew from my palm, I also offered this flower to the little girl, that was the end of the vision. I've never experienced anything like this before, the lotus flowers were sprouting from my palms as if it was natural to do so. At the point of offering the flowers to the girl, I was awake by then even though I was in a stupor, a half state of consciousness.

I am at present still sprouting the lotus flowers from my palms in offering to the girl. Actually, in offering is interesting because this means giving a gift or contribution which is exactly how I felt when I sprouted these flowers from my palms. It was a gift to the girl for being unconditional in one's love, it was also a contribution to this little girl to further her enlightenment. It's of course to do with furthering my enlightenment/awakening......

My friend and spiritual colleague Glenys, interpreted my dream/vision as follow.

White.....universal knowledge?
Lotus flower....coming out of the mud/chaos....Opening up to what is to come..i.e. colours...the unconditional love.... 

Because I am not well read or educated in this matter, I did a bit of research myself and the following came to being.

Extract: In Buddhism the different colors of the lotus are associated with different stages of the spiritual journey. For instance a Lotus of blue symbolizing someone who has started their spiritual journey behind by leaving the concept of ‘self’ behind. The pink is the one reserved for enlightenment of the highest order and is associated with the highest deity, the Buddha.
The white lotus flower on the other hand sits at a stage between these two and is associated with the state of bodhi; that of becoming awakened to the wonders of it all.

In the religion of Hinduism the white lotus flower is associated with beauty and the state of non-attachment; therefore it is closer related to its meaning in Buddhism as opposed to Egyptology (where the Lotus, usually the blue one, is associated with re-birth and the Sun). Furthermore the white lotus flower symbolism is often associated with the divine Gods and Goddesses of India, and it is often depicted as growing from the naval of Vishnu; Brahma sits on top of the Lotus and from there He carries out the order of Vishnu to create the world.

Extract: One of the reasons that lotus flowers are considered so sacred is due to their daily cycle, they emerge slowly from dirty, muddy ponds over a period of a few days, and open all in the morning, and close their petals in the late afternoon. Despite, emerging from such a muddy and dirty environment, the lotus flower remains clean; and not only this it is beautiful.
Many civilizations have therefore associated the lotus flower with rebirth and especially in Buddhism with purity.
The state that the pink lotus flower is in is also representative of the state that a person is going through and the flower represents ones heart; when the flower is a just a bud it is synonymous with a closed in person who is yet to step up other way of spirituality.

I don't usually get into different interpretations from various ideologies and isms, for me, no ideology or ism truly tells us who we are, actually they can often hinder us to evolve further from these ideologies and isms. We can become too attached to them and stagnate our own consciousness within this attachment, however, as I have expressed here, each ideology and ism is a stepping stone if used correctly void of fixated emotional attachments. Today, I am still using these ideologies and isms as a very useful stepping stone that will, for me, go beyond these humanistic perceptions in the end.